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. aom 

;eni8 . . 




• 72 

Michigan . 


Alaska .... 



. 97 

Archaeology . 




Arctic .... 



. 97 

Arizona . . . 

• 72 

Missouri . . .^ 




Mormons . . 

. 132 


, 10 



Boston .... 



. 99 

Brazil .... 


New England 


British America . 


New Hampshire 

. 103 


■ 73 

New Jersey . 




New Mexico 

. 106 

Central America 

• 154 

New York State . 




New York City . - . 

. no 



North Carolina 


Connecticut . 



. II 


. 80 





Pennsylvania . 

. 12 

District of Columbia 

. 80 

Pre Columbian 

Early Voyages 


Revolutionary War . 

. 3 

Florida .... 


Rhode Island 


French and Indian War 


South America 

• ^5. 



South Carolina 






li-iiiOlS . . , . 


Texas .... 




Travels . 


ludiauh . . . . 

• 51 

Utah ... 




Vermont . 

. 13; 

Islands of the Pacific 

• 67 





Voyages of Discovery 


• 85 

War of 1812 

* . ' 4^ 




. 4^ 

Maine .... 

■ 87 

Western History . 




West Virginia . 

• 14 

Massachusetts . 

. 89 

West Indies 






Mexican War . 

• 51 


All money should be sent by Draft. Check, Money Order, or Rer 
Letter ; we cannot be responsible for remittances otherwise made. 

All books are warranted perfect unless otherwise stated. Any 
agreeing with description may be returned within ten days. 

LIBRARIES PURCHASED.— We are at all times ready to 
cash, at full market value, large or small collections of books. 

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Early Voyages of Discovery, Pre-Columbian and Columbian; 

First Settlement of the Colonies; French and Indian War; 

The Revolution, Washingtoniana; War of 1812; War with 

Mexico; Civil and Political History of the United States; 

Rare State, County, and Town Local Histories of every 

State and Territory; Biographies of Eminent Men; An ^ 

Unusual Collection of Family Histories and Genealogies; 

The American Indians, their Antiquities, Ethnology, History, 

Wars, and Languages; Arctic Voyages of Discovery; British 

America, Canada; Mexico; Central and South America and 

the West Indian Islands. : . 






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We Buy 

Lar8:e and Small Collections of 


We are always ready to purchase for cash 
at full market rates large or small collections 
of books, and special sets of volumes of 
value. The distance from New York makes 
no difference, a brief list giving title and 
author, date of publication and binding, being 
all that is necessary. We have for years 
made extensive purchases from Executors 
and others in all parts of the United States, 
and Public Libraries and Historical Societies 
having ''duplicates" will find it to their 
achrantage to communicate with us. . . . 

Francis P* Harper 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


We take pleasure sending our new Americana Catalogue, just issued. This cat- 
alogue represents our entire stock of books relating to America on hand at the present 
time, and is the result of purchases made in Europe and throughout the United States, 
but principally from the private libraries bought by us during the past two years. All 
works mentioned in this catalogue are now on our shelves, but in most cases we 
have but a single copy, so that an early order is desirable. 

As is now so well known, this class of books is rapidly disappearing from the 
market, and the thousands of public libraries, historical societies, etc. , added to the large 
number of collectors who are interested in this subject, make such a collection very 
difficult to gather. While rareties are found on nearly every page, our purpose has been 
to keep in stock out-of-print " working books " of recognized value at reasonable prices. 
It would be impossible to mention in detail all the desirable items, as this would include 
nearly the entire catalogue. Special attention is called to the fine collection of genealogical 

The following is a partial list selected at random : 

Early Voya8;es* 

Anson's Voyage, 1769 ; Beemish, Discovery of America ; LasCasas Tracts ; Champlain's 
Voyages, 6 vols.. Quebec, 1870 ; Clarke's Geographical Description, 1671 ; Works on 
Columbus; Douglass Summary, 1760; Groans of the Plantations, 1689; Grynaeus, Novus 
Orbis, 1532 ; Lucas, Annals of the Brothers Nicolo and Antonio Zeno ; Peter Martyr, 1574 ; 
Morden, Geography Rectified, 1692 ; Petavius, History of the World, 1659 ; Capt. Sharp's 
Voyages, 1684 ; Works by Capt. John Smith, Verrazano, Vespuctius. 

Histories^ BSographics, etc* 

Adams' History of the U. S. ; American Almanac, complete set ; American Bibliop- 
olist ; Brown's Genesis of the U. S. ; Trials of Aaron Burr, boards, uncut ; Carver's 
Travels ; Catesby, Trees and Shrubs of America, 1767 ; Chastellux's Travels ; De Tocque- 
ville's Democracy in America ; Dunlap's Arts of Design in U. S. ; Works by Benjamin 
Franklin; Freneau's Miscellaneous Works, 1788 ; Alexander Hamilton's Works ; Dawson's 
Life of William Henry Harrison ; Janson's Stranger in America, 1807 ; James Madison's 
Writings ; Magazine of American History ; Works on the Shakers ; Winsor's Narrative 
and Critical History of America ; Biographies of John and Samuel Adams, Fisher Ames, 
Bancroft, Joel Barlow, Aaron Burr, Rufus Choate, Henry Clay, De Witt Clinton, Benjamin 
Franklin, Horace Greeley, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, 
Gouverneur Morris, Tom Paine, E. A. Poe, John Randolph, Martin Van Buren, and others. 

Ftendbi and Indian War* 

Franklin's Interest of Great Britain Considered, 1760; Loudoun Orderly Book ; Louis- 
bourg in 1745; Observation on a Late State of the Nation, 1769; Sargent's Braddock's 
Expedition ; History of the Reign of George III. ; Life of General Wolfe. 

Tlie American Revolution* 

Americans against Liberty, I775 J Barnum, Spy Unmasked; Orations on the Boston 
Massacre, original editions; Works on Bunker Hill ; Burgoyne's Expedition from Canada, 
1780; Hartley's Letters on the American War, 1778; Hull's Revolutionary Services ; Major 
General Charles Lee ; Onderdonk's Revolutionary Incidents in Kings, Queens, and Suffolk 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Counties, New York ; Ramsey's American Revolution ; Rights of the English Colonies 
Established in America, 1774; Sargent's Loyal Verses of Joseph Stansbury and Dr. 
Jonathan Odell ; Simcoe Military Journal ; Stonfe's Life of Brant ; Washingtoniana. 

Wat of I8I2« 

Atcheson's American Encroachments of British Rights; Atherton, Suffering and 
Defeat of Northwestern Army, 1842 ; Butler's American Bravery ; Coggeshall's American 
Privateers ; Paris M. Davis, Authentick History of the Late War ; Hull's Campaign of the 
Northwestern Army ; Brigader General Hull's Defense ; Ingersoll's Sketch of the Second 
War ; James' Naval History, 6 vols.; Smith's Geographical View of Upper Canada, 1813. 

Indians and Archaeology* 

Bancroft's Native Races ; Beatty Journal, 1768 ; Bollaert's Researches ; Catlin's 
Indians; Cherokee Laws; Colden's Five Indian Nations of Canada, 1750; Delafield's 
Antiquities of America ; Heckewelder's History ; Manners and Customs of Indians of 
Pennsylvania; McCulloh's Researches; Morton's Crania Americana ; St. Clair's Narra- 
tive ; Schoolcraft's Indians ; Shea's Library of American Linguistics, complete set ; 
Squier's Antiquities ; Serpent Worship ; Thomson's Delaware and Shawanese Indians, 
1759 ; Wheelock's Indian Charity School at Lebanon, Conn., 1771. 


Families of Alison, Antill, Ashley, Aylsworth, Ballou, Bartow, Bird, Bolton, Bretz, 
Bright, Burt, Butler, Chauncey, Chester, Conant, Converse, Cutler, Dawson, DuBois, D wight, 
Farwell, Fiske, Gardiner, Garr, Goodwin, Hinds, Hollister, Humphreys, Hunt, Hyde, 
Jackson, Kimball, Kneeland, Lee, Leverett, Magennis, Mayer, Nash, Noble, Page, Palmer, 
Pitkin, Pope, Preble, Riddell, Rodman, Rutherford, Shattuck, Starin, Storrs. Strong, 
Thomas, Wetmore. Whitney, Winslow ; Alumni Oxoniensis; Munsell's American Ancestry ; 
Bond's Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass.; Harleian Society Publications ; Hinman's Early 
Puritan Settlers of Connecticut ; Huguenot Society Publications ; Littell's First Settlers of 
Passaic Valley ; New England Historical and Genealogical Register; Savage, Genealogical 
Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. 

Calif ornia* 

Histories of California by Bancroft, Capron, Hittell, Venegas ; D'Auteroche's Voyage, 
1778; Ryan's Personal Adventures in California; McGowan's Narrative, 1857 ; Annals 
of San Francisco by Soule, Gihon, and Nisbet ; Werth's Resources of California, 1851. 

North and South Gifolhuu 

Cordoza's Reminiscences of Charleston ; Chapman's Edgefield County ; Annals of 
Newberry ; O'Neall's Bench and Bar of South Carolina ; Toumey's Geology of South 
Carolina, 1848 ; Wilson's Province of Carolina, 1682. 


Barber's Historical Collections ; Peter's Connecticut, first edition ; Town Histories of 
Greenwich, Guilford, New Haven, New London, Waterbury, Newington, Wolcott. 


History of the Counties of Champaign, Cook, Christian, De Witt, Fulton, Jackson , 
Johnson, La Salle, Macoupin, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Pike, Randolph, St. Clair, 
Schuyler, Shelby ; Ford's History of Illinois ; Welby, Visit to the English Settlements in 
Illinois; Wood's Two Years' Residence in the Illinois Country, 1822. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



North's History of Augusta, Johnston's Bristol and Bremen, Noyes' Norway, Hough's 
Pemaquid, History of Thomaston and Rockland, Williamson's History of Maine, Emery's 
Ancient City of York. 


Town Histories of Amherst, Attleborough, Ayer, Beverly, Braintree and Quincy, 
Charlestown, Danvers, Douglas, Easthampton, Framingham, Hubbardston, Leicester, 
Medford, Nantucket. Newburyport, Pitts field, Plymouth, Wobum, State Histories by 
Austin, Barry, and Bradford ; Drake's Boston ; Massachusetts Historical Society Proceed- 
ings; Barber's Historical Collections. 

New Eii8;IancL 

Bishop's New England Judged, 1702; Drake's Researches; Felt's Ecclesiastical 
History ; Mather's Magnalia, 1702 ; Mather's A Further Account of the Tryals of the 
New England Witches, 1693 ; The Mystery of Israel's Salvation Explained, 1669 ; Dis- 
course on Comets ; Palfrey's History of New England ; Prince Society Publications ; 
Young's Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers. 

New Hampshire* 

Barstow's History of New Hampshire, Bouton's Concord, Eaton's Candia, Worcester's 
HoUis, Hill's Mason, Cogswell's New Boston, Rennel's Sanbomton, Whiton's History of 
New Hampshire. 

New Jersey* 

Barber's Historical Collections, History of Essex and Hudson Counties, Winfield's 
Hudson County, Strykcr's Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, Wickes' His- 
tory of the Oranges, Raum's History of New Jersey, Raum's Trenton. 

New York State* 

Munsell's Annals of Albany, Wilkinson's Bingham ton, Broadhead's New York State, 
Gould's Delaware County, Records Town of Hempstead, Benton's Herkimer County, 
Lewis County, Livingston County, Ayres' Legends of Montauk, Thompson's Long Island, 
Prime's Long Island, Riker's Newton, Eager's Orange County, Ruttenber's History of 
Orange County, History of Queens County, Smith's History of New York, Whitaker's 
History of Southold, Squier's Antiquities, Histories of Troy, Campbell's Tryon County, 
Turner's Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, Bogg's Utica, Bolton's Westchester County. 

New York Oty* 

Stiles' History of Brooklyn ; Hildeburn's Printers and Printing in Colonial New 
York ; Jogues' Novum Belgium ; Records of New Amsterdam, 7 vols.; Valentine's History 
of New York. 


Champaign and Logan Counties, Drake's Cincinnati, Whittlesey's Early History of 
Cleveland, Hamilton County, Knox County, Butterfield's Wayne County. 


Allegheny and Beaver Counties; Brackenridge, Western Insurrection in Western 
Pennsylvania ; Day's Historical Collection ; Ephrata Press ; Hazard's Annals ; Penn's No 
Cross, No Crown, 1669; Watson's Annals of Philadelphia; Proud's History of Pennsyl- 
vania ; Annals of Phoenixville ; Saur Bible, 1776; History of Schuylkill Fishing Company. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rhode IslancL 

History of Barrington, City and Scenery of Newport, Proceedings of the Rhode Island 
Historical Society. 


Bancroft's History of Texas* Laws of the Republic of Texas, Stiff's Texan Emigrant, 
Yoakam's History of Texas. 


Histories of Hartford, Middlebury, Newfane, Salisbury and Windsor Counties; 
Vermont State Papers ; Williams and Thompson's Histories of Vermont. 


Annals of Augusta County ; Beverley's Virginia, 1707 ; Campbell's History of Virginia ; 
Hawk's Contribution ; Jefferson's Notes ; Nova Britannia ; Semple's Baptists in Virginia ; 
Smith's Virginia, Stith's Virginia. 

The WcsL 

Bailey's Journal ; Bartlett's Personal Narrative ; Carver's Travels ; Cuming's Western 
Country; Hutchin's Topographical Description, 1778; Keating's Narrative; Kenzie's 
Wau-Bun ; Lewis and Clark ; Schoolcraft ; Shea's Discovery of the Mississippi Valley ; 
Complete sets U. S. Geological and Geographical Surveys. 

Arctic and Alaska* 

Whymper's Alaska ; Beechey's Voyage ; Crantz's Greenland ; Hooker's Journal in Ice- 
land; Parry's Journal ; Richardson's Arctic Expedition ; Scheffer's Histoire de la Lapoine, 
1678 ; Scoresby's Arctic Regions. 

British America* 

Bartlett's Canadian Scenery. Bouchette's British Dominions in North America, Chris- 
tie's Lower Canada, Heriot's Travels through the Canadas, Hind's Labrador, Lambert's 
Travels, Bonnycastle's Newfoundland, Lockwood's Nova Scotia, Rattray's The Scot in 
British North America, Smyth's Sketches in the Canadas. 

Central America* 

Squier's Nicaragua, Schmidt's The Stone Sculptures of Capan and Quirigua, Squicr's 
States of Central America, Stephens* Travels. 


Bullock's Six Months in Mexico ; Memoirs of Mexico, Diaz ; Brantz Mayer's Mexico, 
Aztec, Spanish, and Republican ; Ober's Travels ; Ward's Mexico. 

South America* 

Armitage's Brazil, Agassiz's Brazil, Caldcleugh's Travels in South America, Graham 's 
Chili, Cochrane's Travels in Colombia, Bennett's British Guiana, La Plata, Paraguay, 
Patagonia, Peru, Venezuela. 

West Indies* 

A Short History of Barbados, 1768 ; Natural History of Barbados, 1750 ; Cuba ; Gage's 
A New Survey. 1677 ; Admiral Vernon's Authentic]Papers, etc., 1744. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

No. 93 





Books Relating to America 


No. 14 West 220 Street NEW YORK CITY 


{Including Pre-Columbian and Columbian and Early Colonial History) 

1 American Colonial Tracts relat- 
ing to Georgia and Virginia, etc. 
(Mountgomry Establishment of a 
New Colony to South Carolina, 1717; 
Oglethorpe Colony of Georgia, 1733; 
a Narrative of Indian Wars in Vir- 
ginia, 1675-76; etc.) 12 rare tracts 
reprinted and bound in one volume. 
Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. Rochester, 
1897-98- $3-50 

2 Anson's Voyage Round the 
World, 1740-44. Compiled from His 
Papers by Richard Walters. Maps 
and Charts. 8vo, calf, pp. 536. Lon- 
don, 1769. $3.00 

A voyage of most consuming interest. Anson 
hated the Spaniards and despised the French- 
men, and was the veriest bulldog of all circum- 
navigators, loving nothing better than a tough 
contest. He is said to have returned from his 
four-years' voyage with more spoils than any 
other individual ever brought home. 

3 Arber, Edward. An English Gar- 
ner: Ingatherings from Our History 
and Literature; consisting of reprints 
of rare Prose Works on Trade, 
Social Life, Sports, also 2000 Poems, 
Elegies, Sonnets, Ballads, etc., many 
of which are not obtainable in any 
other form. Complete in 8 vols. 
Small 4to, cloth, tmcut. London, 
1897-98. $12.50 

A great mass of material relating to English 
literature and history. Some of the reprints 

relate to the early voyages and history of 
America, Captain John Smith, Linschoten, Dutch 
and English East Indies Companies, Hawkins, 
Drake, West Indies, etc. Each volume con- 
tains over 600 pages, and the entire contents is 
carefully edited and indexed. 

4 Banvard) Joseph. Romance of 
American History. Early events con- 
nected with the French Settlement at 
Fort Carolina, the English Plantation 
at Jamestown, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
306. Boston, 1852. .75 

5 Beemishy N. L. The Discovery 
of America by the Northmen in the 
Tenth Century. With notices of the 
Early Settlements in the Western 
Hemisphere. Map of Vinland, An- 
cient Inscriptions and Genealogical 
Tables. 8vo, cloth, pp. 239. London, 
1841. $4.00 

6 Blacket) W. S. Researches into 
the Lost Histories of America; or, 
The Zodiac Shown to be an Old Ter- 
restrial Map in which the Atlantic 
Isle is Delineated so that Light can 
be Thrown upon the Obscure His- 
tories of the Earthworks and Ruined 
Cities of America, yy illustrations of 
ancient figures, maps, and god^. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 336. London, 1^3. $2.50 

America known to the Ancients in all Parts 
of the World, Ethnology of Mexico, Geography 
of Ancient America Concealed in the Icelandic 
imd^Scandinavian Mythology, etc. 

Digitized dy VjOOQIC 


7 Burke. Account of the Euro- 
pean Settlements in America; with 
Discovery, Manners, and Customs of 
the Indians, Settlements of the Span- 
ish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and 
English. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 
1760. $4.00 

By Edmund Burke. A chapter is devoted to 
the city of New York. 

8 Cebot. Beazley, C. R. John and 
Sebastian Cabot. The Discovery of 
North America. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 312. New York, 1898. 


9 Cabots, Tarducci, Francesco. 
John and Sebastian Cabot. Trans- 
lated by Henry F. Brownson. 8vo, 
doth, pp. 415. Detroit, 1893. $2.00 

ro Cartier. Href Recit et Succincte 
Narration de la Navigation in 1^35 
et 1536. Par Le Capt. Jacques Qir- 
tier. Aux lies de Canada, Hoche- 
laga, Saguenay et autres. Introduc- 
tion par M. D'Avezac. i2mo, half 
morocco. Paris, 1863. $5.00 

II Casas B. de las Cortes, etc. (Let- 
ters and Documents now first printed 
for Henry Stevens, at the Chiswick 
Press), comprising the following: 

I. Las Casas, Carta al Mercurino 
Arborio de Gattinara, Chanceller de 
S. Mag. el Rey Don Carlos. Anno, 

II. Carta de Amonestacion a los 
Senores presidente y Oydores de la 
real audiencia, tocante a la libertad y 
jurisdicion ecclica y execucion della 
y de liberated y remedios de la in- 
justicias y agravious de las Yndios de 
su obispado. 1545. 

III. Las Casas Carta a los Rev. 
Padres del capitulo provincial de 
Guatimala y del de Chiapo. Anno, 

IV. Hernando Cortes. Carta al 
Rey Don Carlos V. mostrandole sa 
parescer acerca de los repartimientos 
de los Yndios. Ano. 1542. 

V. Parescer a Determinacion de 
los senores theologos de Salamanca 
sobre de que no deben ser babtisados 

los Yndios sin examinacion estrecha 
de su voluntad y concepto del dicho 
Sacramento. Ano. de 1541. 

VI. Memorial de Don Diego Co- 
lon Verrey y Almirante de las Yndias 
a su Mag. d Rey don Carlos sobre la 
conversion e conservacion de las 
gentes de las Yndias, etc. 1520. 

Six 4to tracts, boards, beautifully 
printed in black-letter. London, 
1854. $12.00 

Only a few printed, and rare. Murphy's sale, 

12 Cliaiiiplain. Complete Voyages 
and Works (in French). Par Abbe 
C. H. Laverdiere. Maps and plates. 
6 vols, bound in 5. 4to, half brown 
morocco, gilt tops. A fine set. 
Quebec, 1870. $25.00 

This is the edition containing all of Cham- 
plain's works, and includes his first American 
Voyage, 1599-1602, which has never before 
been published, except in an English translation 
by the Hakluyt Society. The MSS. of that 
voyage, which contain interesting drawings and 
which are here faithfully reproduced, was not 
even known to exisit thirty years ago. This 
first voyage is here followed by reprints of the 
editions of 1603, i6i3» i^iQi &iid 1632. 

13 Clarke, S. A. A Geographical 
Description of all the Countries of the 
Knowne World. That portion relat- 
ing to America with separate title and 
paging; viz., A True and Faithful Ac- 
count of the Four Chiefest Planta- 
tions of the English in America — to 
wit, Virginia, New England, Bermu- 
das, and Barbados. Pp. 85. En- 
graved title. Folio, half calf. Lon- 
don, 1671. $15.00 

14 Columbus. The Letter in Span- 
ish of Christopher Columbus, written 
on his return from his First Voyage, 
addressed to Luis de Sant Aagd. 
Reproduced in facsimile, with re- 
marks. Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth. 
London, Ellis & Elvey, 1889. $4.50 

15 Columbus, Christopher. Select 
Letters of, with other original docu- 
ments, relating to his four voyages to 
the New World. Translated and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



edited by R. H. Major. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 240. London, 1847. $2.50 

16 Columbus. De Insulus inuentis 
Espistola Cristoferi Colon, etc. 4 
woodcuts. i2mo, half red morocco. 
8 leaves of 27 lines to a full page. 
Paris, 1858. $5.00 

One of twenty copies reproduced in facsimile 
by Pilinski about 1858. Bailow copy brought 
$14.00; Ives, $12.00; Philadelphia, $17.50. 

17 Columbus. La Tavola di 
Bronzo il Pallio di Seta ed il Codice 
Colombo Americano, nouvamente il- 
lustrati by Giuseppe Banchero. Por- 
trait, maps, and facsimiles. Royal 
8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 589. Genoa, 
1857. $3.75 

18 Columbus. Becher, Capt. A. 
B. The Landfall of Columbus on His 
First Voyage to America; with a 
translation of Baron Bonnefoux's 
history of his previous life, with a 
chart showing his track to Cuba. 
Plate and map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 376. 
London, 1856. $6.00 


19 Columbus and the Discovery of 
the New World. From the French 
of M. le Marquis de Belloy. 6 fine 
etchings and 51 illustrations. 4to, 
cloth. London, 1878. $2.50 

20 Columbus. The Career of. (De- 
scriptions of Columbus, his Marriage, 
the Carthaginian Voyages, Columbus' 
Description of Iceland, Legends of 
Vinland, his Voyages to America, 
etc.) By Charies I. Elton, F. S. A. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 307. London, 
1892. $1.50 

21 Columbus. The Life of. By 
Arthur Helps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 262. 
London, 1869. $150 

22 Columbus. Life and Voyages 
of Christopher Columbus and His 
Companions. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut London, 1849, $3.00 

23 Columbus. Kayserling, M. 
Christopher Columbus and Participa- 
tion of the Jews in the Spanish and 

Portuguese Discoveries. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. i^. New York, 1894, $1.00 

24 Columbus, Memorials of; or, A 
Collection of Authentic Documents 
of that Celebrated Navigator. Now 
first published from the Original 
Manuscripts, by order of the De- 
curions of Genoa; preceded by a 
Memoir of His Life and Discoveries. 
Translated from the Spanish and 
Italian. Facsimile letters and por- 
traits. 8vo, half calf, pp. 256. Lon- 
don, 1823. $6.00 

25 Columbus. Reddall, Henry F. 
Columbus the Navigator — His Life 
and Work, with an Account of the 
Pre-Columbian Discovery of Amer- 
ica. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 285. 
New York, 1892. $1.25 

26 Cooke, Edward. A Voyage to 
the South Sea and Round the World, 
Performed 1 708-11, with Description 
of the American Coasts from Terra 
del Fuego to California. Maps. 8vo, 
calf, pp. 456. London, 1712. $7.50 

A copy of this volume falling into the hands 
of Daniel Defoe inspired him with the idea of 
writing Robinson Crusoe. On its title appear 
these words, '* Wherein an Account is given of 
Mr. Alexander Selkirk, his manner of living 
and taming some wild beasts during the four 
years and four months he lived upon the unin- 
habited Island of Juan Femandes." 

27 Cortes, Heman. Fifth Letter of, 
to the Emperor Charles V.; contain- 
ing an Account of His Expedition to 
Hounduras. Translated from the 
original Spanish by P. de Gayangos. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 156. London, 1847. 


28 De Soto, Ferdinand. Life, 
Travels, and Adventures of, t)iscpv- 
erer of the Mississippi. By Lambert 
A. Wilmer. Steel plates and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, leather, pp. 532. Phila- 
delphia, 1859. $4.00 

* * This well-printed book is written in a style 
worthy of its subject. The story of De Soto 
is told with a vigor and nervous energy charac- 
teristic of his restless and ambitious career." — 

(29 (De Soto.) Adventures of Roger 
L'Estrange, sometime Captain in the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Florida Army of the Marquis Her- 
nando de Soto, Governor of Cuba and 
Captain General of all Florida. An 
Autobiography, translated from the 
Spanish by Dominick Daly, with a 
preface by Henry M. Stanley. Map 
of route. i2mo, cloth, pp. 301. 
London, 1896. $1.00 

30 Dixon, Captain George. A 
Voyage Round the World, but More 
Particularly to the Northwest Coast 
of America: performed in 1785, 1786, 
1787, and 1788, in the King George 
and Queen Charlotte, Captains Port- 
lock and Dixon. Illustrated with 
maps and plates. 4to, full polished 
calf, pp. 400. London, 1789. $5.00 

31 Douglass, William. A Sum- 
mary, Historical and Political, of the 
First Planting, Progressive Improve- 
ments, and Present State of the Brit- 
ish Settlements in North America. 
Map. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 
1760. $10.00 

Scarce. A good copy. Massachusetts Bay 
and New Plymouth, the Hudson Bay Company 
and the Fur trade. The Colonies of New 
York, New Jersey and Virginia, Maryland, etc. 

32 Esqnemeling. The History of 
the Buccaneers of America. Steel 
frontispiece, 4 parts in one volume. 
i8mo, pp. 660, calf. London, 1810. 


33 KBkc, John. The Discovery of 
America. With some account of An- 
cient America and the Spanish Con- 
quest. Maps. 2 vols., post 8vo, 
cloth. Boston, 1892. $3.00 

34 Oalvano, Antonio. The Discov- 
eries of the World from Their First 
Original to 1555. (All about those 
who first traveled, EHscoveries of the 
Spaniards, etc.) Published in Eng- 
land by Richard Hakluyt. Now re- 
printed and edited by Admiral Be- 
thune. 8vo, cloth, pp. 242. London, 
Hakluyt Society, 1862. $2.50 

35 Oroans of the Plantations; or, A 
True Account of Their Grievous and 
Extreme Sufferings by the Heavy Im- 

positions upon Sugar, and other 
Hardships Relating more particularly 
to the Barbados. Fine copy. 4to, 
half bound, pp. 35. London, 1689. 


36 Orynsens, Simon. Novus Orbis 
Regionum ac Insularum veteribus in- 
cognitarum, etc. (Includes the First 
Three Voyages of Columbus; Vin- 
cente Yanez Pinzon's Voyage; Ves- 
puccius' Third Voyage; The Four 
Voyages of Vespuccius copied from 
Gruninger; Fourth Decade of Peter 
Martyr, etc.) With large folding map. 
Folio, vellum. Basilese, 1532. $30.00 

B. A. V. 171. Where the volume and map 
and the dififerent variations of the latter are 
discussed in great length by Mr. Harrisse ; the 
above map is one that he believes rightly be- 
longs to the work, and is one of the earliest in 
in which the word America is to be found. 
' ' The map, one of the most curious and ingenious 
productions of early cartography, is alone worth 
more than any copy of the other edition of 
Grynseus, and is usually wanting.** Quaritch 
Bound with the above in the Basle edition of 
Peter Mart3rr's Three Decades, described. B. A. 
V. 176. 

37 Hudson, Henry. An Historical 
Inquiry Concerning Henry Hudson, 
His Friends, Relatives, and Early 
Life. The Discovery of Delaware 
Bay, etc. By John M. »Read, Jr. 
Plate. 8vo, cloth, pp. 209. Albany, 
1866. $2.00 

38 Tefferys, Thomas. Voyages from 
Asia to America for Completing the 
Discoveries of the Northwest Coast 
of America. With a Sumniary of 
Voyages made by the Russians in 
Search of a Northeast Passage. 
Maps. 4to, uncut, pp. 120. London, 
1764. $6.00 

39 Jesuit Belations and Allied Docu- 
ments. Travels and Explorations of 
the French Jesuit Missionaries among 
the Indians of Canada and the United 
States, 1610-1791. An exact reprint 
of the rare French, Latin, and Italian 
Originals, with a Complete English 
Translation. Edited, with notes, by 
Reuben G. Thwaites, and illustrated 
with a great variety of maps, portraits. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


and views. Edition limited to 750 
copies; to be complete in about 75 vol- 
lunes. Cleveland, 1886. Per vol. 


" They are the most remarkable and valuable 
collection of material relating to the history and 
life of the Indians ever made. These relations, 
for many years looked upon through the haze 
of sectarian distrust, were lightly esteemed by 
the students of American history, but the more 
their character and statements were investigated 
the more important and valuable they appeared." 

40 (Jesuit Selations.) Bressang, 
R. P., F. J. Relation Abregee de 
Quelques des Peres de la Compagnie 
de Jesus dans la Nouvelle-France. 
8vo, half roan, pp. 336. Montreal, 
1852. $3.00 

41 (Jeniit Beiations.) Epistola 
Rev. P. Gabrelis Dreuillettes, So- 
cietatis Jesu Presbjrteri, ad Dominum 
lUustrissimum Dominum Joannem 
Wintrop. i2mo, boards, pp. 13. 
New York, 1869. $2.00 

One of a few copies printed for J. G. Shea, 
with introduction. 

42 Kohl, J. G. A Popular History 
of the Discovery of America from 
Columbus to (Sir John) Franklin. 2 
vols, in I. Post 8vo, cloth, London, 
1865. $2.00 

43 Lueas, Fred. M. The Annals of 
the Voyages of the Brothers Nicolo 
and Antonio Zeno in the North At- 
lantic about the End of the Four- 
teenth Century, and the Claim 
founded thereon to a Venetian Dis- 
covery of America. 46 facsimiles of 
old maps, etc. 4to, half roan, uncut, 
PP- 233* London, 1898. $12.00 

Limited edition beautifully printed on hand- 
made paper by Charles Whittingham & Co. at 
the Chiswick Press. 

44 LnmmiSy Charles F. Spanish 
Pioneers. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
292. Chicago, 1893. $1-25 

45 ICajor, Richard H. Life of 
Prince Henry of Portugal, the Navi- 
gator; comprising the Discovery 
within One Century of Half the 
World and History of the Naming of 

America, from Authentic Contem- 
porary Documents. Maps and plates. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 487. London, 1868. 


46 Kartyr, Peter. De Rebus Oce- 
anicis et Novo Orbe, De Cades tres, 
Petri Martyris ab Angleria Medrola- 
nensis. Thick i2mo, old stamped 
hogskin, without clasps. Coloniae, 
1574- $8.00 

A good example of contemporaneous binding. 
Writing on title-page. Ives copy sold for $17. 50. 
The estimation m which Peter Martyr was held 
as an historian is shown bv the fact that in a 
period of a hundred years his works were pub- 
lished in Spain, Italy, France, and England. 
He was the contemporary of Columbus and 
Vespucius, and the nrst to publish a popular 
account of the results of their voyages, and of 
the peculiarities of the natives of the New 

47 KartyTi Peter. Der Geschicht- 
schreiber des Weltmeeres. Eine 
Studie von Hermann A. Schumacher. 
Map. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 
New York, 1879. $3.00 

48 Kemoirei de la Societe Royale 
des Antiquaires du Nord, 1840-43. 
(On the Discovery of America in the 
Tenth Century, by C. N. Rafn, with 
map and plates of Round Tower at 
Newport, etc.) 8vo, paper, uncut. 
Copenhagen, 1843. $2.50 

49 Korden, Robert. Geography 
Rectified; or, A Description of the 
World. With maps of New Eng- 
land, New York, Pennsylvania, New 
Jersey, Virginia, etc. 4to, old calf 
(broken), pp. 650. London, 1692. 


Contains early account of New York City, 
Long Island, etc. 

50 News from New England, 1676. 
4to, half morocco, pp. 22. Albany,. 
1865. $2.00 

No. 8 of an edition of only 60 copies reprinted 
for W. EUiot Woodward. 

51 Ober, Fred'k A. In the Wake of 
Columbus. Adventures of the Spe- 
cial Commissioner sent by the 
World's Columbian Exposition to the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



West Indies. 200 illustrations. 8vo, 
half calf, gilt, pp. 516. Boston, 1893. 


52 Pctaviiu, D. The History of 
the World Continued to the Year 
1659, together with a Geographical 
Description of Europe, Asia, Africa, 
and America. Portrait and map. 
Folio, old calf, pp. 610 +154 and ta- 
bles. London, 1659. $5.00 

53 Phillips. Collection of Modem 
and Contemporary Voyages. Vols. 

1 to 9. A great Variety of Travels in 
all Parts of the World. Profusely il- 
lustrated with curious maps and 
plates. Each Voyage separatdy 
paged, and has a separate title-page. 
Among the American Travels may 
be mentioned those of Michaux, He- 
riot, Ashe, Lewis and Clark, etc. 
9 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 
1805-09. $10.00 

A very cheap set. 

54 Saleigh, Sir Walter. The Life 
of. Based on contemporary docu- 
ments, British and Foreign, with His 
Letter, now first collected. By Ed- 
ward Edwards. Portrait and plate. 

2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 
1868. $5.00 

55 Baleigh, Sir Walter. A Biog- 
raphy (with account of His Voyages) 
by William Stebbing. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 414. Oxford, 1891. $1.75 

56 Ealcigh, Walter. The Life of, 
with an Account of the Period in 
Which He Lived. By M. A. Thomp- 
son. i6mo, cloth, pp. 287. Philadel- 
phia, 1853. .75 

57 Eobinson, Conway. An Ac- 
count of Discoveries in the West un- 
til 1 5 19, and of Voyages to and along 
the Atlantic Coast of North America, 
1520-73. 8vo, cloth, pp. 491. Rich- 
mond, 1848. $2.50 

58 St. Bris, Thomas. Discovery of 
the Origin of the Name of America. 
Illustrated. 8vo, paper, pp. 140. 
New York, 1888. .50 

59 Schoner, Johann, Professor erf 
Mathematics at Nuremberg. A re- 
production of his Globe of 1523, long 
lost; his dedicatory letter to Reymer 
von Streytperck, and the " De Molvc- 
cis of Maximillianus Transylvanus, 
with new translations and notes on 
the Globe by Henry Stevens of Ver- 
mont, edited with an introduction and 
bibliography by C. H. Coote. Por- 
trait, 3 large folding maps in pocket. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 206. London, 1888. 


A limited number printed on hand-made 

60 Sharp, Barth. The Voyages and 
Adventures of Capt. Barth Sharp and 
others in the South Sea, being a 
Journal of the same, also Capt. Van 
Horn with his Bucanniers the sur- 
prising of Vera Cruz; with a True Re- 
lation of Sir Henry Morgan, his Ex- 
pedition against the Spaniards, etc. 
8vo, new full mottled calf, gilt, pp. 
172. London, 1684. $12.50 

61 Smth, Buckingham. An In- 
quiry into the authenticity of Docu- 
ments concerning a Discovery in 
North America claimed to have been 
made by Verrazzano. Map. Large 
paper copy, 4to, uncut, pp. 31. New 
York, 1864. $2.00 

62 Smith, Capt. John, The Works 
of, 1608-31. Comprising a Reprint 
Edited by Edward Arber, Of True 
Relation, A Map of Virginia, De- 
scription of New England, New Eng- 
land Trials, Historic of Virginia, True 
Travels, Advertisement for Planters, 
and other Minor Works, with a 
Bibliography, all carefully Indexed. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols., 4to, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 981. London, 1895. $5.00 

A most complete edition, carefully edited and 
indexed. It it should be in every working 
American historical library. 

63 Smith, Capt. John. A True Re- 
lation of Virginia, with an Introduc- 
tion and Notes by Charles Deane. 
Large facsimile map. Large 4to, half 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


blue morocco, gilt top, neat. Boston, 
1866. $6.00 

One of a ytry few copies printed on drawing 
paper. This copy is No. 2, 

64 Smithy Capt. John. Advertise- 
ments for the Unexperienced Plant- 
ers of New England, or Anywhere; 
or, A Pathway to Erect a Plantation. 
Facsimile of Smith's map of New 
England, with additions and correc- 
tions as published in 1635. With 
Preface by William Veazie. Royal 
4to, half morocco, pp. 72. Boston, 
1865. $3.50 

No. 20 of 85 copies printed. 

65 Smith, Capt. John. The Ad- 
ventures and Discourses of, sometime 
President of Virginia and Admiral of 
New England; newly ordered by John 
Ashton, with illustrations from orig- 
inal sources. i2mo, boards, pp. 309. 
London, 1883. $i-5o 

66 Smith, Capt. John. Life of, the 
Founder of Virginia. By W. Gil- 
more Simms. i2mo, cloth, pp. 379. 
New York, 1846. $1.25 

67 Smith, Joshua T. The North- 
men in New England; or, America in 
the Tenth Century. Map. i2mo, 
calf, pp. 364. Boston, 1839. $2.00 

68 Spanish Armada. The Names 
of all those Persons who Subscribed 
towards the Defence of this Country 
at the Time of the Spanish Armada, 
1588. With historical introduction 
and index by T. C. Noble. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 92. London, 1886. $1.00 

69 Stephens, Thomas. Madoc: an 
Essay on the Discovery of America by 
Madoc Ap Owen Gwynedd in the 
I2th Century. 8vo, cloth, pp. 249. 
London, 1893. $2.50 

70 Stevens, Henry. Historical and 
Geographical Notes on the Earliest 
Discoveries in America, 1453-1530, 
with comments on the Earliest Charts 
and Maps; the Mistakes of the Early 
Navigators and the Blunders of the 
Geographers; the Asiatic Origin of 
the Atlantic Coast of North America, 

how it Crept in and how it Crept out 
of the Maps. The whole illustrated 
with frontispiece, one new map of the 
world, and facsimiles of 16 of the very 
earliest known maps of America, ar- 
ranged on five large sheets of bond 
paper. 8vo, cloth extra, uncut. New 
Haven, 1869. $7-5o 

Very scarce, only 75 copies made. Beauti- 
fully printed on Whatman's best hand-made 

71 Thomas, Cyrus. The Cherokees 
in Pre-columbian Times. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 97. New York, 1890. .50 

Illustrations of mound-builders and early pre* 
hbtoric remains. 

72 Yanoonver, Capt. George. Voy- 
age of Discovery to the North Pa- 
cific Ocean, in which the Coast of 
Northwest America has been care- 
fully examined and surveyed, 1790- 
95. New edition, corrected and with 
19 fine folding views and charts. 6 
vols, 8vo, half calf. London, 1801. 


A very good copy of this scarce and important 

73 Yerraeano, the Navigator; or^ 
Notes on Giovanni da Verrazano, and 
on a Planisphere of 1529, illustrating 
his American Voyage in 1524. By 
J. C. Brevoort. Map. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 160. New York, 1874. $3.5o< 

Only 250 copies printed. 

74 (Yeiraisano.) Murphy, Henry 
C. Tlie Voyage of Verrazzano: a 
chapter in the Early History of Mari- 
time Discovery in America. Map. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 198. New York (pri- 
vately printed), 1875. $3-50 

75 Yerrasano the Explorer. A 
Vindication of his Letter and Voyage; 
with an examination of the Maps of 
Hieronimo da Verrazano and a dis- 
sertation upon the Globe of Vlpius, 
with a bibliography of the subject. 
By B. F. De Costa. Facsimile maps, 
portraits, etc. '4to, paper, pp. 82. 
New York, 1881. $4.00^ 

A limited edition published. PresenUtion 
copy from the author. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



76 YespuciiM. Les Voyages de 
Americ Vespuce. By M. D'Avezac. 
8vo, paper, pp. 186. Paris, 1858. 


yy Vespucci, Amerigo. Son Carac- 
tere, ses ecrits (meme les moins au- 
thentiques) sa vie et ses navigations. 
By F. A. de Vamhagen. Map and 
facsimiles. Folio, cloth, pp. 120+58. 
Lima, 1865. $5.00 

The letters of Vespucci, both authentic and 
doubtful, exactly reproduced from the original — 
the result of Varnhagen's studies. 

78 Yespnciiui, Americus* Life and 
Voyages of. By C. E. Lester and A. 
Foster. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 431. 
New York, 1846. $2.00 

Fine, clean copy. 

79 (Yespuctiiu.) An account in 
German, printed in 1505, of Ves- 
pucius's Third Voyage. Pilinski's 
small edition in exact facsimile from 
the unique original on six leaves. 
Woodcut. 4to, paper. [1505] (Paris, ^ 
1861). $2.50 

A small number only printed. Barlow's copy 
brought $15.00, Murphy, $10.00, and one was 
priced $35.00 by a New York bookseller. 

80 Wheaton, Henry. History of the 
Northmen from the Earliest Times to 
the Conquest of England by William 
of Normandy. (Icelandic Language 
and Literature, Sagas, Legends, etc.) 
8vo, cloth, pp. 367. London, 183 1. 



81 Abbott, John S. C. Lives of the 
Presidents of the United States of 
America from Washington to the 
Present Time. Steel portraits and il- 
lustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 520. Bos- 
ton, 1869. $1.50 

82 Abbot, Willis J. The Naval 
History of the United States. Illus- 
trated. 4to, half morocco, pp. 1028. 
New York, 1896. $1.50 

83 Adams, Henry. History of the 
United States of America. 1801-17 
(during the administrations of Jeffer- 
son and Madison). 9 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1891. $12.00 

84 Adams, John. The Suppressed 
History of the Administration of John 
Adams, 1 797-1801. By John Wood. 
Now reprinted with Notes, etc., by 
John H. Sherburne. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 391. Philadelphia, 1846. 


85 Adams, Mrs. John. Letters of 
the wife of John Adams, with a 
Memoir by Charles Francis Adams. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 472. Bos- 
ton, 1848. $1.00 

86 Adams, Samuel. Life and Pub- 
lic Services of. Being a narrative of 
his Acts, Opinions, and of his Agency 
in Producing and Founding the 
American Revolution. By William 
V. Wells. Portrait on India paper. 
Large paper copy, 3 vols., royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut Boston, 1866. $6.00 

Only 100 copies, beautifully printed on large , 
paper at University Press. \ 

87 Allen, Joel A. History of North 
American Pinnipeds: a Monograph 
of the Walruses, Sea-lions, and Seals 
of North America. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
783. Washington, 1880. $2.00 

88 Allen, Thaddeus. An Inquiry 
into the Views, Services, Principles, 
and Influences of the Leading Men 
in the Organization of Our Union. 
Vol. I. all published. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
553. Boston, 1847. $1.00 

89 Allen, William. An American \ 
Biographical and Historical Diction- \ 
ary, containing an Account of the 
Lives, Characters, and Writings of 
the Most Eminent Persons in North 
America from its First Discovery to 
the Present Time, and a Summary of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



the History of the Several Colonies 
and of the United States Folding 
Chart, and portrait of Washington by 
D. Edwin. 8vo, old calf, pp. 632. 
Cambridge, 1809. $2.50 

90 Allston, Washington. Life and 
Letters. By Jared B. Flagg; with 
reproductions from Allston's pictures. 
4to, cloth, pp. 435. London, 1892. 


91 (Almanac.) The Christian Al- 
manack for New York, Connecticut, 
and New Jersey, containing Calen- 
dars, Interesting Facts, Notes, etc. 8 
vols., thin i2mo. New York, 1827-34. 


92 American Almanac and Reposi- 
tory of Useful Knowledge, with 
Statistical and other Information Re- 
specting the United States. Com- 
plete set, from its commencement in 
1830 to 1861 inclusive. 32 vols., half 
bound (2 in paper). Boston and New 
York, 1830-61. $10.00 

This Taloable work, which is in fact a com- 
pendious annual r^^istiy, is well worthy of being 
preserved as a book of reference. The volumes 
were compiled by Jared Sparks, Francis Bowen, 
and others. ' Cooiplete sets are very difficult to 

93 American Bibliopoliit. A Lit- 
erary Register and Monthly Cata- 
logue of Old and New Books and Re- 
pository of Notes and Queries (Bib- 
liomania in America, Descriptions 
of Rare Works and Auction Sales, 
Private Libraries of Providence, R. I., 
American Genealogy, etc. 8 vols., 
8vo, boards, uncut. New York, 

1869-75. $I2X)0 

A complete set of this interesting magazine* 
published hj J. Sabin & Sons. Mr. Sabin's 
valuable notes and articles are of great reference 
interest. This copy is uncut, and contains the 
advertisements and indexes. 

94 American Catalogue of Books in 
Print and for sale July i, 1876. Au- 
thors and titles, pp. 946 + 492. 2 
vols., 4to, new, half morocco. New 
York, 1880-81. $55.00 

Scarce ; the original volumes of the American 
Catalogue entirely out of print. 

95 American lish, and How to 
Catch Them. A Hand-book for 
Fishing, by An Old Angler. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 93. New York, 1885. 


96 .American Konthly Xioroscopal 
Tonrnial. Illustrated by cuts and 
plates. Vol. I., No. i Qanuary, 1880) 
to Vol. XV., No. 10 (October, 1894). 
Complete. 6 vols., royal 8vo, half 
roan; Vol. XV. in parts. New York 
and Washington, 1880-94. $25.00 


97 Ames, Fisher. Works of Fisher 
Ames, with a Selection from his 
Speeches and Correspondence. Ed- 
ited by Seth Ames. Portrait. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1854. $2.50 

98 Anderson, Dr. J. A. (First 
American Wood Engraver). A His- 
tory of Quadrupeds, with upwards 340 
engravings, engraved from the orig- 
inal of T. Bewick by A. Anderson. 
8vo, half morocco, red edges, pp. 335. 
New York, T. W. Strong, n. d. $7.50 

Scarce. The principal work of this early 
American engraver. 

99 AndreWi Hon. John Albion. 
Life and Character of. A Discourse 
before the N. E. Historic-Genealogi- 
cal Society by Elias Nason. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 76. Boston, 
1868. .75 

100 Asplund, John. The Annual 
Register of the Baptist Denomination, 
in North America; to the ist of No- 
vember, 1790. Containing an Ac- 
count of the Churches and Their Con- 
stitutions, Ministers, Members, As- 
sociations, Correspondence, etc. 4to, 
paper, pp. 70, n. p., n. d. (1790). $1.00 

Valuable for the names of ministers and 

loi Atkinson, John. History of 
the origin of the Wesleyan Movement 
in America and of the Establishment 
Therein of Methodism (Historic Ger- 
man-Irish Emigration, Erection of 
John Street Preaching House, etc.). 
8vo, cloth, pp. 458. Jersey City, 
1896. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



IQ2 AtkinBon, Wm. B. A Bio- 
graphical Dictionary of Contempo- 
rary American Physicians and Sur- 
geons. 2nd edition, enlarged and re- 
vised. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 747 and 
addenda. Philadelphia, 1880. $2.00 

103 Audubon, John James. A Syn- 
opsis of the Birds of North America. 
Fine copy. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
359. Edinburgh, 1839. $3-«> 

104 Audubon and Bachman. The 
Viviparous Quadrupeds of North 
America. Vol. I., 4to, cloth, pp. 389. 
London, 1847. $1.50 

105 Austin, Benjamin. Old South 
Constitutional Republicanism in Op- 
position to Fallacious Federalism, to 
which is prefixed a Preparatory Ad- 
dress to the Citizens of the United 
States, never before published. 8vo, 
boards, pp. 327. Boston, 1803. $1.50 

106 Bancroft, Charles. The Foot- 
prints of Time. A complete Analysis 
of our American System of Govern- 
ment, History of the Colonies, etc. 
8vo. cloth, pp. 734. Burlington, 
1875. $1-50 

107 Bancroft, Geo. A. History of 
the ijnited States. Vols. I. and II. 
8vo, original cloth, uncut. Boston, 

1834-37. $5.00 

The first edition of both volumes, and quite 
difficult to find. ** The variations between the 
first and later editions are so considerable as to 
make it desirable to possess them both." — 

108 Bancroft, George. History of 
the United States. Large-type li- 
brary edition. Vols. I to VIII. 
Portraits. 8 vols., 8vo, cloth. Bos- 
ton, 1848, etc. $8.00 

109 Bancroft, George. Literary 
and Historical Miscellanies (Essays, 
Doctrine of Temperaments, Studies in 
German Literature and in History, 
Occasional Addresses, etc.). 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 517. New York, 1855. 


First edition in the original cloth binding, 

1 10 Barber, Edwin A. American 
Glassware, Old and New. A Sketch 
of the Glass Industry and a Manual 
for Collectors. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 112. Philadelphia, 1900. 


111 Barber, John W. Historical, 
Poetical, and Pictorial American 
Scenes. A Selection of Interesting 
Incidents of American History. Nu- 
merous early woodcut illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 227. N. H., 1850. 


112 Barber, John W. The History 
and Antiquities of New England, 
New York, New Jersey, and Pennsyl- 
vania; Discoveries, Settlements, In- 
dian History, French, Indian, and 
Revolutionary Wars, Traditions, etc. 
Illustrated* 8vo, old sheep, pp. 624. 
Hartford, 1846. $3-5o 

The binding is worn and rubbed. 

113 Barker, George P. Life of, 
with some of his Speeches. By 
George J. Bryan. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 216. Buffalo, 1849. $1.50 

114 Barlow, Joel. Life and Letters 
of, Poet, Statesman, Philosopher. 
By Chas. Burr Todd. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 306. New York, 1886. 


115 Bameby, W. Henry. The 
New Far West and the Old Far East, 
being Notes of a Tour in North 
America, Japan, China, Ceylon, etc. 
(Toronto to Winnepeg, British Co- 
lumbia, San Francisco, etc.) Maps 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 316. 
London, 1889. $1.50 

116 Barnes, Wm. H. The Forti- 
eth Congress of the United States: 
Historical and Biographical; with nu- 
merous fine steel portraits. 2 vols., 
thick 8vo, cloth. New York, 1870. 


117 Barnes' Centenary History. 
One Hundred Years of American In- 
dependence. Profusely illustrated. 
Complete in 13 Parts. Royal 8vo. 
New York, 1876. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



118 Bortlctt, John Russell. Dic- 
tionary of Americanisms: A Glossary 
of Words and Phrases Usually Re- 
garded as Peculiar to the United 
States. 4th edition, greatly improved 
and enlarged. 8vo, half leather, pp. 
813. Boston, 1884. $2.00 

Published at $4.00 last edition. 

119 Benjamin, S. G. W. Art in 
America: A Critical and Historical 
Sketch. Over 100 illustrations of old 
and recent paintings, American Paint- 
ings. 4to, cloth, pp. 214. New 
York, 1880. $2.00 

Published at $4.00. 

120 Benton, Thos. H. Thirty 
Years' View; or, A History of the 
Working of the American Govern- 
ment for Thirty Years, from 1820 to 
1850. With historical notes and il- 
lustrations. By A Senator of Thirty 
Years. Portrait. 2 vols., thick 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1856. $4.00 

121 Berry, C. B. The Other Side 
—How It Struck Us. (New York, 
American Railways, Hotels, Niagara, 
Chicago, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 296. 
London, 1880. $1-75 

122 Bible, The Holy Bible, con- 
taining the Old and New Testaments. 
Thick, i6mo, old calf (broken). 
Philadelphia, W. Young, 1791-92. 


Scarce. A good copy except the binding; 
with both the title-pages. 

123 Bizarre, For Fireside and Way- 
side, with illustrations by Devereux. 
(R. W. Emerson, Kossuth, Literature 
Yesterday and To-day, etc.) Con- 
ducted by J. M. Church. Vol. I., 
April to October, 1852. 8vo, half red 
morocco, pp. 412. Philadelphia, 
1852. $1.50 

124 Bowditoh, Nathaniel. Memoir 
of. By his son, Nathaniel Ingersoll 
Bowditch. Portrait. 4to, cloth, pp. 
172. Boston, 1840. $1.00 

125 Bowen, Ebe. Rambles in the 
Path of the Steam Horse. Historical 

and Descriptive View of the Route 
from Baltimore to Harper's Ferry, 
Cumberland, Louisville, etc. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, gilt, pp. 432. 
Philadelphia, 1855. $2.00 

126 Bowen, Francis. American Po- 
litical Economy, with Strictures on 
the Management of the Currency and 
the Finances since 1861. 8vo, cloth, 
PP- 495- New York, 1873. $1.00 

127 Bowles, Samuel. The Life and 
Times of. By George S. Merriam. 
Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt top. 
New York, 1885. $2.00 

First two hundred years of New England. 
John Brown, Lincoln's Election, Civil War. etc. 

128 Boyd, Jas. P. America from 
Discovery in 1492 to the Present 
Time. Titles, Charters, Admission of 
States; Plans of Federal Government; 
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial 
Departments, Electoral Votes, Party 
Platforms, Wars and Conquests, etc. 
Numerous illustrations. 4to, cloth, 
pp. 750. Mansfield (1894). $1.50 

.129 Bradford, Alden. History of 
the Federal Government for Fifty 
Years, 1789-1839. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
480. Boston, 1840. $2.00 

130 Brinlcy, Geo. Catalogue of 
the American Library of the late 
George Brinley. Parts IL-V.; 4 
parts, 8vo, paper,"* uncut. New York, 
1880-93. $5.00 

A complete set, except Part I., at a very low 
figure. The notes and unusual works in this 
catalogue make it valuable for reference. 

131 Brown, Alex. The Genesis of 
the United States: A Narrative of the 
Movement in England, 1605-16, 
which Resulted in the Plantation of 
North America by Englishmen, dis- 
closing the Contest between England 
and Spain. A Series of Historical 
Manuscripts now first published, with 
Rare Contemporaneous Tracts, etc. 
100 Portraits, plates, maps, etc. 2 
vols., large 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lon- 
don, 1890. $8.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



132 (Brown, John.) Richman, Ir- 
ving B. John Brown amongst the 
Quakers, and Other Sketches. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 239. Des Moines, 1894. 


133 Brown, T. Allston. History of 
the American Stage, containing Bio- 
graphical Sketches of nearly every 
Member of the Profession that has 
Appeared on the American Stage 
from 1733 to 1870. Portraits. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 421. New York, 1870. 


134 Brownson, O. A. The Amer- 
ican Republic, its Constitution, Ten- 
dencies, and Destiny. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
439. New York, 1866. $1.75 

135 Bnchanftn, James. Life and 
Public Services. By R. G. Horton. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 428. New 
York, 1856. $1.25 

136 Buckingham, J. S. The Slave 
States. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, n. d. $2.00 

137 Bnckingham, Joseph T. Per- 
sonal Memoirs and Recollections of 
Editorial Life. Portrait. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1852. $1.50 

138 Bnnn, Alfred. Old England, 
and New England; in a Series of 
Views Taken on the Spot. (Mrs. 
Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, Niagara 
Falls, American Stage.) Colored 
plate. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. 
London, 1853. $2.50 

1139 Burr, Aaron. Parton, James. 
The Life and Times of Aaron Burr, 
Lieut.-Col. in the Army of the Revo- 
lution, U. S. Senator, Vice President 
of the U. S. Steel portraits. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. New York, 1864. $2.50 

140 Burr, Aaron. Trials. . Reports 
of the Trials of Col. Aaron Burr (late 
Vice President of the United States) 
for Treason and for a Misdemeanor, 
in Preparing the Means of a Military 
Expedition against Mexico, with 
Arguments and Evidence, to Commit 
A. Burr, H. Blennerhassett, and I. 

Smith to be Sent for Trial to Ken- 
tucky for Treason or Misdemeanor 
Alleged to be Committed There. 
Taken in shorthand by David Robert- 
son. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
Philadelphia, 1808. $8.00 

141 Burrowes, J. F. The Piano- 
Forte Primer; or, New Musical 
Catechism, containing the Rudiments 
of Music. i6mo, boards. Philadel- 
phia, 1820. $1.50 

Scarce ; early American ; unusual work. 

142 Burton, John Hill. The Book- 
Hunter, etc. iWith additional notes 
by Richard Grant White. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 411. New York, 1863. 


Only 500 copies printed from type. 

•143 Bushnell, Chas. I. An Ar- 
rangement of Tradesmen's Cards, Po- 
litical Tokens, also Election Medals, 
Medalets, etc., current in the United 
States for the Last Sixty Years; de- 
scribed from Original Plates. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 119. New York (printed 
fpr the Author), 1858. $2.50 

144 Caliioun, John C. The Life of. 
By John S. Jenkins. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 454. Auburn, 1850. $1.25 

145 Campbell, W. G. The New 
World; or, Recent Visit to America. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 207. London, 1871, 


146 Carnegie, Andrew. Triumphant 
Democracy; or, Fifty Years* March of 
the Republic. 8vo, cloth, pp. 519. 
New York, 1886. $1.00 

147 Carver, Jonathan. Three Years' 
Travels through the Interior Parts of 
North America for more than 5000 
Miles, with History of Manners and 
Customs of the Indians. 8vo, old calf, 
pp. 360. Philadelphia, 1796. $3.00 

With iS-page list of subscribers. 

148 Carlyle ftnd Emerson. Corre- 
spondence of, 1834- 1872. Two por- 
traits. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. Boston, 
1883. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



149 Caswalli Henry. America and 
the American Church. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 400. London, 185 1. $1.50 

150 Catechism of American Law. 
(Marriage, Divorce, Master and Serv- 
ant, Corporations, etc.) i6mo, boards. 
Philadelphia, 1838. .75 

151 Catesby, Mark. Hortus Eu- 
ropae Americanus; or, A Collection of 
85 Curious Trees and Shrubs, the 
Produce of North America adopted 
to the Climates and Soils of Great 
Britain and Most Parts of Europe. 
Fine colored plates of each plant. 
Large 4to, half bound. London, 
1767. $10.00 


152 Centennial Exposition. Report 
of the Director General of the U. S. 
International Exhibition, including 
the Reports of the Bureaus of Admin- 
istration. 9 vols., 8vo, cloth. Wash- 
ington, 1880. $4.50 

A full, illustrated history of the Centennial. 
This set includes the quarto volumes of plans 
and plates. 

153 Chamberlin, Everett. The 
Struggle of ^y2\ the Issues and Can- 
didates of the Present Political Cam- 
paign. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
570. Chicago, 1872. $1.25 

154 Chase, Salmon P. Life and 
Public Services of. (Governor of 
Ohio, Secretary of Treasury under 
Lincoln, Chief Justice of the United 
States.) By J. W. Schuckers. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 669. New 
York, 1874. $1.75 

155 Chase, Salmon Portland. Pri- 
vate Life and Public Services. (First 
Sojourn in Ohio, Indians, Niagara 
Falls, Cincinnati in 1830, Chase and 
Lincoln, Civil War and Slavery, etc.) 
Steel portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 838. 
Cincinnati, 1874. $1.50 

156 Chastellnx, Marquis. Travels 
in North America, 1780-82. (Major- 
general serving under Count de Ro- 
chambeau.) Translated with notes. 
Maps. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. Lon- 
don, 1787. $6.00 

157 Childs, Emery E. A History 
of the United States in Chronological 
Order, 1492-1885, with notices of 
Manufactures as They Were Intro- 
duced. 8vo, cloth, pp. 254. New 
York, 1886. .75 

1158 Childs, Geo. W. Recollec- 
tions. (Andre, Major Andr^ " Cow 
Chase," His Rare Autographs and 
Books, Henry Irving, Dickens, Whit- 
tier, Letters, etc.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 
404. Philadelphia, 1890. .50 

159 Choatc, Rufus. The Works of. 
With a Memoir of his life, by Samuel 
Gilman Brown. Portrait. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1862. 


Scarce, fine copy. 

160 Choate, Rufus. Reminiscences 
of. By E. G. Parker. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 522. New York, i860. 


161 Clarke, McDonald. Poems of 
(the Mad Poet). Fine portrait by 
Maverick. i2mo, cloth, pp. 288. 
New York, 1836. $6.00 

162 Clarke, McDonald. The Elixir 
of Moonshine, being a Collection of 
Prose and Poetry by the Mad Poet, 
a great proportion of which has never 
before been published. Portrait. 
i6mo, original pink boards, uncut. 
Gotham, 5822 (1822). $7.50 

Fine copy of this very rare early volume of 
New York poetry. The original board covers 
are in good condition. On the last cover is a 
poem in five stanzas which does not appear else- 
where in the volume. 

163 Clay, Henry. Life and Times 
of. By Calvin Colton. Portraits. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1846. 


164 Clay, Hon. Henry. Life and 
Speeches of. Compiled and edited by 
Daniel Mallory. Steel portrait and 
frontispieces. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
New York, 1844. $2.50 

165 (Clemens.) Mark Twain's Au- 
tobiography and First Romance. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



First Edition. Qean; in the original 
wrapper. i2mo. New York (1871). 


166 (Clinton, De Witt.) Campbell, 
Wm. W. The Life and Writings of 
De Witt Clinton (Qinton Family, 
Private Canal Journal). Portrait. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 381. New York, 


167 Clinton, De Witt. Tribute to 
the Memory of, being a compre- 
hensive sketch of his Life. By a Citi- 
zen of Albany. Portrait. i2mo, 
half calf, pp. 204. Albany, 1828. 


168 Coggeshall, George. Voyages 
to Various Parts of the World, 1800- 
183 1. Selected from his MS. Jour- 
nals. Plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
New York, 1853. $2.50 

Both scarce. 

169 CoUnm, Richard S. History of 
the United States Marine Corps. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 307. Philadelphia, 1890. 


170 Colnmbian Lady's and Gentle- 
man's Magazine. (Tuckerman's 
Diary of a Dreamer; A Quiet Home, 
by A. J. Paulding; Two Nights in 
Nieuw Nederlandts; New York from 
Weehawken, with view, etc. Edited 
by John Inman and Robert A. West. 
Illustrated with fine mezzotints of 
Washington's Reception on Bridge at 
Trentop, N. J., Washington's Death- 
bed, The Boston Boys and Gen. 
Gage, etc. Vols. HL, V., and VH. 
3 vols., 8vo, half morocco. New 
York, 1845-47- $3-50 


171 Combe, George. Notes on the 
United States during a Phrenological 
Visit, 1838-40. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1841. $1.50 

172 Common Prayer, Book of. New 
York;, 1798; according to the Use of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in 
the United States of America, to- 
gether with the Psalter or Psalms of 

David. Thick i6mo, old calf (bind- 
ing broken). New York, Hugh 
Gaine, 1798. $10.00 

Very scarce. 

173 Conkling, Roscoe. Life and 
Letters of. By Alfred R. Conkling. 
Portrait. 8vo, leather, pp. 709. New 
York, 1889. $2.00 

174 Cooper, J. Fenimore. The 
History of the Navy of the United 
States. Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. London, 1839. 


Bentley's large-type library edition ; scarce. 

175 Cooper^ J. Fenimore. His- 
tory of the Navy of the United States. 
3d edition, with additions and correc- 
tions. Complete in one volume. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 524. Phila- 
delphia, 1847. $3.00 

176 Cooper, James Fenimore. No- 
tions of the Americans picked up 
by A Traveling Bachelor. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1828. 


177 Cowelly Joe. Thirty Years 
Passed among the Players in England 
and America, with Anecdotes and 
Reminiscences. 8vo, paper, pp. 103. 
New York, 1844. $1.25 

178 Craib, Alex. America and the 
Americans, with Chapters on Ameri- 
can Home Life. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
325. Paisley, 1892. $1.25 

179 Crawford, J. B. The Credit 
Mobilier of America, its Origin and 
History and Work of Constructing 
the Union Pacific Railroad. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 229. Boston, 1880. $1.50 

180 Dana, Richard Henry. Poems 
and Prose Writings. (Best collected 
edition.) 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1850. $2.50 

181 Demorest, David D. (Pastor at 
Hudson, N. Y.). History and Char- 
acteristics of the Reformed Protestant 
Dutch Church. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 221. New York, 1856. .75 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



182 De Boos, F. F. Personal Nar- 
rative of Travels in the United States 
and Canada in 1826, with Remarks on 
the Present State of the American 
Navy. Plates (including two of Ni- 
agara). 8vo, pp. 235. London, 1827. 


183 Dc Tooqneville, Alexis. De- 
mocracy in America. Translated by 
Henry Reeve. 4th edition, revised. 
Map. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New Vork, 
1841. $2.00 

184 De Tooqneville, Alexis. De- 
mocracy in America. Translated by 
Henry Reeve. Map. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1838. $2.50 

185 De Tooqneville, Alexis (author 
of Democracy in America). Mem- 
oirs, Letters, and Remains of. (A 
Visit to Lake Oneida, a Fortnight 
in the Wilderness, etc.) 2 vols., 
i2mo. Boston, 1862. $1.50 

186 Dicey, Edward. Six Months in 
the Federal States. (The American 
Press, American Society, Notes of the 
War, Western Virginia, Chicago and 
the West, the Case of the North, etc.). 
2 vols, in I. Thick i2mo, cloth. Lon- 
don, 1863. $1.50 

187 Dilkc, Chas. W. Problems of 
Greater Britain. Maps. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. London, 1890. $2.50 

188 Dillon, John B. Notes on His- 
torical Evidence in Reference to Ad- 
verse Theories of the Origin and Na- 
ture of the Government of the United 
States of America. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
141. New York, 1871. $1.00 

By the historian of Indiana. 

189 Dix, John A. Speeches and 
Occasional Addresses. Portrait. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 
1864. $2.00 

190 Dixon, Wm. Hepworth. White 
Conquest. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Lon- 
don, 1876. $2.00 

191 Donnant, D. F. Statistical Ac- 
count of the United States of America. 

Translated from the French by Wil- 
liam Playfair. Illustrated by a col- 
ored divided circle. 8vo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. J2. London, 1805. $1.25 

192 Doolittel, Thomas. A Treatise 
Concerning the Lord's Supper, with 
the Dialogues for the more full In- 
formation of the Week, in the Nature 
and Use of this Sacrament. i6mo, 
sheep, pp. 208. Boston, 1727. $3.50 

193 Doyle, J. A. English Colonies 
in America — ^Virginia, Maryland, and 
the Carolinas. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
420. New York, 1882. $2.50 

194 Draper, John W. Thoughts on 
the Future Civil Policy of America. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 325. New 
York, 1865. $1.50 

195 Draper, Lyman C. Biographi- 
cal Sketch of. By Reuben G. 
Thwaites. Portrait. 4to, cloth. 1887. 


196 Dnganne, A. J. H. Poetical 
Works. Autograph Edition. Royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 407. 1865. 


Only 75 printed. From General Sherman's 

197 Duncan, John M. Travels 
through Part of United States and 
Canada, 1818-19. 2 vols., i2mo, half 
calf. New York, 1823. $2.00 

198 Dunlap, Wm. History of the 
Rise and Progress of the Arts of De- 
sign in the United States. (History 
of Miniature Painting, Stuart, Trum- 
bull, and West, Alex. Anderson, Du- 
rand, Maverick, etc.) 2 vols., 8vo, 
boards. New York, 1834. $15.00 

This rare set contains much of interest on 
early New York, and is the best work on the 
subject. The author was an artist, dramatic 
writer, and manager of the old New York Park 
Theater. He was considered " a close observer 
and a truthful writer " (Wood's "Recollections 
of the Stage "). 

199 Dnnlap, Wm. A History of the 
American Theater. (First Perform- 
ance in America, First Theater in 
New York, Early Theatrical Expenses 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



and Profits, Massachusetts Law 
against Stage Plays, 1750, etc.) 2 
vols., 8vo, half morocco. London, 
1833. $6.00 


200 Dn Foncean^ Peter S. Brief 
View of the Constitution of the 
United States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 107. 
Philadelphia, 1834. .50 

201 Duyckinck, E. A. and Geo. L. 
Cyclopaedia of American Literature, 
embracing Personal and Critical No- 
tices of Authors and Selections from 
their Writings from the Earliest Pe- 
riod to the Present Day, with Por- 
traits, Autographs, and other illustra- 
tions. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half calf. 
New York, 1855. $5-oo 

A most important work for collectors of early- 
American literature. 

202 Early Amerioan Songster. The 
New England Pocket Songster: 
A Choice Collection of Popular 
Songs, New and Old. i6mo, boards, 
pp. 160. Claremont, N. H., 1846. 


204 Eaton, Amos. An Index to 
the Geology of the Northern States. 
2d edition, wholly written anew. 
i6mo, calf, pp. 286. Troy, 1820. 


205 Edison, Thomas A. The Life 
and Inventions of. (Ancestry, Life in 
Boston, Megaphone, Phonograph, 
Electric Light, description of his Li- 
brary and Den, etc.) 200 illustrations. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 362. London, 
1894. $2.00 

206 Elliot, Daniel Giraud. North 
American Shore Birds. A history of 
the Snipes, Sandpipers, Plovers, etc., 
inhabiting the beaches and marches 
of our coasts and shores of the inland 
Lakes and Rivers. A popular refer- 
ence work for the Naturalist, Sports- 
man, and Lover of Birds. Illustrated 
with 74 fine full-page plates after 
drawings by Edwin Sheppard. i2mo, 
ornamental cloth. $2.50 

Limited edition of 100 copies on 

fine hand-made paper. 4to, white 
cloth. $10.00 

207 Elliot, Daniel G. The Galli- 
naceous Game Birds of North Amer- 
ica, including the Partridges, Grouse, 
Ptarmigan, and Wild Turkey, with 
an account of their dispersion, habits, 
nestings, etc., and full descriptions of 
the plumage of both adult and young, 
together with their popular and scien- 
tific names. A book written both for 
those who love to seek these birds 
afield with dog and gun, as well as 
those who may only desire to learn 
the ways of such attractive creatures 
in their haunts. 45 fine full-page 
plates after drawings by Edwin Shep- 
pard. Post, 8vo, ornamental cloth. 


Limited edition of 100 copies on 

fine hand-made paper, 4to, white 

cloth. $10.00 

208 Elliot, Daniel G. The Wild 
Fowl of the United States and British 
Possessions: the Swan, Geese, Ducks, 
and Mergansers of North America. 
Numerous illustrations. Post 8vo, 
ornamental cloth. $2.50 

Limited edition of 100 copies on 
hand-made paper. 4to, white cloth. 


This is the third and last volume of Professor 
Eliot's valuable popular Ornithological Works, 
and completes the Game Bird Series. Published 
uniform with ** North American Shore Birds " 
and ** Game Birds." 

209 Elliot, Prof. Daniel G. The 
New and Heretofore Unfigured Birds 
of North America. 72 colored plates. 
2 vols, (in original sections), folio. 
New York (published by the Author), 
1869. $100.00 

This magnificent work describes the birds not 
included in Audubon or Wilson. 

210 Elliot, Prof. Daniel G. Mono- 
graph of the Tetraonidae, or Family 
of Grouse. 2j colored plates. Folio, 
in original sections. New York (pub- 
lished for the Author), 1865. $75.00 

211 Ely, Richard T. The Labor 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Movement in America. i2mo, doth, 
pp. 383- New York, 1886. .75 

212 Emerson, R. W. Representa- 
tive Men: Seven Lectures. i2mo, 
original cloth, pp. 285. Boston, 1850. 

^. .. . $3.50 

r irst edition. 

213 Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Poems. 
i2mo, original cloth. London: Chap- 
man Brothers, 1847. $2.00 

First English edition. 

214 England and Ameriea. A Com- 
parison of the Social and Political 
State of Both Nations. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 376. New York, 1834. $1.50 

Slavery. Apology for the Tarifif, etc. 

215 Evans, F. W. Autobiography 
of a Shaker and Revelation of the 
Apocalypse. i2mo, cloth, pp. 27. 
New York, 1888. $1.50 

216 Fearon, H. B. Sketches of 
America: A Narrative of a Journey of 
5000 Miles, contained in eight reports 
addressed to 39 English Families 
(who sent him out), 8vo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. 454. London, 1818. $1.50 

217 Federalist, The. A Collection 
of Essays in Favor of the New Con- 
stitution, with Notes, etc., by H. B. 
Dawson. Vol. I. (all published and 
containing all of the Federalist). 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 615. New 
York, 1863. $2.50 

218 Ferguson, Wm. America by 
River and Rail; or. Notes by the Way 
on the New World and its People. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 511. 
London, 1856. $1.50 

219 Field, Eugene. An Auto- 
Analysis. i6mo, boards, uncut. Chi- 
cago, 1896. $1.00 

A limited edition beautifully printed at the 
Lakeside Press. 

220 Field, Eugene. The Story of 
the Two Friars — How One Friar Met 
the Devil and Two Pursued Him. 
i6mo, boards. Chicago, 1900. $1.25 

A limited edition printed with old-face type 
by the Lakeside Press. 

221 Field, Henry M. The Story of 
the Atlantic Telegraph. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 415. New York, 1892. 


222 Fillmore, Millard. His Life 
and Public Services. By W. L. Barre 
of Kentucky. i2mo, cloth, pp. 408. 
Buffalo, 1856. $1.25 

223 First Centnry of the Eepnblio. 
A Review of American Progress (Co- 
lonial Progress, Monetary Develop- 
ment, Early Paper Currency, Amer- 
ican Literature, etc.) By Theo. D. 
Woolsey, F. A. P. Barnard, Hon. 
Francis A. Walker, Dr. Austin Flint, 
etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 506. New York, 
1876. $2.00 

224 First Impressions of America. 
(In a Series of Letters, four of which 
relate to New York City.) i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 131. London (printed for 
private circulation), 1867. $1.50 

Printed on writing paper. The author is said 
to have been John Walton, editor of the Times, 
He was evidently a person of some importance, 
from the number of prominent people he men- 
tions having met here. 

225 Flack, Capt. A Hunter's Ex- 
periences in the Southern States of 
America. i2mo, cloth, pp. 359. Lon- 
don, 1866. $1.50 

226 Fowler, Henry. The American 
Pulpit: Sketches Biographical and 
Descriptive of Living American 
Preachers. Steel portraits. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 515. New York, 1856. $1.25 

227 Foster, Lillian. Wayside 
Glimpses North and South. (Sunday 
in New York, Sights in Dutchess 
County, Slavery, Mississippi, etc.) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 250. New York, 
1860. $1.00 

228 (Franklin.) Memoirs of. Life 
and Writings of Benjamin Franklin, 
continued to his death, by Wm. Tem- 
ple Franklin, now first published, and 
including his Political and Philosophi- 
cal Works. Portrait and 5 plates. 3 
vols., 4to, calf. London, 1818. $4.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



229 Eranklin, Benj. The Posthu- 
mous and other Writings of, published 
from the originals by his g^randson, 
William Temple Franklin. 2 vols., 
8vo, half calf. London, 1819. $1.50 

230 Franklin. His Autobiography; 
with a Narrative of his Public Life 
and Services by H. Hastings Weld, 
with designs by J. G. Chapman. 
8vo, half calf. New York, 1848. 


231 (Franklin.) Life and Times of. 
By James Parton. Portraits. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1864. $3.50 

Presentation copy from the author with four- 
line autographic inscription. 

232 (Franklin.) Letters to Benja- 
min Franklin from his Family and 
Friends, 1 751- 1790. 2 portraits. 
8vo, half morocco, pp. 195. New 
York, 1859. $2.00 

Only a limited number printed. 

233 Franklin. Familiar Letters and 
Miscellaneous Papers of, now for the 
first time published. Edited by Jared 
Sparks, with explanatory notes. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut, pp. 295. Lon- 
don, 1833. $1.00 

234 Franklin. Life and works of. 
With engraved title-page. Portrait. 
8vo, pp. 471. Bungay, n. d. $1.50 

An unusual edition. 

235 (Franklin.) Memoirs of the 
Life and Writings of Benjamin Frank- 
lin, with Private Correspondence, etc. 
By William Temple Franklin. Por- 
trait. 6 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
London, 1818. $6.00 

236 Franklin. Stevens, Henry. A 
Bibliographical Essay on the Stevens 
Collection of Books and Manuscripts 
relating to Dr. Franklin. Steel por- 
traits. Royal 8vo, cloth. Printed on 
hand-made paper, pp. 40. London, 
1881. $2.50 


237 (Franklin, Docteur B.) Cor- 
respondence Inedite et Secrete Min- 
istre Plenipotentiaire des Etats-Unis 

d'Amerique pres la Cour de France. 
Depuis L'Annee 1753 jusqu'en 1790. 
Portrait and facsimile of handwriting. 
2 vols., half red morocco. Paris, 1817. 


238 Freeman, Edward A. Some Im- 
pressions of the United States. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 289. London, 1883. $1.00 

239 Frenean, Philip. Miscellaneous 
Works of, containing his Essays and 
Additional Poems. (Description of a 
journey from Philadelphia to New 
York by way of Burlington and South 
Amboy, etc.) i2mo, original calf, pp. 
429. Philadelphia: Francis Bailey, 
1788. $4.00 

240 Frothingliam, Richard. The 
Rise of the Republic of the United 
States. 8vo, cloth, pp. 640. Boston, 
1873. $175 

241 Gktmmell, Wm. Biographical 
Sketch, and Selections from his Writ- 
ings. (Of Brown University.) 'By 
Jas. O. Murray. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 392. Cambridge, 1890. $2.00 

242 Gerry, Elbridge. The Life of, 
with Contemporary Letters to the 
close of the American Revolution. 
By James T. Austin. Portrait. 2 
vols., 8vo. Boston, 1828. $5.00 

243 Oerstaeoker, Fred'k. The Wan- 
derings and Fortunes of Some Ger- 
man Emigrants (to America). i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 310. London, 1848. $1.50 

A week in New York, Journey to the West, 
Settlement, etc. 

244 QiVbn, George, Memoirs of the 
Administration of Washington and 
Adamsi Edited from the Papers of 
Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the 
Treasury. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1846. $4.00 

245 Oiddings, Joshua R. The Life 
of. By Geo. W. Julian. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 473. Chicago, 1892. 


246 (Oodinean,) Original Manu- 
script of " Citizen Grodineau's " Ora- 
tion upon Religious Liberty, deliv- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ered at the tribute of the National 
Club of Bourdeaux, France, on Nov. 
^^» 1793- 8vo, unbound, pp. 19. 


247 Ch)dkiiiy Edwin Laurence. Re- 
flections and Comments, 1865-1895. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut, pp. 328. New 
York, 1895. $1.00 

248 Oodley, John R. Letters from 
America. (New York, Boston, Mon- 
treal, Philadelphia, etc.) 2 vols., 
i2mo, half calf. London, 1844. $1.50 

249 Gordon, James Bentley. A 
Historical and Geographical Memoir 
of the North American Continent; its 
Nations and Tribes. (Canada, North- 
western America, Virginia, Green- 
land, California, Mexico, etc.) Por- 
trait. 4to, half calf, pp. 104, 11, and 
305. Dublin, 1820. $10.00 

A good copy of a rare work. 

250 Orahame, James. The History 
of the United States from the Planta- 
tion of the British Colonies till their 
Assumption of National Independ- 
ence. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1852. $2.00 

251 (Grant, Mrs.) Memoirs of an 
American Lady, with Sketches of 
Manners and Scenery in America, as 
they existed previous to the American 
Revolution. (Death of Col. Schuyler, 
Mohawk Indians, Province of New 
York, John and Philip Schuyler, Ac- 
count of the Five Nations, Society in 
New York City, etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, 
half calf. London, 1808. $2.50 

252 Oratton, Thos. C. Civilized 
America. Map. 2 vols., 8v9, cloth. 
London, 1859. $2.50 

253 Gray, Asa. Scientific Papers 
of, 1834-87. Edited by Prof. Chas. S. 
Sargent. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. London, 
1889. $2.50 

•* The present volumes may almost be taken 
as mirrors reflecting the history and progress of 
scientific botany for the last half-century. The 
students of the future will feel themselves under 
even stronger obligations to Professor Sargent 
than to those of the present." — London 

254 Greeley, Horace. Life of, with 
Extended Notices of many of his 
Contemporary Statesmen and Jour- 
nalists. By L. D. IngersoU, Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 688. Oiicago, 
1873. $2.00 

255 Greeley, Horace. The Life of. 
By James Parton. Lithograph illus- 
trations. i2mo, cloth, pp. 442. New 
York, 1855. $1.25 

256 Guest, Lady Theodora. A 
Round Trip in North America. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 2^2. London, 
1895. $2.00 

257 Gnillemard, Arthur G. Over 
Land and Sea: A Log of Travel 
Round the World, 1873-74. Hono- 
lulu, San Francisco, Yosemite, Chi- 
cago, etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, cjoth, 
pp. 355. London, 1875. $1.75 

258 Gumey, Alfred. A Ramble 
through the United States. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 63. Not Published (1886). 


259 Hale, Hon. Salma. History of 
the United States, from their First 
Settlement as Colonies to the close of 
the War with Great Britain in 181 5. 
8vo, half morocco, pp. 467. London, 
1827. $2.00 

260 Haliburton, Thos. C. Rule and 
Misrule of the English in America. 2 
vols., i2mo, cloth. London, 1851. 


261 Hall, Lieut. Francis. Travels 
in Canada and the United States in 
1816 and 1817. (A Description of 
New York City, the Trip up the Hud- 
son, Western Country of New York, 
the Niagara Frontier, etc.) Map. 
8vo, half calf, pp. 543. London, 18 18. 


262 Hall, Henry. America's Suc- 
cessful Men of Affairs. An Encyclo- 
pedia of Contemporaneous Biogra- 
phy. Hundreds of fine full-page Steel 
Engraved Portraits. 2 vols., thick 
4to, half roan, marble edges. New 
York, 1895. $6.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



263 Hamilton, Alex. Works. Com- 
prising his most important official re- 
ports and improved edition of "The 
Federalist" and "Pacificus" on the 
Proclamation of Neutrality Written in 
1793- Portraits. 3 vols., 8vo, boards, 
uncut. New York, 1810. $3- 50 

264 Hamilton, Alex. Life and 
Epoch of. By George Shea. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 471. Boston, 
1880. $2.00 

265 Hamilton, Alex. A Historical 
Study. By Hon. George Shea. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 73. New York, 1877. .50 

266 Kunilton, James A. Reminis- 
ences of; or. Men and Events at 
Home and Abroad during Three- 
quarters of a Century. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
647. New York, 1869. ^.00 

2(^7 Hamlin, Hannibal. Life and 
Times of. By his grandson, Charles 
Eugene Hamlin. Portraits. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 627. Cambridge, 1899. 


Contains a substantial account of the rise and 
fall of the slave party in Maine, as well as the 
nation. Gleaned from Hannibal Hamlin's pri- 
vate correspondence of fully 10,000 letters. 

268 Hardy, Iza Duffus. Between 
Two Oceans; or. Sketches of Ameri- 
can Travel. (Quebec and its Envi- 
rons, Niagara Falls, In and Around 
New York, Califomian Sketches, 
South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, 
etc.). 8vo, cloth, pp. 355. London, 
1884, $1.50 

269 Harper, Robert Goodloe. Se- 
lect Works of, consisting of Speeches 
on Political Subjects, etc. Vol. I. (all 
published). 8vo, pp. 400. Baltimore, 
1814. $1.50 

270 Harris, Thaddeus, W. Trea- 
tise on Some of the Insects Injurious 
to Vegetation. Enlarged edition by 
Chas. L. Flint, and illustrated under 
supervision of Prof. Agassiz. Fine 
colored plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 640. 
New York, 1880. $5.00 

271 Harrison, Henry W. The Bat- 
tlefields of the Republic, from Lexing- 

ton to the Qty of Mexico. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 464. Philadel- 
phia, 1857. $1.50 

272 (Harrison, Wm. Henry.) Daw- 
son, Moses. Historical Narrative of 
the Civil and Military Services of 
Major-General William H. Harrison, 
with a Detail of His Negotiations and 
Wars with the Indians until the Final 
Overthrow of the Celebrated Chief 
Tecumseh. 8vo, calf (name on title), 
pp. 472. Cincinnati, 1824. $10.00 

273 Harrison, Wm. Henry. Life 
and Times of. By S. J. Burr. Por- 
trait. i6mo, cloth, pp. 304. New 
York, 1840. $1.00 

274 Harrison, William Henry. 
Sketches of the Civil and Military 
Services of, by Chas. S. Todd and 
Benjamin Drake. i6mo, half calf, 
pp. 168. Cincinnati, 1840. $4.00 

Scarce. Contains a number of original letters 
and documents heretofore not published, and 
embraces a variety of matter on the history of 
the West independent of its immediate 1 elation 
to Greneral Harrison. 

275 Harrison^ Wm. Henry. Mem- 
oir of the Public Service of. By 
James Hall. Fine portrait. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 323. Philadelphia, 1836. 


276 Harrison^ Wm. Henry. The 
Life of. The People's Presidential 
Candidate. i6mo, cloth, pp. 211. 
Boston, 1839. $1.00 

2,yy Henry, Joseph. A Memorial 
of (Head of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion). Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 528. Washington, 1880. $1.25 

278 Henry, Patrick. Sketches of 
the Life and Character of. By Wil- 
liam Wirt. Portrait. 8vo, pp. 463. 
New York, 1833. $1.50 

279 Hickey, W. The Constitution 
of the United States, with the Deck- 
ration of Independence, the Promi- 
nent Political Acts of George Wash- 
ington, Chronological Narrative of 
the Several States. With an account 
of the state papers and other sources 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of political and statistical information 
at the seat of government. i2mo» 
cloth, pp. 521. Philadelphia, 1851. 


Contains a full-length mezzotint portrait of 
Washington, by Sartain. 

280 Hildreth, Richard. History of 
the United States. Both series com- 
plete. Original large-type library edi- 
tion. 6 vols., Svo, cloth. New York, 
1849. $7.50 

281 Hillhonse, James A. Dramas, 
Discourses, and Other Pieces. 2 
vols., i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1839. 


282 Hinton, John Howard. The 
History and Topography of the 
United States. Illustrated with a se- 
ries of views engraved and drawn ex- 
pressly for this work. Maps, por- 
traits, etc. 2 vols., 4to, cloth, uncut. 
London, 1830. $5.00 

This is the edition containing the beautiful 
series of plates, eight of which are views of 
buildings and places of interest in New York 

283 (Holland, George.) The Hol- 
land Memorial. Sketch of the Life of 
George Holland, the Veteran Come- 
dian, with Dramatic Reminiscences, 
Anecdotes, etc. (Old Bowery The- 
ater, Daly's Theater.) Portrait. 
Royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 1871. 


Scarce. Only 250 copies printed. 

284 Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Ora- 
tion before the City Authorities of 
Boston, July 4, 1863. 8vo, pp. 60. 
Boston, 1863. $1.50 

First edition. 

285 Homes of American Authors, 
comprising Anecdotical, Personal, 
and Descriptive Sketches of Various 
Writers. Steel engravings of their 
residences. 8vo, cloth, pp. 366. New 
York, 1853. $2.00 

286 Hopkins, Livingston. A Comic 
History of the United States. Illus- 
trated by the author. i6mo, cloth, pp. 
223. New York, 1880. $1.25 

287 (Hough, Franklin B.) Procla- 
mations for Thanksgiving issued by 
the Continental Congress, President 
Washington, by the National and 
State Gkjvemments on the Peace of 
181 5, and of the Governors of New 
York since the introduction of the 
Custom; with those of the Several 
States in 1858, with an Historical In- 
troduction and Notes. 8vo, half 
boards, pp. 183. Albany, 1858. $2.00 

Only a limited number issued. 

288 Howland, Edward. Annals of 
North America, being a concise ac- 
count of important events, 1491-1877, 
chronologically arranged with an in- 
dex. Illustrated. 8vo, sheep, pp. 
810. Hartford, 1887. $1.50 

289 Howland, John. The Life and 
Recollections of. By Edwin M. 
Stone. Portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
348. Providence, 1857. $2.50 

The author was born in 1757, and was Presi- 
dent of the Rhode Island Historical Society. 
He gives interesting accounts of early Provi- 
dence, etc. 

290 Hull, Capt. Isaac. Minutes 
and Proceedings of the Court of In- 
quiry into the Official Conduct of 
Capt. Isaac Hull as Commandant of 
the Navy Yard at Charlestown, Mass. 
8vo, half calf, pp. 308. Washington, 
1822. $2.50 

291 Hunt, Freeman. Lives of 
American Merchants. (Stephen Gi- 
rard, Samuel Ward, Joseph Peabody, 
Jacob Lorillard, John Jacob Astor, 
James Brown, etc.) With steel por- 
traits. 2 vols., thick 8vo, sheep, mar- 
ble edges. New York, 1858. $2.50 

292 IngersoU, L. D. History of 
the War Department of the United 
States, with Biographical Sketches of 
the Secretaries. 8vo, cloth, pp. 613. 
Washington, 1880. $1.25 

293 Irelan, John Robert. The Re- 
public; or, A History of the United 
States of America in the Administra- 
tions from the Monarchic Colonial 
Days to the Present Time (Washing- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ton to Franklin Pierce). 14 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Chicago, 1886-88. $12.00 

On the title-page of the fourteenth volume 
appears **In 18 vols." The above set is com- 
plete from Washington to Pierce, and priced 
Ytry low. 

294 (Iron Trade.) The Iron and 
Steel Works of the United States, em- 
bracing Blast Furnaces, Rolling Mills, 
etc., in every State and Territory. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 202. Philadelphia, 
1884. .75 

295 Irving, Washington. Spanish 
Papers and Other Miscellanies, hith- 
erto Unpublished or Uncollected. 
Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New 
York, 1867. $2.00 

The ** National Edition " often missing from 

296 Irving, Washington. The Life 
and Letters of. By Pierre M. Irving. 
Portraits. 4 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1863. $4-oo 

297 (Jackson, Andrew.) Parton, 
James. Life of Andrew Jackson (with 
bibliography of publications contain- 
ing information respecting Andrew 
Jackson). Portrait. 3 vols., thick 
8vo, cloth. New York, i860. $4.50 

298 Taokson, Andrew. Biography 
of. By Philo A. Goodwin. Portrait. 
i2mo, sheep, pp. 456. New York, 
1833- $1-50 

299 (Jackson.) The Jackson 
Wreath, or National Souvenir. A 
Tribute Commemorative of the Great 
Civil Victory by the People through 
the Hero of New Orleans. By Rob- 
ert Walsh. Portrait, plate of battle, 
etc. 8vo, boards, pp. 88. Philadel- 
phia, 1829. $1.25 

300 Jaeger, B. The Life of North 
American Insects. Numerous illus- 
trations. i2mo, cloth, pp. 319. New 
York, 1859. $i-oo 

301 Janson, Chas. Wm. The Stran- 
ger in America: Observations Made 
During a Long Residence in that 
Country on the Genius, Manners, and 
Customs of the People of the United 

States. 12 full-page tinted illustra- 
tions, including High-street, Death 
of Washington, Boston, View of Hell 
Gate, Philadelphia, etc. 4to, newly 
bound in full polished calf, yellow 
edges, pp. 500. London, 1807. $15.00 

302 Jay, John C. Catalogue of 
Shells, arranged according to the La- 
marckian System. 4th edition. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 460. New York, 1850. 


With *• A. L. S., from the Author." 

303 Jefferson, Thomas. The Writ- 
ings of, published from the Original 
Manuscripts. With Notes, etc., by 
H. A. Washington. 9 vols., 8vo, half 
calf. New York, 1859. $20.00 

304 Jefferson, Thomas. Memoirs 
of, containing a Concise History of 
those (United) States, with a view of 
the Rise and Progress of French In- 
fluence and French Principle in that 
Country. By Stephen C. Carpenter. 
2 vols, in I. Thick 8vo, half morocco, 
n. p. (printed for the Purchasers), 
1809. $7.50 

No name of author or publisher appears on 
the title-pages of this rare work ; in fact, the 
work was never published. Only about 20 sets 
were bound when the printer became alarmed, 
in view of the stringency of law of libel, and 
one copy was sent to their legal adviser, Mr. S. 
M. Hopkins of Auburn, N. Y. He read some 
twenty or thirty pages here and there, and in- 
formed the printers **he found on the average 
a libel to every page." The edition was at once 

305 Jefferson and the American 
Democracy. An historical study by 
Cornells De Witt. Translated by R. 
S. H. Church. 8vo, cloth, pp. 448. 
London, 1862. $1.75 

306 Jefferson, Thos. Life of. By 
Thomas Parton. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 764. Boston, 1874. $1.50 

307 (Jefferson, Thomas.) Sketches 
of the Life, Writings, and Opinions 
of. By B. L. Raynor. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 556. New York, 1832. 


308 (Jefferson, Thos.) Schouler, 
Jas. Thomas Jefferson. ("Makers 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of America Series.") Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 252. New York, 1893. -S^ 

309 Jennings, Louis J. Eighty 
Years of Republican Government in 
the United States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
288. London, 1868. $1.25 

310 Jerome, Qiauncey. History of 
the American Qock Business for the 
Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chaun- 
cey Jerome, written by Himself. 
(Bamum's connection with the Yan- 
kee Oock Business.) Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 144. New Haven, i860. 


311 Jobson, Fred'k J. America, 
and American Methomsm. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, half bound, pp. 399. 
New York, 1857. -75 

312 Johnson, S. M. Free Govern- 
ment in England and America, Bill 
of Rights, Federal Constitution, etc. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 576. New York, 
1864. .75 

313 Johnston, J. F. W. Notes on 
North America; Agricultural, Eco- 
nomical, and Social. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 185 1. $1.25 

Largely Canadian. 

314 Jones, Andrew A. Digest, be- 
ing a particular account of the duties 
performed by the officers belonging to 
the Customs House Departments of 
the U. S. 8vo, cloth. New York, 
1835. $1.25 

Author was chief clerk in the Surveyor's office. 

315 Jones, J. B. Wild Southern 
Scenes: A Tale of Disunion and Bor- 
der War. i2mo, cloth, pp. 502. 
Philadelphia, 1859. $1.50 

316 Jordan, David S., and Ever- 
mann, Barton W. The Fishes of 
North and Middle America. 3 vols., 
8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 3131. Wash- 
ington, 1896. $3.00 

317 Eemble, Frances Anne. Poems, 
Photograph of Author. i2mo, half 
calf, gilt top, pp. 312. Boston, 1859. 


318 Eettell, Samuel. Specimens 
of American Poetry, with Critical and 
Biographical Notices. 3 vols., i2mo, 
boards, uncut. Boston, 1829. $5.00 

Fine copy. The earliest collection of Ameri- 
can poetry of any completeness. Volume III. 
contains the catalogue of American Poetical 

319 (Lafayette.) Recollections of 
the Private Life of General Lafayette. 
By M. Jules Cloquet. With engrav- 
ings from the original Paris edition. 
8vo, boards, pp. 338. London, 1835. 


320 lamar, Lucius Q. C. Life, 
Times, and Speeches, 1825-93. By 
Edward Mayes. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 820. Nashville, 1896. $3.00 

321 Lamphere, George N. The 
United States Government, Its Or- 
ganization and Practical Workings. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 297. Philadelphia, 
1880. $1.25 

322 Lanman, Chas. Dictionary of 
the United States Congress. A Man- 
ual of Reference. (Sessions of the 
Continental Congress, Origin of the 
Names of the States, Delegates to the 
Continental Congress, etc.) 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 602. Washington, 1866. 

Useful for reference. 

323 Lawrence, Amos. Extracts 
from the Diary and Correspondence 
of, with Account of Some Incidents in 
His Life. By Wm. R. Lawrence. 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 369. Bos- 
ton, 1855. .75 

324 lee, H. Observations on the 
Writings of Thomas Jefferson, with 
Particular Reference to the Attack 
They Contain on the Memory of the 
Late Gen. Henry Lee. 2d edition. 
With introduction and notes by 
Charles Carter Lee. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
262. Philadelphia, 1839. $1.50 

325 Legare, Hugh Swinton. Writ- 
ings. (Late Attorney General, and 
Acting Secretary of State of the 
United States). Private and Diplo- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



matic Correspondence; Orations and 
Speeches. With memoir edited by his 
sister. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
cloth, rubbed. Charleston, 1846. 


326 Leg^ett, William. Collection of 
the Political Writings of. Arranged, 
etc., by Theo. Sedgwick, Jr. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. New York, 1840. 


327 Lester, C. Edwards. The Art- 
ists of America. A Series of Bio- 
graphical Sketches of American Art- 
ists. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 257. 
New York, 1846. $2.00 

328 Lincoln, John L. In Memo- 
riam, 1817-1891. (Including Life and 
Letters, Life at Brown University, 
etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 641. Boston, 
1894. $2.00 

329 Linton, W. J. Poetry of Amer- 
ica. Selections from 100 Poets, 
1 776- 1 876, with a Review of Colonial 
Poetry and Specimens of Negro Mel- 
ody. i2mo, cloth, pp. 387. London, 
1878. $1.50 

330 Livingston, Edward. Life of. 
(Livingston Manor and the Living- 
stons, Burr and Hamilton Duel, La- 
fayette, New York in 1785, etc.). 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 448. New 
York, 1864. $1.50 

331 Livingston, John. Portraits 
of Eminent Americans Now Living, 
with Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of Their Lives. 200 Por- 
traits. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, pp. 833. 
New York, 1853. $5.00 

200 fine steel portraits by the best American 
engravers of the day. 

332 Livingston, John. Biographi- 
cal Sketches of Distinguished Amer- 
icans Now Living. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
504. New York, 1853. $1.50 

333 Livingston, Wm. A Memoir 
of the Life of. Member of Congress in 
1774, 1775, and 1776, etc. Extracts 
from His Correspondence, Notices of 

Members of His Family. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 456. New York, 1833. 


334 Longfellow, H. W. Complete 
Prose and Poetical Works. The Riv- 
erside Edition. Portrait. 11 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1895. $11.00 

335 Longfellow, W. H. Outre- 
Mer; A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea. 
2 vols., i2mo, original cloth. New 
York, 1835. $10.00 

First edition, with the 31 pages of ** Valuable 
Works published by Harper & Brothers," often 

336 Longfellow, Henry Wads- 
worth. The Courtship of Miles Stan- 
dish, and Other Poems. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 207. First edition. Boston, 1858. 


337 Lowell, J. R. The Biglow 
Papers. Second Series. First Edi- 
tion. i2mo, cloth, pp. 258. Boston, 
1867. $5.00 

338 Lowell, James Russell. The 
Biglow Papers. Second Series, au- 
thorized People's Edition. London, 
Triibner & Co., 1865. $1.50 

First English edition of the second series » 
also at the end, published by John Camden 
Hotten, is bound the first series, London, 1865. 

339 Lowell, James Russell. Letters 
of. Edited by Chas. Eliot Norton. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth. London, 1894. 


340 Loz^re, Pelet de la. Pieces de 
THistoire des Etats-Unis. 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 551. Paris, 1845. $1-25 

341 Lndewig, Hermann E. Litera- 
ture and American Local History. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 180. Supplement to 
same; only 30 copies printed. 8vo, 
pp. 20. New York, 1846-48. $3.50 

Supplement is very rare. Presentation copy 
from the author. 

342 Lndewlg, Hermann E. The 
Literature of American Local His- 
tory: A Bibliographical Essay. 8vo,. 
cloth, pp. 180. New York, 1846. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



344 Lyell^ Charles. Travels in 
North America, 1841-42, with Geo- 
logical Observations on the United 
States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. 
Plates. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, cloth. 
New York, 1845. $1.50 

345 HoClellan, R. G. Republican- 
ism in America. A History of the 
Colonial and Republican Govern- 
ments of the United States from 1607 
to 1869; with Constitutions, Procla- 
mations, Decisions of Courts, etc. 10 
fine steel portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
665. Philadelphia, 1872. $2.25 

346 Haogregor, John. The Prog- 
ress of America from the Discovery 
by Columbus to 1846. 2 vols., thick 
8vo, cloth. London, 1847. $2.50 

347 Haokinnon^ Capt. Atlantic 
and Transatlantic Sketches Afloat and 
Ashore. (Brooklyn, Baltimore, Capt. 
Kidd the Pirate, Wild Sports of the 
Falklands, etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 
London, 1852. $2.50 

348 Haokay, Charles. The Found- 
ers of the American Republic (Wash- 
ington, Adams, Jefferson, etc.). 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 434. London, 1885. $1.50 

349 Mackenzie, Robert. The United 
States of America: A History. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 278. London, 1870. $1.25 

350 Madison, James. Letters and 
Other Writings of James Madison, 
Fourth President of the United States, 
from 1769 to 1836. With general in- 
dex of 117 pages to the whole. Por- 
trait. 4 vols., thick 8vo, cloth. Phila- 
delphia, 1865. $8.00 

The first edition of this set, printed on better 
paper than the reprint issued some years later. 

351 Magazine of American History 
from the Beginning, January, 1877, to 
December, 1892, and 4 numbers in 
1893. Edited by John Austin Stevens 
and Mrs. Mary J. Lamb. Profusely 
illustrated with maps, portraits, and 
views. 32 vols., 4to, half morocco. 
New York, 1877-93. $85.00 

Reasonable copy of this standard reference 

352 Hagoon, E. L. Living Orators 
in America (Webster, Qay, Calhoun, 
Benton, etc.). Fine lithograph por- 
traits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 462. New 
York, 1854. $1.25 

353 Mansfield, E. D. Personal 
Memories, with Sketches of Many 
Noted People from 1803- 1843. (Voy- 
age down the Ohio, War of 1812, 
Cadet Life at West Point, Society in 
Cincinnati, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 348. 
Cincinnati, 1879. $i-2S 

354 Uansliip, Andrew. Thirteen 
Years' Experience in the Itinerancy 
(Philadelphia, First Church in Lan- 
caster, etc.). Extra illustrated with 
portraits. i2mo, pp. 398. Philadel- 
phia, 1856. $1.50 

355 Marjoribanks, Alex. Travels in 
South and North America. Colored 
plate of Niagara. 8vo, cloth, pp. 480. 
London, 1854. $1.50 

356 Hartinean, Harriet. Retro- 
spect of Western Travel (Hudson,. 
Fort Erie, Niagara, New Orleans,. 
Cincinnati, Col. Burr, etc.). 3 vols., 
i2mo, boards. London, 1838. $3.00 

The best edition of this interesting work. 

357 (Masonic.) Ahiman Rezon, 
abridged and digested as a help to all 
that are or would be Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons, with a sermon 
preached in Christ Church, Philadel- 
phia. Published by order of The 
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, by 
William Smith. 8vo, old calf, pp. 166. 
Philadelphia: Hall & Sellers, 1783. 


Rare. Contains the '* Ma.son's Songs. *'^ 
Dedicated to George Washington. 

358 Maxwell, Lt.-Col. A. M. A 
Run through the United States dur- 
ing the Autumn of 1840. Fine por- 
trait of Gen. Scott. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1841. $1.50 

359 Medley, Julius G. An Autumn 
Tour in the United States and Can- 
ada. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. London, 
1873. $1.25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



360 Men of Progress. By James 
Parton, Bayard Taylor, etc. With 
numerous fine steel portraits. 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1870. $1.50 

361 unitary Memoirs of Four 
Brothers, engaged in the Service of 
Their Country, as well in the New 
World and Africa. By the Survivor. 
(West Indies, South America, etc.) 
Plates. Svo, cloth, pp. 275. London, 
1829. $1.50 

362 Mitford, Mary R. Stories of 
American Life by American Writers. 
3 vols., i2mo, boards, uncut. Lon- 
don, 1830. $3.00 

363 (Monroe, James.) Grand Civic 
and Military Demonstration on Re- 
moval of His Remains from New 
York to Virginia. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
324. New York, 1858. .75 

364 Moore, John B. History and 
Digest of the International Arbitra- 
tions to which the United States Has 
Been a Party, with Treaties relating 
to such Arbitrations and Historical 
and Legal Notes. Many maps. 6 
vols., thick 8vo, sheep. Washington, 
1898. $15.00 

A most thorough and complete historical work. 

365 Mori, Arinori. Life and Re- 
sources in America. Prepared for 
circulation in Japan. Portrait of 
President Grant. 8vo, cloth, pp. 405. 
Washington, 1871. $1.25 

366 Morris, Gouvemeur. Life of, 
with selections from His Correspond- 
ence and Miscellaneous Papers; de- 
tailing Events in the American Revo- 
lution, the French Revolution, and in 
the Political History of the United 
States. By Jared Sparks. Portrait. 
3 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 
1832. $3.50 

367 Morse, Jedediah. The Ameri- 
can Gazetteer, with a Particular De- 
scription of the Georgia Western 
Territory. Fine maps. 8vo, calf. 
Boston, 1797. $1.25 

The edition with the curious note regarding 
Albany, N.Y. 

368 National Cyclop»dia of Ameri- 
can Biography. Being the History 
of the United States as Illustrated in 
the Lives of the Founders, Builders, 
and Defenders of the Republic. Ed- 
ited by Distinguished Biographers, 
selected from each State. Thousands 
of portraits, views, etc. 6 vols., thick 
royal 8vo, half morocco. New York, 
1892. $20.00 

Published at $10.00 per volume. 

369 National Portrait Gallery of 
Distinguished Americans. Conducted 
by James B. Longacre and James 
Herring. Large-paper copy. With 
brilliant impressions of the splendid 
series of portraits. 4 vols., 4to, full 
old straight-gjain red morocco, g^lt 
edges. Philadelphia, 1836-39. $25.00 

A genuine large paper copy in fine condition. 
The binding is an excellent example of early 
American work. No work has come from the 
hands of American engravers equal in delicacy 
and beauty to this splendid series of portraits. 

370 Neilson, Peter. Recollections 
of a Six- Years' Residence in the 
United States. With Original Anec- 
dotes Illustrating the Manners of the 
Inhabitants. 8vo, half calf, pp. 358. 
Glasgow, 1830. $1.50 

371 Nelson^ O. N. History of the 
Scandinavians, and Successful Scandi- 
navians in the United States. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 643. Minneapolis, 1893. 


372 Nelson. Guide to Lake George 
and Lake Champlain. Map and col- 
ored plates of scenery. i6mo, cloth, ^ 
pp. 48. London, 1859. $1.50 


373 Nicholson, James B. A Man- 
ual of the Art of Bookbinding. Con- 
taining full instructions in the differ- 
ent branches of forwarding, gilding, 
and finishing; also the art of marbling 
book-edges and paper; designed for 
the practical workman, the amateur, 
and the book collector. Illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 318. Philadelphia, 
1856. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



374 Nordhoff, Chas. Politics for 
Young Americans. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
259. New York, 1875. .75 

375 Northcnd, Wm. D. Speeches 
and Essays upon Political Subjects 
from i860 to 1869. (Personal Liberty 
Bill, Swampscott Riot Case, etc.) 
Post 8vo, cloth, pp. 268. Salem, 1869. 


376 Hnttall, Thomas. The Genera 
of North American Plants, and Cata- 
logue of the Species to the Year 1817. 
2 vols., i2mo, boards, uncut. Phila- 
delphia, 1818. $3.50 


377 Offenbaoli^ Jacques. America 
and the Americans (the Theaters, 
Streets, Newspapers, Ladies, Races, 
etc.; New York, Philadelphia, Al- 
bany, and Niagara). i2mo, cloth, pp. 
83. London, n. d. .75 

378 Owen, Mary Alicia. Voodoo 
T^es as Told among the Negroes of 
the Southwest, collected from original 
sources. Introduction by Charles 
Godfrey Leland. 4to, cloth, pp. 310. 
New York, 1893. $1.00 

379 Oxford, Bishop of. History of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in 
America. i6mo, cloth, pp. 462. Lon- 
don, 1846. $1.00 

380 Paine, Robt. Treat, Jr. The 
Works in Prose and Verse, with 
Notes, to which are prefixed 
Sketches of His Life, Character, and 
Writings. Portrait. 8vo, pp. 465. 
Boston, 1812. $2.50 

381 Paine, Robert Troup. Mem- 
oir of. By his parents. Portrait. 
4to, full leather, pp. 524. New York 
(privately printed), 1852. $3.00 

382 Paine, Thomas. The Life of. 
By James Cheetham. 8vo, half old 
cdf, pp. 347. New York, 1809. 


383 Pairpoint, Alfred. Uncle Sam 
and His Country; or, Sketches of 
America, 1854-56. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
346. London, 1857. $i-So 

384 Paris Expoiition of 1878. Re- 
port of the United States Commis- 
sioners, with List of Exhibitors and 
Awards. Maps and hundreds of il- 
lustrations. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Washington, 1880. $2.50 

Valuable and interesting for reference. 

385 Parker, Theodore. Trial of, 
for the " Misdemeanor " of a Speech 
in Faneuil Hall against Kidnapping, 
before the Circuit Court of the United 
States at Boston, April 3, 1855. With 
the Defense. 8vo, cloth, pp. 221. 
New York, 1864. $1.00 

386 Parkman, Francis. The Dis- 
covery of the Great West. 8vo, cloth. 
Boston, 1869. $2.50 

First edition in the original cloth binding 
with the extra title-page. 

387 Patton, Jacob Harris. Politi- 
cal Parties in the United States, Their 
History and Influence. (Neutrality, 
Government and the Governed, Fi- 
nance and Commerce, Second War 
with England, Tariff, Political Patron- 
age, Evils of Partisanship, etc.) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 387. New York, 
1896. $1.00 

The only work that has appeared since the 
publication of Van Buren's " History of Politi- 
cal Parties." It brings the subject down to date. 

388 Paul, Henry H. Dashes of 
American Humour. With preface by 
J. B. Buckstone. With a series (rf 
etchings by John Leech. 8vo, orig- 
inal blue cloth, uncut, pp. 248. Lon- 
don, 1852. $3.50 

A very scarce series of plates. 

389 Feck, Jesse T. History of the 
Great Republic. With 34 fine steel 
portraits. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 710. 
New York, 1869. $i-50 

390 People and Preachers in the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. By a 
Layman. i2mo, cloth, pp. 314. 
Philadelphia, 1886. .50 

391 Perry, Gov. B. F. Reminis- 
cences of Public Men. Prefaced by a 
Life of the Author. Portraits. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 320. Philadelphia, 1883. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



392 Pcto, S. Morton. Resources 
and Prospects of America, Ascer- 
tained during a Visit to the States, 
1865. Colored plates, induding a 
view of Chicago, 1831. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
428. London, 1866. $1.50 

Special reference to the future of the South. 

393 Pcto, S. Morton. Resources 
and Prospects of America. (Future 
of the South, Imports and Exports, 
Trade with Canada, etc.) i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 404. New York, 1866. 


394 Pitkin, Timothy. A Statistical 
View of the Commerce of the United 
States, with a brief review of the 
Trade, Agriculture, and Manufactures 
of the Colonies, Previous to Their In- 
dependence. With tables. 8vo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 454. New York, 
1817. $1.00 

395 Poe, Edgar A. Conchologist's 
First Book. First edition. Pktes. 
i2mo, original fancy boards. Phila- 
delphia, 1839. $7.50 

396 Poc, Edgar Allan. Life of. 
By Wm. F. Gill. Portrait and fac- 
similes. i2mo, cloth, pp. 315. New 
York, 1877. $1.25 

Origin of the Family, Early Hardships, varied 
Experiences in Philadelphia, Career in New 
York, etc. 

397 Poe, E. A. A Defense of. 
Life, Character, and Dying Declara- 
tion of the Poet With an official ac- 
count of his death by his attending 
physician, John J. Morgan. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 87. Washington, 1885. 


398 Poles. The Poles in the 
United States, preceded by the Earli- 
est History of the Slavoniians. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 196. Philadelphia, 1837. 


399 Polk, Sarah Childress. Memo- 
rials of the Wife of the Eleventh 
President of the United States. Pre- 
pared by Anson and Fanny Nelson. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth, uncut, pp. 284. 
New York, 1892. $1.25 

400 Poor, John Alfred. Life and 
Writings of. The First International 
Railway and the Colonization of New 
England. Edited by Laura A. Poor. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 400. New York, 1892. 


401 Porter, William T. The Life 
of. By Francis Brinley. Portrait. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 273. New York, 
i860. $1.50 

Founder of the ** Spirit of the Times," 
prominent in sporting and literary circles in 
New York City. 

402 Prescott, W. H. Historical 
Works. (Conquest of Mexico, 3 vols. ; 
Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols.; Philip 
IL, 3 vols.; Conquest erf Peru, 2 vols.; 
Charles V., 3 vols.; Biog^phical and 
Critical Miscellanies.) Portraits. 15 
vols., 8vo, uniform black cloth. Phila- 
delphia, i860. $30.00 

The best large-type library edition. Scarce. 

403 Preston, Robert E. Currency 
Reform, Sound Money, Free Coinage. 
A History of the Monetary Legisla- 
tion and Currency System of the 
U. S., with a speech on our Currency 
System by Jas. H. Eckels. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 128. Philadelphia, 1893. 


404 Priest, Josiah. The Wonders 
of Nature and Providence Displayed. 
Compiled from Authentic Sources, 
both Ancient and Modem: Travels, 
Adventures, Singular Providences, 
etCw (Animal Flower of Barbadoes, 
Prisoner among the Indians, Account 
of a Negro Sale, Mexican Idol Festi- 
vals, etc.) 8vo, sheep, pp. 600. Al- 
bany: Josiah Priest, 1825. $2.50 

405 Price, Sir Rose L. The Two 
Americas; an Account of Sport and 
Travel. With Notes on Men and 
Manners in North and South Amer- 
ica. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 368. 
London, 1877. $1.75 

406 Prince, Mrs. Nancy. A Narra- 
tive of the Life and Travels of. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 87. Boston, 1850. $1.00 

New Orleans, Key West, etc. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



407 Fatnamy George P. American 
Facts, Notes, and Statistics Relating 
to the Government, Resources, En- 
gagements, Fine Arts, Manners, Cus- 
toms, etc., of the United States. Map 
and fine steel portraits. i2mo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 292. London, 1845. $1.25 

408 Bae, W. Fraser. Columbia 
and Canada: Notes on the Great Re- 
public and the New Dominion; a sup- 
plement to " Westward by Rail." 
8vo, cloth, pp. 316. London, 1877. 


409 Bandolph, Edmund. Omitted 
Chapters of History Disclosed in the 
Life and Papers of Edmund Ran- 
dolph, Crovemor of Virginia, etc. By 
Moncure D. Conway. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 401. New York, 1889. 


410 Bandolphy Edmund. A Vindi- 
cation of Mr. Randolph's Resigna- 
tion- 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 103. 
Philadelphia, 1795. $2.50 

The original edition of a scarce tract. Mr. 
Randolph was Secretary of State in 1795* and 
resigned from that office because suspected by 
President Washington and his Cabinet of main- 
taining improper relations with France. The 
* * Vindication " was written by himself. 

411 Bandolph, John. The Life of. 
By Hugh A. Garland. 2 vols, in i. 
Svo, cloth. New York, 1857. $1.50 

412 Bandolph, John. Thomas, F. 
W. John Randolph of Roanoke, and 
Other Sketches of Character, includ- 
ing William Wirt. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
375. Philadelphia, 1853. $1.25 

413 Bandolph, John. (Adams, 
Henry.) Life of. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
313. Boston, 1883. .75 

"American Statesmen " Series. 

414 Bandolph, John. Home Remi- 
niscences of. By Powhatan Bouldin. 
Steel portrait and engraved title. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 320. Richmond, 
1878. $1.25 

415 Bandolph, John. Letters of, to 
a Young Relative; embracing a series 

of years from early youth to mature 
manhood. 8vo, cloth, pp. 255. Phila- 
delphia, 1834. $1.50 

416 Baymond, John Howard. Life 
and Letters of. (Rochester, Brook- 
lyn, Vassar College, etc.) Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 744. New York, 1881. 


417 Becords of the American Cath- 
olic Historical Society. Vols. I., II., 
and III., and Parts i and 2 of Vol. 
IV. 1884-93. 8vo, paper, uncut. 
Philadelphia, $6.00 

418 Bedfield, H. V. Homicide 
North and South. A Comparative 
View of Crime against the Person in 
Several Parts of the United States. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 207. Philadelphia, 

1880. $1.00 

419 Beemelin, Chas. A Critical 
Review of American Politics. (Amer- 
ican Parties, Press, American Slavery, 
Paper Money, American Fatalism, 
etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 630. Cincinnati, 

1881. $1.50 

420 Beminiscences of America in 
1869 by Two Englishmen. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 332. London, 1870. $1.25 

421 Bichardson, Abby Sage. The 
History of Our Country: Discovery, 
Early Settlers, Heroes, Wars, and 
Progress as a Nation. Illustrated. 
8vo, morocco, pp. 635. Boston, 1879. 


422 Biddell, J. L. A Monograph 
of the Silver Dollar, Good and Bad. 
With facsimiles of 425 varieties and 
87 half-dollars. 8vo, half morocco. 
New Orleans, 1845. $3-oo 

423 Bose, George. The Great 
Country; or. Impressions of America. 
Svo, half calf, pp. 416. London, 
1868. $1.75 

424 B088, Alexander. View of All 
Religions in the World: The Several 
Church Governments, Discovery of 
All Known Heresies in All Ages and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Places. Portraits. Thick i2mo, old 
calf (loose). London, 1664. $2.50 

Pages 94 to 120 relate to the religions of Africa 
and America. Superstitions of the Americans, 
Religions of Virginia, Florida, Mexico, Canada, 

425 Boss, Theo. A. Odd Fellow- 
ship: Its History and Manual (show- 
ing the progress of the order in every 
State). Illustrated. 8vo, half roan, 
pp. 694. New York, 1888. $1.50 

426 Bouson, Mrs. Susanna. Mem- 
oirs of. By Elias Nason. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 212. Albany, 1870. 


427 Boyal Kalendar; or, Complete 
and Correct Annual Register for Eng- 
land, Scotland, Ireland, and America 
for the Year 1780. (Names of the 
Staff of the Army in America, Hospi- 
tals, Grovemments in America accord- 
ing to States, etc.) i6mo, full red mo- 
rocco. London, 1780. .75 

428 Enmpffy Mrs. Memoirs of 
Mrs. Rumpfl, Daughter of John Jacob 
Astor, Esq., and the Duchess De 
Broglie, Daughter of Madame De 
Stael. By Robert Baird. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 157. New York, 1839. 


429 Busling, James F. Across 
America; or. The Great West and Pa- 
cific Coast. Map and illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 503. New York, 
1875. $1-50 

430 EuBsell, Robert. North Amer- 
ica, Its Agriculture and Climate. 
Maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 390. Edin- 
burgh, 1857. $1-50 

431 Bnsselly W. H. Hesperothen: 
Notes from the West. Record of a 
Ramble through the United States 
and Canada. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 
London, 1882. $1.50 

432 Eyle, Thomas. American Lib- 
erty and Government Questioned. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 195. London, 1855. 


Showing that a greater amount of liberty ex- 
ists in England than in any other country. 

433 Saunders, William. Through 
the Light Continent; or. The United 
States. 1877-78. 8vo, cloth, pp. 409. 
London, 1879. $1.25 

434 Scott, Winfield. Headley, J. 
T. The Lives of Winfield Scott and 
Andrew Jackson. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 341. New York, 1852. 


435 Sears, Robert. Pictorial De- 
scription of the United States. (His- 
tory, Cities, Towns, etc., of each State 
and Territory.) Illustrated. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt, pp. 648. New York, 
1855. $2.00 

436 SeiUxamer, Geo. C. History of 
the American Theater, 1749- 1797, in- 
cluding a List of the Performances of 
the Early Companies, Full Casts, 
Summaries of the Parts of All the 
Actors and Actresses, with Quaint 
Cards, Advertisements, Criticisms, 
etc. 3 vols., 4to, handsomely printed 
and bound in cloth, uncut. $15.00 

Separate volumes supplied to com- 
plete sets, at $5.00 each. 

The only work of any completeness on the 
American stage of the last century. The 
author has consulted every authority upon the 
early drama in America, and has carefully ex- 
amined all the newspaper files down to 1800. 
The result is an immense amount of new infor- 
mation, historical, personal, and local. Besides 
a consecutive narrative in large, bold type, not 
the least valuable is the list of performances, 
casts of early companies, quaint advertisements 
and criticisms which is embodied in the form of 
notes to the main text. 

437 Seyberty Adam. Statistical An- 
nals, enbracing Views of the Popula- 
tion, Commerce, Fisheries, Lands, 
Military and Naval Establishments of 
the United States, 1789-1818. 4to, 
boards, uncut, pp. 803. Philadelphia, 
1818. $2.50 

A very fine copy. 

438 Shakers. A Summary View of 
the Millennial Church, or United So- 
ciety of Believers; comprising Rise, 
Progress, and General Principles of 
Their Faith and Testimony. i2mo, 
caJ^> PP- 320. Albany, 1823. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



439 Shaken. Brown, Thos. (of 
Cornwell, Orange County, New 
York). An Account of the People 
Called Shakers, Their Faith, Doc- 
trines, and Practice, and Experience 
of the Author during the Time He Be- 
longed to the .Society. (With their 
hymns.) i2mo, calf, pp. 372. Troy, 
1812. $2.00 


440 Shakers. Eads, H. L. Shaker 
Sermons, containing Substance of 
Shaker Theology, with Replies and 
Criticisms. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
222. Shakers, 1879. $i-oo 

441 Shakers. Ann Lee. The 
Founder of the Shakers: A Biogra- 
phy. (With Memoirs of William Lee, 
etc.) By F. W. Evans. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 187. London, 1858. $1.00 

442 Shaw, John. A Ramble 
through the United States, Canada, 
and the West Indies. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
370. London, 1856. $1.25 

443 Shipley, J. B. and M. A. The 
English Rediscovery and Coloniza- 
tion of America. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
151. London, 1890. $1.00 

444 Shipp, Barnard. The Progress 
of Freedom, and Other Poems. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 219. New York, 
1852. .75 

445 SillimaiLy Augustus E. A Gal- 
lop among American Scenery; or. 
Sketches of American Scenes and 
Military Adventure. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
337. New York, 1881. $1.50 

446 Skinner^ J. E. H. After the 
Storm; or, Jonathan and His Neigh- 
bours in 1865-1866. (An American 
Wedding, White Mountains, Cana- 
dian Defenses, Freedom, On to Rich- 
mond, Island of Cuba, etc.) 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. London, 1866. $2.25 

447 Smith, Matthew Hale. Suc- 
cessful Folks, and How They Win. 
Illustrated in the careers of 800 emi- 
nent men. Steel illustrations. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 505. Hartford, 1878. $1.25 

448 Smith, Wm. Prescott. Book 
of the Great Railway Celebration of 
1857. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
430. New York, 1858. $1.00 

449 Smith, Wm. Life and Cor- 
respondence of. (First President Col- 
lege of Philadelphia, Secretary of 
American Philosophical Society, etc.) 
By his great grandson. Portrait. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 
1879. $3.00 

450 Smithsonian Miscellaneous Col- 
lections, Vols. I. to XltXIli.i except 
Vols. II., III., VII., XIV., XXVIII., 
and XXIX.; in all 27 vols. Thick 
8vo, paper, uncut. Washington, 
1862-88. $40.00 

Published at ^.00 a volome, and many out 
of print. 

451 Sparks, Jared. The Library of 
American Biography. Second series 
complete. Portraits. 15 volsw, i2mo, 
half calf, gilt. Boston, 1864. $15.00 

452 Sparks, W. H. Memories of 
Fifty Years. Containing brief Bio- 
graphical Notices of Distinguished 
Americans, with scenes and incidents 
during a life in the Southwest. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 489. 1870. $2.00 

453 Spillane, Daniel. History of 
the American Pianoforte: Its Techni- 
cal Development, and the Trade. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 369.. New 
York, 1890. $1.75 

454 Sterne, Simon. Constitutional 
History and Political Development of 
the United States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
322. New York. $1.50 

455 Stevens, Henry. Historical 
Nuggets. Bibliotheca Americana; or, 
A Descriptive Account of My Col- 
lection of Rare Books Relating to 
America. By Henry Stevens. 2 
vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 
1862. $6.00 

Printed in the best style of the Chiswick 
Press, regardless of time, it comprises 2934 titles 
given in full, with the collation and price of 
each work. The best manual for collectors of 
this class of books, and now scarce. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



456 Stevens, Henry. Catalogue of 
American Books in the Library of the 
British Museum, with Catalogue of 
American Maps, etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
700. London, 1866. $4.00 

Very useful for reference, as many rare titles 
are given in full. 

457 Stevens, Henry. American 
Books with Tails to 'Em. A private 
pocket list of the incomplete or unfin- 
ished American Publications, Trans- 
actions, Memoirs, Judicial Reports, 
Law Journals, Legislative Docu- 
ments, and other continuations and 
works in progress supplied to the 
British Museum and other libraries. 
i6mo, cloth, uncut London, 1873. 


A few copies privately printed. 

458 Stimson, A. L. History of the 
Express Business, including the Ori- 
gin of the Railway System in America 
and the Relation of Both to the In- 
crease of New Settlements. Illus- 
trated 8vo, cloth, pp. 388. New 
York, 1881. $2.00 

j,4iWith reminiscences of early mail coaches, 
wagon business, etc. 

459 Stockbridge, John C. The An- 
thony Memorial. A Catalogue of the 
Harris Collection of American Poetry, 
with Biographical and Bibliographical 
Notes. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 320. 
Providence, 1886. $2.50 

460 Stockton, Com. Robert F. A 
Sketch of His Life, His Correspond- 
ence I^especting His Conquest of Cali- 
fornia, His Speeches in the Senate of 
the United States, and His Political 
Letters. 8vo, cloth, pp. 341. New 
York, 1856. $1.50 

461 Stone, Wm. L. Tales and 
Sketches. (Romance of the Border, 
etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1834. $2.00 

462 Stom, Richard S. The Early 
American Spirit, and the Genesis of 
It. 8vo, paper, pp. 74. New York, 
1875. -35 

463 Snmner, Chas. Last Three 
Speeches of, on Kansas and Freedom. 
Portrait. i2mo, half morocco. Bos- 
ton, 1856. $1.50 

464 Snmner, Wm. G. History of 
American Currency. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
391. New York, 1874. $2.50 

465 Swayne, Wager. The Ordi- 
nance of 1787, and the War of 1861. 
An Address Delivered before the New 
York Commandery of the Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion. Ms^). 
8vo, cloth, pp. 90. New York, n. d. 


Presentation copy from the author. 

466 Tasistro, Louis Fitzgerald. 
Random Shots and Southern Breezes, 
containing Critical Remarks on the 
Southern States and Southern Insti- 
tutions, with Semi-serious Observa- 
tions on Men and Manners. (Coast 
of Florida, Steamboats on the Miss- 
issippi, St. Charles Theater, New 
South, Reconstruction, etc.) i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1842. $2.00 

The author was an actor and gives interesting 
details of the early American drama, theaters, 

467 Taussig, F. W. The TariflE 
History of the United States. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 422. New York, 1900. 


468 Thompson, Jos. P. American 
Comments on European Questions, 
International and Religious. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 341. Boston, 1884. $1.00 

469 Thompson, Richard W. Recol- 
lections of the Sixteen Presidents 
from Washington to Lincoln. Por- 
traits. 2 vols., 8vo. Indianapolis, 
1894. $5.00 


470 Thorean, Henry D. Excur- 
sions. First edition. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1863. $3.00 

The Arnold copy brought $8.00. 

471 Thornton, Major John. Diary 
of a Tour through the Northern 
States of the Union and Canada. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



i2mo, tinted paper covers. London, 
1850. $1.25 

472 Throop, Montgomery H. The 
Future: A Political Essay. (On the 
South, Reconstruction, etc.) i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 343. New York, 1864. 


473 Ticknor, George. Life, Let- 
ters, ancj Journals of. Portraits. 2 
vols., Svo, cloth. Boston, 1876. 


474 Todd, Col. Chas. S. Memoir 
of. By G. W. Griffin. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
174. Philadelphia, 1873. $1.50 

War of 1812, Life in Kentucky, the Harri- 
son Campaign, Texas, etc. 

475 Towle, CJeorge M. American 
Society (Town Life, Politics, Hotels, 
Art, Amusements, Resorts, etc.). 2 
vols., i2mo, cloth. London, 1870. 


476 Treadwell, Dan'l M. A Mono- 
graph on Privately Illustrated Books. 
A Plea for Bibliomania. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 502. Lincoln Road (pri- 
vately printed, 1892), (Pub. $5.00). 


With description of many American collec- 
tions and anecdotes of collectors. 

477 Trollope, Anthony. North 
America. (Apology for the War, 
Army of the North, New York, etc.) 
2 vols., 8vo, cloth. London, 1862. 


478 Trollope, Anthony. North 
America. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1862. $1.25 

479 Trollope, Mrs. Domestic Man- 
ners of the Americans. With the cele- 
brated series of etchings depicting the 
social customs of the United States. 
2 vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 
1832. $5.00 

480 Trollope, Mrs. Domestic Man- 
ners of the Americans. Illustrated 
with etchings. 8vo, cloth, pp. 325. 
New York, 1832. $2.50 

With the scarce series of plates caricaturing 
the habits and life in the United Stotes. 

481 Trollope, Frances. Her Life 
and Literary Work. By Frances E. 
Trollope. Portraits. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1895. $2.00 

Gives particulars as to the publication, draw- 
ings, etc., of '* Domestic Manners of the Ameri- 

482 Trollopead, The; or. Traveling 
Gentlemen in America. A satire. By 
Nil Admirari. i2mo, cloth, pp. 151. 
New York, 1837. $1.00 

Dedicated to Mrs. Trollope, a satire on her 
" America and the Americans." 

483 Tmmbley Alfred. In Jail with 
Charles Dickens. With Interesting 
Description of Newgate Without, 
Newgate Within, Fleet Prison, Mar- 
shalsea. King's Bench, New York 
Tombs, and Philadelphia Bastile. 
Folding plate of the Burning of Old 
Newgate, together with views of New 
York Tombs, and Philadelphia Bas- 
tile, specially drawn for this work 
from photographs. i2mo, ornamental 
cloth. $1.25 

484 Tryon, Geo. W., Jr. List of 
American Writers on Recent Con- 
chology, with Titles and Dates of 
Publication. 8vo, paper, pp. 68. 
New York, 1861. $1.50 

A rare bibliography of American Conchology. 

485 Tnckerman, Henry T. Memo- 
rial of Horatio Greenough. First edi- 
tion. i2mo, cloth, pp. 245. New 
York, 1853. $1.00 

486 Tumbnll, J. M. E. and M. 
American Photographs, with curious 
Kthographic plates drawn and litho- 
graphed by the Author. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. London, 1859. $3.00 

A good copy of an unusual book. 

487 Tyson, Elisha. Life of. (Gen- 
ealogy of Mr. Tyson, Slavery in Mfeuy- 
land, Indians at Fort Wayne, etc.) 
By a Citizen of Baltimore. Engraved 
portrait. i6mo, boards, pp. 142. 
Baltimore, 1825. $1.50 

488 XTncle Sam's Feouliarities. (A 
New York Boarding House, Aristo- 
cratic Dinner Party in New York, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



An Election in the " City of Broth- 
erly Love," American Niggers, etc.) 
2 vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 
1850. $2.00 

489 XTnited States of North Amer- 
ica as They Are. Svo, boards, pp. 
242. London, 1828. $1*25 

Social, public, and political affairs. 

490 Van Bnren, Martin. The Life 
of. Heir Apparent to the "Govern- 
ment" and the Appointed Successor 
to Andrew Jackson; with a Concise 
History of the Events Which Have 
Occasioned His Unparalleled Eleva- 
tion. By David Crockett. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 209. Philadelphia, 1837. $1.50 

491 Van Bnren, Martin. The Life 
and Political Opinions of. By Wil- 
liam M. Holland. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 373. Hartford, 1836. 


492 Van Oss, S. F. American Rail- 
roads as Investments. A Handbook 
for Investors in American Railroad 
Securities. Colored maps. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 824. New York, 1893. 


493 Verren, Rev. Antoine. The 
Huguenots in This Country; in Pine, 
Franklin, and West 22d Streets, be- 
tween Fifth and Sixth Avenues; or, 
A Discourse Delivered on the Occa- 
sion of Laying the Cornerstone of 
Their New Temple, Finishing in the 
Last-named Locality. Translated 
from the French by Rev. William 
Morris. 8vo, paper, pp. 24. New 
York, 1862. $2.00 

494 Vigne, Godfrey T. Six Months 
in America. Travels through the 
Principal Cities of the United States. 
Plates by Engleheart. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1832. $2.50 

495 Voice (A) to America; or, the 
Model Republic, Its Glory or Its 
Fall, applied to the Present Crisis in 
the United States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
404. New York, 1855. -75 

496 Von Banmer, Fred'k. Amer- 
ica and the American People. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 512. New York, 1846. 


497 Wakeley, J. B. Lost Chapters 
Recovered, upon the Early History 
of American Methodism. Plates. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 594. New York, 
1858. $1.50 

498 Wandering Philanthropist; or, 
Letters from a Chinese Written dur- 
ing His Residence in the United 
States. Discovered and edited by 
George Fowler of Virginia. i2mo, 
boards, pp. 300. Philadelphia, 1810. 



499 (Ward, Durbin.) Life, 
Speeches, and Orations of Durbin 
Ward of Ohio. (Sherman's March to 
the Sea, Grant and Greeley, American 
Coinage and Currency, Who Fought 
the War? etc.) Compiled by his wife. 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 601. Colum- 
bus, 1888. $1.00 

500 Warden, D. B. Statistical, Po- 
litical, and Historical Account of the 
United States, from the Period of 
Their First Colonization to the Pres- 
ent Day. Maps. 3 vols., Svo, half 
calf. Edinburgh, 1819. $3.00 

501 Waring, Geo. E., Jr. A Farm- 
er's Vacation. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 251. Boston, 1876. $2.50 

502 Waylen, E. Ecclesiastical 
Reminiscences of the United States. 
(Newport, Narragansett Bay, Long 
Island Sound, Hudson, Detroit, etc.) 
Plates. 8vo. London, 1846. $1.50 

Pages 68 to io8 relate to the Salem Witch- 
craft Delusion, ivith hi>torical footnotes. 

503 Webster, Daniel. Reminis- 
cences and Anecdotes of. By Peter 
Harvey. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
480. Boston, 1890. $1.50 

504 Webster, Noah. An American 
Dictionary of the English Language. 
Portrait. 2 vols., large 4to, full old 
calf, neat. New York, 1828. $5.00 

Fine copy, first edition, scarce. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



505 Weld, Isaac. Travels through 
the States of North America and Up- 
per and Lower Canada, 1795-97. 
Fine old copper-plate views of Niag- 
ara, Mount Vernon, Natural Bridge, 
etc. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, v8oo. 


506 Wheatlcy, Phillis. Poems on 
Various Subjects, Religious and 
Moral. First edition. Portrait 
i2mo, calf, pp. 128. London, 1773. 


By the negro servant of Mr. John Whcatley 
of Boston. She was a native of Africa, and was 
bought in the Boston market at the age of eight. 
She became quite a pet of the family, and visited 
England with them, where her poems were pub- 
lished an<l attracted much attention. 

507 Wheeler, Geo. M. Report 
upon the Third International Geo- 
graphical Congress and Exhibition at 
Venice, Italy, 1881. Maps. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 586. Washington, 1885. 


Uniform with the government surveys which 
it is inten<led to supplement. 

508 White, John. Sketches from 
America, Canada, and a Picnic to the 
Rocky Mountains. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
373. London, 1870. $1.50 

509 White, Wm. Memoirs of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in the 
United States of America. 2d and 
best edition. 8vo, cloth, pp. 393. 
Philadelphia, 1836. $2.50 

510 Whitman, Walt. Leaves of 
Grass. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
384 -f 120. Washington, 1872. $4.50 

511 Whitman, Walt. Drum Taps. 
1st edition. i2mo, half calf, gilt. 
New York, 1865. $4.00 

512 (Whitman.) " Walt Whitman, 
the Man," by Thomas Donaldson. 
Illustrated by portraits and facsimiles 
of rare documents, letters, and manu- 
scripts. Elegantly printed on fine 
deckel-edge book paper, and taste- 
fully bound in cloth, gilt, gilt top. 
Post 8vo, pp. 300. $1.75 

A mort^ readable volume of personal reminis- 
cences it would be hard to produce. Mr. 

Donaldson was Mr. Whitman's friend for thirtr 
years, and for the last twenty years of the lattery 
life was in the closest and most constant inti- 
macy with him. 

513 Whitney, Thos. R. A Defense 
of the American Policy, as Opposed 
to the Encroachments of Foreign In- 
fluence into the Affairs of the United 
States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 369. New 
York. .75 

514 Why the Solid South; or. Re- 
construction and Its Results. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 452. Baltimore, 1890. .75 

516 Williams, Stephen W. Ameri- 
can Medical Biography; or. Memoirs 
of Eminent Physicians. Portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 664. Greenfield, 1845, 


Scarce. Embracing principally those who 
have died since the publication of Dr. Thacher's 
work on this subject. 

517 Winsor, Justin. Narrative and 
Critical History of America. Pro- 
fusely and intelligently illustrated 
with facsimiles of rare maps, engrav- 
ings, portraits, autograph documents, 
broadsides, and early books. 8 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1889. $30.00 

Each subject or period of our country's his- 
tory is carefully treated by a specialist and the 
whole carefully edited by Dr. Winsor, ^hose 
bibliographical and general notes are most ex- 
haustive. Bindings on Vol. I and II worn. 

518 Wintcrbotham, W. Historical, 
Geographical, and Commercial View 
of the American United States and 
European Settlements in America and 
the West Indies. Maps and fine por- 
traits of Washington, Franklin, and 
Penn. 4 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 
1795. $5.00 

519 Wise, Henry A. Seven Dec- 
ades of the Union, illustrated by a 
Memoir of John Tyler and Reminis- 
cences of Some of His Great Contem- 
poraries. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
320. Philadelphia, 1881. .75 

520 Woodbmy, Levi. Writings: 
Political, Judicial, and Literary. 
(Tariff of 1842 and 1844. Re-annexa- 
tion of Texas, War of 1812, Pilgrim 
Fathers, Traits of American Char- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



acter, Martial Law in Rhode Island, 
etc.) Portrait. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Boston, 1852. $5.00 

521 Worcester, J. E. Sketches of 
the Earth and Its Inhabitants. With 
100 engravings (American) : Views of 
City Hall, New York; Washington 
Monument; Niagara Scenery, etc., of 
all the World. 2 vols., i2mo, half calf. 
Boston, 1823. $2.00 

Fine, clean copy. 

522 Wright, Carroll D. The In- 
dustrial Evolution of the United 
States. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
362. New York, 1895. $1.00 

523 Wright, J. The American Ne- 
gotiator; or. The Various Currencies 
of the British Colonies in America, 
Canada, New England, New York, 
Bast Jersey, Virginia, etc. 8vo, calf, 
pp. 464. London, 1761. $3.00 


524 De Costa, B. F.. Notes on 
the History of Fort George, with 
Contemporaneous Documents. Map. 
8vo, paper, pp. 78. New York, 1871. 


526 (ErankUn, Benj.) The Inter- 
est of Great Britain Considered with 
Regard to Her Colonies, and the Ac- 
quisitions of Canada and Guadaloupe. 
8vo, paper, pp. 64. London* Printed 
(Boston, N. E., Reprinted and Sold 
by B. Mecom, 1760.) $5.00 

Sabin says this volume is by Benjamin Frank- 
lin, " in fact, published by him when residing in 
London ; as agent for Pennsylvania." The 
publisher of this Boston Edition (B. Macom) 
was Franklin's nephew. 

527 Lambing, A. A. Register of 
Fort Duquesne. Translated from the 
French. Folio, paper, pp. 97. Pitts- 
burg, 1885. $1.50 

528 LoudoTin Orderly Book. Gen- 
eral Orders of 1757 issued by Earl of 
Loudoun* and Phineas Lyman in the 
Campaign against the French. Ed- 
ited by Worthington C. Ford. i2mo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 144. New York, 
1899. $4.00 

A limited edition of 250 copies printed for 
Wm. Seward Webb at the Gillise Press. 

529 LoTiisboTirg in 1745. The 
Anonymous Lettre d'un Habitant de 
Uouisbourg; containing a narrative 

by an eyewitness of the siege in 1745. 
Edited, with an English translation, 
by George M. Wrong, M. A. Pro- 
fessor of History in the University of 
Toronto. 4to, cloth, pp. 74. New 
York, 1897. $1.50 

Edition limited to 100 copies for the United 

530 LuoaSy Fred. W. Appendicular 
Historicae; or. Shreds of History, 
Hung on a Horn. (Discovery of 
America to the End of the i6th Cen- 
tury; Native Races and the Fur 
Trade; Campaign of 1755; M^ontcalm 
at Oswego, Niagara, Ticonderoga, 
and Quebec, 1759; Pre-Columbian 
Voyages, etc.) 10 maps and plans, 
including Chart of New York (col- 
ored), Survey of Montreal, Plans of 
the Siege of Quebec, etc. 4to, cloth, 
pp. 216. London (printed for the 
Author), 1896. $3.50 

531 Observations on a Late State 
of the Nation. 2d edition. 8vo, old 
calf, pp. 107. London, 1769. $1.50 

By Ed. Burke ; French and Indian War, etc. 

532 Sargent, Winthrop. History 
of an Expedition against Fort du- 
Quesne in 1755 under General Brad- 
dock. Maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 423. 
Philadelphia, 1856. $3.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



533 The Hiftory of the Reign of 
George III. to the end of May, 1770. 
To which is prefixed a Review of the 
Late War. 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 
403. London (printed for the Au- 
thor), 1770. $3.00 

534 Van Bensselaer, Cortlandt. 
Historical Discourse on the Centen- 
nial Celebration of the Battle of Lake 
George, 1755. With notes and a map. 

8vo, paper, 

pp. 80. 


535 Wolfe, General James. The 
Life of. Founded on original docu- 
ments, and illustrated by his corre- 
spondence, including unpublished let- 
ters and family papers. By Robert 
Wright. Plates. New half calf, gilt, 
gilt top. London, 1864. $5.00 


(Washingtoniana^ Biographies of Officers, English and American Histories, etc) 

536 Address to Protestant Dis- 
senters on the Approaching Election, 
with Respect to Public Liberty, and 
of American Affairs in Particular. 
8vo, half roan, pp. 16. London, 1774. 


537 Advice to the Officers of the 
British Army, with the Addition of 
Some Hints to the Drummer and 
Private Soldier. Plate. 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 134. London, 1783. $2.00 

A facsimile reprint, with introduction and 
notes published by the Agathynian Club in 1867. 
No. 52 of 120 copies printed. 

538 Amerioaiu against liberty; or. 
An Essay on the Nature and Princi- 
ples of True Freedom, Showing thiat 
the Designs and Conduct of the 
Americans Tend only to Tyranny and 
Slavery. 8vo, half bound. London, 
1775- $1-50 

539 (Aiidr6.) Proceedings of a 
Board of General Officers Held by 
Order of Gen. Washington, Respect- 
ing Major John Andre. Facsimile 
of rare full-length portrait of Andre. 
8vo, paper. Philadelphia, 1780 (re- 
print). $3-5o 

A few copies reprinted from the very rare 

540 Andre and Arnold. Breck, 
Joseph. West Point; or, A Tale of 

Treason. An Historical Drama, 
8vo, paper, pp. 22. Baltimore, 1840. 


Very rare. Among the characters are Andre, 
Arnold, Clinton, Talmadge, Paulding, Van 
Wart, etc. 

541 Bacon, Delia. The Bride of 
Fort Edward. An Historical Play 
Founded on an Incident of the Amer- 
ican Revolution. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
174. New York, 1839. $2.50 

A rare volume. 

542 Bamnm, H. L. The Spy Un- 
masked; or. Memoirs of Enoch 
Crosby, alias Harvey Birch, the Hero 
of "The Spy," by Mr. Cooper. 2 
vols., i2mo, new half morocco, gilt 
tops. London, 1829. $5.00 

543 Beach, All. C. The Centennial 
Celebrations of the Battles and Cam- 
paigns of the Revolution, State of 
New York. (Kingston, Bemis 
Heights, Old Fort at Schoharie, 
Cherry Valley, etc.) Illustrated. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 459. Albany, 
1879. $1.50 

544 Bloodgood, S. De Witt. The 
Sexagenary; or. Reminiscences of the 
American Revolution (mostly on the 
Northern Border). Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 234. Albany, 1866. $1.75 

545 Boston Massacre. Dawes, 
Thomas. * An Oration Delivered 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



March 5, 1781, at the Request of the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to 
Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of 
the 5th of March, 1770. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 23. Boston, 1781. $7.50 


546 Boston Kassaore. Hichbom, 
Benjamin. An Oration Delivered 
March 5, 1777, at the Request of the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to 
Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of 
the 5th of March, 1770. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 18. Boston, 1777. $10.00 

A very rare oration. 

547 Boston Kassacre. A Short 
Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in 
Boston, March 5, 1770, by Soldiers of 
the 29th Regiment. Plate. 8vo, 
cloth. Boston, 1770 (reprinted. New 
York, 1849. $1.50 

548 Boston Tea Party. A Retro- 
spect of, with a Memoir of George 
R, T. Hewes, a Survivor. By a Citi- 
zen of New York. Portrait. i2mo, 
boards, pp. 210. New York, 1834. 


549 Botta, Chas. History of the 
War of Independence in the United 
States of America. Translated by 
Geo. A. Otis. Maps and plates. 2 
vols., 8vo, sheep. New Haven, 1842. 


Fine clean copy. 

550 BotLdinoty Elias. Journal; or. 
Historical Recollections of American 
Events during the Revolutionary 
War. Printed from his original 
manuscript. Royal 8vo, paper, pp. 
97. Philadelphia, 1894. $2.00 

551 Breed, W. P. Presbyterians 
and the Revolution. (The Mecklen- 
burg Declaration, Westmoreland 
County Resolutions, Organization of 
the Confederacy, Zeal and Suffering, 
etc.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 205. Philadel- 
phia, 1876. $1.00 

552 (Bunker HiU.) A Full and 
Correct Account of the Battle of Bun- 

ker Hill. 8vo, paper, pp. 8. Boston, 
June 17, 1825. $1.50 

A rare account of the battle, printed on the 
fiftieth anniversary. 

553 (Bunker Hill.) A Memorial 
of the American Patriots Who Fell 
June 17, 1775, with Account of the 
Dedication of the Memorial Tablets, 
etc., 1889. With illustrations, ap- 
pendixes, etc. Royal 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt. Boston, 1889. $2.50 

554 (Bunker Hill.) A Collection (rf 
the Proceedings of the Bunker Hill 
Monument Association, 1861-74, in- 
cluding Historical Addresses, Docu- 
ments, etc. 8vo, half morocco. 
Plates. Cambridge, 1874. $1.50 

555 (Bunker Hill.) Celebration of 
the Centennial Anniversary of the 
Battle, with an Appendix Containing 
a Survey of the Literature of the Bat- 
tle. Illustrated. Royal 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 174. Boston, 1875. $i-5o 

556 (Bunker Hill.) Willard, S. 
Plans and Sections of the Obelisk on 
Bunker's Hill. Folding plates, plans, 
etc. 4to, boards. Boston, 1843. 


557 Bunker Hill Monument. A 
Panoramic View from. Engraved by 
James Smillie from a drawing by 
R. P. Mallory. With notes. 4to, 
boards, thin. Boston, 1848. $i^5 

558 Burgoyne, Gen. A State of the 
Expedition from Canada, with a Col- 
lection of Authentic Documents and 
Circumstances Collected by Himself. 
Fine folding military plans and maps. 
8vo, half calf, gilt, pp. 300. London, 
1780. $10.00 

559 Burke, William. Memoir of. 
A Soldier of the Revolution. i6mo, 
boards, pp. 126. Hartford, 1837. 


560 Chalmers, George. An Intro- 
duction to the History of the Revolt 
in the American Colonies, being a 
Comprehensive View of Its Origin 
derived from State Papers of Great 
Britain, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Boston, 
1845. $4.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



561 Chotteau, Leon. La Guerre de 
rindependance (1775-83) en Ame- 
rique, avec une preface par M. E. La- 
boulaye. i2mo, half roan, pp. 438. 
Paris, 1876. $1.50 

562 Coffin, Charles. The Lives and 
(Revolutionary) Services of Maj.-Gen. 
John Thomas, Col. Thomas Knowl- 
ton. Col. Alex. Scammell and Maj*- 
Gen. Henry Dearborn. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 222. New York, 1845. $7.50 

Very scarce. 

563 (Connecticut.) The Spirit of 
Seventy-Six. (Published by the 
Women's Branch of the Connecticut 
Centennial Association, and devoted 
to Revolutionary and Centennial sub- 
jects.) Illustrated. 4to, cloth, pp. 
144. 1875. $1.50 

564 Considerations on the Measures 
Carrying on with Respect to the Brit- 
ish Colonies in North America. By 
Matthew Robinson. i2mo, half roan. 
London Printed (Boston reprinted 
and sold by Edes & Gill, 1774). 


The •• Monthly Review" says, *'One of the 
most candid and best informed of any of the late 
writers on the interest of Great Britain and her 

565 (Cowpeng.) Proceedings at the 
Unveiling of the Monument at Spar- 
tanburg, S. C, in Commemoration of 
the Centennial of the Battle of Cow- 
pens. Illustrated. 8vo, paper, pp. 
137. 1896. $1.00 

566 Dawson, Henry B. The As- 
sault on Stony Point by Gen. An- 
thony Wayne, July 16, 1779. With 
facsimiles and illustrative notes. 4to, 
paper, uncut, pp. 156. Morrisania, 
1863. $3.50 

Only 250 copies printed. ** Gleanings from 
the Harvest-field of American History," Part XI. 

567 (De Grassc.) The Operations 
of the French Fleet under the Count 
de Grasse, 1781-82, as Described in 
Two Contemporary Journals. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 216. New York: 
Bradford Qub, 1864. $10.00 

Extra illustrated with lo fine old plates. 
Portraits, views of the fleet, De Grasse delivering 
his sword to Admiral Rodney, etc. 

568 Dialogue between the Ghost of 
Gen. Montgomery and an American 
Delegate. 8vo, paper. New York, 
1865. $2.00 

No. 42 of 100 copies privately reprinted from 
the very rare original. Printed at the Bradstreet 

569 Dnch6, Jacob. The Duty of 
Standing Fast on Our Liberties: A 
Sermon at Christ's Church before the 
First Battalion of the City of Phila- 
delphia. 8vo, half bound, pp. 23. 
London, 1775. $1.50 

570 Ellety Mrs. Domestic History 
of the American Revolution. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 308. New York, 1850. 


571 Elliott, Capt. Barnard. Diary 
of, October 10, 1775, to March 19, 
1778. (Revolutionary Services in 
Charleston, the South, etc.) 8vo, 
cloth, p. 1 10. Supplement to Charles- 
ton Year-Book, 1889. $1.50 

572 Evelyn, Capt. W. Granville. 
Memoirs and Letters of the 4th 
Regiment " lOng's Own")» from 
North America, 1774-76. Edited and 
annotated by G. D. Scull. 8 rare por- 
traits, including Gen. Chas. Lee, 
Brig.-Gen. R. Prescott, The Hon. 
Mrs. Boscawen, etc. 4to, original 
cloth, uncut. Pp. 140. Oxford 
(printed for private circulation), 1879. 


r/. Very scarce. Number 95 of 250 copies 
printed. Presentation copy from the Editor. 

573 Field, Thos. W. The Battle of 
Long Island, with Connected Preced- 
ing Events. Narrative and Authentic 
Documents. Maps and views. 8vo, 
doth, pp. 545. Brooklyn (L. I.) His- 
torical Society, 1869. $3.00 

574 Fox, Charles J. Memorials and 
Correspondence of. Edited by Lord 
John Russell. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
London, 1853. $10.00 

Abounds with the inside political history of 
the English during the American Revolution. 

575 Fox, Ebenezer. The Adven- 
tures of, in the Revolutionary War. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Portrait and curious illustrations. 
Small i2mo, cloth, pp. 240. Boston, 
1838. $1.50 

576 Gardner, Asa Bird. The Uni- 
forms of the American Army, with 
valuable MSS. Notes. By Wm. 
K«lby. 4to, paper. $2.00 

577 Gibbes, R. W. Documentary 
History of the American Revolution, 
1764-76. Svo, cloth, pp. 292. New 
York, 1855. $2.00 

578 Goodrich, Chas. A. Lives of 
the Signers of the Declaration of In- 
dependence. Plate and fine portraits. 
8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 460. New 
York, 1829. $2.50 

579 Green, Samuel A. Groton dur- 
ing the Revolution, with complete 
MUitary Rolls and Appendisf (relating 
to Groton in the Civil War). 8vo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 342. Groton, 1900. 


200 copies privately printed by Dr. Green. 

580 Griswold, R. W. The Repub- 
lican Court; or, American Society in 
the Days of Washington. 25 fine 
steel portraits, including Mrs. Wash- 
ington, Madison, Jay, Beekman, Otis, 
Charles Carroll, etc. 4to, full mc^- 
rocco. New York, 1856. $5.00 

581 Habersham, Major John (Con- 
tinental Army). Biographical Sketch 
of. By Chas. C. Jones. Portrait. 
8vo, paper. Privately printed, 1886. 


Scarce. Presentation copy to F. D. Stowe. 

582 Harris, Gen. Lord. The Life 
and Services of, during His Campaign 
in America, West Indies, etc. By 
S. R. Lushing^on. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 549. London, 1840. $2.00 

583 Hall, Henry. Year-Book of 
the Societies Composed of Descend- 
ants of the Men of the Revolution, 
for 1890. (History of the Society of 
the Cincinnati, Dates of Prominent 
Events in the Revolution, etc.) Royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 381. New 
York, 1891. $1.50 

584 Hartley, David. Letters on the 
American War, Addressed to the 
Mayor, etc., of the Town of Kingston- 
upon-HuU. 4to, boards, pp. 93. 
London, 1778. $3.50 

In this copy each letter has the autograph 
signature of the author. 

585 Hartley, David. An Address 
to the Committee of Association of 
the County of York on the State of 
Public Affairs (and of the War in 
America), January 3, 1781. 4to, un- 
bound. $2.00 

Rare. By the author of '* Letters on the 
American War." 

586 Hcadlcy, J. T. The Chaplains 
and Clergy of the Revolution. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 402. New York, 1864. 


587 Heitman, F. B. Historical 
Register of Officers of the Conti- 
nental Army during the War of the 
Revolution, April, 1775, to December, 
1783. (More than 12,000 names.) 
8vo, cloth, pp. 534. Washington, 
1893. $5.00 

This valuable work also contains list of French 
officers who served with the American army, 
and list of battles, actions, etc. 

588 Hiltzheimer, Jacob. Extracts 
from the Diary of Jacob Hiltzheimer 
of Philadelphia, 1765-98. Edited by 
Jacob C. Parsons. 4to, cloth, pp. 271. 
Philadelphia, 1893. $3.00 

A soldier in the French and Indian wars and 
the Revolution. Early life in Philadelphia. 

589 How, David. Diary of, a pri- 
vate in Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's 
Regiment of the Massachusetts Line 
in American Revolution; with a Bio- 
graphical Sketch of the Author by 
Geo. Wingate Chase, and illustrative 
Notes by Henry B. Dawson. 4to, 
boards, uncut, pp. 51. Morrisania, 
1865. $3.00 

No. 55 of an edition of 250 copies. 

590 Hunter, James. Life and 
Times of (" General " of the Regulars 
at Guilford Battleground), and ad- 
dress by Jos. M. Morehead. Svo, 
paper, pp. 73. Greensboro, N. C, 
1898. .75 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



591 Hull, Gen. William. Revolu- 
tionary Services and Civil Life, com- 
piled by his daughter, Mrs. Maria 
Campbell. Also, a History of the 
Campaign of 1812 and Surrender of 
the Post of Detroit. By his grandson, 
James Freeman Clarke. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 482. New York, 1848. $3.00 

592 Hnnt, Gaillard. Fragments of 
Revolutionary History, being Hith- 
erto Unpublished Writings of the Men 
of the American Revolution. 4to, half 
calf, pp. 184. Brooklyn, 1892. $3.00 

593 ^Vj John. The Peace Nego- 
tiations of 1782 and 1783. An address 
delivered before the New York His- 
torical Society. Map. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 239. New York, 1884. $1.00 

594 Tohnston, Henry P. The 
Storming of Stony Point, July 15, 
1779. Its Importance in the Light 
of Unpublished Documents. Maps 
and portraits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 231. 
New York, 1900. $1.50 

595 Tohnston, Henry P. Yale and 
Her Honor-Roll in the American 
Revolution, 1775-83. With original 
letters, records, documents, etc. 8vo, 
doth, pp. 357. New York (privately 
printed), 1888. $3.50 

596 Tones, Alex. The Cymry of 
'76; or, Welshmen and Their De- 
scendants of the American Revolu- 
tion. 8vo, cloth, pp. 132. New 
York, 1855. $1.50 

597 Jones, Charies H. History of 
the Campaign for the Conquest ot 
Canada in 1776, from the Death of 
Montgomery to the Defeat of the 
British Army under Sir Guy Carle- 
ton. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 234. 
Philadelphia, 1882. $1.50 

598 Kalb, John. The Life of 
(Major-General in the Revolution). 
By Frederick Kapp. Portrait 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 320. New York (privately 
printed), 1870. $2.00 

599 SjLOwlton, Col. Thos. W. 
Ceremonies at Unveiling of His 

Statue. (The Companion Statue to 
Nathan Hale, Genealogy of Knowl- 
ton Family, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 53. 
Hartford, 1875. .75 

600 Lamb, Gen. John. Memoir of 
the Life and Times of (an officer of 
the Revolution who commanded the 
post at West Point at the time of Ar- 
nold's defection, with correspondence 
with Washington, etc.). By Isaac Q. 
Leiake. Portrait and maps. 8vo, 
sheep, pp. 431. Albany, 1850. $2.00 

601 Lee, Maj.-Gen. Charles. Mem- 
oirs of Second in Command in the 
Services of the U. S. A. during the 
Revolution, with his Letters, etc. 
i2mo, calf, pp. 284. New York, 1793. 


602 Lee, Maj.-Gen. Chas. The 
Treason of (Second in Command in 
the American Army of the Revolu- 
tion). By Geo. H. Moore. Portraits, 
facsimiles, etc. 8vo, cloth. New 
York, i860. $1.50 

603 Lee, H. The Campaign of 
1781 in the Carolinas: with Remarks 
Historical and Critical on Johnson's 
Life of Greene; to which is added an 
appendix of original documents relat- 
ing to the history of the Revolution. 
8vo, old calf (cracked), pp. 511 + 47- 
Philadelphia, 1824. $4.00 


604 (Long Bland.) The Battle of 
Brooklyn: A Farce in Two Acts as it 
was Performed on Long Island on 
Tuesday, 27th Day of August, 1776, 
by Representatives of the Tyrants of 
America assembled at Philadelphia. 
New York, 1776. 75 

A few copies reprinted for private distribu- 
tion, Brooklyn, 1873. Among the characters are 
Rebel chiefs Washington, Pntnara, Sullivan, 
etc. Scene partly within the Rebel lines at 
Brooklyn and partly at Gowanus. 

605 Lossing, Benson J. The Pic- 
torial Field-Book of the American 
Revolution, illustrated by Pen and 
Pencil, of the History, Biography, 
Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the 
War of Independence, iioo engrav- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ings, chiefly from original sketches by 
the Authon 2 vols., 8vo, in parts. 
New York, 1851-52. $15.00 

A good copy of the first edition. Very rare 
In the original parts uncut. 

606 Lossing, Benson J. Life of 
Washington: A Biography, Personal, 
Military, and Political. Numerous 
steel illustrations. 3 vols., large Svo, 
half green morocco. New York, 
i860. $5.00 

607 Lossing, Benson J. The War 
of Independence: A History of the 
Anglo-Americans from the Period of 
the Union of the Colonies against the 
French to the Inauguration of Wash- 
ington. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
510. Neiw York, 1847. $1.50 

608 loyalists. Centennial of the 
Settlement of Upper Canada by the 
United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 334. Toronto, 1885. 


609 Karion, Francis. Life of. By 
W. Gilmore Simms. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 347. New York, 
1855. ' $1-25 

610 mtoliell, John. The Present 
State of Great Britain and North 
America, with Proper Regulations for 
the Colonies and the Taxes Imposed 
upon Them. Considered and com- 
pared with their condition and circum- 
stances. 8vo, old calf, pp. 364. 
London, 1767. $3-5o 

611 Montgomery, Morton L. His- 
tory of Berks County, Pennsylvania, 
in the Revolution, 1774-1783. With 
biographical sketches. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
295. Reading, 1894. $2.50 

612 New York. Year-Book of the 
Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 
1896. With rolls and lists of descend- 
ants and genealogies of ancestors. 
4to, cloth, pp. 539. New York, 1896. 


613 Norton, A. Tiffany. History of 
Sullivan's Campaign against the Iro- 
quois. A full account of that epoch 

of the Revolution. Svo, cloth, pp. 
200. Lima, 1879. $2X)o 

614 Onderdonk, Henry, Jr. Docu- 
ments and Letters Intending to Illus- 
trate the Revolutionary Incidents in 
Kings, Queens, and Suffolk Counties. 
With explanatory notes and additions. 
Map. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, cloth» 
New York, 1846. $10.00 

615 Faterson, John. The Life of 
(Major-General in the Revolutionary 
Army). By Dr. Thomas Egleston. 
Portrait and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 293. New York, 1894. $2.50 

616 Fontgiband, Chevalier. A 
French Volunteer of the War of Inde- 
pendence. Translated and edited by 
Robert B. Douglas. Portrait. i2mQ» 
cloth, pp. 209. N. Y., 1897. $1.50 

617 Frice, Richard. Two Tracts 
on Civil Liberty, the War in America, 
and the Debts and Finances of the 
Kingdom. Pp. 112. Also additional 
Observations on the Nature and 
Value of Civil Liberty. 2 vols, in i. 
Svo, old calf, pp. 216. London, 1778, 


618 Futnam, Gen. Israel. A Cor- 
respondence on this Subject with the 
Editor of " The Hartford Daily Post.'* 
By " Selah ** of that city and Henry 
B. Dawson of White Plains, N. Y. 
Royal 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 169. 
Morrisania (printed for private circu- 
lation), i860. $2.50 

619 Futnam, Israel. Life of. By 
I. N. Tarbox. Portrait and map. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 389. Boston, 1876. 


620 Bamsey, David. The History 
of the American Revolution. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf. London, 1791. $3.00 

621 Eeed, Wm. B. Life of Ester 
De Berdt, afterwards Ester Reed of 
Pennslyvania. Privately printed. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 336. Philadelphia, 
1853. $3.50 

Menzie's copy brought (half morocco) $6.00. 
Printed for private circulation only. Repeal of 
Stamp Act, Philadelphia Eighty Years Ago, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Arrival of Tea Ships, Battle of Lexington, Cam- 
paign of 1776 and Invasion of New Jersey, 
Revolutionary War, Correspondence with Wash- 
ington in 1780, etc. 

622 Beport of a Committee of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society on 
Exchange of Prisoners dtiring the 
American Revolutionary War. 8vo, 
half calf, pp. 26. $1.50 

By Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, Lorenzo 
Sabine, Geo. E. Ellis, etc. 

623 BeYolutionary Almanac. Al- 
manack for 1775. By Nath. Low. 
With Curious engraving on title. 
(The Patriot's Death, Address on 
Taxation, etc., and Poem on Liberty.) 
8vo, paper (soiled). 'Boston, 1774, 


624 Bights of the English Coloniei^ 
Established in America; Their Merits 
and Importance to Great Britain Dis- 
played; with Illustrations of the Bene- 
fits of Their Union, and the Mischiefs 
and Dangers of Their Continued Dis- 
sention. 4to, full calf, neat, pp. 51. 
London, 1774. $5.00 

625 BebertSy James A. New York 
in the Revolution as Colony and 
State. 2d edition, enlarged. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 534. Albany, 1898. $3.50 

The index is very complete, covering over 200 
pages. Upwards of 50,000 names. 

626 Buttenber, E. M. Obstruc- 
tions to the Navigation of Hudson's 
River; embracing the Minutes of the 
Secret Committee Appointed by the 
Provincial Convention of New York, 
July 16, 1776, and other original 
documents relating to the Beacons 
(and Signals). (Chain at Fort Mont- 
gomery, West Point, Fire Ships and 
Rafts, etc.) Maps. 4to, cloth, uncut, 
pp. 210. Albany, i860. $7.50 

Only a few printed. Munsell's Historical 
Series, No. 5. 

627 Sargent, Winthrop. The Loyal 
Verses of Joseph Stansbury and Dr. 
Jonathan Odell Relating to the Amer- 
ican Revolution. Now first edited by 
Winthrop Sargent. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 199. Albany, i860. $7.50 

Rare. Only a few issued. Munsell's'Series, 
No. 6. 

628 Schuyler, George L. Corre- 
spondence and Remarks upon Ban- 
croft's History of the Northern Cam- 
paign of 1777 and' the Character of 
Ma j .-Gen. Philip Schuyler. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 47. New York, 1867. .50 

629 Simcoe, Lt.-Col. J. G. Mili- 
tary Journal: A History of the Opera- 
tions of a Partisan Corps Called The 
Queen's Rangers during the War of 
American Independence. With a 
memoir of the Author and 10 en- 
graved plans. 8vo, half morocco, pp. 
328. New York, 1844. $10.00 

Fine copy of this rare Revolutionaiy journal. 
The originsd was privately printed in 1787 — a few 
copies for distribution among the author's friends 
— and it remained unknown to historians for over 
fifty years. 

630 Smith, Horace W. Nuts for 
Future Historians to Crack. Con- 
taining Valley Forge Letters, Cad- 
walader Pamphlet, etc. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 90. Philadelphia, 1856. $1.00 

631 Smith, T. Marshall. Legends 
of the War of Independence and of 
the Earlier Settlements in the West. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 397. Louisville, 1855. 


632 Stevens, John Austin. The 
Burgoyne Campaign: An Address 
Delivered on the Battlefield on the 
One Hundredth Celebration of the 
Battle of Bemis Heights, September 
19, 1877. 8vo, paper, pp. 42. New 
York, 1877. .25 

633 Stiles, Henry R. Account of 
the Interment of the Remains of 
American Patriots Who Perished on 
Board the British Prison Ships, with 
Notes. Large-paper copy. 4to, half 
calf, pp. 246. Ne«w York (privately 
printed), 1865. $3.50 

One of 35 copies printed on large paper. 

634 Stirling, Maj.-Gen. . Earl of. 
An Essay in Biography. (Military 
Services in the Revolution, Ancestry, 
etc.) By Ludwig Schumacher. Por- 
trait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 57. New 
York, 1897. $1.50 

Only 150 copies were beautifully printed for 
the author. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



635 Stone, William L. Life of 
Joseph Brant, including the Border 
Wars of the American Revolution 
and the Indian Campaigns. Illus- 
trated. Large-paper copy. 2 vols., 
royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, un- 
cut. Albany, 1864. $12.00 

Fine large-paper copy from the Ives Collec- 
tion. Only 50 printed. 

636 Stone, Wm. L. Ballads and 
Poems Relating to the Burgoyne 
Campaign. 4to, cloth, uncut, pp. 359. 
Albany, 1893. $2.75 

637 Stryker, William S. New 
Jersey Continental Line in the Vir- 
ginia Campaign of 1781. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 47. Trenton, 1882. $1.50 

Privately printed, uncut. 

638 ThaclMr, James. Diary of the 
American Revolution from the Com- 
mencement to the Disbanding of the 
American Army. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 486. Hartford, 1861. ^.50 

639 Townsend, Virginia; F. The 
Battlefields of Our Fathers. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 368. New York, 1864. 


640 Tower, J. M. The Medical 
Men of the Revolution, with a His- 
tory of the Medical Department of the 
Continental Army^ 8vo, boards, pp. 
140. Philadelphia, 1876. $1.50 

641 Tmmbnll, Jonathan. McFin- 
gal: An Epic Poem; with introduc- 
tion and notes by B. J. Lossing. 
Steel portrait of Trumbull. Royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 322. New 
York, i860. $3.50 

Large-paper copy, only 100 printed. 

642 Tucker, Josiah. An Humble 
Address and Earnest Appeal to Those 
Respectable Pers^onages in Great 
Britain and Ireland, whether a Con- 
nection Avith or a Separation from the 
Continental Colonies in America Be 
Most for the National Advantage, etc. 
8vo, paper, pp. 93. -Gloucester, 1775. 


643 Van SclL€Uu;k, Henry. Henry 
Cruger, the Colleague of Edmund 

Burke in the British Parliament. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 67. New York, 1859. 


644 Warren, Dr. John. The Life 
of (Surgeon-General during the Revo- 
lution, Letters, Diaries, etc.). By 
Ed^vard Warren. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 568. Boston, 1874. $2.00 

645 Washington's Farewell Address 
to the People of the United States. 
Each page illuminated with colored 
borders, and a full-length portrait. 
4to, full morocco (rubbed). Phila- 
delphia: Devereux & Co., 1858. 


646 Washington. Revolutionary 
Orders of Gen. W'ashington issued 
during the years 1778-82. Selected 
from the MSS. of John Whiting, 
Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 2d 
Regiment, M'assachusetts Line, and 
edited by his son, Lieiut-Col. Henry 
Whiting, U. S. A. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
255. New York, 1844. $2.00 

647 Washington. Orderly Book of j 
Gen. George Washington kept at 
Valley Forge, May 18 to June 11, 
1778. 8vo, boards, pp. 54. Boston, 
1898. $1.00 

648 Washington. Bancroft, Aaron. 
An Essay on the Life of George 
Washington. With a very fine por- 
trait by W. Ridley. 8vo, sheep, pp. 
552. Worcester, 1807. $2.50 

649 Washington. Bullock, Cyn- 
thia (a graduate of the New York In- 
stitution for the Blind). Washington, , 
and Other Poems. i2mo. New 
York (published' for the Author), 
1847. $1.50 

650 Washington. Conkling, Mar- 
garet C. Memoirs of the Mother and 
Wife of Washington. Portrait. I2ma, 
cloth, pp. 190. Auburn, 1853. $1.50 ^ 

651 Washington. Conway, Mon- 
cure D. George Washington's Rules 
of Qvility Traced to Their Sources 
and Restored. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. 
New York. .75 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



652 Washingrton. Mount Vernon: 
A Letter to the Children of America. 
By Miss Cooper. Portrait by De 
Mare of Washington at twenty-five. 
i6mo, cloth, pp. 70. New York, 
1859. $1.50 

.653 Washington. Recollections 

and Private Memoirs of Washington. 
By G. W. Parke Custis. 8vo, doth, 
pp. 104. Washington, D. C, 1859. 


654 Washington. Headley, J. T. 
The Life of George Washington. 
Fine steel portraits, views, and wood- 
cuts. 8vo, cloth, pp. 477. New York, 
1859. $2.50 

This illustrated large-t3rpe edition is very rare, 
rare, little known ; the steel illustrations consist 
of portraits of Washington, Capture of Andr^, 

655 Washington. Hough, Frank- 
lin B. Washing^oniana; or, Memo- 
rials of the Death of George Washing- 
ton, with a list of tracts and volumes 
printed upon that occasion, and a cata- 
logue of medals. Fine india-proof 
portraits. Large paper, 2 vols., 4to, 
uncut. Roxbury, 1865. $7.50 

656 Washington. Hyde, Anna M. 
The Boys' Life of Washington. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 255. New 
York, 1868. .50 

657 Washington. Life of George 
Washington. By Washington Irving. 
Illustrated edition, with the celebrated 
series of upwards of 100 fine steel 
portraits, views, etc., by American 
artists and engravers. 5 vols., royal 
8vo, half calf, gilt. New York, 
1856-61. $20.00 

658 Washington. Lippard. George 
Washington and His Generals; or. 
Legends of the Revolution. 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 538. Philadelphia, 1847. 


Scarce. Battle of Germantown, Benedict 
Arnold, Nathan Hale, Battle of Brandywine, 
Romances of the Revolution, etc. 

659 Washington. Lossing, Benson 
J. The Home of Washington; or. 

Mount Vernon and Its Associations. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 446. 
Hartford, 1870. $2.00 

660 Washington. Norton, John N. 
Life of George Washington. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 400. New 
York, i860. $1.25 

661 Washington. Political Lega- 
cies. With a biographical sketch and 
Dr. Tappan's discourse. i2mo, calf, 
pp. 292. New York, 1800. $1.50 

662 Washington. Ramsay, David. 
The Life of George Washington, with 
curious early engravings of Defeat of 
Braddock, Surrender of Comwallis, 
Mount Vernon, etc. i2mo, sheep. 
Baltimore, 1818. $2.00 

663 Washington. Simpkinson, J. 
N. The Washing^ons: A Tale of a 
Country Parish in the Seventeenth 
Century. Based on authentic docu- 
ments. Plate. 8vo, cloth, pp. 413. 
London, i860. $3-5o 

Scarce. A valuable work containing a his- 
torical account of the ancestors of General 
Washington. Dr. Stiles' copy sold for $9.00. 

664 Washington. Souvenir of the 
Centennial Celebration of George 
Washington's Inauguration. Edited 
by John Alden. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 393. New York, 1889. 


665 Washington. Sparks, Jared. 
The Life of George Washington, with 
His Diaries, Speeches, and Papers re- 
lating to His Habits and Opinions. 
Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
London, 1839. $2.50 

666 Washington. Stryker, W. S. 
Washington's Reception by the Peo- 
ple of New Jersey in 1789. 8vo, 
paper. Trenton (printed for private 
distribution), 1882. $1.00 

667 Washington. Wineberger, J. 
A. The Home of Washington at 
Mount Vernon. A full account, as 
well as the genealogy, character, etc., 
of Washington. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 69. Washington, 1858. $i.oo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



668 Washington. Woodward, W. 
Elliot. A List of Washington Memo- 
rial Medals. Three illustrations of 
medals laid in. 4to, paper, pp. i6. 
N. p. (privately printed), 1865. $i-5o 

** No. I of 12 copies on English Drawing 

669 Washington, and the Generals 
of the Revolution. Illustrated with 
steel portraits. 2 vols, in i. Svo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1855. $i-5o 

670 Watson, Elkanah. Men and 
Times of the Revolution. 2d edition. 
Edited by W. C. Watson. 8vo, cloth, 
ppi 557. New York, 1856. $1.00 

671 Webber, C. W. Historical and 
Revolutionary Incidents of the Early 
Settlers of the United States, with 
Lives of Allen, Boone, Kenton, and 
Celebrated Pioneers. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 416. Philadelphia, 1859. 


672 Wharton, Anne H. Through 
Colonial Doorways. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
237. Philadelphia, 1893. .75 

673 Wharton, Francis. The Revo- 
lutionary Diplomatic Correspondence 
of the United States. With historical 

and legal notes and index. 6 vols., 
8vo, half sheep. Washington, 1889. 


In this edition many of the errors made by 
Jared Sparks are corrected by the light shed by 
recent historical research. 

674 Worcester in the War of the 
Revolution. Embracing the Acts of 
the Town from 1765 to 1783. By Al- 
bert A. Lovdl. Plate. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 128. Worcester, 1876. $1.00 

675 Wyatt, Thomas. Memoirs of 
the Generals, Commodores, and other 
Commanders Who Distinguished 
Themselves in the Revolution aad 
1812, and Were Presented Medals by 
Congress. With 82 steel plates of 
medals. 8vo, cloth, pp. 315. Phila- 
delphia, 1848. $3.00 

676 Torktown. Orderly Book of 
the Siege of Yorktown from Septem- 
ber 26, 1781, to November 2, 1781; 
now first printed. Fine portrait of 
Washington by Sartain inserted. 
4to, half morocco. Philaddphia, 
1765. $500 

Edition limited to 60 copies. 

677 Torktown. Rathbum, Julius G. 
Trip of the 1st Regiment, Connecticut 
National Guard, to Yorktown and 
Charleston, October 17-28, 1881. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 292. Hart- 
ford, 1882. $1.25 

WAR OF 1812. 

678 Amerioan Mariners; or. The 
Atlantic Voyage. To which are 
added Naval Annals; or, an Impartial 
Summary of the Actions Fought, dur- 
ing the Late War, at Sea and on the 
Lakes between the Ships of Great 
Britain and those of the United 
States. With copious notes. i2mo, 
half morocco, pp. 384. Salisbury, 
England, n. d. $3-50 

The "Naval Annals" occupy pages 239 to 384. 

679 Atcheson, Nathaniel. Ameri- 
can Encroachments of British Rights, 
with Observation on the Importance 

of the North American Colonies, and 
on the Late Treaties with the United 
States, and a Defense of the Shipping 
Interests. Maps. 8vo, boards, pp. 
cxiii +250. London, 1808. $5.00 

680 Atherton, William. Narrative 
of the Suffering and Defeat of the 
Northwestern Army under CJen. Win- 
chester, Massacre of the Prisoners, 
Sixteen Months' Imprisonment of the 
Writer and Others with the Indians 
and British. i6mo, half roan, pp. 152. 
Frankfort (printed for the Author), 
1842. $5.00 

The rare original edition. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

WAR OF l8l2. 


68i Brackenridge^ H. M. History 
of the Late War between the United 
States and Great Britain, comprising 
Minute Account of the Various Mili- 
tary and Naval Operations. Curious 
woodcuts. i2mo, cloth, pp. 298. 
Philadelphia, 1854. $1.50 

682 Biiimcll, David C. The Trav- 
els and Adventures of, during 23 years 
of Seafaring Life. With an accurate 
account of the Battle of Lake Erie. 
i2mo, boards, uncut, pp. 200. Pal- 
myra, N. Y., 183 1. $4.00 

683 Bntler, James. American Brav- 
ery Displayed in the Capture of 1400 
Vessels erf War and Commerce since 
the Declaration of War by the Presi- 
dent. (Full list, with particulars of 
actions.) i2mo, half roan, pp. 322. 
Carlisle, 1816. $5.00 

684 Citisen Soldiers at North 
Point and Fort McHenry, September 
12 and 13, 1814; Resolves of the 
Citizens; Particulars Relating to the 
Battle. (Muster Rolls, with List of 
Descendants, etc.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 
137. Baltimore, 1889. $1.50 

685 Coggeshally Geo. History of 
the American Privateers and Letters 
of Marque during our War with Eng- 
land, 1812-15. Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
438. New York, 1856. $5.00 

Very scarce. Published by and for the Author. 

686 Davis, Paris M. An Authen- 
tick History of the Late War between 
the United States and Great Britain. 
With a full account of every battle by 
sea and land; the massacre at the 
River Raisin; the destruction erf the 
city of Washington, the treaty of 
peace in 1815. i2mo, sheep, pp. 360. 
Ithaca, 1829. $2.50 


687 Deoatnr, Stephen. Life of. 
By Jared Sparks. Large-paper copy. 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 443. Bos- 
ton, 1846. $3.00 

688 Swight, Theo. (Secretary of 
the Convention). History of the 
Hartford Convention, with a Review 

of the Policy of the United States 
Government Which Led to the War 
of 1812. 8vo, cloth, pp. 447. New 
York, 1833. $2.50 

689 Elliott, Com. Jesse D. A Bio- 
graphical Notice of, containing a Re- 
view of the Controversy between Him 
and Commodore Perry. i2mo, 
boards, pp. 480. Philadelphia, 1835. 


690 Guernsey, R. S. New York 
City and Vicinity in the War of 1812. 
Military and Local History of That 
Period, with Incidents and Anecdotes. 
2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 
1890-95. $10.00 

Copy of Vol. II. can be supplied separately 
for $5.00. 

691 Hull, William. Memoirs of the 
Campaign of the Northwestern Army, 
1812; with an Appendix containing a 
Brief Sketch of the Revolutionary 
Services of the Author. 8vo, paper, 
uncut, pp. 239. Boston, 1824. $3.00 

692 Hull. Defense of Brig.-Gen. 
W. Hull. Delivered before the Gen- 
eral Court Martial, of which Maj.- 
Gen. Dearborn was President, at Al- 
bany, March, 1814. With an address 
to the Citizens of the United States 
written by Himself. Copied from the 
original manuscript, and published by 
his authority. To which are added 
the charges against Brig.-Gen. Hull, 
as specified by the Government. 
i2mo, pp. 215. Boston, 1814. $5.00 


693 Impartial and Correct History 
of the War between United States 
and Great Britain, 1812-15. Com- 
prising a Particular Detail of the 
Naval and Military Operations. 
Carefully Compiled from Official 
Documents. Engraved view of the 
Battle of New Orleans. i2mo, calf, 
pp. 304. New York, 1815. $2.50 

694 IngersoU, Chas. J. Historical 
Sketch of the Second War between 
the United States and Great Britain. 
Vols. I. and II., embracing the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



events of 1812 to 1814 inclusive. 2 

vols., 8vo, paper and doth (as issued). 

Philadelphia, 1845-49. $5.00 

Vol. II. is m presentation from the Author. 

69s Jaoksoiii Andrew. The Life of. 
Comprising a History of the War in 
the South from the Commencement 
of the Creek Campaign to the Termi- 
nation of Hostilities before New Or- 
leans. By John H. Eaton. Portrait. 
8vo, boards, uncut, fine copy, pp. 468. 
Philadelphia, 1824. $3.00 

696 James, William. The Naval 
History of Great Britain from the 
Declaration of War by France, 1793- 
1820. New edition with diagrams of 
all the principals actions. 6 vols., 8vo, 
half morocco. London, 1826. $12.00 

Very full on the War of 1813, the author hav- 
ing taken part in it, was captured, held prisoner, 

697 James, William. Full and Cor- 
rect Account of the Military Occur- 
rences of the Late War between Great 
Britain and the United States. Maps 
and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, un- 
cut. London, 1818. $7.50 

Fine copy. 

698 James, William. Full and Cor- 
rect Account of the Chief Naval Oc- 
currences of the Late War between 
Great Britain and the United States. 
Preceded by a Cursory Examination 
of the American Accounts of Their 
Naval Actions. With plates. 8vo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 744. London, 
1817. $5.00 

Rare. One of the chief volumes on the naval 
actions of i8i3. 

699 Ifosslng, Benson J. The Pic- 
torial Field-Book of the War of 1812; 
or. Illustrations by Pen and Pencil 
of the History, Biography, Scenery, 
Relics, and Traditions of the Last 
War for American Independence. 
Several hundred wood-engravings. 
Large 8vo, leather, pp. 1084. New 
York, 1869. $3.50 

Probably the best single volume on the War 
of 1812. 

700 McEenneyy Thos. L. Reply to 
K. Armstrong's Assault upon Col. 

McKenney's Narrative of the Causes 
that Led to Gen. Armstrong's Resig- 
nation of Office of Secretary of War 
in 1814- 8vo, paper, pp. 28. New 
York, 1847. .50 

701 Palmer, Thos. H. Historical 
Register of the United States from the 
Declaration of War in 1812 to 1814. 
4 vols., 8vo, half roan. Philadelphia, 
1814-16. $7.50 

Being m History of the Late War and Sum- 
mary of the Proceeding of Congress, including 
a collection of state papers and documents both 
British and American. 

702 Sogers, Robert C. Will o' the 
Wasp: A Sea Yam of the War of 

1812. Edited by Henry C. Lawrence, 
and now brought before the public 
for the first time. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
269. New York, 1896. .75 

703 Sketches of the War between 
the United States and the British 
Isles. Intended as a Faithful History 
of the Material Events from 1812 to 
and including the Treaty of Peace in 
1815. 8vo, old calf, pp. 492. Rut- 
land, 1815. $5.00 

704 Smith, M. A Geographical 
View of the Province of Upper Can- 
ada and Promiscuous Remarks on the 
Government, with an Appendix con- 
taining a Complete Description of the 
Niagara Falls, and Remarks Relative 
to the Situation of the Inhabitants Re- 
specting the War and a Concise His- 
tory of Its Progress to the Present 
Time. i2mo, new half brown mo- 
rocco, gilt top, pp. 119. New York 
(printed for the Author), August, 

1813. $7.50 
[^ Very rare. 

705 Tompkins, Daniel D. (CJov- 
ernor of New York, 1807-17). His 
Public Papers: Military, Vol. I. With 
an introduction by Hugh Hastings, 
State Historian. War with Great 
Britain. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 812. New York, 1898. $1.50 

706 Van Bensselaer, S. A Narra- 
tive of the Affair of Queenstown in 
the War of 181 2, with a Review of 
the Strictures on That Event in a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

WAR OF I8l2. 


Book entitled " Notices of the War of 
1812.'* Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 95. 
New York, 1836. $1.75 

707 Wlitte, Samuel. History of the 
American Troops during the Late 

War under the Command erf G>ls. 
Fenton and Campbell. (Accoimt of 
the Crossing of Lake Erie, the Cross- 
ing of Niagara, Battle erf Chippewa, 
etc.) i2mo, boards, pp. 106. Balti- 
more, 1830 (reprinted 1896). $1.00 


708 Autobiography of an English 
Soldier in the United States Army, 
comprising Observations and Adven- 
tures in the States and Mexico. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 288. New York, 
1853. $1.25 

709 Carleton, Jas H. The Battle of 
Buena Vista, with Operations of the 
"Army of Occupation." Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 238. New York, 
1848. $1.50 

710 Ofwandel, J. J. Notes of the 
Mexican War, 1846-48. Comprising 
incidents, adventures, extracts from 
ancient histories of Mexico giving ac- 
curate account of the first and original 
settlers of Mexico, etc. Illustrated. 
Svo, doth, pp. 642. Philadelphia, 
1885. $1.50 

711 Sootty Lieut.-Gen. Memoirs of. 
Written by himself. 2 steel portraits. 
(Battle of Queenstown, Niagara or 
Lundy's Lane, Black Hawk War, 
etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1864. $150 

713 Semmes, Raphael. The Cam- 
paign of Gen. Scott in the Valley of 

Mexico. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 367. 
Cincinnati, 1852. $2.00 

713 Stapp, William P. The Pris- 
oners of Perote. The journal kept by 
the Author, who was captured by the 
Mexicans at Mier December 25, 1842, 
and released from Perote May 16, 
1844. i2mo, doth, pp. 164. Phila- 
delphia, 1845. $2.00 

714 Steveniy Brevet-Maj. Isaac L 
Campaigns of the Rio Grande and of 
Mexico, with Notices of the Recent 
Work of Maj. Ripley. 8vo, paper, pp. 
108. New York, 1851. $1.50 

715 Taylor, Gen. Taylor and His 
Generals, with a Full Account of the 
Various Actions of Their Divisions 
in Mexico. Portraits and plates. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 326. Hartford, 1848. 


716 The Bepnblio of the United 
States and Its Duties, with a Review 
of the Late War with Mexico, Its 
Causes and Results. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
322. New York, 1848. $1.50 


(Including the History^ Antiquities ^ WarSy and Languages of the American Indians.) 

717 Abaaraka, Home of the Crows: 
Being the Experience of an Officer's 
Wife on the Plains during* the Occu- 
pation of the New Route to Virginia 
City, Mon., 1866-67. Illustrated 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 284. Philadelphia, 
1868. $1.25 

718 American Antiquarian Society. 
Vol. I. of Archaeologia Americana, 
containing Hennepin's Discovery of 
the Mississippi, Atwater's Antiquities 
of the West, etc. Plates. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Worcester, 1820. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



719 Anderson^ Rufus. Memoir of 
Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian 
of the Cherokee Nation. Plate. 
i2mo, half old calf (binding broken), 
pp. 142. Philadelphia, 1832. $1.50 

720 Apes, William. Indian Nulli- 
fication of the Unconstitutional Laws 
of Massachusetts Relative to the 
Marshpee Tribe. Plate. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 168. Boston, 1835. $2.00 

721 Archsolog^y. Congees Inter- 
national d' Anthropologic Prehisto- 
rique. Numerous illustrations. 2 
vols., thick 8vo, paper. Stockholm, 
1876. $2.50 

722 Armstrong. Early Life amon^ 
the Indians, Reminiscences of Benj. 
C. Armstrong, Treaties of 1835, 1837, 
1842, and 1854, Habits and Customs 
of the Red Men. By Thos. P. Went- 
worth. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
266. Ashland, Wis., 1892. $1.50 

723 Baldwin, John D. Ancient 
America in Notes on American Ar-. 
chaeology (Mound-builders, North- 
men, and Welsh in America, etc.). 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 299. 
New York, 1872. $1.75 

724 Bancroft, Hubert H. The Na- 
tive Races of the Pacific States. 5 
large 8vo vols., cloth. New York, 
1874. $15.00 

Probably the best single work upon the an- 
tiquities, history, wars, and conditions of the 
North American Indians. 

725 (Barratt, Joseph.) The Indians 
of New England and Ancient Tradi- 
tions of the Etchemin Tribe, with Vo- 
cabularies in Indian and English, etc. 
8vo, paper, pp. 24. Middletown, 
185 1. $2.00 

"This book contains the elements of the 
Indian tongue and much that is new." 

^27 Battey, Thomas C. The Life 
and Adventures of a Quaker among 
the Indians. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
PP- 339- Boston, 1875. $1.00 

727 Beatty, Chas. The Journal of 
a Two-Months' Tour with a View of 
Promoting Religion among the Fron- 

tier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, and 
the Indians to the Westward erf the 
Allegheny Mountains; with Re- 
marks on the Language and Customs 
of Some Particular Tribes among the 
Indians, with a Brief Account of the 
Attempts to Civilize Them, from the 
First Settlement of New England to 
This Day. 8vo, half roan, pp. iii. 
London, 1768. $7.50 

728 Belden, Geo. P. Belden the 
White Chief; or, 12 Years among the 
Wild Indians of the Plains, from 
Diaries and Manuscripts. Edited by 
Gen. James S. Brisbin. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 513. Cincinnati, 1875. 


729 Beltrami, J. C. A Pilgrimage 
in Europe and America, Leading to 
the Discovery of the Sources of the 
Mississippi and Bloody River. With 
a description of the whole course of 
the former and of the Ohio. Map and 
plates. 2 vols., 8vo, boards-, uncut. 
London, 1828. $4.00 

Vol. II. relates almost entirely to the North 
American Indians. 

730 BoUaert, William. Antiqua- 
rian, Ethnological, and Other Re- 
searches in New Granada, Equador, 
Peru, and Chile, with Observations 
on Monuments of the Peruvian Na- 
tions. Map and plates. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 279. London, i860. 


731 Bourke, John G. On the Bor- 
der with Crook. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 491. London, 1892. $2.50 

732 Bradford, Alex. W. American 
Antiquities and Researches into the 
Origin and History of the Red Race. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 435. New York, 1841. 


733 Brainerd, David. Account of 
the Life of. Missionary to the In- 
dians and Pastor of a Church of 
Christian Indians in New Jersey. By 
Jonathan Edwards. 8vo, old calf, pp. 
318. Boston, 1749. $5.00 

The rare first edition, with name of former 
owner scratched ofiF the top of title-page. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



734 Brett, W. H. The Indian 
Tribes of Guiana, with Researches 
into Their Past History, Supersti- 
tions, Legends, Antiquities, and Lan- 
guage. Map and colored plates. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 500. London, 1868. $4.00 

735 Brine, Lindesay. Travels 
amongst American Indians, Their 
Ancient Earthworks and Temples. 
Profusely illustrated. Svo, cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 429. London, 1894. $3.50 

736 Bryant, Chas. S. A History 
of the Great Massacre by the Sioux 
Indians in Minnesota, including the 
Personal Narratives of Many Who 
Escaped. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 504. Cincinnati, 1864. $2.50 

737 Carrington, Henry B. Ab-sa- 
ra-1^, Land of Massacre, with Out- 
line of Indian Operations, 1865-78. 
Life on the Plains. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
383. Philadelphia, 1878. $1.00 

738 Case (The) of the Seneca In- 
dians in New York State. Illustrated 
by facts printed for the Four Yearly 
Meetings of Friends of Genesee, New 
York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. 
Svo, cloth, pp. 256. Philadelphia, 
1840. $1.50 

739 Catlin, Geo. Illustrations of 
the Manners, Customs, and Condi- 
tions of the North American Indians, 
Written during Eight Years' Travel 
amongst the Wildest Tribes. Map 
and 360 illustrations from the author's 
original paintings. Early edition and 
capital impressions. 2 vols., royal 
8vo, half morocco, gilt tips. London, 
1851. $12.50 

A most interesting and valuable work, written 
from no brief acquaintance with the savage 
tribes, but from long and intimate experience. 
Many of these tribes have passed away forever, 
others are rapidly disappearing, and future gen« 
erations will turn to these pages for a record of 
their peculiar habits, customs, legends, cere- 
monies, etc., etc. 

740 Catlin, George. Letters and 
Notes on the Manners, Customs, and 
Conditions of the North American In- 
dians, Written during Eight Years' 

Travel amongst the Wildest Tribes, 
1832-39. Illustrated with 400 colored 
engravings from the author's original 
paintings. 2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth,^ 
uncut. London, 1841. (Reprint.) 


741 Catlin, Geo. Notes of Eight 
Years' Travels and Residence in Eu- 
rope, with His North American In- 
dian Collection. Illustrated. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1848. $2.50 

742 Cherokee Laws. Laws of the 
Cherokee Nation Adopted by the 
Council at Various Periods (pp. 179); 
The Constitution and Laws, 1839-51 
(pp. 248). 2 vols, in I. i2mo, half 
bound. Tahlequah, 1852. $12.50 

First few pages stained. 

743 Cherokee. Cherokee Pictorial 
Book, with Catechism and Hymns. 
By A. N. Chamberlin. i6mo, pp. 145. 
Tahlequah, 1888. $1.25 

744 Chippewa. New Testament in 
the Chippewa Language. i2mo, 
sheep, pp. 474. Albany, 1833. $2.00 

745 Choctaw. The New Testament 
of Jesus Christ in the Choctaw Lan- 
guage. i2mo, leather, pp. 818. New 
York, 1871. $2.00 

746 Choctaw. The Books of 
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Trans- 
lated into Choctaw Language. i2mo, 
leather, pp. 256. New York, 1852. 


747 Clark, W. P. The Indian Sign 
Language, with brief explanatory 
notes, and a description of some of the 
Peculiar Laws, Customs, Myths, Su- 
perstitions, Ways of Living, Code of 
Peace, and War Signals of our Abo- 
rigines, etc. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
443. Philadelphia, 1885. $1.50 

748 Colden, Cadwallader (Surveyor- 
General of New York). The History 
of the Five Indian Nations of Canada^ 
Which Are the Barrier between the 
English and French in That Part of 
the World, with Particular Accounts 
of Their Religion, Manners, Customs^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Laws, and Government; Their Sev- 
eral Battles and Treaties with the Eu- 
ropean Nations; Their Wars with the 
Other Indians, and a True Account 
of the Present State of Our Trade 
with Them. 2d edition. Map. 8vo, 
calf, pp. 204 + 284. London, 1750. 


749 Coleson, Annie. Own Narrative 
of Her Captivity among the Sioux 
Indians and Account of Her Terrible 
Sufferings. Illustrated. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 94. Philadelphia, 1875. $1.00 

750 Crantz, David. The Ancient 
and Modem History of the Brethren; 
or, Narrative erf the Church of the 
United Brethren. Translated by 
Benj. La Trobe. 8vo, half red mo- 
rocco, uncut, pp. 650. London, 1780. 

A fine copy. 

751 Cresap, Capt. Michael. A Bio- 
graphical Sketch of. By John J. 
Jacob. With notes and appendix. 
4to, paper, pp. 158. Also, A Journal 
of Wayne's Campaign against the 
Northwest Indians, by Lieut. Boyer. 
2 vols, in I. 4to, paper, pp. 23. Cin- 
cinnati, 1866. $2.00 

752 Cr^vecoeur, Hector St. J. Voy- 
age dans la Haute Pensylvanie et 
dans I'Etat de New- York. (Tour 
through Upper Pennsylvania and the 
State of New York by an Adopted 
Member of. the Oneida Tribe.) Maps 
and plates, including portraits of 
chiefs and fine folding views of Ni- 
agara (portrait of Washington miss- 
in&)- 3 vols., 8vo, calf. Paris, 1801. 


753 Cummuck, Thomas. Indian 
Melodies (with Native Indian Music). 
Oblong boards. New York, 1845. 


754 Dakota. Okodakiciye Woce- 
kiye Gowapi Kiu (Dakota Book of 
Common Prayer). i2mo, cloth, pp. 
664. New York, 1878. $1.50 

755 Delafield, John, Jr. An In- 
quiry into the Origin of the Antiqui- 

ties of America, with an Appendix 
containing Notes and View of the 
Causes of the Superiority of the Men 
of the Northern over Those of the 
Southern Hemisphere. Plates and 
large folding one of Mexican paint- 
ing. 4to, cloth. New York, 1839. 

Scarce, especially Mrith the long plate perfect. 
A fine copy. 

756 De Smet, P. J. Western Mis- 
sions and Missionaries: A Series of 
Letters. i2mo, cloth, pp. 532. New 
York, 1863. $1.50 

757 Brake, Samuel G. Biography 
and History of the Indians of North 
America, with Lives of All the Dis- 
tinguished Chiefs, History of Their 
Wars, Manners, Customs, etc. Por- 
traits- 8vo, sheeip. Boston, 1834. 


A good clean copy. 

758 Edls, Myron. History of In- 
dian Missions on the Pacific Coast — 
Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. ^ 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 270. 
Philadelphia, 1882. $1.25 

759 Ellis, Ed. S. The Indian Wars 
of the United States from the First 
Settlement at Jamestown in 1607 to 
the Close of flie Great Uprising of 
1890-91. (King Philip's War, Ba- * 
con's Rebellion in Virginia, Pontiac's 
Conspiracy, etc.) Numerous illustra- 
tions. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 516. 
New York, 1892. $3.00 

760 Pinerty, John F. War-Path 
and Bivouac; or. The Conquest of the 
Sioux, and the Big Horn and Yellow- 
stone Expedition of 1876. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 460. Chicago, 1890. 


761 Finley, James B. Life among 
the Indians; or. Personal Reminis- 
cences and Historical Incidents. Por- 
trait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 548. Cincin- 
nati, i860. $2.00 

762 Fletcher, Alice C. Indian 
Stor}' and Song from North America. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 124. Boston, 1900. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



763 Fofter, Geo. E. Literature of 
the Cherokees, also Bibliography. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 120. Ith'aca, 1889. 


764 Foster, Geo. E. Story of the 
Cherokee Bible. i2mo, cloth, pp. 160. 
Ithaca, 1899. $1.25 

765 Foster. Prehistoric Races of 
the United States of America. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 415. Chicago, 
1881. $2.25 

766 Four Sings of Canada, The. 
Being a Succinct Account of the Four 
Indian Princes Lately Arrived from 
North America, with a Particular De- 
scription of Their Country. i2mo, 
paper, uncut, pp. 48. London, 1710. 


" A fmcsimile reprint of this very rare book. 
These sachems were induced to accompany 
Colonel Schuyler to England for the purpose 
not only of confirming the attachment of the 
Five Nations to the British interest as opposed 
to the French, but also to enlist that of the 
Court in Colonial affairs" (Field). Only 200 
copies of this reprint were made. 

767 Oottsohall, Amos H. Travels 
from Ocean to Ocefan, embracing 
Tours with Buffalo Hunters, Life 
among the Indians, etc. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 286. Harrisburg, 
1894. $1.00 

768 Grinnell, Geo. Bird. Pawnee 
Hero Stories and Folk-Tales, with 
Notes on the Origin, Customs, and 
Character of the Pawnee People. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 417. New 
York, 1889. $2.00 

769 Hawkins, Ernest. Historical 
Notices of Missions of Church of Eng- 
land in the North American Colonies 
Previous to the Independence of 
United States. 8vo, cloth, pp. 447. 
London, 1845. $5-00 

First settlements of South Carolina, Georgia, 
North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, 
New England, New York. Early missions to 
Indians ; also discovery, settlement, etc., of 
Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. 

770 Hayden, F. V. Tenth Annual 
Report of the Geological and Geo- 
graphical Survey of the Territories 

(with papers on Archaeology and An- 
tiquities). Maps and plates. Thick 
8vo, cloth. Washington, 1878. $2.00 

771 Heard, I. V. D. History of the 
Sioux War and Massacres of 1862-63. 
Portraits and illustrations. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 354. New York, 1864. 


^72 Eeokewelder, John. Account 
of the History, Manners, and Cus- 
toms of the Indians of Pennsylvania. 
8vo, uncut, pp. 465. Philadelphia, 
1819. $10.00 

Unique copy from library of F. D. Stone, 
and was used in preparation of the new edition 
published in 1876. Contains a great amount of 
autograph notes, corrections, etc., interleaved 
and laid in. 

773 Eeokewelder, John. Account 
of History, Manners, and Customs of 
Indian Natives Who Once Inhabited 
Pennsylvania and Neighbouring 
States, with Correspondence between 
Mr. Heckewelder and Mr. Dupon- 
ceau on Languages of American In- 
dians; also Words, Phrases, and Short 
Dialogues in Language of the Lenni 
Lenape by Heckewelder. 8vo, calf, 
pp. 465. Philadelphia, 1819. $5.00 

Volume I., Transactions, Historical and 
Literary Society, Philadelphia. Very scarce. 

774 Heckewelder, John. Narrative 
of the Mission of the United Brethren 
among the Delaware and Mohegan 
Indians, 1740-1808, with Historical 
Facts, Anecdotes, Speeches, etc.. 
Which Took Place at Their Mission- 
ary Stations. Portrait. 8vo, boards, 
uncut (a little foxed), pp. 431. Phila- 
delphia, 1820. $7.50 

775 Irving, John T. Indian 
Sketches Taken during an Expedition 
to the Pawnee and Other Tribes of 
American Indians. 2 vols., i2mo. 
London: John Murray, 1835. $2.50 

776 Jackson, Helen. A Century of 
Dishonor: A Sketch of the United 
States Government's Dealings with 
Some of the Indian Tribes. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 514. Boston, 1885. $1.25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



yyy Johnson Captivity. Narrative 
of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, 
containing an Account of Her Suffer- 
ings during Four Years with the In- 
dians and French. i8mo, half roan, 
pp. 150. Lowell, 1834. $2.00 

778 Jones, Peter. History of the 
Ojebway Indians. Illustrated with 
fine lithographic plates, portraits of 
chiefs, views, antiquities, etc. Post 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 278. London. 


Best edition. Containing a memoir of the 

779 Kip, Rev. William Ingraham. 
The Early Jesuit Missions in North 
America. Compiled and translated 
from the letters of the French Jesuits, 
with notes and a copy of a map pub- 
lished by the Jesuits in 1664. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 321. New York, 1846. 


780 Blirkland, Joseph. The Chi- 
cago Massacre of 1812. With illus- 
trations and historical documents. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 224. Chicago, 1893. 


781 Larimer, Sarah L. The Cap- 
ture and Escape; or. Life among the 
Sioux. i2mo, cloth, pp. 252. Phila- 
delphia, 1870. $1.50 

782 Lcland, Chas. G. The Algon- 
quin Legends of New England; or. 
Myths and Folk-Lore of the Micmac, 
Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot 
Tribes. i2mo, cloth, pp. 379. Lon- 
don, 1884. $2.00 

783 McAdams, Wm. Record of 
Ancient Races in the Mississippi Val- 
ley. With cuts illustrating over 300 
objects and symbolic devices. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 120. St. Louis, 1887. 


784 HcCnUoh, J. H., Jr. Re- 
searches Philosophical and Antiqua- 
rian Concerning the Aboriginal His- 
tory of America. Map. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut, pp. 535. 
Baltimore, 1829. $5.00 

Best edition of this most complete and valu- 
able work. 

785 McEenny, Thos. L. Memoirs 
Official and Personal, with Sketches 
of Travels among the Northern and 
Southern Indians, embracing a War 
Excursion and Descriptions of Scenes 
along the Western Borders. Fine 
steel portrait. 8vo, 2 vols, in i. New 
York, 1846. $4.00 

786 MacLcan, J. P. The Mound 
Builders: An Account of a Remarka- 
ble People That Once Inhabited the 
Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 233. Cincin- 
nati, 1893- $1.25 

787 Manypenny, Geo. W. Our In- 
dian Wards. 8vo, calf, pp. 436. Cin- 
cinnati, 1880. $1.25 

From the earliest date to the Agreement of 
1873, including Conspiracy of Pontiac, St. 
Clair's Defeat, Tecumseh, the Indians of Utah, 
Colorado, Arizona, etc. Military operations in 
Montana, Sioux War, 1876, etc. 

788 Meacham, A. B. Wi-ne-ma 
and Her People (the Woman Chief 
of the Modoc Nation). Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 168. Hartford, 1876. 


789 Memorial of the Dedication of 
Monuments Erected by the Moravian 
Historical Society to Mark the Sites 
of Ancient Missionary Stations in 
New York and Connecticut. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 185. New York, i860. 


790 Messiter, Chas. A. Sport and 
Adventures among the North Amer- 
ican Indians. With illustrations by 
Charles Whymper. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
368. London, 1890. $2.00 

791 Kilfort (Gen). Memoire, ou 
Coup-d'oeil rapide sur mes differens 
voyages et mon sejour dans la nation 
Creek. 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 332. 
Paris, 1802. $5.00 

Very scarce. Field's copy brought $9.00. 
An authentic narrative of life with the Creek 
Indians. Milfort, a Frenchman, was made the 
commander of the warriors of the nation, and 
led them against both the Spaniards and Ameri- 

792 Miller, Wm. J. Notes Con- 
cerning the Wampanoag Tribe of In- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



dians. i2mo, cloth, pp. 148. Provi- 
dence, 1880. $1.50 

793 Hortoiii Samuel G. Crania 
Americana; or, Comparative View of 
the Skulls of Various Aboriginal Na- 
tions of North and South America. 
78 plates and a map. Folio, cloth, 
uncut (slightly water-stained). Phila- 
delphia, 1839. $25.00 

Both in this country and in Europe, wherever 
learning and science are reverenced, Mr. 
Morton's work has been recognized as one of 
the best contributions to exact knowledge of the 
history of man ever offered as the work of one 

794 Mnskokee. The Gospel Ac- 
cording to Matthew. i8mo, cloth. 
Park Hill, 1855. $1,25 

795 Mnskokee. Hymns in Musko- 
kee. Collected and revised by R. M. 
Longbridge. i8mo, pp. 220. Phila- 
delphia, n. d. ' $1.50 

796 Hew York, Regents of Uni- 
versity of. Third Annual Report of 
State Cabinet of Natural History, and 
the Historical and Antiquarian Col- 
lection Annexed TheretxD. Colored 
plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 183. Albany, 
1850. $2.00 

Dr. Hough's and Lewis H. Morgan's papers 
on Indian Antiquities. 

797 Ojibways. History of the 
Ojibways, by Wm. W. Warren; His- 
tory of the Ojibways and Their Con- 
nection with the Fur Trade, by Ed- 
ward D. Neill. (Vol. v., Minnesota 
Historical Society.) 8vo, paper, pp. 
535. St. Paul, 1885. $1.50 

798 Orton, J. R. Camp-Fires of 
the Red Men; or, A Hundred Years 
Ago. Plates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 401. 
New York, 1855. $1.50 

799 OtcMpwe Language. A The- 
oretical and Practical Grammar of the 
Otchipwe Language for Use of Mis- 
sionaries and Other Persons Living 
among the Indians. By R. R. Bishop 
Baraga. i2mo, paper, pp. 421. Mon- 
treal, 1878. $5.00 

800 Otis, E. S., Lieut-Col., U. S. A. 
Tlie Indian Question. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 283. New York, 1878. $1.00 

801 Paul, Col. James. Narrative 
of the Wonderful Escape and Dread- 
ful Sufferings of, after the Defeat of 
Col. Crawford, when That Unfortu- 
nate Commander and Many of His 
Men Were Burnt at the Stake. By 
Robt. A. Sherrard. 8vo, pp. 22. 
Cincinnati, 1869. -So 

802 Patenon, Arthur. The Daugh- 
ter of the Nez Perces. Portrait. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 381. New York, 
1894. $1.25 

Historical tale founded on fact. Portrait of 
Joseph, chief of the Nez Perc^ tribe. 

803 Peet, Stephen D. The Ameri- 
can Antiquarian: A Quarterly Journal 
Devoted to Early American History, 
Ethnology, and Archaeolc^^. Vol. I., 
No. I, April, 1878, to Vol. V., No. i, 
January, 1883. Cleveland and Chi- 
cago. $5.00 

804 Peirce, Ebenezer W. Indian 
History, Biography, and Genealogy 
Pertaining to the Grood Sachem Mas- 
sasoit of the Wampanoag Tribe and 
His Descendants. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 261. North Abingdon, 
1878. $1.75 

805 Pidgeon, Wm. Traditions of 
De-Coo-Dah and Antiquarian Re- 
searches, comprising Extensive Ex- 
plorations, Excavations, etc., of the 
Earthem Remains of the Mound- 
Builders in America, the Evidtences of 
an Ancient Population more Numer- 
ous than the Present Aborigines. 70 
illustrations, some folding. 8vo, cloth, 
PP- 334- New York, 1858. $2.00 

The record of personal examination of a large 
number of ancient mounds and fortifications, 
and traditions regarding them, obtained from 
an aged Sioux chief. 

806 Pierce, M. B. Address on the 
Present Condition and Prospects of 
the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Amer- 
ica, with Particular Reference to the 
Seneca Nation. 8vo, pp. 16. n. p. 
(Steele's Press), 1838. $1.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



807 Priest, Josiah. American An- 
tiquities and Discoveries in the West, 
being the Evidence that an Ancient 
Population, Differing Entirely from 
the Indians, Peopled America Many 
Centuries before Columbus. Folding 
and other plates. 8vo, sheep, pp. 400. 
Albany, 1834. $3.50 

808 Putnam, F. W. The Archae- 
ological and Ethnological Collections 

. from Vicinity of ^nta Barbara and 
from Ruined Pueblos of Arizona and 
New Mexico, with Appendix on In- 
dian Vocabularies. 20 plates of hun- 
dreds of figures, and 135 woodtuts. 
4to, cloth, pp. 497. Washington, 

1879. $4.00 

809 Biggs, S. R. Grammar and 
Dictionary of the Dakota Language, 
collected by Members of the Dakota 
Mission. 4to, half morocco. Wash- 
ington, 1851. $5.00 

Interesting copy, having been the property of 
the missionary at Yankton school. A map of 
the Dakota country has been inserted ; also 
newspaper clippings, etc. 

810 Biggs, Stephen R. Mary and 
I : Forty Years with the Sioux. With 
Introduction by S. C. Bartlett. Por- 
trait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 388. Chicago, 

1880. $1.50 

811 Biggs, Stephen R. Tah-Koo 
Wah-Kau; or. The Gospel among the 
Dakotas. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth 
(worn), pp. 491. Boston, 1869. $1.50 

812 St. Clair, Gen. Narrative of 
Manner in Which the Campaign 
against the Indians in 1791 Was Con- 
ducted, with His Own Observations, 
Reports, etc. 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 
273, etc. Philadelphia, 1812. $5.00 

Slightly water-stained. 

813 (Sanders.) History of the In- 
dian Wars with the First Settlers of 
the United States to the Commencej- 
ment of the Late War. 2 plates. 8vo, 
paper, uncut, pp. 186. Rochester, 
1828 (reprinted 1893). $1.50 

814 Schoolcraft (W. H.). Histori- 
cal and Statistical Information Re- 
specting the History, Antiquities, 

Language, Ethnology, Pictography, 
Rites, Superstitions, and M)r9iology 
of the Indian Tribes of the United 
States. With about 500 plates of 
views, portraits, ancient pottery, cook- 
ing utensils, picture writing, written 
music, weapons, sculpture, dwellings, 
etc. 5 vols., 4to. Philadelphia, 
1853-56. $25.00 

The most important work ever written on the 
aborigines of America, and now rare. It em- 
bodies almost all the existing authentic informa- 
tion concerning their religions, traditions, Ian- ' 
guages, art, history, vocabularies, legends, 
captivities, Indian wars, etc. 

815 Seminole War. Debate in the 
House of Representatives, January 
and February, 1819, on the Seminole 
War. i2mo, boards, uncut, pp. 591. 
Washington, 1819. $1.50 

816 Shea^ John Gilmary. Library 
of American Linguistics. Complete 
set. Vol. I. half ralf, balance in orig- 
inal paper covers, uncut. 15 vols., 
royal 8vo. New York: Cramoisy 
Press, 1860-74. $60.00 

Only 100 copies of each volume were printed 
of this valuable work, and complete sets are 
rarely found. The volumes are as follows : 

No. I. Shea: A French-Onondaga Diction- 

No. a. Menj^ni : A Selish or Flathead 

No. 3. Smith (Buckingham): A Grammati- 
cal Sketch of the H^ve Language. 

No. 4. Arroyo de la Cuesta : Grammar of the 
Mutsun Language. 

No. 5. Smith (Buckingham) : Pima or Ne- 
vome Grammar. 

No. 6. Pandosy: Grammar and Dictionary of 
the Yakama Language. 

No. 7. Sitjar: Vocabulary of San Antonio 
Mission, Cal. 

No. 8. Vocabulary of the Mustin Language 
of Alta, Cal. 

No. 9. Maillard : Grammar of the Mikmaque 
Language, Nova Scotia. 

No. 10. Bruyas: Radical Words of the Mo- 
hawk Language. 

No. II. Gibbs : Alphabetical Vocabularies of 
the Clallam and Lummi. 

No. 12. Gibbs : A Dictionary of the Chinook 
Jargon, or Trade Language of Oregon. 

No. 13. Gibbs : Alphabetical Vocabulary of 
the Chinook Language. 

Series a. No. i. Matthews : Grammar and 
Dictionary of the Hidatsa Language. 

Series 2. No. 2. Matthews : Hidatsa and 
English Dictionary. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



817 Sheridan, Gen. P. H. Record 
of Engagements with Hostile Indians, 
1868-82, within the Military Division 
of the Missouri. 8vo, paper, pp. 112. 
Washington, 1882. $1.25 

818 SMeldi, G. O. The Battle of 
the Big Hole: A History of Gen. Gib- 
bon's Engagement with the Nez 
Perces InSans, Augfust 9, 1877. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 120. Chi- 
cago, 1889. $1.50 

819 Short, John T. The North 
Americans of Antiquity; Their Ori- 
gin, Migration, and Type of Qviliza- 
tion Considered. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 544. New York, 1880. 


820 Speeches on the Passage of the 
Bill for the Removal of the Indians, 
delivered in Congress, April and May, 
1830. i2mo, txxirds, pp. 304. Bos- 
ton, 1830. $j[.oo 

The history of their forced immigration is 
here giTen. 

821 Sqnier, E. G. The Serpent 
Symbol, and the Worship of the Re- 
ciprocal Principles of Nature in Amer- 
ica. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 254. 
New York, 185 1. $10.00 

822 Squier, E. G. Antiquities of 
the State of New York the Results 
of Extensive Surveys and Explora- 
tions, with a Supplement on the An- 
tiquities of the West. Plates. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 343. Buffalo, 1851. $4.50 

823 Stevens, Edward T. Flint 
Chips: A Guide to Prehistoric Archae- 
ology, as Illustrated in the Blackmore 
Museum. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth. 
London, 1870. $5.00 

Much the largest portion of the volume is de- 
voted to the description of the utensils, weapons, 
and ornaments manufactured by the North 
American Indians. Their habitations, mounds, 
fortifications, and antiquities are described at 
great length, and with much evident research. 

824 Stickney, Wm. S. Memorial 
Sketch of (Secretary of the Ute Com- 
mission). By his father. Portraits. 
Svo, cloth, pp. 448. Washington 
(printed for private circulation), 1881. 


825 Street, Alfred B. Frontenac: 
A Poem of the Iroquois. Portrait and 
plate. 4to, cloth, uncut, pp. 324. Al- 
bany, 1866. $3.50 

A large and thick paper copy. 

826 Snlliyan'f Expedition. Jour- 
nals of the Military Expeditions of 
John Sullivan, against the Six Indian 
Nations, in 1779, with Records of the 
Centennial Celebrations. By Fred- 
erick Cook. Maps and steel plates* 
RoyBl 8vo, cloth, pp. 580. Auburn, 
1807. $2.50 

827 Tan-Oo-Ban-A: An Historical 
Drama (on the Indians of Pennsyl- 
vania). i2mo, cloth, pp. 280. Phila- 
delphia, 1856. .75 

828 The TTte War: A History of 
the White River Massacre and the 
Hardships of the Captive White 
Women among the Hostiles on Grand 
River. Illustrated. 8vo, paper, pp. 
192. Denver, 1879. $2.00 

829 Thomas, Prof. Cyrus. The 
Cherokees in Pre-Columbian Times. 
i2mo, cloth. New York, 1890. .75 

The author, while in charge of the mound 
explorations carried on by the United States 
Government, had unusual opportunity to make 
this his life-study. 

830 (Thornton, Charles). An En- 
quiry into the Causes of the Aliena- 
tion of the Delaware and Shawanese 
Indians from the British Interest, and 
into the Measures Taken for Recov- 
ering Their Friendship. Map. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 184. London, 1759. 

Gives a full account of Penn's famous Indian 
Walk in 1737. Certain chiefs having been called 
together by the speculators, two persons were 
produced who testified that they were present 
at a council fifty years before, at which as 
much land was ceded to William Penn as a man 
could walk around in a day and a half. To 
locate as large a territory as possible a trained 
pedestrian was employed who was met at ap- 
pointed stations by refreshments, and thus was 
enabled to traverse a route which cut off a 
million acres of Indian territory. Endless con- 
ferences and councils were followed by bloody 
massacres that devasted the border settlements 
of Pennsylvania and Virginia for twenty years. 
The above rare volume is a complete contempo- 
raneous account. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



831 Tnunbully Henry. History of 
the Discovery of America, of the 
Landing of Our Forefathers and the 
Most Remarkable Engagements with 
the Indians of New England; with 
Account of Braddock, Harmer, and 
St. Qair, and the Creek and Seminole 
War. Folding plate. 8vo, pp. 304. 
Boston, 1840. $3.00 

In this copy the folding plate is not torn, 
which is very rare. 

832 Tuttle, Chas. R. History of 
the Border Wars of Two Centuries, 
embracing a Narrative of the Wars 
with the Indians, 1750-1874. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 608. Chicago, 
1874. $2.00 

833 Wak«, C. Staniland. Memoirs 
of the International Congress of An- 
thropology (with Papers on Archae- 
ology, Ethnology, Folk-Lore, Lin- 
guistics, etc.). 8vo, cloth, pp. 375. 
Chicago, 1894. $4.00 

834 Watson, Henry C. Six Nights 
in a Block House; or, Sketches of 
Border Life, with Adventures among 
the Indians and Feats of Wild Hunt- 
ers. Illustrated.. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
448. Philadelphia, i860. $1.50 

835 W«stcm Scenes and Reminis- 
cences, with Legends and Traditions 
of the Red Men of the Forest, with 
Narratives of Adventures among the 
Indians, Origin, Language, etc. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 495. Au- 
T)um, 1853. $3.00 

636 Wheelock, Eleazar. Plain and 
Faithful Narrative of the Original 
Design, Rise, Progress, and Present 
State of the Indian Charity School at 
Lebanon, Conn. 8vo, pp. 55. Bos- 

ton, 1763. Continuation of the Nar- 
rative from 1768 to the Incorporation 
with Dartmouth College, 1771. 8vo, 
pp. 61. Printed in the year 1771. 
Continuation of the Nai^tive from 
September 26, 1773, to February 20, 
1775. 4to, pp. 40. $9.00 

Three very rare pieces, unbound. 

837 Wh^lock, Eleazar. Memoirs 
of the Founder of Dartmouth College 
and Moor's Indian Charity School, 
with Copious Extracts from His Cor- 
respondence. By David McClure and 
Elijah Parish. Portrait. 8vo, sheep, 
PP- 336. Newburyport, 181 1. $3.00 

838 wad life on the Plains and 
Horrors of Indian Warfare. Pro- 
fusely illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 592. 
St. Louis, 1891. $1.50 

The whole forms a complete history of the 
savage races in America, their leaders, manners, 
customs, etc. 

839 Waison, M. M. The Semi- 
noles of Florida (Massacre of Gren. 
Thompson and of Dade's Forces, 
Generals and Marriages, Vocabulary, 
Dress, Ornament, etc.) Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 126. Philadelphia, 
1896. $1.00 

840 Wilson, Marcius. American 
History, comprising Historical 
Sketches of the Indian Tribes, a De- 
scription of American Antiquities, 
History of the British Provinces, 
Mexico, and Texas. 8vo, sheep, pp. 
672. New York, 1847. $2.00 

841 Yonngy Egerton R. Stories 
from the Indian Wigwams and 
Northern Gamp-Fires. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 293. New York, 
1893. $1.25 


{Including a Few English Genealogical Works.) 

842 Alden. The Story of a Pilgrim 
Family from the Mayflower to the 
Present Time, with Letters, Incidents, 
and Genealogy. By John Alden. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, half roan, pp. 440. 
Boston, 1889. $3.00 

843 Alison. History of the Alison 
or Allison Family in Europe and 
America, 1185-1893. By Leonard A. 
Monson. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
312. Boston, 1893. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



844 Alumni Oxoniensis: The Mem- 
bers of the University of Oxford, 
1500-1886, Their Parentage, Birth- 
place, and Year of Birth, with a Rec- 
ord of Their Degrees, Alphabetically 
Arranged. Revised and annotated by 
Joseph Foster. Both series complete. 
Numerous illustrations. 8 vols., royal 
8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1892. $15.00 

Published for $80.00. A most valuable work 
appealing to every genealogist and to all engaged 
in biographical and historical pursuits. 

845 American Ancestry. Giving 
the Names and Descent in the Male 
Line of Americans Whose Ancestors 
Settled in the United States Previous 
to the Declaration of Independence. 
Vols. IV.-XI. 8 vols., 8vo, boards. 
Albany: Munsell, 1889-98. $20.00 

846 American Ancestry: Names 
and Descent in the Male Line of 
Americans Whose Ancestors Settled 
in the United States Previous to the 
Declaration of Independence, 1776. 
8vo, boards. Vol. V. $2.00 

The same. Vol. IX. $2.00 

847 American Genealogies. A Col- 
lection of Twenty Family Histories 
(many unusual). Bound in 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth, V. y. $15.00 

Hallock Ancestry, 1863; Bickneirs Genealogy, 
1880; The Garfields of England; Births, Mar- 
riages and Deaths in Hartford, Windsor, and 
Fairfield, Conn., from 1631-91; Dodge Family 
in America 1879; Munsell Family; Hunton 
Family, etc. 

848 American Oenealogioal Queries, 
1887. 8vo, paper, pp. 2^. Newport, 
R. I., 1887. ,75 

849 Antill, Edward, and His De- 
scendants: Particularly Edward An- 
till, 2d, of Piscataway, N. J.; Lieut,- 
Col. Edward Antill, 3d, of Quebec; 
Dr. Lewis Antill of Perth Amboy, 
and Maj. John Antill of New York. 
By Wm. Nelson. 8vo, paper, pp. 36. 
Paterson, 1899. $1.50 

Only 100 printed. ** WithJCompliments of 
William Nelson." 

850 Archer, J. H. Lawrence. The 
Orders of Chivalry. From the Orig- 
inal Statutes of the Various Orders 

of Knighthood and Other Sources of 
Information. Numerous illustrations. 
4to, cloth, pp. 355. London, 1887. 


851 Ashley. A History of the De- 
scendants of Robert Ashley of Spring- 
field, Mass., by Francis Bacon Trow- 
bridge. Portraits and views. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 470. New Haven, 1896. 


852 Austin, John Osborne. An- 
cestry of Thirty-three Rhode Island- 
ers (bom in the i8th Century), also 
2y charts of Roger Williams' De- 
scendants to the Fifth CJeneration. 
Folio, boards, pp. 139. (Published at 
$5.00.) $2.00 

853 Austin, John O. The Ances- 
tral Dictionary (of 64 Rhode Island 
Families). 8vo, cloth. Providence, 
1891. $1.50 

854 Aylsworth, Arthur, and His 
Descendants in America, with Notes 
Historical and Genealogical. By 
Homer E. Aylsworth. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
630. Providence, 1887. $5.00 

Edition limited to 250 copies prepared for the 

855 Bailey, Frederic W. Early 
Connecticut Marriages as Found on 
Ancient Church Records Prior to 
1800. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New 
Haven, 1896. $3.00 

856 BalloTi. An Elaborate History 
and Genealogy of the Ballous in 
America. By Adin Ballou. Plates. 
8vo, half sheep, pp. 1324. Provi- 
dence, 1888. $6.00 

857 Banks, T. C. The Dormant 
and Extinct Baronage of England; or. 
An Historical and Genealogical Ac- 
count of the Lives, Public Employ- 
ments, and Most Memorable Actions 
of the English Nobility from the Nor- 
man Conquest to 1806. From Public 
Records, Ancient Historians, the 
Works of Eminent Heralds, etc. 3 
vols., thick 4to, boards, uncut. Lon- 
don, 1807. $5.00 

Contains ** Barones Rejecti," being an ac- 
count of individuals who appear to have held 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



the rank of baron, but who are not noticed by 
other writers, which in many instances exhibits 
proofs of considerable research. 

858 Bartow. The Bartow Geneal- 
ogy, containing Every One of the 
Name of Bartow Descended from Dr. 
Thomas Bartow. 2 parts, with sup- 
plement, The Bartow Family in Eng- 
land. 3 vols., 8vo, paper, 1879-86. 


859 Bellows. Historical Sketch of 
Col. Benj. Bellows, Founder of Wal- 
pole, N. H.; the Gathering of His De- 
scendants, October 11, 1854. By 
Henry W. Bellows. Coat of Arms. 
8vo, pp. 125. New York, 1855. 


860 Bird. Genealogical Sketch of 
the Bird Family Having Its Origin 
in Hartford, Conn. 8vo, paper, pp. 
24. Hartford, 1855. $2.50 

This copy has numerous additions in MS., 
evidently by a member of the family. 

861 Bissell. Genealogy of the Bis- 
sell Family. 8vo, paper, pp. 16. n. d. 


862 Bolton. The Family of Bolton 
in England and America, 11 00- 1894. 
By Henry C. and Reginald P. Bolton. 
Illustrations, tables, etc. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 524. New York (privately 
printed), 1895. $8.00 

863 Bond, Henry. Genealogies of 
the Families and Descendants of the 
Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass. 
With illustration, maps, and notes. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 1084. Boston, 
i860. $15-00 

864 Book of Dignities: List of the 
Official Personages of the British Em- 
pire, Civil, Diplomatic, Heraldic, Ju- 
dicial, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Na- 
val, and Military, from the Earliest 
Periods to the Present Time. Re- 
modeled and brought down to 
185 1 by Joseph Hadyn, and con- 
tinued to the present time, with 
numerous additional lists and an in- 
dex by Horace Ockerby. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 1 1 70. London, 1890. $5-00 

Important for reference. 

865 Borlase. The Descent, Name, 
and Arms of Borlase of Borlase, in 
the County of Cornwall, with a chart 
pedigree and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 205. London, 1888. $2.00 • 

866 Bowdoin. Some Accounts of 
the Bowdoin Family, with Notes of 
the Families of Portage, Newgate, 
Lynde, and Erving. By Temple 
Prime. 8vo, paper, pp. 28. New 
York, 1887. $1.25 

867 Brainerd. Genealogy of the 
Brainerd Family in the United States. 
With Numerous Sketches of Individ- 
uals. By Rev. David D. Field. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 302. New 
York, 1857. $2.00 

868 Bfetz. Genealogy of the Lud- 
wig Bretz Family, 1750-1890. By E. 
W. S. Parthemore. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
142. Harrisburg, 1890. $5.00 

Only 100 copies printed. 

869 Bridger, Charles. An Index to 
Printed Pedigrees Contained in 
County and Local Histories and 
Heralds' Visitations, and in the More 
Important Genealogical Collections. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 384. London, 1867. 


A valuable reference work. 

870 Bridgman. Genealogy of the 
Bridgman Family. Descendants of 
James Bridgman, 1636-1894. Por- 
traits. 8vo, half morocco, pp. 168. 
Hyde Park, 1894. $2.50 

871 Briggs. A Partial Record o( 
the Descendants of Walter Briggs of 
Westchester. Compiled by Sam 
Briggs. 4to, paper, pp. 51. Qeve- 
land, 1878. $3.00 

872 Bright. The Brights of Suf- 
folk, England, Represented in Amer- 
ica by the Descendants of Henry 
Bright, Jr., Who Came to New Eng- 
land in 1630. By J. B. Bright. Por- 
traits. 8vo, pp. 345. Boston (for pri- 
vate distribution), 1858. $5.00 

873 Brock, R. A. Documents 
Chiefly Unpublished Relating to the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Huguenot Emigration to Virginia, 
with Appendix of Genealogies. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 247. Richmond (Va.) His- 
torical Society, 1886. $2.00 

874 Browne. The Chad Browne 
Memorial, consisting of Genealogical 
Memoirs of a Portion of the De- 
scendants of Chad and Elizabeth 
Browne, 1638-1888. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
173. Brooklyn, 1888. $5.00 

A limited edition printed for the family. 

87s Burke, John Bernard. The 
Royal Families of England, Scotland, 
and Wales, with Their Descendants, 
Sovereigns, and Subjects. Steel por- 
trait, 2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth. Lon- 
don, 1848. $4.00 

876 Bnrt. Life and Times of 
Henry Burt of Springfield, Mass., and 
Some of His Descendants. With 
genealogical and biographical notes 
by Henry M. and Silas W. Burt. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 617. 
Springfield, 1893. $3.00 

877 Butler. Thomas Butler and 
His Descendants. A Genealogy of 
the Descendants of Thomas and 
Elizabeth Butler of South Berwick, 
Me. 1674 to 1886. By George H. 
Butler. 8vo, cloth, pp. 192. New 
York, 1886. $3.00 

878 Cave-Brown, J. The History 
of the Parish Church of All Saints, 
Maidstone, with Inscriptions from the 
Monuments, Registers, etc. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, pp. 272. Maidstone, 
n. d. $1.50 

879 Caverly Family. Genealogy 
of, from 1 1 16 to 1880. 8vo, cloth. 
Lowell, 1880. $1.50 

880 Cavemo. Record of the Ca- 
vemo Family. By A. Cavemo. 
i2mo, paper, pp. 36. Dover, 1874. 


881 Champion. History of the De- 
scendants of Henry Champion of Say- 
brook and Lyme, Conn., with Ac- 
count of Other Families of the Name. 
By Francis B. Trowbridge. Map. 

8vo, cloth, pp. 560. New Haven, 
1891. $2.00 

One of m few copies bound without the por- 
traits, so as to be sold at this low figure to the 
working genealogist. 

882 Chauncey. Memorials of the 
Chaunceys; including Chas. Chauncey 
(Second President of Harvard Col- 
lege), His Ancestors and Descend- 
ants. By Wm. C. Fowler. Tables, 
portraits, etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 304. 
Boston, 1858. $5.00 

883 Chester. Genealogical Mem- 
oirs of the Extinct Family of Chester 
of Chicheley, Their Ancestors and 
Descendants. By Robert E. C. 
Waters. 2 vols., royal 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut* (Published at £5 5s. od.) Lon- 
don, 1878. $12.50 

884 Clarke,' Nathaniel, of Newbury, 
Mass. Genealogy erf His Descend- 
ants. Compiled by George K. Clarke. 
8vo, paper, pp. 121. Boston, 1883. 


885 Clajrton. Memorials of the 
Qayton Family, with Unpublished 
Correspondence. By Thos. W. Av- 
eling. 8vo, cloth, pp. 516. London, 
1867. $2.00 

886 Conant. History and Geneal- 
ogy of the Conant Family in England 
and America. By Fred'k O. Conant. 
Illustrated. 8vo, half roan, pp. 639. 
Portland, 1887. $6.00 

887 Converse. Family History in 
the Line of Joseph Convers of Bed- 
ford, Mass., 1 739- 1828. By John J. 
Putnam. 8vo, cloth, pp. 97. Wor- 
cester, 1897. $4.00 

888 Cutler. Cutler, Nahum S. A 
Cutler Memorial and Genealogical 
History. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
665. Greenfield, 1889. $7.50 

889 Dawson. A Collection of Fam- 
ily Records and Other Memoranda of 
Various Families and Individuals 
Bearing the Name Dawson. Illus- 
trated with engravings. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 572. Albany, 1874. $5.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



890 De Conrcy, B. W. A Gene- 
alogical History of the Milesian Fam- 
ilies of Ireland. 8vo, cloth, pp. jy. 
Cincinnati, i88o. $1.25 

891 DeVoe. Genealogy of the De 
Veaux Family, Introducing the Nu- 
merous Forms of Spelling the Name 
by the Various Branches and Genera- 
tions for the Past iioo Years. By 
Thomas F. DeVoe. Svo, cloth, pp. 
302. Privately printed, 1885. $1.25 

892 Dn Bois. Bi-centenary Re- 
union of the Descendants of Louis and 
Jacques Du Bois, Emigrants to Amer- 
ica, 1660 and 1675, at New Paltz, N. 
Y., 1875. 4to, half morocco, pp. 158. 
Documents and Genealogy of the 
Family of Benj. Du Bois of Catskill, 
N. Y. Pp. 104. New York, 1878. 
2 vols, in I. $20.00 

893 Dudley. The Dudley Geneal- 
ogies and Family Records. By Dean 
Diidley. 8vo, cloth, pp. 144. Bos- 
ton (printed by the Author), 1848. 


894 Dudley. First Annual Meeting 
of the Gov. Thomas Dudley Family 
Association and Second Reunion of 
His Descendants. 8vo, paper, pp. yy, 
(1893.) $1.25 

895 Dunnell and Dwinell. The 
True Genealogy of the Dunnell and 
Dwinell Family of New England. 
By Henry G. Dunnell. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 84. New York, 1862. $3.00 

896 Dunster. Henry Dunster and 
His Descendants. By Samuel Duns- 
ter. i2mo, cloth, pp. 333. Central 
Falls, 1876. $3.00 

897 Durrie, Daniel S. An Alpha- 
betical Index to American Geneal- 
ogies and Pedigrees Contained in 
State, County, and Town Histories, 
Printed Genealogies, etc. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 297. Albany, 1868. $2.00 

898 Dwight, The History of the 
Descendants of John Dwight of Ded- 
ham, Mass., by Benjamin W. Dwight. 
Portraits. 2 vols., thick 8vo, original 

cloth. Printed for the Author. New 
York, 1874. $15.00 

899 Eaton. Genealogical Sketch 
of the Nova Scotia Eatons. Com- 
piled by Rev. Arthur W. Eaton. Svo, i 
boards, pp. 128. Halifax, 1885. $2.50 

900 Eberhart. History of the Eber- 
harts in Germany and the United 
States, 1265 to 1890. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
263. Chicago, 1891. $1.50 

901 Eliot. Genealogy of the Eliot 
Family (including John Eliot the 
Apostle). By Wm. H. Eliot, Jr., and 
W. S. Porter. 8vo, paper, pp. 184. 
New Haven, 1854. $3.50 

902 Farwell. Ancestral Memorial 
of Henry Farwell of Concord and , 
Chilmsford, Mass., and His Descend- 
ants to the Fifth Generation. By D. 
P. Holton. 8vo, cloth, pp. 254. New 
York, 1879. $10.00 

903 Fiske. Fiske and Fisk Family: 
A Record of the Descendants of Sy- i 
mond Fiske, Suffolk. By F. C. 
Pierce. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 654. 
Chicago, 1896. $9.00 

904 Frost. Genealogy of the Frost 
Family of York County, Maine. Svo, 

paper, pp. 2^, n. p., n. d. $2.00 


905 Gale. Genealogy of the Gale 
Family. By Hon. George Gale. Svo, 
paper, pp. 9. n. p., n. d. $1.00 

906 Gardiner. Lion Gardiner and 
His Descendants, 1 599-1890. Edited 
by Curtiss C. Gardiner. Illustrated. , 
Royal Svo, cloth, pp. 170. St. Louis, 
1S90. $10.00 

Very scarce. Relates almost entirely to Long 

907 Garr. Genealogy of the De- 
scendants of John Garr, or More Par- 
ticularly of His Son Andreas Garr, 
Who Emigrated from Bavaria to 
America in 1732. Svo, cloth, pp. 60S. 
Cincinnati, 1S94. $5.00 

90S Glover. Account of John 
Glover of Dorchester and His De- 
scendants, with a Sketch of the Glov- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ers of New Jersey, Virginia, etc. By 
Anna Glover. 8vo, cloth, pp. 602. 
Boston, 1867. $3.50 

909 Goodwins (The) of Hartford, 
Conn. Descendants of William and 
Ozias Groodwin. By Jas. J. Good- 
win. Folding charts of families and 
portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 798. Hart- 
ford, 1891. $5.00 

Presentation copy, with letter from author. 

910 Oreenleaf. A Genealogy of. 
By Jonathan Greenleaf of Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 8vo, cloth, pp. n6. New 
York (printed for the use of the fam- 
ily), 1854. $3.50 

911 Hadley, Mass. Genealogies of 
Hadley Families, embracing the 
Early Settlers of Hatfield, South Had- 
ley. 8vo, paper, pp. i68. North- 
ampton, 1862. $3.00 

912 Harleian Society Publications. 
Visitations, Marriage Licenses, etc., 
of London, 2 vols.; Worcestershire, 
Shropshire, Canterbury, Norfolk, 
Marriage Licenses of Archbishop of 
Canterbury, Hunter's Familiae Memo- 
rium Gentium, 4 vols. ; Visitations of 
Cambridgeshire, Vols. XXV.-XLI. 
inclusive. 17 vols., royal 8vo, cloth. 
Published by the Society, 1887-97. 

Sold to members only. A good chance to 
complete a set at a very low figure. Each vol- 
ume is complete in itself, and the set is indis- 
pensable for the working genealogist. 

913 EaYen. Descendants of Rich- 
ard Haven of Lynn. By Josiah 
Adams. 8vo, cloth, pp. 54. Boston, 
1843. $1-25 

914 Eayden. Genealogy of the 
Hayden Family. 8vo, paper, pp. 15. 
n. d. $1.00 

915 Hector, Wm. Selections from 
the Judicial Records of Renfrewshire, 
Illustrative of the Administration of 
the Laws of the^ County and Manners 
and Condition of the Inhabitants in 
the Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Centuries. With notes and facsimiles 
of old documents. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Paisley, 1876-78. $3.50 

916 Hinds. History and Geneal- 
ogy of the Hinds Family. By Albert 
Henry Hinds. Numerous portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 383. Portland, 1899. 


917 Hinman, Royal R. A Cata- 
logue of the Names of the Early Puri- 
tan Settlers of the Colony of Con- 
necticut; with the Time of Their Ar- 
rival in the Country and Colony. 
Portraits. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut, pp. 884. Hartford, 1852. 

Lacks pages 336 to 348. 

918 Hodges. Genealogical Record 
of the Hodges Family in New Eng- 
land. By Alma D. Hodges. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 71. (Boston, 1853. $2.50 

919 Hollingsworth. Genealogical 
Memoranda in the United States, 
1682-1884. i2mo, cloth, pp. 144. 
Baltimore, 1884. $1.25 

920 Hollister. The Hollister Fam- 
ily of America: Lieut. John Hollister 
of Wethersfield, Conn., and His De- 
scendants. By Lafayette W. Case. 
8vo, sheets, uncut, pp. 805. Chicago, 
1886. I $5.00 

921 Holton, William, of Westmin- 
ster, Vt. A Family Chart. New 
York, 1866. .50 

922 Hughes and Allied Families. 
(No author, no place, no date.) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 245. $1.50 

923 Hugaenot Society. Publica- 
tions of. Vol. III., Register of the 
Protestant Church at Goisnes, 1668- 
1685; Vol. IV., Registre de TEglise 
Walloune de Southampton; Vol. V., 
Part I, Register of the Wallon or 
Strangers' Church in Canterbury; 
Vol. VI., Despatches of Michele Su- 
riano and Marc Barbaro, 1560-63; 
Vol. VII., Register of the French Re- 
formed Church at Dublin; Vol. VIII., 
Denizations and Naturalizations of 
Aliens in England. 6 vols., 4to, 
paper, uncut. Lymington, 1890-93. 

About 300 pages each, and most valnable.for 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



924 Humphreys. The Humphreys 
Family in America. By Fred'k 
Humphreys. 4to, in parts, pp. 11 15. 
With supplementary part, pp. 107. 
Illustrated. New York, 1883-99. 


925 Hunt. Genealogy of the Name 
and Family of Hunt, Early Estab- 
lished in America from Europe. 
Exhibiting pedigrees of ten thousand 
persons, with indices of Names and 
Places. Authorized by W. L. G. 
Hunt, compiled by T. B; Wyman, Jr. 
4to, cloth, pp. 414. Boston, 1862-63. 


926 Himtooii, Daniel T. V. Philip 
Hunton and His Descendants. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 113. Canton, 1881. .50 

927 Eayd. The Hyde Genealogy; 
or. The Descendants in the Female as 
well as in the Male Lines of William 
Hyde of Norwich. By Reuben H. 
Walworth. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Al- 
bany, 1864. $50.00 

928 Index to American Genealogies 
and to Genealogical Material Con- 
tained in All Works, such as Town, 
County, and Local Histories, Society 
Publications, etc. 4th edition. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 282. Albany, 1895. $4.00 

929 Jackson, Isaac and Ann. Pro- 
ceedings of the Sesqui-Centennial 
Gathering of Their Descendants, at 
Harmony Grove, Chester County, 
Pa. Together with the family geneal- 
ogy. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
371. Philadelphia, 1878. $4.00 

930 Johnston. The Johnstons of 
Salisbury, with Supplement Concern- 
ing the Hancock, Strother, and Pres- 
ton Families. By Wm. Preston 
Johnston. i2mo, cloth, pp. 216. 
New Orleans, 1897. $1.50 

931 Keep. John Keep of Long- 
meadow, Mass., 1660-76, and His De- 
scendants. By Frank E. Best. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 263. Chicago, 1899. $2.50 

932 Kellogg. Family Meeting of 
the Descendants of Chas. Kellogg, 

with Genealogical Items of the Kel* 
logg Family. 8vo, paper, pp. 8. 
Boston, 1858. .50 

933 Kimball. History of the Kim- 
ball Family in America, 1634-1897, 
and of Its Ancestors, the Kimballs 
or Kemboldes of England. By L. A. 
Morrison and S. P. Sharpies. Illus- 
trated. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Boston, 
1897. $5-00 

934 Kneeland. Seven Centuries in 
the Kneeland Family. By Stillman 
F. Kneeland. 8vo, paper, pp. 352. 
New York (published for the Author), 
1897. $5.00 

935 Knox. Rogers, Chas. Gene- 
alogical Memoirs of John Knox and 
of the Family of Knox. Portrait. , 
8vo, cloth, pp. 184. London, 1879. 


936 Kool. Cole, David. Isaac 
Kool (Cool or Cole) and Catharine 
Serven, Married October 15, 1764, at 
Tappan, N. Y., and Their Descend- 
ants. Portraits. 8vo, paper, pp. 269. 
New York, 1876. $2.50 

937 Lee. Genealogical History of 
the Lee Family of Virginia and Mary- 
land, with notes and illustrations. By 
Edward C. Mead. Portraits. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 114. New York, 1871. * 


938 Lee. The Quarter-Millennial 
Gathering of Descendants and Kins- 
men of John Lee, One of the Early 
Settlers of Farmington. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 116. 'Meriden, 1885. $1.50 

939 Leonard. Dearie, Wm. R. A 
Genealogical Memoir of the Leonard 
Family. 8vo, paper, pp. 28. Boston, 
1851. $1.00 

940 Leverett. A Memoir Bio- | 
graphical and Genealogical of Sir ♦■ 
John Leverett, Governor of Massa- 
chusetts, 1673-79; of John Leverett, 
President of Harvard College, and of 
the Family Generally. Portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 203. Boston, 1856. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



941 Leverett Family. . Chart of the 
Descendants of Thomas and Anne 
Leverett .50 

942 littelly John. Family Records 
or Grenealog^ies of the First Settlers 
of Passaic Valley, with Their Ances- 
tors and Descendants. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
512. Fekville, N. J., 1851. $12.00 

943 Long liland. Early Long Is- 
land Wills. With Genealogical and 
Historical Notes by Wm. S, Pdle- 
treau. The Record of the Prerogative 
Court for the County of Suffolk from 
May, 1691, to April, 1703. A com- 
plete copy of the so-called " Lester 
Will Book," with index of Names, 
Localities, and Letters of Administra- 
tion. Pp. 301. New York, 1897. 


Edition limited to 340 numbered copies. An 
interesting work for collectors of Lone Island 
material, and invaluable for genealogists and 

944 Long Iiland Genealogies. The 
Families of Albertson, Andrews, etc., 
etc., etc.. Being Kindred Descendants 
of Thomas Powell of Bethpage, 1688. 
By Mary P. Bunker. 4to, cloth, pp. 
350. Albany, 1895, $5.00 

945 Long Island. Collections of 
the Kings County Genealogical Qub. 
(Cemetery Inscriptions, Marriage 
Records, etc.) 6 parts in 5. Com- 
plete set, all published; scarce. Svo, 
paper. New York, 1882-94. $2.50 

946 Lysons, Samuel. Our British 
Ancestors, Who and What Were 
They. With the Traditional History 
of the Early Britons. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 555- Oxford, 1865. $2.00 

947 Magennis. Origin and History 
of the Magennis Family. By John F. 
Meg^nness. Portraits. 8vo, half roan, 
pp. 248. Williamsport, 1891. $4.00 

948 Mallery, Rev. Charles Payson. 
Ancient Families of Bohemia Manor 
(Delaware). Their Homes and Their 
Graves, 8vo, cloth, pp. 74. Wilming- 
ton, 1888. $1.00 

949 Kanifield, Conn. Birdis, Bap- 
tisms, Marriages, and Deaths from the 
Records of the Town and Churches 
in Mansfield, Conn., from 1703 to 
1850. Svo, cloth, pp. 475. New 
York, 1898. $5.00 

Only 500 copies printed. 

950 Karkley, Jacob. Descendants 
of Shippack, Montgomery County, 
Pa. 8vo, tinted paper covers, pp. 36. 
n. p., 1884. $1.25 

951 Mather, Lineage of Rev. 
Richard Mather. By Horace E. 
Mather. Portrait. 4to, sheets, un- 
cut, pp. 540. Hartford, 1890. $5.00 

952 Mayer. Memoir and Geneal- 
ogy of the Maryland and Pennsyl- 
vania Family of Mayer, 1495-1878. 
By Brantz Mayer. Illustrated. 4to, 
paper, uncut, pp. 178. Baltimore, 
1878. $20.00 

Only 50 copies privately printed for the family. 

953 Missouri. A History of the 
Pioneer Families of Missouri, with 
Sketches, Anecdotes, etc.. Relating to 
Early Days in Missouri. By Wm. S. 
Bryan and Robert Rose. Portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 528. St. Louis, 1876. 


Cue of the rarest works in American gene- 
alogy. Contains sketches and genealogies of 
seiriral hundred pioneer families. Although of 
comparatively recent date, it is a volume but 
little known. 

954 Korgan and Avery. Our Fam- 
ily Genealogy. (Printed for the fam- 
ily, but not published.) 8vo, paper, 
pp. 16. Hartford, 185 1. $1.50 

955 Howry. A Family History. 
Richard Mowry of Uxbridge, Mass., 
His Ancestors and Descendants. By 
Wm. A. Mowry. 8vo, cloth, pp. 238. 
Providence, 1878. $1.50 

956 Howry, Wm. A. The De- 
scendants of Nathaniel Mowry of 
Rhode Island. Illustrations. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 343. Providence, 1878. 


957 Nash. The Nash Family; or, 
Records of the Descendants of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Thomas Nash of New Haven, 1640, 
By Sylvester Nash. Portraits. 8vo, 
paper, uncut, pp. 304. Hartford, 
1853. $10.00 

958 New England Historical and 
Genealogical Register, from Its Com- 
mencement in 1847 to 1900, Inclusive 
(except Vol. XVI.). 53 vols., 8vo, 
clean, in the original quarterly num- 
bers, uncut. Boston, 1847-1900. 


The first in importance of the publications re" 
lating to American Genealogy and Local His- 
tory. It is absolutely indispensable to every 
library or student of American history. The 
design of the work is to gather up and place in 
a permanent form the scattered and decaying 
records of the domestic, civil, literary, religious, 
and political life of the people of Uie United 
States, and particularly of New England. To 
this end the Register is rich in Biographies of 
Distinguished Men, Genealogies of American 
Families, Transcriptions of Church, Town, 
County, and Court Records, Historical Memo- 
randa rescued from Interleaved Almanacs, 
Family Bibles, Old Account Books, Ancient 
Private Letters and Journals, etc. 

959 New York Dutcli. Records of 
the Reformed Dutch Church in New 
Amsterdam and New York; Mar- 
riages, 1639-1801. Edited by Samuel 
S. Purple. Royal 8vo, pp. 352. New 
York, 1890. $15.00 

Limited edition of 100 copies printed for 

960 New York Hugaenots. Whitt- 
meyer, Alfred V. Registers of the 
Births, Marriages, and Deaths of the 
"Eglise Frangoise," 1688-1804, with 
Historical Documents. Views of the 
Huguenot Churches in New York. 
8vo, boards, pp. 493. New York, 
1886. $4.00 

961 Noble. Boltwood, Lucius M. 
History and Genealogy of the Family 
of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Mass., 
with Genealogical Notes of Other 
Families by the Name of Noble. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 870. Hart- 
ford (privately printed), 1878. $6.00 

962 Norris. Lineage and Biogra- 
phies of the Norris Family m Amer- 
ica, from 1640 to 1892. By Leonard 
A. Morrison. With References to the 

Norrises of England as Early as 131 1. 
Illustrated. With fine portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 207. Boston, 1892. $2.00 

963 Olcott. Descendants of Thomas 
Olcott, one of the First Settlers of 
Hartford. By Nathaniel Goodwin. 
8vo, paper, pp. 64. Hartford, 1845. 


964 O'Keagher, Jos. Casimir. Some 
Historical Notices of the O'Meaghers 
of Ikerrin. Map and plates, includ- 
ing colored ones. 4to, vellum, pp. 47. 
London, n. d. $2.00 

965 Page. Genealogy of the Page 
Family in Virginia, and a Condensed 
Account of the Nelson, Walker, Pen- 
dleton, and Randolph Families. By 
R. C. M. Page. 8vo, cloth, pp. 250. 
New York, 1883. $5.00 

966 Palmer. Palmer Records: 
Memorial Volume of the First Palmer 
Family Reunion at Stonington, Au- 
gust, 1881, the Ancestral Home of 
Walter Palmer, the Pilgrim of 1629. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 296. Ja- 
maica. $5.00 

967 Penns. Webb, Maria. The 
Penns and Peningtons of the Seven- 
teenth Century, 'fiieir Religions and 
Domestic Life. Illustrated by Orig- 
inal Family Letters. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 430. London, 1867. 


968 Phillimore, W. P. W. How to 
Write the History of a Family: A 
Guide for the Genealogist. Supple- 
ment to the above. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1887-96. $3.00 

969 Pitkin. The Pitkin Family of 
America: A Genealogy of the De- 
scendants of William Pitkin, Who 
Came from England, 1659. By A. P. 
Pitkin. Portraits. Royal 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 325. Hartford, 1887. 


970 Playfair, Wm. British Baro- 
netage: Illustrative of the Origin and 
Progress of the Rank, Honours, and 
Personal Merit of the Baronets of the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



United Kingdom. Engraved plate. 
4 vols., thick 4to, half calf. London, 
181 1. $10.00 

971 Pope. A History of the Dor- 
chester Pope Family, 1634-1888, with 
Sketches of Other Popes in England 
and America. By Oias. H. Pope. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 340. Boston, iSSS. 


972 Potts. Memorial of Thomas 
Potts, Jr., Who Settled in Pennsyl- 
vania; with an Historic-Genealogical 
Account of His Descendants to the 
Eighth Greneration. By Mrs. Thomas 
Potts James. 4to, cloth, pp. 418. 
Cambridge (privately printed), 1874. 


973 Pratt. The Pratt Family; or, 
Descendants of William Pratt, One 
of the First Settlers of Hartford and 
Saybrook, with Genealogical Notes. 
By F. W. Chapman. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 421. Hartford, 1864. $400 

974 Preble. Genealogical Sketch of 
the First Three Generations of Preble 
in America, with an account of Abra- 
ham Preble, Their Common An- 
cestor. By Geo. H. Preble. Por- 
traits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 336. Boston, 
1868. $22.50 

Very rare. Only 125 copies printed for private 
distribution. No. 13. 

975 Prince. Princes. Record of 
Our Ancestors: A Complete List of 
All Persons by the Name of Prince 
Who Served in Lexington Alarm, 
April, 1775, Revolutionary War, War 
of 1812, and Civil War, 1861-65. 
Rank of Each, Regiment and Com- 
pany, with Other Valuable Informa- 
tion. 8vo, cloth. Franklin, 1898. 


976 dnincy. Brief Account of the 
Quincy Family of Boston. 8vo, 

< paper, pp. 7. Boston, 1857. $3.00 

977 Bawlins or Rollins. Records 
of Families (of those names) in the 
United States. In 2 parts. Compiled 
by John R. Rollins. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 348. Lawrence, 1874. 


978 SiddelL History of the An- 
cient Ryedales and Their Descend- 
ants, 860 to 1884. A Genealogy and 
Bic^^phy for 1000 Years of the Fam- 
ilies of Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, Rid- 
ley, etc. By G. T. Ridlon. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 786. Man- 
chester, 1884. $5.0Q 

979 Bipley. Genealogy of a Part 
of the Ripley Family. By H. W. Rip- 
ley. i2mo, paper, pp. 48. Newark, 
1867. $2.00 

980 Bobinson. Memoir of Rev. 
William Robertson, Southington, 
Conn., with Account of His Ances- 
tors in This Country. By Edward 
Robinson. 8vo, cloth, pp. 214. New 
York (printed for private distribu- 
tion), 1859. $3.50 

981 Bodman. Genealogy of the 
Rodman Family, 1620 to 1886. By 
Chas. Henry Jones. 8vo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. 289. Philadelphia (privately 
printed), 1886. $5.00 

982 Bnpp, I. D. A Collection of 
Upwards of 30,000 names of German, 
Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other 
Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 
1727 to 1776, with the Names of the 
Ships on Which They Sailed and the 
date of Their Arrival in Philadelphia. 
Chronologically Arranged, with His- 
torical and Other Notes. Also an Ap- 
pendix, containing a List of More 
than 1000 German and French Names 
in New York Prior to 1712. Second 
revised and enlarged edition, with 
German translation. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
495 + 24. Philadelphia, 1876. $3.00 

A valuable work for the genealogist and all 
interested in the early families of America, 

983 Butherford. Family Records 
and Events Compiled Principally 
from Original Manuscripts. By Liv- 
ingston Rutherfurd. Portraits, tables, 
etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 355* New York, 
1894. $10.00 

Rare. Only 150 copies printed privately by 
De Vinne. 

984 Salkeld. The Salkeld Family 
of Pennsylvania, from John, Who 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Emigrated in 1705, to the Fourth 
Generation as Far as Known. By a 
Descendant. 8vo, paper, pp. 8. i8i57. 


985 Sands, Comfort. Descent of, 
and of His Children, with Notes on 
the Families of Ray, Thomas, Guthrie, 
Alcock, Palgrave, Cornell, Dodge, 
Hunt, Jessup. 8vo, boards, pp. 91. 
New York, 1886. $2.00 

986 Savage, James. A Genealogi- 
cal Dictionary of the First Settlers of 
New England, Showing Three Gren- 
erations of Those Who Came before 
May, 1692, 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. Bos- 
ton, i860. $75.00 

987 Schwexikfelder. Genealogical 
Record of the Descendants of the 
Schwenkfelders, Who Arrived in 
Pennsylvania, 1733-37. From the 
German of Balthasar Heebner and 
Other Sources, by Rueben Kriebel. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 339. Manayunk, 1879. 


988 Scott. Genealogical Memoirs 
of the Family of Sir Walter Scott, 
with His Memorials of the Halibri- 
tons. By Chas. Rogers. Plate. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 78. London, 1877. $1.50 

989 Scottish Genealogy. Histories 
of the Following Scottish Qans and 
Highland Families, by Alexander 
Mackenzie: History of the Macken- 
zies, pp. 648; History of the Chis- 
holms, pp. 232; History of the 
Frasers, pp. 761 ; History of the Cam- 
erons, pp. 477; History of the Mun- 
ros, pp. 632. 5 vols. 8vo, half roan, 
gilt tops. Inverness, 1892-98. $25.00 

These beautiful volumes are remarkable for 
their accuracy and completeness. The author 
has left nothing undone, no stone unturned, in 
order to make these works as exhaustive and 
complete as possible. They are works which 
no student of Scottish history can afford to over- 

990 Seton, • George. Memoir of 
Alexander Seton, with Genealogical 
Tables of the Legal Families of Ers- 
kine, Hope, Dalrymple, and Dundas. 
Illustrated. 4to, cloth, pp. 217. 
Edinburgh, 1882. $2.00 

991 ShAttnck, Lemuel. Memorials 
of the Descendants of Wm. Shattuck, 
the Progenitor of the Families in 
America that Have Borne His Name, 
With introduction and appendix con- 
taining collateral information. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 414. Boston, 
1855. $6.00 


992 Shotwelly Ambrose M. Annals 
of Our Colonial Ancestors and Their 
Descendants, Who, Where, When, 
and What They Have Been. A gen- 
ealogical register for nine generations 
of 200 families. Part 2, The Shotwell 
Family in America. Illustrated. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 300. Lansing, 
1897. $4.00 

993 Shuey. History of the Shuey 
Family in America, 1732-1876. By 
D. B. Shuey. i2mo, cloth, pp. 279. 
Lancaster, 1876. $1.50 

994 Slafter. Memorial of John 
Slafter, with a Genealogical Account 
of His Descendants, including Eight 
Generations. By E. F. Slafter. Pri- 
vately printed for the family. Plate 
and portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 155. 
Boston, 1869. $2.50 

Presentation copy. 

995 Smith Families of New York 
and Long Island, 1664-1794. Wills 
of. Careful Abstracts of All the Wills 
of the Name of Smith Recorded in 
New York, Jamaica, and Hempstead 
Prior to 1794. Edited, with genealog- 
ical and historical notes, by William 
S. Pelletreau, with indexes of Names 
and Localities. 4to, cloth. New 
York, 1898. $3.00 

Only 340 numbered copies were printed, and 
published uniform with *' The Early Long 
Island Wills," which was so highly reviewed 
and proved a decided success. 

996 Starin. The Starin Family in 
America Descendants of Nicholas 
Ster, One of the Early Settlers of 
Fort Orange, N. Y. By Wm. L. 
Stone. 4to, cloth, pp. 233. Albany, 
1892. $9.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



997 Stiles. Contributions towards 
a Genealogy of the (Massachusetts) 
Family of Stiles. By Henry R. Stiles. 
4to, paper, pp. 48. Albany, 186^. 

Only 100 copies printed. 

998 Stone. The Family of John 
Stone, one of the First Settlers of 
Guilford, Conn. By William L. 
Stone, 2d. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 184. Albany, 1888. $3.00 

999 Storrs. The Storrs Family: 
Genealogical and Other Memoranda. 
Collected and compiled by Charles 
Storrs. Royal 8vo, half morocco, pp. 
552. Privately printed, 1886. $10.00 

1000 Strong. The Histoiy of the 
Descendants of Elder John Strong of 
Northampton, Mass. By Benj. W. 
Dwight. Portraits 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Albany, 1871. $25.00 

looi Swett. Mementos of the 
Swett Family. By John Wingate 
Thornton. 8vo, cloth, pp. 26. Rox- 
bury, 1851. $3.00 

Presentation copy. Only 100 privately 

1002 Taintor. History and Geneal- 
ogy of the Descendants of Joseph 
Taynter, Who Settled at Watertown, 
Mass., 1638. By Dean W. Taintor. 
8vo, leather, pp. 100. Boston (printed 
for private distribution), 1859. $5.00 

1003 Taintor. Genealogy and His- 
tory oJ the Taintor Family. By Chas. 
M. Taintor. i2mo, half bound, pp. 
83. Greenfield, 1847. $1.00 

1004 Temple. Some Account of 
the Temple Family. By Temple 
Prime of Huntington, Long Island. 
8vo, paper, pp. 100. New York, 1887. 


1005 The Begister and Magazine of 
Biography. A Record of Births, 
Marriages, Deaths, and Other Gene- 
alogical and Personal Occurrences, 
from January, 1869, to December, 
1869. 2 vols, (all published). 8vo, 
half roan. Westminster, 1869. $5.00 

1006 Thomas, L. B. Pedigrees of 
Thomas, Chew, and Lawrence. A 
West River Register, and Genealogi- 
cal Notes. 8vo, cloth (binding loose). 
New York, 1883. $10.00 

Unique. Author's own copy, with extensive 
manuscript additions, corrections, and illustra- 

1007 Ticrnan, The Tieman Fam- 
ily in Maryland, Compiled from Orig- 
inal Letters and Memoranda in the 
Author's Possession. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 222. Baltimore, 1898. 


1008 Tilley Family. Genealc^ of. 
Compiled by R. Hammett Tilley. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 80. Newport, R. I., 

1878. $1.50 

1009 Trowbridge. The Trowbridge 
Family; or. The Descendants of 
Thomas Trowbridge, One of the First 
Settlers of New Haven. By F. W. 
Chapman. 8vo, cloth, pp. 461. New 
Haven, 1872. $4.00 

loio Vassalls. The Vassalls of 
New England and Their Immediate 
Descendants. By Edward D. Harris. 
8vo, paper, pp. 26. Albany, 1862. 


loii Ward Family. Descendants 
of William Ward, Who Settled in 
Sudbury, Mass., in 1639; with an Ap- 
pendix Alphabetically Arranged of the 
Names of All Families that Have In- 
termarried with Them. By Andrew 
H. Ward. 2 engraved portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 265. Boston, 185 1. $2.50 

1012 Washington. The Pedigree 
and History of the Washington Fam- 
ily, for Eighteen Centuries, down to 
Gen. George Washington. By Albert 
Welles. Steel plates, portraits, etc. 
8vo, cloth, gilt, pp. 370. New York, 

1879. $3.50 

1013 Watson. John Watson of 
Hartford and His Descendants: His 
Genealogy. By Thomas Watson. 
Portrait. 8vo, unbound. New York, 
1865. $2.00 

Limited edition. Presentation copy of Mr. 
George Brinley. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1014 Weekes, George, of Dor- 
chester, Mass., 1635-1650, Genealogy 
of. By Robert D. Weeks, with In- 
formation in Regard to Other Fam- 
ilies of the Name. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 463. Newark, 1885. $3.00 

1015 Wells. The Wells Family of 
Wells, Me. Svo, paper, pp. 38. Mil- 
waukee, 1874. $1.25 

1016 Westohester County. Early 
Wills of, from 1664 to 1784. A Care- 
ful Abstract of All Wills Recorded in 
New York Surrogate's Office, and at 
White Plains, N. Y., from 1664 to 
1784, with Genealogical and Histori- 
cal Notes by William S. PeUetreau. 
Uniform with " Early Long Island 
Wills" and "Smith Wills." 4to, 
cloth. $5.00 

11017 Wctmore. The Wetmore 
Family of America and Its Collateral 
Branches. By James C. Wetmore. 
Portrait. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut, 
pp. 670. Albany, 1861. $7- 50 

1018 Wheeler. Reunion of the 
Wheeler Family of Acton, Mass., with 
Genealogy for Five Generations. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 7. Marlboro, 1879. '75 

1019 WMtmore. Record of the De- 
scendants of Francis Whitmore of 
Cambridge, Mass. By W. H. Whit- 
more. 8vo, paper, pp. 24. Boston 
(for private circulation only), 1855. 


1020 Whitmore, Wm. H. A Hand- 
book of American Genealogy: A 
Catalogue of Family Histories and 
Publications Containing Genealogical 
Information. Large-paper copy, in- 

terleaved. 4to, full morocco, gilt. 
Albany, 1862. $5.00 

1021 Whitmore, Wm. H. The 
American Genealogist: A Catalogue 
of Family Histories and Publications 
Containing Genealogical Information. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 287. Albany, 1868. 


1022 Whitney. The Descendants 
of John Whitney, Who Came from 
London, Eng., to Watertown, Mass., 
in 1635. By Frederick Clinton 
Pierce. Illustrated. Svo, cloth, pp. 
69. Chicago, 1895. $9.00 

1023 Whitney. Brief Account of 
the Descendants of John and Elinor 
Whitney of Watertown, Mass. Svo, 
cloth- Boston, 1857. $4.00 

Rare. A few copies with MS. aotes hj 
W. H. Whitmore. Reprinted with additions 
from the *' N. E. Register." 

1024 Wights. The Wights : A Rec- 
ord of Thomas Wight of Dedham and 
Medfield, and of His Descendants, 
1635-1890. By William Ward Wight. 
Royal 8vo, half morocco, pp. 357. 
Milwaukee, 1890. $7.50 

1025 Winslow. Winslow Memo- 
rial : Family Records of the Winslows 
and Their Descendants in America, 
with English Ancestry. By D. P. and 
F. K. Holton. Portraits, charts, etc. 
2 vols., Svo, sheets, uncut. New 
York, 1877-88. $25.00 

1026 Tale Family; or. The De- 
scendants of David Yale. With Gen- 
ealogical Notices of Each Family. 
By Elihu Yale, one of the descend- 
ants. Svo, paper, 201. New Haven, 
1850. $3.00 


1027 Alabama. Holcombe, Hosea. 
History of the Rise and Prog- 
ress of the Baptists in Alabama, 
i2mo, boards, pp. 375. Philadelphia, 


102S Arizona. Cozzens, Samuel 
W. The Ancient Cibola. The Mar- 
velous Country; or. Three Years in 
Arizona and New Mexico. 100 il- 
lustrations. Svo, cloth, pp. 54S. Bos- 
ton, 1S76. $2.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




1029 Horfheast Arkansas. Bio- 
graphical and Historical Memoirs of, 
comprising Greene, Qay, Fulton, 
Craighead, Randolph, Poynset, Inde- 
pendence, and Ixard Counties. 4to, 
full morocco, gilt, pp. 981. Chicago, 
1889. $5.00 

1030 Owen, D. D. First Report of 
a Geological Reconnoissance of the 
Northern Counties of Arkansas, Made 
in 1857-58. Steel and colored illus- 
trations. 8vo, half morocco, pp. 256, 
Little Rock, 1858. $1.50 

103 1 Owen, D. D. Second Report 
of a Geological Reconnoissance of the 
Middle and Southern Counties of 
Arkansas. Map and colored plates. 
8vo, half boar(b, pp. 433. Philadel- 
phia, i860. $1.50 

1032 Southern Arkansas. Bio- 

fraphical and Historical Memoirs of 
outhem Arkansas, with Brief His- 
tory of Each of the Counties and Por- 
traits and Biographical Sketches. 
4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 1080. Chi- 
cago, 1890. $5.00 

1033 Thorpe, Major. Scenes in 
Arkansaw, etc. i2mo, cloth. Phila- 
delphia, 1858. $1.00 

1034 Western Arkansas. Histori- 
cal Memoirs of, comprising a Con- 
densed History of the State and His- 
tory and Biographies of Yell, Polk, 
Johnson, Logan, Scott, Pope, and 
Montgomery Counties. Portraits. 
4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 497. Chi- 
cago, 1891. ♦ $4.00 


1035 -^ about Califomia and In- 
ducements to Settle There. Map. 
8vo, paper, pp. 74. San Francisco, 
1870. .50 

1036 Bancroft, Hubert H. The 
History of Califomia, 1542-1848. 5 
vols., large 8vo (750 pages each), 
cloth, uncut. San Francisco, 1884. 


1037 Bates, Mrs. D. B. Incidents 
on Land and Water; or. Four Years 
on the Pacific Coast; with Narrative 
of Burning of the Ships Nonantum, 
Humayoon, and Fanchon. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 336. Bos- 
ton (printed for the Author), i860. 


Early Scenes in California, the Gold Mines, 

1038 Bates, J. H. Notes of a Tour 
in Mexico and Califomia. Printed for 
private distribution. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
167. New York, 1887. $1.50 

1039 Benton, J. A. The Califomia 
Pilgrim: A Series of Lectures. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 261. Sacra- 
mento, 1853. $1.50 

Early Days in San Francisco, Sacramento, 
Nevada, the Mines, etc. Rare. 

1040 Berthwiok, J. D. Three 
Years in Califomia (San Francisco in 
1851, The Mines, Digger Indians, 
Lynch Law, Vigilance Committee, 
etc.). Tinted plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
384. Edinburgh, 1857. $2.00 

1041 Brace, Chas. Loring. The 
New West; or, Califomia in 1867-68. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 373. New York, 
1869. $1.00 

1042 Brooks, J. Trywhitt. Four 
Months among the Gold-finders in 
Alta, Cal. Diary of an Expedition 
from San Francisco to the Gold Dis- 
trict. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 207. 
London, 1849^ $2.00 

1043 Calif omian Crusoe; or, The 
Lost Treasure Found. A Tale of 
Mormonism. i2mo, cloth, pp. 162. 
London, 1854. $1.00 

1044 Capron, E. S. History of 
Califomia, from Its Discovery to the 
Present Time; comprising also a Full 
Description of Its Climate, Soil. 
Rivers, Towns, etc., with A Journal 
of the Voyage from New York via 
Nicaragua to San Francisco, and back 
via Panama. Map. i2mo, cloth. 
Boston, 1854. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1045 Coke, Henry J. A Ride over 
the Rocky Mountains to Oregon and 
California. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 390. London, 1852. $2.00 

1046 Colton, Walter. Three Years 
in California. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 456- New York, 1850. 


1047 Cone, Mary. Two Years in 
California. Illustrations and map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 238. Chicago, 1876. 


1048 Cronise, T. F. The Natural 
Wealth of California; Early History, 
Geography, Mines and Mining, etc. 
Map. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 696. 
San Francisco, 1868. $2.00 

1049 D'Auteroche, C. A Voyage 
to California to Observe the Transit 
of Venus, with an Historical Descrip- 
tion of the Route through Mexico; 
also, A Voyage to Newfoundland. 
Map. 8vo, calf, pp. 315. London, 
1778. $5-oo 

1050 De Bupert, A. E. D. Cali- 
fomians and Mormons (Adventure 
and Sketches in California and Utah). 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 166. New York, 
1881. $1.00 

1051 Famham, J. T. Eirly Days 
in California, Embracing What I Saw 
and Heard There, with Scenes in the 
Pacific. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
314. Philadelphia, 1859. $1.50 

1052 Famham, Thos. J. Travels 
in the Califomias, and Scenes in the 
Pacific Ocean. Map and plate. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 416. New York, 1844. 


Scarce. Written in early days, before the 
discovery of gold. 

1053 Ferg^uson, Charles D. The 
Experiences of a Forty-Niner during 
Thirty-four Years' Residence in Cali- 
fornia and Australia. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 507. Cleveland, 1888. 


1054 Fisher, Walter M. The Cali- 
fomians. i2mo, cloth, pp. 234. Lon- 
don, 1876. $1.25 

1055 Foster, G. G. The Gold 
Mines of California: A Geographical, 
Topographical, and Historical View 
of That Country. 8vo, original paper 
covers, pp. 80. New York, 1848. 


1056 Frost, John. History of the 
State of California, from the Period 
of the Conquest by Spain to Her Oc- 
cupation by the United States of 
America. With Account of the Dis- 
covery of the Immense Gold Mines, 
etc. Illustrated. 8vo, leather, pp. 
508. Auburn, 1850. $2.50 

1057 Haskins, C. W. The Argo- 
nauts of California: Being Reminis- 
cences of Scenes and Incidents that 
Occurred in Early Mining Days. 
(With List of Early Pioneers, 150 
pages, and the names of the vessels 
they came by.) Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 501. New York, 1890. 


1058 Hittell, John S. The Re- 
sources of CaJifomia and Past and 
Future Development of the State. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 494. San Francisco, 
1866. .75 

1059 Hutchings, James M. Scenes 
of Wonder and Curiosity in Cali- 
fornia. Illustrated with 100 eng^v- 
ings of Big Trees, Yosemite Valley, 
etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 267. London, 
1865. $1.50 

1060 Johnson, Theo. T. Sights in 
the Gold Region and Scenes by the 
Way. i2mo, cloth, pp. 278. New 
York, 1849. ' .75 

1061 Kelly, William. A Stroll 
through the Diggings of California. 
(Geographical Sketch of California, 
Descriptions of Miners' Laws, The- 
ories, Practices, Land Speculating, 
Courts and Judges, Presidos, Indians, 
Ranches, etc.) Small 8vo, boards, pp. 
240. London, 1852. $1.50 

1062 Enower, Daniel. The Ad- 
ventures of a Forty-Niner: An His- 
toric Description of California and 
Events and Ideas in San Francisco in 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Those Early Days. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
200. Albany, 1894. $1.00 

1063 Los Angeles County. Histori- 
cal Sketch of Los Angeles Q)unty 
from Spanish Occupancy to 1876. 
8vo, paper, pp. 88. Los Angeles, 
1876. $1.25 

1064 McClelkn, R. G. The Golden 
State. The History of the Region 
West of the Rocky Mountains from 
the Earliest Period to the Present 
Time. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
711. San Francisco, 1874. $2.50 

1065 Harryat, Frank. Mountains 
and Molehills; or. Recollections of a 
Burnt Journal. Illustrated by the 
author. Colored plates. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 443. London, 1855. $2.50 

1066 Nordhoff, Chas. California: 
For Health, Pleasure, and Residence. 
A book for Travelers and Settlers. 
Profusely illustrated with portraits, 
maps, and woodcuts. 4to, cloth, pp. 
255. New York, 1878. $1.00 

1067 Palmer, J. W. The New and 
the Old; or, California and India in 
Romantic Aspects. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 433. London, 1859. $1.50 

1068 Player-Frowd, J. G. Six 
Months in California. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 164. London, 1872. $1.25 

1069 Roberts, Oliver A. The Cali- 
fornia Pilgrimage of Boston Oom- 
mandery Knights-Templars,. August 
and September, 1883. Portraits and 
illustrations. 4to, cloth, pp. 400. Bos- 
ton, 1884. $2.00 

A most readable book of travel. 

1070 Byaiiy William R. Personal 
Adventures in Upper and Lower Cali- 
fornia. 23 illustrations from drawings 
taken on the spot. 2 vols., post 8vo,, 
cloth. London, 1852. $4.00 

1071 San FranciscOy A History of, 
and Incidentally of the State of Cali- 
fornia from Its Earliest Discovery to 
the Year 1878. By J. S. Hittell. 

3. Sai 

8vo, cloth, pp. 498. 

ian Francisco, 

1072 San Francisco. Narrative of 
Edward McGowan, including a Full 
Account of the Author's Adventures 
and Perils while Persecuted by the 
San Francisco Vigilance Committee 
of 1856. i2mo, half morocco, pp. 
240. San Francisco, 1857. $5.00 

1073 San Francisco. Smith, Frank 
M. San Francisco Vigilance Com- 
mittee of '56. 8vo, paper, pp. 83. 
San Francisco, 1883. $1.00 

1074 San Francisco. Taylor, Wm. 
Seven Years' Street Preaching in San 
Francisco. Edited by W. P. Strick- 
land. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
394. New York, 1857. $1.25 

1075 ^^^ Francisco. The Annals 
of, containing a History of the First 
Discovery, Settlement, Progress, and 
Present Condition of California. A 
Complete History of ^1 the Impor- 
tant Events Connected with Its Great 
City, etc. By Frank Soule, John H. 
Gihion, and Jas. Nisbet. Map and 
150 illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 824. 
New York, 1855. $3.00 

1076 Saxon, Isabelle. Five Years 
within the Golden Gate. (California 
Law, San Francisco, Nevada Mines, 
Death of President Lincoln, etc.) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 315. Philadelphia, 
1868. $1.50 

1077 Schaeffer, L. M. Sketches of 
Travels in South America, Mexico, 
and California. i2mo, cloth, pp. 247. 
New York, i860. $i.oa 

1078 Seyd, Ernest. California and 
Its Resources. Colored plates and 
maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 168. London, 
1858. $1.50 

1068 Shaw, Pringle. Ramblings in 
California, Description of the Coun- 
try, Life at the Mines and State of 
Society, Being Five Years of a Gold- 
Digger. i6mo, cloth, pp. 239. To- 
ronto, n. d. $1.25 

1079 Stillman, J. D. B. Seeking 
the Golden Fleece: A Record of 
Pioneer Life in California, to Which 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



is Annexed Footprints of Early Navi- 
gators, other than Spanish, in Cali- 
fornia. Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 352. 
San Francisco, 1877. $2.50 

1080 Taylor, Benj. F. Between the 
Gates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 292. Chi- 
cago, 1880. $1.00 

1081 Taylor, William. California 
Lifew Illustrated. (Social Life, Life 
among the Miners, etc.) i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 350. New York, 1859. $1.25 

1082 Thornton, J. Q. Oregon and 
California in 1848, with Recent and 
Authentic Information on the Gold 
Mines of California. Map and illus- 
trations. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1849. $3.00 

1083 Todd, John. The Sunset 
Land; or. The Great Pacific Slope. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 322. Boston, 1870. 


1084 TTpham, Samuel C. Notes of 
a Voyage to California, with Sketches 
of El Dorado, 1849-50. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 594. Philadelphia, 
1878. $2.50 

Sketches of pioneer journalism. Full roll 
of members of the Association of California 

1085 Van Dyke, Theo. S. Southern 
California, Scenery, Animals, Birds, 
Climate. i2mo, cloth, pp. 233. New 
York, 1886. $1.00 

1086 Venegas. Histoire Naturelle 
et Civile de la Califomie. Fine map. 
3 vols., i6mo, old calf. Paris, 1767. 


Very scarce. 

1087 Werth, John J. A Disserta- 
tion on the Resources and Policy of 
California, Mineral, Agricultural, and 
Commercial ; including a Plan for the 
Disposal of the Mineral Lands. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 87. Benicia, Cal., 1851. 

We have never met with another copy. 

1088 Wickson, Edward J. The 
California Fruits, and How to Grow 
Them. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
600. San Francisco, 1891. $1.25 

1089 WiUey, Samuel H. A His- 
tory of the College of California (with 
List of Graduates). 8vo, cloth, pp. 
432. San Francisco, 1887. $1.25 

1090 Willey, S. H. Thirty Years 
in California. A Contribution to the 
History of the State, 1849-79. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 76. San Francisco, 1879. 


1091 Woods, Daniel B. Sixteen 
Months at the Gold Diggings. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 199. New York, 185 1. 



1092 Allen, Walter. Gov. Cham- 
berlain's Administration in South 
Carolina. A Chapter on Reconstruc- 
tion in tihe Southern States. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 544. New York, 
1888. $2.50 

1093 Charleston. Cardoza, J. N. 
Reminiscences of Charleston (for 65 
Years). i2mo, paper, pp. 144. 
Charleston, 1866. $2.50 

Very scarce. Published upon the conclusion 
of the war. 

1094 Charleston. De Veaux, 
James. Memoir of Charleston, S. C. 
By Robert W. Gibbes, M. D., of Co- 
lumbia, S. C. Fine portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 258. Columbia, S. C, 1846. 


" For the Benefit of the Family." 

109s Charleston. The Centennial 
of. Its Incorporation (with a History 
of Charleston, 1670 to 1883). By 
Wm. A. Courtenay. 12 maps and 
plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 259. Charles- 
ton, 1884. $1.25 

1096 Edgefield County. Chapman, 
John A. From the Earliest Settle- 
ments to 1897. (Sketches of the Sem- 
inole War, War with Mexico, Nulli- 
fication, Secession, Rolls of All the 
Companies from Edgefield in the War 
of Secession, etc.) Map. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 521. 1897. $2.50 

1097 Hammond, Hon. Jas. H. Se- 
lections from the Letters and Speeches 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of, of South Carolina. Svo, cloth, pp. 
368. New York, 1866. $1.50 

1098 Holmes, Francis S. Phos- 
{rfiate Rocks, and South Carolina 
Marl Beds. Colored illustrations. 
8vo, paper, pp. 87. Charleston, 1870. 


1099 Newberry. Annals of. (Early 
Settlements, Palatine Settlement, 
Friends and Their Migration to Ohio, 
Events Preceding Secession, War 
Times in Newberry, The Soldiers of 
Newberry, etc.) Part i by John 
Belton O'Neall, LL. D., Part 2 by 
John A. Chapman. Portraits of old 
settlers. 8vo, cloth, pp. 823. 1892. 


1 100 O'Neall, John B. Biographi- 
cal Sketches of the Bench and Bar of 
South Carolina, with Rolls of At- 
torneys Admitted to Practice, from 
Records at Charleston, Columbia, etc. 
2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Charleston, 1859. 


iioi Orangeburg County. Salley, 
A. S., Jr. The History of Orange- 
burg County, S. C, from Its First 
Setdement to the Qose of the Revo- 
lution. 8vo, cloth, pp. 572. Orange- 
burg, 1898. $2.00 

1 102 Perry, Gov. B. F. (of South 
Carolina). Biographical Sketches of 
Eminent American Statesmen, with 
Speeches, Addresses, etc. (2 series); 
Letters to His Wife (2 series); ditto. 
Acknowledging the Receipt of " Let- 
ter to His Wife." 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Greenville, 1887-91. $12.50 

Scarce. All privately printed and presenta- 
tion copies. 

H03 Petigru, James Louis (of 
Charleston, S. C). A Biographical 
Sketch of. By Wm. J. Grayson. 
Steel portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 178. 
New York, 1866. $1.00 

Written during the Siege of Charieston and 
" Valuable as a contribution towards the political 
and social history of the Rebellion." 

1 104 Finckney, Chas. Three Let- 
ters. Written, and originally pub- 
lished, under the signature of a South 

Carolina Planter, Case of Jonathan 
Robbins, Recent Captures of Amer- 
ican Vessels by British Cruisers, etc. 
8vo, half morocco, uncut, pp. 65. 
Philadelphia, 1799. $2.00 

1 105 Purry, Jean P. Memorial 
Presented to His Grace, Ehike of 
Newcastle, upon the Present Condi- 
tion of Carolina, and the Means of 
Its Amelioration. 4to, paper, pp. 24. 
Augusta (privately printed), 1880. 


H06 Tourney, M. Report on the 
Geology of South Carolina. Plates, 
maps, etc. 4to, cloth, pp. 359. Co- 
lumbia, 1848. $10.00 

Very rare. 

1 107 (Wilion, Samuel.) An Ac- 
count of the Province of Carolina in 
America, together with the Patent 
and Several Other Necessary and 
Useful Particulars to Such as Have 
Thoughts of Transporting Them- 
selves Thither. 4to, full polished calf, 
gilt. By Francis Bedford. Pp. 27. 
London: G. Larkin, 1682. $50.00 

One of the earliest and rarest books relating 
to Carolina. Brinley sale, $77.50. 

1 108 Zeigler, W. G., and Grosscup, 
B. S. The Heart of the AUeghanies; 
or. Western North Carolina and Le- 
gends of Its Wilderness. Map and 
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 374. Ra- 
leigh, 1883. $1.50 


1 109 Blackmore^ Wm. Colorado, 
Its Resources, Parks, and Prospects, 
with an Account of the Trenchant 
and Castella Societies in San Luis 
Park. Boards, 4to, cloth, pp. 217. 
London, 1869. $5.00 


mo Chapin, Fred'k H. Moun- 
taineering in Colorado; the Peaks 
about Estes Park. Fine illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 168. Boston, 1889. 


This charming volume was issued by the 
Appalachian Mountain Club. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



nil Fossett, Frank. Colorado, Its 
Gold and Silver Mines, etc. Map 
and illustrations. i2mo, pp. 540. 
New York, 1879. $1.00 

Early Colorado History, Annals of Fifty- 
Niners, Political History, Indian War, Discovery 
of Silver, etc. 

1 1 12 Oordoiiy S. A. Camping in 
Colorado, with Suggestions for Gold- 
Seekers, Tourists, etc. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 201. New York, 1879. .75 

1 1 13 Oreatorex, Eliza. Summer 
Etchings in Colorado (of Picturesque 
Scenes). Introduction by Grace 
Greenwood. 8vo, full morocco. 
New York, 1873. $3.00 

•I 1 14 Hm, Alice P. Tales of the 
Colorado Pioneers. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
319. Denver, 1884. $1-25 

1115 Hollister, Ovando J. The 
Mines of Colorado. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 450. Springfield, 1867. 


1 1 16 Horns, Maurice O'Connor. 
Rambles in the Rocky Mountains, 
with a Visit to the Gold Fields of 
Colorado. i2mo, cloth pp. 264. 
London, 1864. $1.50 

1 1 17 Porter, Thos. C, and Coulter, 
John M. Synopsis of the Flora of 
Colorado, interleaved and with nu- 
merous manuscript additions. 8vo, 
half morocco. Washington, 1874. 



1 1 18 Barber, John W. Connecti- 
cut Historical Collections: Facts, 
Traditions, etc., Relating to the His- 
tory and Antiquities of Every Town 
in Connecticut. Map and illustration. 
8vo, sheep, pp. 560. New Haven. 


1 1 19 Colchester. Taintor. Chas. 
M. Extracts from the Records of 
Colchester, with Transcripts from the 
Recording of Michael Taintor of 
Brainford. i2mo, cloth, pp. 156. 
Hartford, 1864. .75 

1 120 Cromwell. Dudley, M. S. 
History of Cromwell. 8vo, half roan, 
pp. 36. Middletown, 1880. $1.00 

1 121 French, H. W. Art and Art- 
ists in Connecticut. The Pioneers of 
Art in America. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 176. Boston, 1879. $2.00 

1 122 Greenwich. Mead, Daniel M. 
A History of the Town of Greenwich, 
Conn. (Troubles with the Indians, 
Items from 1665 to 1690, Genealogies 
of the Mead and Peck Families, etc) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 318. New York, 
1857. $3.50 

•I 123 Guilford. Smith, Ralph D. 
History of Guilford, Conn., from Its 
First Settlement in 1639. From the 
manuscripts of Hon. R. D. Smith. 
(Views of the Old Stone House.) 
8vo, cloth, pp. 219. Albany, 1877. 


•I 124 Onilford. Proceedings at the 
Celebration of the 250th Anniversary 
of the Settlement of Guilford, Conn., 
September 8, 9, and 10, 1889. Views. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 289. New Haven, 
1889.. $1.75 

1 125 (Hinman.) The Blue Laws 
of New Haven Colony, Usually Called 
Blue Laws of Connecticut; Quaker 
Laws of Plymouth and Massachu- 
setts; Blue Laws of New York, Mary- 
land, Virginia, and South Carolina; 
First Record of Connecticut; Inter- 
esting Extracts from Connecticut 
Records; Cases of Salem Witchcraft; 
Charges and Banishment of Roger 
Williams, etc. Compiled by an Anti- 
quarian. i2mo, cloth, pp. 336. Hart- 
ford, 1838. $2.50 

11 26 Johnston, Alex. Connecticut. 
(American Commonwealth Series.) 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 409. Boston, 
1888. .75 

1 127 Mansfield. Dimock, Susan 
W. Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and 
Deaths from the Records of the Town 
and Churches in Mansfield, Conn., 
1703-1850. 8vo, cloth, pp. 475. New 
York, 1898. $5.00 

Only 500 copies printed. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 128 Hash, Fred'k H. Ye Names 
and Ages of ye Old Folks in Every 
Hamlet, City, and Town in ye State 
of Connecticut now Living. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 52. New Haven, 1884. 


1 129 Hew Haven. Bacon, Leon- 
ard. Thirteen Historical Discourses 
on the Completion of 200 Years from 
the Beginning of the First Church in 
New Haven. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 400. New Haven, 1839. $2.00 

1 130 Hew Haven. Blake, Henry 
T. Chronicles of New Haven Green, 
1638-1862. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 280. New Haven, 1898. $2.50 

1 131 Hew Haven. Dexter, Frank- 
lin B. Biographical Sketches of the 
Graduates of Yale College, with An- 
nals of College History, 1701-45. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 787. New 
York, 1885. $3.00 

1 132 Hew Haven. Proceedings in 
Commemoration of the Settlement of 
the Town of New Haven. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 69. New Haven, 1888. .50 

1 133 Hew Haven. Trowbridge, 
Thos. R. History of the Ancient 
Maritime Interests of New Haven. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 124. New 
Haven, 1882. $3.00 

1 134 Hew Haven. Brief Memoirs 
of the Qass of 1797, Yale. By 
Thomas Day and James Murdock. 
Printed by order of the class for their 
own use, and for distribution to their 
friends. 8vo, boards, pp. 99. New 
Haven, 1848. .50 

1 135 Hew Haven. Yale College. 
Biographical Memoranda Respecting 
Whoever Were Members of the Class 
of 1832. 4to, cloth, pp. 326. New 
Haven (for private distribution), 1880. 


1 1 36 Hewington, Brace J. History 
of the Church in. Its Doctrine, Its 
Experience. 8vo, paper, pp. 75. 
Hartford, 1855. $1.00 

1 137 Hew London. A Centennial 
Historical Sketch of the Town of New 
London. By W. H. Starr. 8vo, un- 
bound, pp. 96. New London, 1876. 


1 138 Hew London* Starr, W. H. 
A Centennial Historical Sketch of 
New London. 8vo, cloth, pp. 96. 
New London, 1876. $1.50 

1 139 Horwich. Caulkins, Frances 
M. History of Norwich from Its Pos- 
session by the Indians to 1866. Por- 
traits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 704. Published 
by the Author, 1866. $6.00 

1 140 Percivaly Jas. G. Report on 
the Geology of the State of Connecti- 
cut. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 495. 
New Haven, 1842. $2.00 

1 141 Peters, Samuel A. A General 
History of Connecticut from Its First 
Settlement under George Fenwick to 
Its Latest Period of Amity with Great 
Britain, including a Description of the 
Country and Many Curious and In- 
teresting Anecdotes, with an Ap- 
pendix wherein New and True 
Sources of the Present Rebellion in 
America Are Pointed Out. First edi- 
tion. 8vo, newly bound in full rich 
brown polished levant morocco, gilt 
edges, by Riviere, pp. 436. LouAdu 
(printed for the Author), 1781. $30.00 

The first edition of this curious and interest- 
ing volume, which is very rare. His account of 
the ancient custom of courtship by ** bundling/* 
in that State, gave much offense. 

1 142 Peters, Samuel. General 
History of Connecticut, from Its First 
Settlement, with Many Curious and 
Interesting Anecdotes. With notes, 
etc., by Samuel J. McCormick. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 285. New York, 1877. 


1 143 Sanford, Elias B. A History 
of Connecticut. Map. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 381. Illustrated. Hartford, 1888. 


1 144 Spalding, J. A. Illustrated 
Popular Biography of Connecticut. 
Numerous portraits. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 375. Hartford, 1891. $2.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 145 Waterbury. The Town and 
City of Waterbury, from the Aborigi- 
nal Period to 1895. Edited by Joseph 
Anderson. Profusely illustrated. 3 
vols., royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. New 
Haven, 1896. $15.00 

One of the best modern local histories. The 
Family Records are very full. 

1 146 Welles, Roger. Early Annals 
of Newing^on, comprising die First 
Records of the Newing^on Ecclesiasti- 
cal Society and of the Congregational 
Church Connected Therewith, with 
Documents and Papers Relating to 
the Early History of the Parish. Svo, 
paper, pp. 204. Hartford, 1874. 


1 147 Wethersfield, Conn. Brief 
Historical Sketch of the Wethersfield 
M. E. Church. 8vo, paper, pp. 47. 
Published for the Society, i8i82. .75 

1 148 Winchester. Boyd, John. 
Annals and Family Records of Win- 
chester. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
631. Hartford, 1873. $5.00 

1 149 Woloott, History of, from 
1731 to 1874; with Genedogies of the 
Families of the Town. (First Settlers, 
Anti-Slavery, Early Records, Biog- 
raphies, etc.) By Samuel Orcutt. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 608. Waterbury, 1874. 


The Genealogies occupy pages 425 to 60S, and 
are valuable for reference. 


1 1 50 Black HUls. Report on the 
Geology and Resources of the Black 
Hills. By Henry Newton and W. P. 
Jenney. Atlas and plates. 4to, pp. 
566. Washington, 1880. $6.00 

1 151 Dodge, Rich. I. The Black 
Hills: A Minute Description of the 
Routes, Scenery, Soil, and Qimate. 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 151. 
New York, 1876. -75 

1 1 52 Tom's Experience in Dakota. 
Advice about Going West, The Way 
to Success. i2mo, cloth, pp. 146. 
Minneapolis, 1883. $1.50 


1 1 53 Clay, Jehu C. Annals of the 
Swedes on the Delaware from Their 
First Settlement in 1636. 2d edition, 
enlarged. i6mo, cloth, pp. 179. 
Philadelphia, 1858. $1.50 

1 154 Ferris, Benj. History of the 
Original Settlements on the Delaware, 
with Account of the Swedish Settlers 
and a History of Wilmington. Plates 
(frontispiece lacking) and map. Svo, , 
cloth, pp. 312. Wilmington, 1846. 


1 1 55 Hallery, Chas. P. Ancient 
Families of Bohemia Manor, Their 
Homes and Graves. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
74. Wilmington, 1888. $1.00 

1 1 56 Wilmington, Reminiscences 
of. Familiar Village Tales, Ancient 
and New. By Elizabeth Montgom- 
ery. Steel plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 367. 
Philadelphia, 185 1. $4.00 

1 1 57 Tear-Book, 1895, of tiie Sons ^ 
of Delaware, of Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edited by Norris S. Barratt, histo- 
rian. Portraits. Royal 8vo, paper, 
uncut, pp. 98. n. p. n. d. $1.00 


11 58 Washington. Chapin, Mrs. 
E. N. American Court Gossip; or, 
Life at the National Capital (during 
Presidents Arthur and Cleveland's 
Administration). 8vo, cloth, pp. 269. 
Marshalltown, la., 1887. $2.00 

11 59 Washington. Johnson, L. D. < 
Churches and Pastors of Washington, 
D. C, with 500 Topics of Sermons 
Delivered in 1855-56, also a List of 
All the Church Edifices, and Their 
Localities. i2mo, cloth, pp. 171. 
New York, 1857. .75 j 


1 160 Proceedings of the Grand 
Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons 
of the State of Florida, 1830-59. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 868. New York, 
1859. $2.00 ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1161 Booterelt, Robt. B. Florida 
and the Game Water-Birds of the At- 
lantic Coast. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 443. New York, 1884. 


1 162 Vignoles, Chas. Observations 
upon the Floridas. (Indians, Land 
Titles, etc.) 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 
221. New York, 1823. $3.00 

1 163 Whitehead, Charles E. The 
Camp-Fires of the Everglades; or, 
Wild Sports of the South. Etchin|fs 
and woodcuts. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt 
top, pp. 298. Edinburgh, 1891. $4.00 

One of the most beautiful Yolumes on Ameri- 
can Sport ever printed. The text is on hand- 
made and the illustrations on India paper. 
These include : The Hunters* Camp, The Bear 
St Bay, The Deer Hunt. The Leap of the 
Tarpon, etc. 


1 164 Idaho. In the Heart of the 
Bitter-Root Mountains: The Story of 
the "Carlin Hunting Party." By 
"Heclawa." Map and illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 259. New York, 
1895. .75 

Lewis and Clark Expedition, Big Game 
Shooting, Journey down the Kooskooskee, etc. 


1165 Jones, Chas. C, Jr. The Dead 
Towns of Georgia. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 263. Savannah, 1878. 


1 166 Oglethorpe^ Gen. James. A 
Memoir of (families of Georgia). By 
Robert Wright. Map. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 414. London, 1867. $i-75 

1 167 SavannalL Historical Record 
of the City of Savannah. By F. D. 
Lee and J. L. Agnew. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 200. Savannah, 1869. 


1 168 White, George. Statistics of 
the State of Georgia, including Ac- 
count of Its Natural, Civil, and Ec- 
clesiastical History; with a Descrip- 
tion of Each County, Manners and 

Customs of the Aboriginal Tribes, 
etc. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 700. Sa- 
vannah, 1849. $3-50 

1 169 Whitefteld, George. Jour- 
nals. A Voyage from London to Sa- 
vannah in Grorgia (London, 1739; 
PP- 55)5 A Continuation of His Jour- 
nal from His Arrival in Savannah to 
His Return to London, 1739 (PP- 39) » 
A Continuation during the Time He 
Was Detained in England by the 
Embargo (London, 1739; pp. 40); A 
Continuation from His Arrival in 
London to His Departure to Georgia 
(Ix)ndon, 1739; pp. 115); A Continua- 
tion from after the Embargo to 
His Arrival at Savannah, Ga. (Lon- 
don, 1740; pp. 88); A Continua- 
tion from a Few Days after his 
Return to Georgia to his Arrival 
at Falmouth, March, 1741, contain- 
ing an account of the Work of 
God at Georgia, Rhode Island, New 
England, New York, Pennsylvania, 
and South Carolina (London, 1741; 
pp. 86). 7 rare journals in i vol. 
8vo, boards. London, 1739-41. 


It is seldom so many of White6eld's Journals 
are offered at one time. 


1 1 70 Alton Trials of Winthrop S. 
Gilman, for the Crime of Riot, Com- 
mitted on the Night of the 7th of No- 
vember, 1837, while Engaged in De- 
fending a Printing Press from an At- 
tack by an Armed Mob. Written 
from notes of the trial, taken at the 
time by a Member of the Bar of the 
Alton Municipal Court, etc. Curious 
view of the riot. i2mo, cloth, pp. 158. 
New York, 1838. $2.00 

1 171 Alton. Lovejoy, Elijah P. 
Memoirs of, Who Was Murdered in 
Defence of the Liberty of the Press at 
Alton, 111., November 7, 1837. By 
Jos. C. and Owen Lovejoy, with In- 
troduction by John Quincy Adams. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 382. New York, 
1838. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 1 72 Alton. The Martyrdom of 
Lovejoy. An Account of the Life, 
Trials, and Perils of Rev. Elijah P. 
Lovejoy, Who Was Killed by a Pro- 
Slavery Mob at Alton, 111., November 
7, 1837. By an Eye-Witness. Por- 
trait and facsimiles. 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 233. Chicago, 1881. $1.50 

1 173 Bill, Ledyard. A Winter in 
Floricki, with a Brief Historical Sum- 
mary. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
222. New York, 1869. $1.00 

1 1 74 Chainpaigii County. History 
of, with Illustrations and Biographical 
Sketches of Its Prominent Men and 
Pioneers. 4to, half morocco. Phila- 
delphia, 1878. $7.50 

1175 Chicago and Its Suburbs. By 
Everett Chamberlin. Map and nu- 
merous illustrations of buildings, etc. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 468. Chicago, 1874. 


1 1 76 Chici^o Fire. Report of the 
Chicago Relief and Aid Society of 
Disbursement of Contributions for 
the Sufferers by the Chicago Fire. 
(History and Topography of Chicago, 
Brief Account of the Fire, etc.) 
Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 440. 
Printed at the Riverside Press, 1874. 


1 177 Chioago. Kirkland, Joseph. 
The Chicago Massacre of 1812, with 
Illustrations (of Early Chicago) and 
Historical Documents. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 218. Chicago, 1893. $1.25 

1 1 78 Chioago. Mason, Edward G. 
Early Chicago and Illinois. (Chicago 
Historical Society Collections, IV.) 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 520. Chi- 
cago, 1890. $3.00 

1 179 Chioago. Smith, C. The 
Past, Present, and Future of the City 
of Chicago; Its Early History. 121310, 
cloth, pp. 84. St. Louis, 1871. $1.50 

1 180 Chicago. The Dearborns* 
First Settlement of Chicago and 
Eightieth Anniversary of the Occupa- 
tion of Fort Dearborn. By Daniel 

Goodwin, Jr. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 56. Chicago, 1884. -75 

1 181 Cook County. Andreas, A. T. 
History of. Cook County from Earliest 
Period to the Present Time. Pro- 
fusely illustrated. 4to, half morocco, 
pp. 888. Chicago, 1884. $7.50 

1 182 Christian County. History of 
Christian County, with Illustrations 
Descriptive of Its Scenery, Biographi- 
cal Sketches of Pioneers, Prominent 
Men, etc. 4to, half morocco, pp. 275. 
Philadelphia, 1880. $6.00 

1 183 Dc Witt County. History of 
De Witt County, with Biographical 
Sketches of Prominent Men and 
Pioneers. Portraits, Views of 
Houses, Places of Interest, etc. 4to, 
half morocco, pp. 338. Philadelphia, 
1882. $5.00 

1184 Pord, Thomas. The History 
of Illinois, 1818-47, with a Full Ac- 
count of the Black Hawk War, The 
Alton Riots, and Other Important 
Events. Post 8vo, cloth, pp. 447. 
Chicago, 1854. $5.00 

1185 Fulton County. History of. 
Its Cities, Villages, etc., with Biog-- 
raphies of Prominent Persons. Por- 
traits. Royal 8vo, half morocco, pp. 
1090. Peoria, 1879. $4.00 

1 186 Tackson County. History of 
Jackson County, with Sketches of 
Pioneers and Prominent Men. Por- 
traits, Views of Farms, etc. 4to, half 
morocco, pp. 137. Philadelphia, 
1878. $6.00 

1 187 Tohnson County, etc. The 
Biographical Review of Johnson, 
Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, 
Illinois. With Sketches of Prominent 
and Representative Citizens. Numer- 
ous full-page portraits. 4to, full mo- 
rocco, gilt edges, pp. 622. Chicago, 
1893. $4.00 

1 188 Tones, A. D. Illinois and the 
West, with a Township Map. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 256. Boston, 1838. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 189 La Salle County. History of. 
By Elmer Baldwin. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
552. Chicago, 1877. $2.50 

1 190 Xaconpin County. History of 
Macoupin County. Portraits, Views 
of Farms, Churches, Buildings, etc. 
4to, half morocco, pp. 288. Philadel- 
phia, 1879. $6.00 

1 191 Madison County. History of 
Madison County, with Biographical 
Sketches of Pioneers, Prominent 
Men, Maps, Views, etc. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp; 603. Edwardsville, 1882. 


1 192 Madison County. Illustrated 
Encyclopaedia and Atlas Map of Mad- 
ison County. Carefully compiled 
from personal examinations and sur- 
veys. Maps, portraits, and views. 
Folio, half morocco. St. Louis, 1873. 



1 193 Marion and Clinton Counties. 
History of Marion and Clinton Coun- 
ties. With Portraits, Illustrations of 
Scenery, etc. 4to, morocco, pp. 292. 
Philadelphia, 1881. $5.00 

1 194 Montgomery and Bond Coun- 
ties. Portrait and Biographical Rec- 
ord of Montgomery and Bond Coun- 
ties. Portraits. 4to, full morocco, 
gilt, pp. 520. Chicago, 1892. $5.00 

1 195 Peck, J. M. A Gazetteer of 
Illinois, with Description of Settle- 
ment, Streams, Prairies, etc. i6mo, 
doth, pp. 328. Philadelphia, 1837. 


1 196 Pike County. History of, 
Civil, Military, and Political. With 
Portraits and Biographies of Promi- 
nent Persons. Royal 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 996. Chicago, 1880. $4.00 

1 197 Bandolph, Monroe, and Perry 
Counties. Combined History of. 
With Biographical Sketches of Pio- 
neers and Prominent Men. Portraits. 
4to, half morocco, pp. 510. Philadel- 
phia, 1883. $5.00 

1 1 98 St. Clair Connty. History of 
St. Clair County. Illustrations of 

Scenery, Portraits of Pioneers. With 
Biographical Sketches. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 371. Edwardsville, 1881. 


1 199 St. Clair Connty. History of. 
With Illustrations and Biog^phical 
Sketches. 4to, half morocco, pp. 400. 
Philadelphia, 1881. $5.00 

1200 St. Clair Connty. Portraits 
and Biographical Record of. Its 
Prominent and Representative Citi- 
zens. 4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 675. 
Chicago, 1892. $5.00 

1 201 Schnyler and Brown Counties. 
History of. With Biographical 
Sketches of their Prominent Men, 
Pioneer Families, etc. Illustrated. 
4to, half morocco, pp. 406. Philadel- 
phia, 1882. $5.00 

1202 Shelby and Moultrie Counties. 
Combined History of. With Por- 
traits and Illustrations Descriptive of 
Their Scenery. 4to, half morocco, pp. 
325. Philadelphia, 1881. $5.00 

1203 Welby, Adlard. Visit to 
North America, and the English Set- 
tlements in Illinois, to Ascertain the 
Actual Prospects of the Emig^ting 
Agriculturist, Mechanic, and Com- 
mercial Speculator. Illustrated. 8vo, 
half old calf, pp. 224. London, 182 1. 


1204 Woods, John. Two Years' 
Residence in the Settlement on the 
English Prairie in the Illinois Coun- 
try, United States, with an Account of 
Its Animal and Vegetable Produc- 
tions, Agriculture, etc. A Description 
of the Principal Towns, Villages, etc., 
with the Habits and Customs of the 
Backwoodsmen. Maps. 8vo, boards, 
uncut, pp. 310. London, 1822. $7.50 

Very scarce. 


1205 Carroll Connty. Recollections 
of the Early Settlement of. By Dr. 
James H. Stewart. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 372. Cincinnati, 1872. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1206 Clay and Owen Counties. 
Counties of Clay and Owen, Indiana. 
Historical and Biographical. Edited 
by Charles Blanchard. Illustrated. 
8vo, half roan, pp. 966. Chicago, 
1884. $5.00 

1207 Elkhard and St. Joseph Coun- 
ties. Biographical Memoirs of, with 
Many Prominent Men of Northern 
Indiana. Portraits. 4to, full mo- 
rocco, gilt, pp. 776. Chicago, 1893. 


1208 EYansville. Elliott, Joseph 
P. History of Evansville and Vander- 
burgh County, with Reminiscences of 
Pioneers. 8vo, cloth, pp. 499. Evans- 
ville, 1897. $3.00 

1209 Henry County. Pleas, El- 
wood. Henry County, Past and Pres- 
ent. With a Brief History, 1821-71. 
Portraits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 148. New 
Castle, 1871. $1.50 

1210 Indianapolis. Sketches of 
Prominent Citizens of, 1876, with a 
Few of the Pioneers of the City and 
County Who Have Passed Away. 
By John H. B. Nowland. Portraits. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 572. Indian- 
apolis, 1877. $3.50 

121 1 Jay County. Montgomery, 
M. W. History of Jay County. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 288. Chicago 
(printed for the Author), 1864. $3.50 

1212 Madison County. History of, 
1820-74. By Samuel Harden. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 411. Markleville, 1874. 


1213 St. Toseph County. History 
of. Its Cities, Villages, and Town- 
ships; Civil, Military, and Political 
History. With Portraits and Biog- 
raphies of Representative Citizens. 
Portraits. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 971. Chicago, 1880. $3.00 

1214 St. Toseph County. La Salle 
in the Valley of the St. Joseph: An 
Historical Fragment. By Chas. H. 
Bartlett and Rich. H. Lyon. Illus- 
trated i2mo, cloth, pp. 117. South 
Bend, 1899. $1.50 

121 5 Smith, O. H. Early Indiana 
Trials and Sketches. (Historical Ac- 
count of EsLvly Life and Pioneers.) 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 640. Cin- 
cinnati, 1858. $2.50 

1216 Smith, Wm. C. Indiana Mis- 
cellany, consisting of Sketches of In- 
dian Life, the Early Settlement, Cus- 
toms, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 304. 
Cincinnati, 1867. $1.50 

1217 Smith, J. C. Reminiscences 
of Early Methodism in Indiana, with 
Description of Remarkable Camp 
Meetings, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 322. 
Indianapolis, 1879. $1.00 

1218 Sutherland, James. Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Members of the 
Forty-first Assembly of Indiana, with 
State Officers and Judiciary. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 210. Indianapolis, 1861. 


1219 Upper Wabash Valley, with 
Hints on Its Agricultural Advan- 
tages, Plan of a Dwelling, Estimates 
of Cultivation, etc. By Henry Wm. 
Ellsworth. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
175. New York, 1838. $2.00 

1220 Wylie, Theo. Indiana Uni- 
versity from 1820-90. Biographical 
Sketches of Its Professors, Graduates, 
and a List of Students, 1820-87. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 472. Indianapolis, 1890. 



1 22 1 Black Hawk County. History 
of, with Biographies of Citizens, War 
Record, Portraits of Early Settlers, 
etc. 8vo, half calf, pp. 603. Chicago, 
1878. $4.00 

1222 Dnbnqne, etc. Portrait and 
Biographical Record of Dubuque, 
Jones, and aa)rton Counties, Iowa. 
4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 557. Chi- 
cago, 1894. $5-oo 

1223 Grimes, Jas. W. The Life of 
(Governor of Iowa and United States 
Senator). By Wm. Salter. Portrait, 
8vo, half calf, pp. 398. New York, 
1876. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1224 Monroe County. Hicken- 
looper, Frank. An Illustrated His- 
tory of Monroe County, Iowa: A 
Complete Civil, Political, and Mili- 
tary History of the County from Its 
Earliest Period to 1896, including 
Sketches of Pioneer Life, Anecdotes, 
Biography, and Long-drawn Reminis- 
cences Spun out by the " Oldest In- 
habitant." Map. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 360. Albia, la., 1896. 


Contains Histories of the First Iowa Cavalry. 
6th, 22d, and 36th Iowa Infantry in the War of 
the Rebellion, with roster of regiments, showing 
age, rank, company, list of casualties of Monroe 
County soldiers, etc. 

1225 Polk County. Dixon, J. M. 
Centennial History of Polk County. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 339. Des Moines, 
1876. $1.50 

1226 Beport on the Geological 
Survey of State of Iowa, embracing 
Results of Investigations Made dur- 
ing 1855, '56, and '57. By James 
Hall and J. D. Whitney. 2 vols., 
royal 8vo, cloth. 1858. $6.00 

1227 Beport of the Geological 
Survey of State of Iowa. By Charles 
A. White. Plates. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 
cloth. Des Moines, 1870. $3.50 

1228 Sabin, Henry. The Making 
of Iowa. (First White Settlers, In- 
dian Massacres, etc.) Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 282. Chicago, 1900. 



1229 Ebbntty Percy G. Emigrant 
Life in Kansas. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 237. London, 1886. 


1230 Oriswoldy Wayne. Kansas, 
^ Her Resources and Developments; 

or. The Kansas Pilot. 8vo, paper, pp. 
95. Cincinnati, 1871. 40 

1231 Hale, Edwdrd E. Kanzas 
and Nebraska: History and Political 
Position of Those Territories. Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 256. Boston, 1854. 


1232 Hutcliinion, C. C. Resources 
of Kansas, Fifteen Years' Experience. 
Map and Illustrations. i2mo, paper, 
pp. 287. Topeka, Kas., 1871. .75 

1233 Inman, Col. Henry. Tales of 
the Trail: Short Stories of Western 
Life. Ilustrated. i2mo, pp. 280. 
Topeka, 1898. $1.00 

1234 Kansas Historical Society. 
Transactions. Vols. I. and II. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 328. Topeka, 1881. $1.50 

1235 Portrait and Biographical Al- 
bum of Jackson, Jefferson, and Potta- 
watomie Counties. Portraits. 4to, 
full morocco, gilt, pp. 784. Chicago, 
1890. $5.00 

1236 Three Tears on Kansas Bor- 
der. By a Clergyman. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 240. New York, 1856. $1.50 


1237 Tnttle, Chas. R. A Full and 
Complete Civil, Political, and Mili- 
tary History of the State of Kansas. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 708. Lawrence, 1876. 


1238 Centenary of Kentucky and 
Celebration by the Filson Club, 
June I, 1892, containing Historical 
Address of Col. R. T. Durrett, etc. 
4to, paper, pp. 200. Louisville, 1892. 


1239 Collins, Lewis. Historical 
Sketches of Kentucky: Embracing Its 
History, Antiquities, and Natural Cu- 
riosities; Geographical, Statistical^ 
and Geological Descriptions; with 
Anecdotes of Pioneer Life. Map and 
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 560. 
Maysville, Ky., 1848. $6.00 

1240 Connelly, Emma M. The 
Story of Kentucky. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 337. Boston, 1890. $1.25 

1 241 Davidson, R. An Excursion 
to the Mammoth Cave and the Bar- 
rens of Kentucky, with Notices of the 
Early Settlement of the State. i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 148. Lexington, 1840. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1242 Drake, Daniel. Pioneer Life 
in Kentucky: A Series of Reminis- 
cential Letters. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 264. Cincinnati, 1870. $2.00 

1243 Filson, John. First Historian 
of Kentucky, and Account of His Life 
and Writings. Illustrated with a por- 
trait and facsimile of his original map 
of Kentucky. By Ruben T. Durrett. 
4to, paper, pp. 132. Louisville, 1884, 



1244 Eentnoky. Reports of the 
Geological Survey of Kentucky, 
1854-59. By David D. Owen. 4 
vols., royal 8vo. Frankfort, 1856-61. 
New Geological Survey, Report of 
Progress, Vol. H. Peter's Chemical 
Analysis, Vol. I., 1884. In all 6 vols., 
royal 8vo, cloth. $7.50 

1245 Lexington. Ranck, Geo. W. 
History of Lexington, Ky., Its Early 
Annals and Recent Pr^^ess. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 428. Cincin- 
nati, 1872. $2.75 

1246 Lonisville. Durrett, Col. R. 
T. An Historical Sketch of St. Paul's 
Church, Louisville. 4to, paper, pp. 
75. Louisville: Filson Club, 1889. 


1247 Lonisville. Remains of the 
Rev. William Jackson, Rector of St. 
Paul's Church, Louisville, with a 
Sketch of His Life. By Wm. Jack- 
son. 8vo, cloth, pp. 397. New York, 
1847. $1-75 

1248 Lonisville. McMurtrie, H. 
Sketches of Louisville and Its En- 
virons: Including a Great Variety of 
Miscellaneous Matter and a Catalogue 
of Nearly 400 Genera and 600 Species 
of Plants that Grow in the Vicinity 
of the Town. Folding map. 8vo, 
boards, pp. 256. Louisville, 1819. 


1249 M'Nemar, Richard. The 
Kentucky Revival; or, A Short His- 
tory of the Late Extraordinary Out- 
pouring of the Spirit of God in the 

Western States of America. i2mo, 
boards, pp. 156. New York, 1846. 


Very fine clean copy. 

1250 Perrin, Battle and Kniffin. 
Kentucky: A History of the State, 
Embracing a Concise Account of the 
Origin and Development of the Vir- 
ginia Colony; Its Expansion West- 
ward, and the Settlement of the Fron- 
tier beyond the Alleghanies, etc. Il- 
lustrated. 4to, cloth, pp. 918 and in- 
dex. Louisville, 1889. $3.50 

1251 Spanldingy H. J. Sketches of 
the Early Catholic Missions of Ken- 
tucky, 1787-1827. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
308. Louisville. $3.00 

1252 Thompson, J. J. History of 
the Bloody Renconters, Battles, etc.. 
Extending through a Number of 
Years, known as "The Hill and 
Evans Feud," in Gemard County. 
8vo, paper, pp. 112. Cincinnati. 



1253 Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana. 
Biographies of Actual Residents and 
Sketches of Thirteen Counties. Por- 
traits. 4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 703. 
Nashville, 1890. $4- 50 

1254 Dnvallon, B. Vue de la Co- 
lonic Espagnole du Mississipi, on des 
Provinces de Louisiane et Florida 
Occidentale, 1802. 2 maps. 8vo, pp. 
318 -f 9. Paris, 1803. $500 

1255 Fortier, Alcee. Louisiana 
Folk-Tales. In French dialect and 
English translation. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
122. Boston, 1895. $1.25 

1256 French, B. F. Historical Col- 
lections of Louisiana and Florida. 
New series. Historical Memoirs, 
1527 to 1702. 8vo, cloth, pp. 300. 
New York, 1875. $3-Oo 

1257 Gayarre, Chas. Romance of 
the History of Louisiana. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 265. New York, 1848. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1258 Vergenne, M. De. Memoire 
Historique et Politique sur la Louisi- 
ane. Portrait. 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 
315. Paris, 1802. $3.50 


1259 Augusta. North, James W. 
The History of Augusta, with Notices 
of the Plymouth Company and Set- 
tlements on the Kennebec. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 990. Augusta, 
1870. $6.00 

1260 BaUcy, Rev. Jacob. The 
Frontier Missionary: A Memoir of the 
Life of Rev. Jacob Bailey, Missionary 
at Pownalborough, Me., and Com- 
wallis, Nova Scotia; with Notes and 
Appendix (relating in part to the 
Loyalists). By Wm. S. Bartlett. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 365. New York, 1853. 


1 26 1 Bangor. The Centennial Cele- 
bration of the Settlement of Bangor, 
September 30, 1869. (With Histori- 
cal Addresses.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. 
Bangor, 1870. $1.75 

1262 Bangor. Centennial Celebra- 
tion of the Settlement of Bangor, 
September 30, 1869. (Historical Ad- 
dresses, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. 
Bangor, 1870. $1.00 

1263 Bristol and Bremen. History 
of the Town of, including the Pemo- 
quid Settlement. By John Johnston. 
Portraits. 8vo, half morocco, pp. 524. 
Albany, 1873. $5.00 

1264 Brnnswicky Topsham, and 
Harpswell. History of, including the 
Ancient Territory Known as Pejeb- 
scot (with Numerous Family Geneal- 
ogies). By Geo. A. and Henry W. 
Wheeler. Map and portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 959. Boston, 1878. $3.00 

1265 Bnxton. Records of the Pro- 
prietors of Narragansett Township, 
No. I, now the Town of Buxton, York 
County, from August i, 1733, to Jan- 
uary 4, 181 1. With introduction by 

Wm. F. Goodwin. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
400. Concord, 1871. $4.00 

Only 291 copies privately printed. 

1266 Calais. Knowlton, I. C. An- 
nals of Calais and St. Stephen, New 
Brunswick. i2mo, cloth, pp. 208. 
Calais, 1875. $2.00 

1267 Chesterville. History of. By 
Oliver Sewall. (Early Settlers, Bound- 
aries of the Different Purchases, First 
Meeting-House, etc.) 8vo, original 
tinted paper covers, uncut, pp. 96. 
Farmington, 1875. $1.00 

1268 Chesterville. Sewall, Oliver. 
History of Chesterville, Me. 8vo, 
paper, uncut, pp. 96. Farmington, 
1875. $1-^^ 

1269 Oorham. King, Marquis F. 
Publishments, Marriages, Births, and 
Deaths from the Earlier Records of 
Gorham, Me. 8vo, cloth, pp. 200. 
Portland, 1897. $3.00 

No. 89 of a limited edition of 100 copies. 

1270 Lincoln County. The Probate 
Records of Lincoln County, 1760- 
1800. Compiled, with index of 
names, places, etc., by William D. 
Patterson. 8vo, cloth, pp. 421. 
Portland, 1895. $4.50 

1271 Monnt Desert. Martin, Mrs. 
Clara Barnes. Illustrated with photo- 
graphs and a map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
115. Portland, 1885. $1.00 

1272 Norway. Noyes, David. The 
History of Norway, Me., comprising 
a Minute Account of Its First Settle- 
ment, Town Officers, Annual Ex- 
penditures of the Town, and other 
Statistical Matters. Interspersed with 
historical sketches. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
215. Norway, 1852. $3.50 

Library stamp. 

1273 Pemaqnid. Hough, Franklin 
B. Papers Relating to Pemaquid and 
Parts Adjacent in Maine Known as 
Cornwall County when under the 
Colony of New York. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 136. Albany, 1856. $3.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1274 Popliam Colony. Memorial 
Volume of the Popham Celebration, 
August 20, 1862, Commemorative of 
the Planting of the Popham Colony 
on the Peninsula of Sabino, 1607. 
Published under direction of Edward 
Ballard. Also, A Vindication of the 
Claims of Sir Ferdinando Gorges as 
Father of English Colonization in 
America. By John A. Poor. Map. 
Svo, cloth. Portland, 1863. $3.00 

1275 Portland. Centennial Cele- 
bration, July 4-6, 1886, of the looth 
Anniversary of the Incorporation of 
the Town. By John T. Hull. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 380. Portland, 
1886. $2.00 

1276 Portland. Journals of the 
Rev. Thomas Smith and the Rev. 
Samuel Deane, Pastors of the First 
Church in Portland. With notes and 
biographical notices; and a summary 
History of Portland. By Wm. Willis. 
Portrait and plates. 8vo, pp. 484. 
Portland, 1849. $5-oo 

1277 Portland Sketch Book. Qack 
Downing's Visit to Portland; Willis; 
Portland as It Is; Longfellow's "The 
Village of Auteuil," etc.) Steel fron- 
tispiece. i2mo, cloth, pp. 289. Port- 
land, 1836. $2.00 

1278 Portland. The Successful 
Business Houses of Portland, Me. By 
Edward H. Elwell. 8vo, cloth, gilt, 
pp. 192. Portland, 1875. .75 

1279 Bowe, Mrs. H. G. Retold 
Tales of the Hills and Shores of 
Maine. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
357. Bangor, 1892. $1.50 

1280 Springer, John S. Forest 
Life and Forest Trees: Winter Camp 
Life among the Luggers in Maine 
and New Brunswick. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 259. New York, 
1851. $1.25 

1 28 1 Snmner. Centennial History 
of the Town of Sumner, 1798-1898. 
Portraits. i2mo, boards, pp. 233. 
West Sumner, 1899. $1.25 

1282 Thomaston and Rockland. 
Eaton, Cyrus. History of Thomas- 
ton, Rockland, and South Thomas- 
ton from 1605, with Family Geneal- 
ogies. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. Hal- 
lowell, 1865. $10.00 

1283 Todd, John. Summer Glean- 
ings; or. Sketches and Incidents of a 
Pastor's Vacation in the Wilds of 
Maine. i2mo, cloth, pp. 281. 
Northamptom, 1852. $1.50 

1284 Williamson^ Wm. D. The 
History of the State of Maine; from 
Its Discovery, 1602, to the Separa- 
tion, 1820, Inclusive. 2 vols., thick 
8vo, old calf (joints of Vol. II. 
cracked). Hallowell, 1832. $17.50 

1285 York. Ancient City of 
Gorgeana and Modem Town of York 
(Me.) from Its Earliest Settlement to 
the Present Time. By Geo. Alex. 
Emery. Plate. Small i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 256. Boston, 1874. $2.00 


1286 A Belation of the Successful 
Beginnings of the Lord Baltimore 
Plantation in Maryland, Being an Ex- 
tract of Certain Letters Written from 
Thence by Some of the Adventurers 
to Their Friends in England, Anno 
Domini 1634. 4to, part leather, pp. 
23. Baltimore, 1865. $2.50 

1287 Adams, Herbert D. Mary- 
land's Influence in Founding a Na- 
tional Commonwealth; or. The His- 
tory of the Accession of Public Lands 
by the Old Confederation. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 123. Baltimore, 1877. 


Publication Fund No. 11. 

1288 Addison. One Hundred 
Years Ago: The Life and Times of 
Rev. Walter D. Addison. (Early 
Times in Maryland, Annapolis 
Church, etc.) Compiled from origi- 
nal papers. i2mo, cloth, pp. 216. 
Philadelphia, 1895. $1.50 

1289 Allen, Ethan. The Garrison 
Church: Sketches of the History of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



St. Thomas Parish, Garrison Forest, 
Baltimore County, Md., 1742-1852. 
(The Colonial Fort, Names of 
Bachelors Taxed, Journal (rf Secre- 
tary of Commission to Treat with In- 
dians.) Illustrations. 4to, cloth, pp. 
193. New York, 1898. $2.50 

1290 Baltimore. Interesting Pa- 
pers Illustrative of the Recent Riots 
at Baltimore: Reports Read before 
the City Council in 1812. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 48. Baltimore, 1812. $1.00 

1291 Baltimore. Howard, Geo. W. 
The Monumental City. Past History 
and Present Resources of Baltimore, 
with a Descriptive Account of the 
Cities of Washington and Annapolis 
and the United States Naval Acad- 
emy. Containing maps and biogra- 
phies of prominent business men. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 874. Balti- 
more, 1873. $1.50 

1292 Baltimore. Scharf, Col. J. 
Thos. The Chronicles of Baltimore: 
A Complete History of " Baltimore 
Town" and Baltimore City, from 
Earliest Period to Present Time. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 756. Baltimore, 1874. 


1293 Banvard, Joseph. Tragic 
Scenes in the History of Maryland 
and the Old French War, with an Ac- 
count of Various Interesting Con- 
temporaneous Events Which Oc- 
curred in the Early Settlement of 
America. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
PP- ^39- Boston, 1856. $1.50 

1294 Cumberland. History of, from 
Time of the Indian Town, 1728, to 
Present Day. Embracing an Account 
of Washington's First Campaign and 
Braddock's Expedition. By W. H. 
Lowdermilk. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 566. Washington, 1878. $4.00 

•1295 Griffith, Thos. W. Sketches 
of the Early History of Maryland, 
Annals of Baltimore. Two rare 
works bound in on»e volume. 8vo, 
sheep. Baltimore, 1821-33. $6.00 

1296 Hanson, Geo. A. Old Kent. 
The Eastern Shore of Maryland. 
Notes Illustrative of Its Ancient Rec- 
ords and Genealogical Histories of 
Old and Distinguished Families. 
8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 420. Balti- 
more, 1876. $2.50 

1297 Vallette, Elie. The Deputy 
Commissary's Guide within the Prov- 
ince of Maryland. Engraved frontis- 
piece by T. Sparrow. 8vo, calf, pp. 
257. Annapolis: Ann. C. Green & 
Son, 1774. $2.50 

A good copy of early Maryland imprint. 


1298 Acton Directory, also a Brief 
History of the Town, with the Town 
Clubs, Physicians, etc., from the In- 
corporation of the Town to the Pres- 
ent Time. i2mo, paper, pp. 52. 
South Acton, 1883-84. .75 

1299 Amherst. History of the 
Town of Amherst with Records of 
Town Meetings. By Carpenter and 
Morehouse. Illustrated. Thick 8vo, 
cloth. Amherst, 1896. $4.00 

1300 Amherst. Hitchcock, Ed- 
ward. Reminiscences of Amherst 
College, Historical, Biographical, etc. 
Plates and maps. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
412. Northampton, 1863. $1.50 

1 301 Amherst. Rotch, Wm. B. 
Rambles about Amherst, embracing 
Historical and Descriptive Sketch of 
the Town. Map and illustration. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 59. Amherst, 1890. 


1302 Amherst. Tyler, W. S. His- 
tory of Amherst College, 1821-71. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 671. 
Springfidd, 1873. $2.00 

1303 Arlington. History of the 
Baptist Church, with List of Mem- 
bers. i6mo, paper, pp. 54. Wobum, 
1874. .50 

1306 Athol. Clarke, Samuel F. 
A Centennial Discourse Delivered 
September 9, 1850, before the First 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Church and Society in Athol at the 
Celebration of the looth Anniversary 
of the Organization of Said Church, 
with an Appendix. 8vo, paper, pp. 
95- Boston, 1851. .75 

1305 Attleborongh. Daggett, John. 
Sketch of the History of Attlebor- 
ongh, from Its Settlement. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 136. Dedham, 1834. $3.00 

1306 Austin, Geo. Lowell. The 
History of Massachusetts from the 
Landing of the Pilgrims to the Pres- 
ent Time, including the Early Voy- 
ages to America, Explorations of the 
Early Settlers, Hardships, Sufferings, 
and Conflicts with the Savages, etc. 
Portraits. 8vo, calf, pp. 598. Bos- 
ton, 1885. $2.00 

1307 Ayer. Reminiscences of the 
Town of Ayer and of James C. Ayer. 
By Charles Cowlej. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
156. Lowell, 1879. $1.50 

1308 Barber, John W. Historical 
Collections Relating to the History 
and Antiquities of Every Town in 
Massachusetts. 200 engravings. 8vo, 
sheep, pp. 624. Worcester, 1841. 


1309 Barry, John S. History erf 
Massachusetts, Colonial, Provincial, 
and Commonwealth Periods. 3 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1855-57. $6.00 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1310 Beverly. Stone, Edwin M. 
History of Beverly, from Its Settle- 
ment in 1630 to 1842. (Canada Ex- 
pedition in 1690, Battk of Lexington, 
Lists of Physicians from 1677 to 1842, 
etc.) View of Town. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 324. Boston, 1843. $2.50 

131 1 Boston Almanacs. Ames, 
Nathaniel. An Astronomical Diary; 
or. An Almanack for the Year 
of Our Lord Christ 1761-67, Con- 
taining Judgment of the Weather, 
Courts, Feasts, and Fasts of the 
Church, Quakers' Yearly Meetings, 
The Roads and Best Stages from Bos- 
ton to Rhode Island, Connecticut, 
New York, Eastern Road, etc., etc. 

In 7 vols., i2mo, paper, thin. Bos- 
ton, 1761-67. $10.00 

1312 Boston Almanac. Astronomi- 
cal Diary; or, Almanack for 1736 by 
Nath. Ames. i2mo. Boston, 1735. 


1313 Boston. Bowen's Picture of 
Boston, to Which is Prefixed The 
Annals of Boston. 2d edition. En- 
larged with 2 maps and 50 illustra- 
tions. i6mo, leather, pp. 316. Bos- 
ton, 1833. $2.50 

1314 Boston. Bridgman, Thomas. 
Memorials of the Dead in Boston. 
Inscriptions on th-e Sepulchral Monu- 
ments in the King's Chapel Burying 
Ground in the City of Boston, with 
Historical and Biographical Notices 
of Many of the Early Settlers of the 
Metropolis of New England. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 339. Boston, 1853. $4.00 

131 5 Boston. Brayley, Arthur W. 
A Complete History of the Boston 
Fire Department, 1630-1888. (The 
First Fire, The Confiagation of 1653, 
The Town Watch, Boston Massacre, 
etc.) In three parts. Numerous il- 
lustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 
729. Boston, 1889. $2.00 

1 3 16 Boston. Constitution erf the 
Light Infantry Company of Winslow 
Blues, as revised March, 1822. 
(With a list of members.) i2mo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 76. Boston, 1822. 

Fine copy. 

1317 Boston. Drake, Samuel G. 
History and Antiquities of Boston 
from 1630 to 1770, with History of 
Discovery and Settlement of New 
England. Plates. Large-paper copy. 
Folio, half morocco. Boston, 1857. 


To this large-paper edition a fine series of 
steel portraits were added. 

1 3 18 Boston. Drake, Sam'l Adams. 
Old Landmarks and Historic Person- 
ages of Boston. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 484. Boston, 1876. $1.25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1319 Boston. Drake, Sam'l Adams. 
The Old Boston Taverns and Tavern 
Clubs. Illustrated. i2mo, paper, pp. 
69. Boston, 1886. .50 

1320 Boston Fire (November 9 and 
10, 1872). Its History, with the 
Losses in Detail of Both Real and 
Personal Estate; also, A Complete 
List of Insurance Losses. By F. E. 
Frothingham. Map. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 115. Boston, 1873. .75 

( 1321 Boston. King's Chapel. A 
' History of King's Chapel, the First 

Episcopal Church in New England. 

By F. W. P. Greenwood. Plate. 

i2mo, cloth, pp. 215. Boston, 1833. 


1322 Boston. Lodge, Henry Cabot. 
Boston (Historic Towns). Maps. 
i2mo, cloth. London, 1891. $1.25 

1323 Boston. Loring, James Spear. 
The Hundred Boston Orators Ap- 
pointed by the Authorities and Other 
Public Bodies from 1770 to 1852, com- 
prising Historical Gleanings. (Bos- 
ton Massacre, Massachusetts Society 
of Cincinnati, Bunker Hill, Eulogies 
on Washington, etc.) Thick 8vo, 
cloth. Boston. $2.00 

Fourth edition, with improved index of names. 

1324 Boston. Midgley, R. L. 
Sights in Boston and Suburbs; or. 
Guide to the Stranger. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 224. Boston, 1856. 


1325 Boston. Moore, Geo. H. 
Prytaneum Bostoniense: Notes on the 
History of the Old State House. 2 
parts. Examination of Mr. Whit- 
more's Old State House Memorial. 3 
pamphlets. Boston, 1885-87. $2.00 

I 1326 Boston. Phillips, Sam'l. A 
Memoir of (Boston Massacre, Siege 
of Boston, General Court in Cam- 
bridge, etc. Portraits and views. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 391. Boston, 1856. 


1327 Boston. Quincy, Josiah. 

The History of the Boston Athe- 

naeum, with Biographical Notices of 
Its Deceased Founders (and other 
sketches of literary history of Boston). 
8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 185 1. $1.25 

1328 Boston. Re-dedication of the 
Old State House, July 11, 1882. Il- 
lustrated with portraits, facsimiles of 
rare prints, etc. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 
2i6v Boston, 1885. $1.25 

1329 Boston. Savage, Ed. H. A 
Chronological History of the Boston 
Watch and Police, 1631-1865, with 
Recollections of a Boston Police Of- 
ficer. 8vo, cloth, pp. 396. Boston,. 
1865. $1.25 

1330 Boston. Sketches of Boston, 
Past and Present. 120 woodcuts. 
i6mo, paper, pp. 358. Boston, 185 1. 


1331 Boston. Sumner, W. H. A 
History of East Boston, with Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Its Early Pro- 
prietors. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
8oiv Boston, 1858. $2.50 

1332 Boston (England). Thomp- 
son, Pishey. Collections for a Topo- 
graphical and Historical Account of 
Boston in the County of Lincoln. 
Fine plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 466. 
London, 1820. $3.50 

1333 Boston. Two Hundred and 
Fiftieth Anniversary of the First 
Church of Boston, with Four Histori- 
cal Sermons. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 218. Boston, 1881. $1.50 

1334 Bostonian Society. Collec- 
tions of. Vol. I., in three parts, con- 
sisting of Life of William Blaxton, 
Life of Abel Bowen, and a Paper on 
Changes of Values in Real Estate in 
Boston during the Past One Hundred 
Years. Also, A Catalogue of the Col- 
lections of the Society. In all, 4 parts. 
8vo, paper. Boston, 1888. $2.00 

1335 Bradford, Alden. History of 
Massachusetts, 1764 to July, 1775, 
When General Washington Took 
Command of the American Army. 
8vo, half calf, pp. 414. Boston, 1822. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1336 Bradford. Kingsbury, J. D. 
Memorial History of Bradford, from 
the Earliest Period to the Close of 
1882. 8vo, boards, pp. 144. Haver- 
hill, 1883. $1.50 

1337 Braintree and Quincy. Pat- 
tee, Wm. S. A History of Old Brain- 
tree and Quincy, with a Sketch of 
Randolph and Holbrook. Illustrated. 
Svo, cloth, pp. 660. Quincy, 1878. 


1338 BriggSy Geo. N. A Memoir. 
By Wm. C. Richards. Photographs 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 451. 
Boston, 1866. $1.50 

Briggs was Governor of Massachusetts from 

1339 Brookline. Pierce, John. 
Address at Opening of the Town Hall 
{historical). Svo, boards, pp. 52. 
Boston, 1846. $1.50 

1340 Cambridge. Gilman, Arthur. 
The Cambridge of 1896. (History of 
the City Fifty Years after Its Incorpo- 
ration. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
424. Cambridge, 1896. $2.25 

1341 Cambridge. Harris, W. T. 
Epitaphs from the Old Burying- 
Ground in Cambridge. i2mo, boards, 
pp. 192. Cambridge, 1845. $1.50 

1342 Cambridge. Barnard's Ser- 
mon Preached at Cambridge in New 
England. Boston, 1756. Also, Eben- 
^za Gay's Sermon on Natural Reli- 
gion. Boston, 1759. 2 tracts, i2mo, 
unbound. Boston: John Draper, 
1756-59. $3.00 

Both these sermons were preached in the 
•chapel of Harvard College. 

1343 Cambridge. Palmer, Joseph. 
Necrology of Alumni of Harvard Col- 
lege, 1851-63. Svo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
537. Boston, 1864. $1.50 

1344 Charlestown. Frothingham, 
Richard. The History of Charles- 
town. Complete in original 7 parts as 
issued. Svo, paper. Charlestown, 
1S45. $6.00 

1345 Danyers. Account of the 
Centennial Celebration in Danvers, 
June 16, 1852, together with the Pro- 
ceedings of the Town in Relation to 
the Donation of George Peabody 
of London. (Ancient Naumkeag, 
Witchcraft Delusion, Battle of Lex- 
ington, Bunker Hill, Heroes of the 
Revolution, etc.) Numerous illustra- 
tions. Svo, cloth, pp. 403. Danvers, 
1852. $2.50 

1346 Danvers. Military and Naval 
Annals of Danvers. (IGng Philip's 
French and Indian War, Revolution, 
War of 1S12, and Rebellion.) Report 
of Committee on Soldiers' Record. 
Svo, paper, pp. 165. Danvers, 1S95. 


1347 Dorchester. Everett, Edward. 
Dorchester in 1630, 1776, and 18S5: 
An Oration Delivered on the Fourth 
of July, 1SS5; also, An Account of the 
Proceedings in Dorchester at the 
Celebration of the Day. Svo, cloth, 
pp. 158. Boston, 1S55. $1.00 

134S Douglas. Emerson, Wm. A. 
History of the Town of Douglas (with 
Genealogies, etc.). Svo, boards, pp. 
359. Boston, 1S79. $2.00 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1349 Easthampton. History of 
Easthampton, Its Settlement and 
Growth, together with a Genealogi- 
cal Record of Its Original Families. 
By Payson W. Lyman. i2mo, uncut, 
pp. 195. Northampton, 1S66. $1.25 

Early Settlement and Indian Wars, Shay's 
Rebellion, War of 1S12, Civil War, Record of 
Our Dead, etc., and Genealogical Register. 

1350 Easthampton. Historical Ad- 
dress Delivered at the Centennial 
Celebration, July 4, 1876, by Rev. 
Payson W. Lyman. Svo, paper, pp. 
S5. Springfield, 1S77. .50 

1 35 1 Emerson, Geo. B. The Trees 
and Shrubs Growing Naturally in the 
Forests of Massachusetts. 3d and 
best edition. Numerous plates. 2 
vols., Svo, cloth. Boston, 1S78. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1352 Pall BiTer. History of Fall 
River, with Notices of Freetown and 
Tiverton as Published in 1841. By 
Orin Fowler. 8vo, cloth, pp. 100. 
Fall River, 1862. $2.00 

1353 Pall Biver. The Centennial 
History of, comprising a Record of 
Its Corporate Progress from 1656 to 
1876. By Henry H. Earl. Illus- 
trated. 4to, cloth, pp. 252. New 
York, 1877. $2.00 

1354 Pahnonth. Three Lectures on 
the Early History of Falmouth, Cov- 
ering the Time from Its Settlement 
to 18 1 2. By Chas. W. Jenkins. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 113. Falmouth, 1889. 


135s Pelt, Joseph B. Historical 
Account of Massachusetts Currency. 
With plates of the early notes. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 259. Boston, 1839. $2.50 

1356 Pitohbnrg: Facts and Docu- 
ments Exhibiting a Summary View 
of the Ecclesiastical Affairs Lately 
Transacted in Fitchburg, with Gen- 
eral Observations. i2mo, unbound, 
pp. 117. Boston, 1802. .75 

1357 Pitohbnrg. Torrey, Rufus C. 
History of the Town of Fitchburg. 
8vo, paper, pp. 128. 1865. $1.00 

1358 Plorence. Sheffield, Chas. A. 
The History of Florence. Illustrated. 
Ro3ral 8vo, cloth, pp. 250. Florence, 
1895. $2.50 

1359 Powler, Wm. C. Local Law 
in Massachusetts and Connecticut 
Historically Considered. (Plymouth 
Colony, Laws against Quakers, Ban- 
ishment of Roger Williams, etc.) 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 104. Albany, 1872. $1.50 

1360 Pramingham. Barry, Wm. 
History of Framington, 1640 to Pres- 
ent Time, with Register of the In- 
habitants before i&». With gene- 
alogical sketches. 8vo, boards, uncut, 
pp. 456. Boston, 1847. $4- 50 

1 361 Pranklin before the Privy 
Council, Whitehall, London, 1774, on 
Behalf of Province of Massachusetts. 

Plate, 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, i860. 


1362 Gloucester. Proctor, Geo. H. 
The Fisherman's Memorial and Rec- 
ord Book, Containing a List of Ves- 
sels Lost and Their Crews from the 
Port of Gloucester, 1830-73, Compris- 
ing 1437 Names, etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
172. Gloucester, 1873. $1.25 

1363 Ooodell, A. C, Jr. Further 
Notes on the History of Witchcraft 
in Massachusetts, containing Addi- 
tional Evidence of the Passage of the 
Act of 171 1 for Reversing the At- 
tainders of the Witches, also Affirm- 
ing the Legality of the Special Court 
of Oyer and Terminer of 1692. Fac- 
simile of the Act of 171 1. 8vo, orig- 
inal paper covers, pp. 52. Cambridge, 
1884. .50 

1364 Oroton. Green, SamT A. An 
Historical Address, Bi-Centennial and 
Centennial, Delivered at Groton, July 
4, 1876. 8vo, paper, pp. 89. Groton, 
1876. .75 

1365 Hale, Edward Everett. The 
Story of Massachusetts. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 359. Boston, 189 1. 


1366 Hanover. A Copy of the Rec- 
ords of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 
and of Intentions of Marriage, as Re- 
corded by the Several Town Qerks 
from 1727-1875. 8vo, cloth, pp. 319. 
Rockland, 1898. $2.00 

1367 Haynes, Gideon. An Histori- 
cal Sketch of the Massachusetts State 
Prison, with Narratives and Incidents, 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 290. 
Boston, 1869. .75 

1368 Hope Leslie; or. Early Times 
in Massachusetts. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1855. $2.50 

1369 HnblMurdston. Stowe, J. M. 
History of the Town of Hubbardston, 
1686 to the Present Time, with Gene- 
alogies of Present and Former Fami- 
lies. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 383. 
Hubbardston, 1881. $4-50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1370 Taoobiy Sarah S. Nonantum 
and Natick (and Early Indians of 
New England). Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 336. Boston, 1853. .75 

1371 lee. The Centennial Celebra- 
tion and Centennial History of the 
Town of Lee. Compiled by Rev. C. 
M. Hyde and Alexander Hyde. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 352. 
Springfield, 1878. $2.00 

1372 Leicester. Historical Record 
of the Town during the First Century 
from Its Settlement: (Original Pro- 
prietors, Boundaries, First Settlers, 
Local History, Indian Wars, Social 
Habits, French and Revolutionary 
Wars, etc.) By Emory Washburn. 
Portraits and map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
467. Boston, i860. $4.00 

1373 lowell. Miles, Henry A. 
Lowell, As It Was and As It Is. 
Map. i6mo, cloth, pp. 234. Lowell, 
1845. .75 

1374 Lowell. Contributions to the 
Old Residents' Historical Associa- 
tion, Lowell, Mass. (Early Recollec- 
tions of an Old Resident, The Willard 
Family, Drama in Lowell, Early Set- 
tlers and Grants of Land, Lowell in 
the Navy during the Rebellion, etc.) 
Portraits. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth, and 
plain half calf. Lowell, 1879-94. 


137s Lunenburg. Davis, Walter A. 
The Proprietors Records of the 
Town of Lunenburg, including Fitch- 
burg, 1729-1833. A Complete Trans- 
script of the Records Owned by the 
Town. 8vo, cloth, pp. 375. Fitch- 
burg, 1897. $3.50 

1376 Lynn. Newall, Jas. R. Cen- 
tennial Memorial of Lynn, embrac- 
ing an Historical Sketch, 1629-1876. 
(Names of First Comers, and Their 
Descendants, Indian Incursions and 
War, Lynn during the War of the 
Rebellion, etc.) Portraits. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt edges, pp. 204. Lynn, 
1876. $2.00 

1377 Hassaohnsetts Historical So- 
ciety Proceedings, 1797-1899. Com- 
plete, with general index. 33 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1855-99. $100.00 

' This set supplements and completes the 
** Collections," and is full of matter of the 
greatest interest and authority. The numerous 
addresses, historical discussions, etc., are all by 
noted men. There are also reprints of many old 
papers and manuscripts not found elsewhere. 

1378 Medfoid. Brooks, Charles. 
History of the Town of Medford, Mid- 
dlesex County, Mass., from Its First 
Settlement in 1630 to 1885. Revised 
and enlarged by James M. Usher. 
Illustrated. 8vo, leather, pp. 567. 
Boston, 1886. $5.00 

Pages 519 to 587 contain the Register of 

1379 Militia Trials. Trials by 
Court Martial of Capt. Samuel Wat- 
son, David Livermore, Daniel Kent, 
and William Prouty, of the 1st Regi- 
ment, 1st Brigade, 7th Division of 
Massachusetts Militia. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 104. Worcester, 181 1. $1.75 

1380 Hilton. Milton Cemetery 
Inscriptions. Catalogue of the Pro- 
prietors of Lots, with a Record of All 
the Ancient Inscriptions, 1687-1800. 
8vo, paper, pp. 74. Boston, 1883. 


1381 Minot, Geo. R. Continuation 
of the History of the Province of 
Massachusetts! Bay from 1748. 2 
vols., 8vo, old calf. Boston, 1798. 


A fine set. 

1382 Nantucket. History of. A 
Compendious Account of the First 
Settlement of the Island by the Eng- 
lish, and Historical Facts Relative to 
the Island and Its Inhabitants. By 
Obed. Macy. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
300. Boston, 1835. $2.00 

1383 Nantncket. Macy, Obed. 
History of Nantucket, and Rise and 
Progress of the Whale Fishery. 2d 
edition, continued to 1880. Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 311. Mansfield, 
1880. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1384 New Bedford. Centennial in 
New Bedford. Historical Address of 
William W. Crapo. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
175. New Bedford, 1876. .75 

1385 Newbury. Celebration of the 
250th Anniversary of the Settlement 
of Newbury, June 10, 1885. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 150. Newburyport, 
1885. $1.50 

1386 Newburyport. Cushing, Ca- 
leb. The History and Present State 
of Newbur3rport. i2mo, half roan, 
pp. 120. Newburyport, 1826. $5.00 

1387 Newton. Smith, S. F. Life 
of Jos. Grafton, Pastor First Baptist 
Church, with Appendix embracing 
Historical, Statistical, and Ecclesiasti- 
cal Information Pertaining to Town 
of Newton. i2mo, cloth, pp. 213. 
Boston, 1849. $1.50 

1388 Nortbampton. Bridgman. In- 
scriptions on the Grave Stones in 
Northampton and of Other Towns in 
the Connecticut Valley, as Springfield, 
Hadley, Deerfield, etc. Portrait. 
I2md, cloth, pp. 22*]. Northampton, 
1850. $4.00 

1389 Oxford. Daniels, Geo. F. 
The Huguenots in the Nipmuck 
Country; or, Oxford Prior to 1713. 
Introduction by Oliver Wendell 
Holmes. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 168. 
Boston, 1880. $1.50 

1390 Perry, Bishop. Wm. S. His- 
torical Collections Relating to the 
American Colonial Church. III. 
Massachusetts. 4to, cloth (binding 
damaged by damp), pp. 720. Printed 
for the Subscribers, 1873. $6.00 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1391 Pittsfield. Annual Report of 
the Selectmen, 1863-64. With a List 
of the Volunteers from Pittsfield. 
8vo, 2 pamphlets. Pittsfield, 1863-64. 


1392 Pittsfield. Field, David D. 
History of the Town of Pittsfield in 
Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 
Map. 8vo, tinted paper covers, pp. 
80. Hartford, 1844. $2.00 

1393 Pittsfield. Smith, J. E. A. 
The History of Pittsfield, 1734-1876. 
Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, pp. 
518 -f 726. Boston, 1869. $7.00 

1394 Plymouth. Kingman, Brad- 
ford. Epitaphs from Burial Hill, Ply- 
mouth, 1657-1892, with Biog^phical 
and Historical Notes. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 330. Brookline, 1892. 


139s Plymouth. Russell, Wm. S. 
Pilgrims' Memorials and Guide to the 
Visitors to Plymouth Village. Views 
and folding map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
148. Boston (printed for the Author), 
1851. $1.50 

1396 Plymouth. The Plymouth 
County Directory, and Historical 
Register of the Old Colony, with His- 
tory of Each Town, Names of All JJie 
Soldiers, etc. Map. 8vo, boards. 
Middleboro, 1867. $i-So 

The History occupies 160 pages. 

1397 Plymouth. Worth, R. N. 
History of Plymouth, England, from 
Earliest Period. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 500. Plymouth, 1890. 

With account of the Plymouth Company, 
The Pilgrim Fathers, etc. 

1398 Begister of Members of the 
Massachusetts Sons of the Revolu- 
tion (showing Ancestors and Geneal- 
ogy of Each). 8vo, cloth, pp. 117. 
Boston, 1895. $2.00 

1399 Salem. Nevius, Winfield S. 
Witchcraft in Salem Village in 1692! 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 273. 
Salem, 1892. $1.25 

1400 Salem. Poole, W. F. The 
Mather Papers; Cotton Mather and 
Salem Witchcraft. i2mo, pp. 23. 
Boston, 1868. $1.50 

Only 100 copies printed. 

1401 Shrewsbury. Ward, Eliza- 
beth. Old Times in Shrewsbury: 
Gleanings from History and Tradi- 
tion. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
187. n. p. 1892. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1402 South Boston. Simonds, 
Thos. C. History of South Boston, 
formerly Dorchester Neck. Por- 
traits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 331. Boston, 
1857. $3.00 

1403 Speech Intended to Have Been 
Spoken on the Bill for Altering the 
Charters of Colony of Massachusetts 
Bay. 8vo, pp. 36. London, 1774. 


1404 Springfield. Chapin, Chas. 
W. History of the Old High School, 
1828-40, with a Personal History of 
the Teachers and Names of 265 Pu- 
pils. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 130. 
Springfield, 1890. $1.50 

1405 Springfield. Morris, Henry. 
History of the First Church in Spring- 
field. 8vo, paper, pp. 60. Spring- 
field, 1875. .50 

1406 Wellflect. Palmer, Albert P. 
Brief History of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church in Wellfleet. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 84. Boston, 1877. .50 

1407 West Springfield. Account of 
the Centennial Celebration, March 25, 
1874. By J. N. Bogg. Portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 144. 1874. $1.00 

1408 Wobnm. Sewall, Samuel. 
The History of Woburn, Mass., 1640- 
1860. (With genealogical notes.) Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 657. Bos- 
ton, 1868. $2.50 

1409 Worcester. Whitney, Peter. 
The History of the County of Wor- 
cester, with a Geographical Descrip- 
tion. No map. 8vo, calf, pp. 339. 
Worcester, 1793. $3-50 


1410 Cass, Gen. Lewis. Sketch of 
the Life and Public Services of. By 
Wm. T. Young of Michigan (War of 
1812, Journey to Lake Winnebago, 
Governor of Michigan Territory, etc.). 
8vo, cloth, pp. 420. Detroit, 1852. 


1411 Campbell, James V. Outlines 
of the Political History of Michigan. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 420. Detroit, 1852. 


1412 (Cooley, Thos. McI.) Michi- 
gan: A History of Governments 
(American Commonwealths). Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 376. Boston, 1888. 


1413 Detroit. Hamlin, Marie C. 
Legends of Le Detroit. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 317. Detroit, 1884. 


With genealogies of the early French families. 

1414 Detroit. Picturesque Detroit 
and Environs. 1000 illustrations (in- 
cluding portraits, views, houses, etc.), 
4to, cloth. Northampton, 1893. 


1415 Detroit. Roberts, R. E. 
Sketches and Reminiscences of the 
City of the Straits and Its Vicinity. 
(Old Detroit 1701-1805, War of 1812, 
etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 178. 
Detroit, 1884. $1.25 

1416 Hubbard, B. Memorials of a 
Half-Century in Michigan and the 
Lake Region. (Lake Superior in 
1840, French Habitants of the De- 
troit, First Settlers, French Home- 
steads, La Salle, Charlevoix, Indians 
in Michigan, Mound Builders, etc.) 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
581. New York, 1888. $1.00 

1417 Jay, Chas. W. My New 
Home in Northern Michigan, and 
Other Tales. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. 
Trenton, 1874. $1.00 

1418 Kent County. History of, 
Civil, Military, and Political. Por- 
traits. Royal 8vo, half morocco, pp. 
1426. Chicago, 1881. $3.50 

1419 Kent County. History and 
Directory of, containing a History of 
Each Township and the City of 
Grand Rapids, etc. 8vo, half roan, 
pp. 319. Grand Rapids, 1870. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1420 Maoldiuiw. Old Mackinaw; 
or, The Fortress of the Lakes and Its 
Surroundings. (Indian Legends, 
Medicine Men, Marquette's Visit to 
Iroquois Point, French Settlement in 
the Northwest, etc.) By W. P. Strick- 
land. Steel plate and map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 404. Philadelphia, i860. 


142 1 Mnskegon and Ottawa Coun- 
ties. Portrait and Biographical Rec- 
ord of, with Sketches of Prominent 
and Representative Citizens. 4to, full 
morocco, gilt, pp. 577. Chicago, 
1893. $5.00 

1422 Saginaw. Bates, W. R. The 
History and Future Prospects of the 
Saginaws. Illustrated. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 133. East Saginaw, 1874. $1.00 

1423 Wayne County. Carlisle, 
Fred. Chronography of Notable 
Events in the History of the North- 
west Territory and Wayne County, 
1591-1890, with Sketches of Early Ex- 
plorers and Pioneers. 8vo, full 
leather, pp. 484. Detroit, 1890. $4.00 


1424 Bond, J. W. Minnesota and 
Its Resources, to Which Are Ap- 
pended Camp-Fire Sketches; or. 
Notes of a Trip from St. Paul to Pem- 
bina and Selkirk Settlement on the 
Red River of the North. Two plates. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 364. New York, 
1853. $1.00 

1425 Coloney, Myron. Manomin: 
A Romance of Minnesota. (The 
Great Rebellion and the Minnesota 
Massacres.) i2mo, half morocco, pp. 
297. St. Louis, 1866. $1.50 

1426 Fort Snelling. Van Qeve, 
Charlotte O. Life-long Memories of 
Fort Snelling. i2mo, cloth, pp. 176. 
Minneapolis, 1888. $1.50 

1427 Hennepin County. Neill, E. 
D., and Williams, J. Fletcher, His- 
tory of Hennepin County and the 
City of Minneapolis, including the 

Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota. 
Map. 4to, half morocco, pp. 713. 
Minneapolis, 183 1. $5.00 

1428 Hinnesota Historical Society. 
Annals of. Map. Ditto, 1850-51. 2 
vols, in I. 8vo, sheep. St. Paul, 
1850-51. $1.75 

1429 Oliphanty Laurence. Minne- 
sota and the Far West. (Canadian 
Politics, Backwoods, I^ike Superior, 
Wisconsin, Early Traders, Steamboat 
Life on the Mississippi, etc.) Map 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 300. 
Edinburgh, 1855. $2.00 

1430 Bamsey County. Neill, E. D., 
and Williams, J. Fletcher. History 
of Ramsey County and the City of St. 
Paul. Map^ 4to, half morocco, pp. 
650. Minneapolis, 1881. $5.00 

143 1 Seymour, E. S. Sketches of 
Minnesota, the New England of the 
West, with Incidents <S Travel in 
that Territory. 1849. Map. i2mo,. 
cloth, pp. 281. New York, 1850. 


1432 Washington County. Neill^ 
E. D., and Williams, J. Fletcher. 
History of Washington County and 
the St. Croix Valley. Map. 4to, half 
morocco, pp. 636. Minneapolis, 1881. 


1433 Winona County. Portrait and 
Biographical Record of. 4to, full mo- 
rocco, gilt, pp. 423. Chicago, 1895. 



1434 Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of Mississippi. Authentic 
and Comprehensive Account of the 
Chief Events, and a Record of the 
Lives of Illustrious Families. Illus- 
trated. 2 vols., large 4to, full mo- 
rocco, gilt, pp. 1270 -f- 1 124. Chi- 
cago, i^i. $12.00 

1435 Clairborne, J. F. H. The Life 
and Correspondence of John A. 
Quitman, Major-General U. S. A. and 
Governor of Mississippi. Steel por- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



trait 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, i860. $3.00 

War with Mexico, Southern Rights Party, 

1436 Dale, Gen. Sam. Life and 
Times of, the Mississippi Partisan. 
By J. F. H. Clairbome. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 233. New York, 
i860. $1.50 

1437 Harper, L. Preliminary Re- 
port of the Geology and Ag^culture 
of the State of Mississippi. Maps. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo. Jackson, 1857. $2.00 

1438 Wftiles, B. O. C. The Agri- 
culture and Geology of Mississippi, 
embracing a Sketch of the Social and 
Natural History of the State. Plates. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 371. Philadelphia, 
1854. $2.00 

Rare. The first report. 

1439 Tazoo County. Morgan, A. 
T. Yazoo; or. On the Picket Line of 
Freedom in the South. Personal 
Narrative of Sheriff and Tax Col- 
lector of Yazoo County. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 512. Washington, 1884. $1.75 


1440 Bay, W. V. N. Reminis- 
cences of the Bench and Bar of Mis- 
souri, with Biographical Sketches of 
Nearly All the Judges and Lawyers 
Who Have Passed Away. With many 
valuable letters never before pub- 
lished, throwing additional light upon 
the Burr Conspiracy. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
611. St. Louis, 1878. $2.50 

1441 Buchanan and Clinton Coun- 
ties. Portrait and Biographical Rec- 
ord of. 4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 
675. Chicago, 1893. $5.00 

1442 Caldwell and Livingston 
Counties. History of Caldwell and 
Livingston Counties, Mo., Written 
and Compiled from the Most Au- 
thentic Official and Private Sources, 
History of Their Townships, Towns, 
and Villages. 4to, morocco, pp. 
1274. St. Louis, 1886. $ 

1443 Franklin County, etc. His- 
tory of Franklin, Jeflferson, Washing- 
ton, Crawford, and Gasconade Coun- 
ties. Illustrated. Royal 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 1131. Chicago, 1888. 


1444 Journal and Proceedings of 
the Missouri State Convention, March 
and July, 1861, and June, 1862, Held 
in Jeflferson City. 3 vols., 8vo, 
boards. St. Louis, 1861-62. $7.50 


1445 Lewis County, etc. History of 
Lewis, Clark, Knox, and Scotland 
Counties. Illustrated. Royal 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 1229. St. Louis, 
1887. $4.50 

1446 Newton County, etc. History 
of Newton, Lawrence, Barry, and 
McDonald Counties, with Valuable 
Notes and Original Observations. 
Portraits. Royal 8vo, morocco, pp. 
1092. Chicago, 1888. $5.00 

1447 Parker, N. H. Missouri, As 
It Is in 1867: An Illustrated Histori- 
cal Gazetteer of Missouri. (Histori- 
cal Epochs of Mississippi Valley, 
Steam Navigation upon Western 
Rivers, Indian History, etc.) 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 458. Philadelphia, 1867. 


1448 St. Louis City and County 
from the Earliest Periods to the 
Present Day. (The Missionary and 
Fur Trader, Indians, Earliest Settlers, 
St. Louis Land Titles, War with 
Mexico, Southern Rebellion.) By J. 
Thomas Scharf. Numerous fine steel 
portraits, views, and maps. 2 vols., 
thick 4to, half red morocco, gilt 
edges. Philadelphia, 1883. $8.00 

1449 St. Louis. Curson, Julian. 
The Great Cyclone at St. Louis and 
East St. Louis, May 27, 1896, Being 
a Full History of the Most Terrifying 
and Destructive Tornado in the His- 
tory of the World. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 416. St. Louis. . .75 

1450 St. Louis. Darby, John F. 
Personal Recollections of Many 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Prominent People Whom I Have 
Known, Especially of Those Relating 
to the History of St. Louis. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 480. St. Louis, 1880. 


1451 St. Louis. Reavis, L. M. 
Saint Louis, the Future Great City, 
with Biographical Sketches, etc. 
Royal 8vo, full morocco, pp. 940. St. 
Louis, 1876. $3.50 

1452 St. Louis, Sketch-Book of. 
Containing a series of sketches of the 
Early Settlement, Public Building^, 
Steamboats, Mercantile Houses, etc. 
By Taylor and Crooks. Illustrations 
and folding views. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
430. St. Louis, 1858. $2.50 

1453 St. Louis. Thoughts about 
the City of St. Louis. First published 
in the " Missouri Republican." 8vo, 
paper, pp. 80. St. Louis, 1854. $1.25 

1454 Schoolcraft, Henry R. A 
View of the Lead Mines of Missouri. 
Observations on the Mineralogy, 
Geography, Antiquities, Soil, Popula- 
tion, etc., of Missouri and Arkansaw, 
and Other Sections of the Western 
Country. Illustrated. 8vo, boards, 
uncut, pp. 299. New York, 1819. 


1455 Southeast Hissonri, History 
of. Embracing Ste. Genevieve, St. 
Francois, Perry, Bollinger, Madison, 
New Madrid, Pemiscot, Dunklin, 
Scott Counties, etc. With Profes- 
sional, Personal, and Private Records. 
Portraits. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 1215. Chicago, 1888. $3.50 


1456 Montana Territory. History 
of, and Business Directory, describ- 
ing Counties, Towns, Mining Camps, 
Distances, Fares, and Altitudes; Com- 
mercial, Mineral, and Agricultural 
Interests. With a Sketch of the Vigi- 
lantes. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 218. 
Helena, 1879. $1.50 


1457 Curley, Ed. A. Nebraska, 
Its Advantages, Resources, and 
Drawbacks. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 433. London, 1875. $i-5o 

1458 linooln. History of the City 
of Lincoln, with Historical Sketches 
of the State and Lancaster County. 
By A. B. Hayes and S. D. Cox. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 380. Lin- 
coln, 1889. $1.50 

1459 Nebraska Historical Society. 
Transactions, Reports, Historical 
Papers. First series. 5 vols. Sec- 
ond series: Vol. I., Parts i, 2, 3. 
Vol. II. 7 vols., 8vo. Lincoln, 
1885-97. 1 $10.00 

1460 Omaha. Union Pacific R. R., 
a Geological and Agricultural Survey 
of 100 Miles West of Omaha, by the 
American Bureau of Mines. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 44. New York, 1866. .75 

1461 Woolworth, James M. Ne- 
braska in 1857. Map. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 105. Omaha, 1857. $1.00 


1462 Powell, John J. Nevada, the 
Land of Silver. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 306. San Francisco, 1876. 



1463 Baxter, James P. The Pio- 
neers of New France in New England, 
with Contemporary Letters and Docu- 
ments. 4to, cloth, uncut, pp. 450. 
Albany, 1894. $4.00 

1464 Bishop, George. New Eng- 
land Judged, by the Spirit of the 
Lord. In two parts: 

First Part. A Brief Relation of the 
Sufferings of the People call'd 
Quakers in New England, from the 
time of their first arrival in 1656 to the 
year 1660. Wherein their Merciless 
Whippings, Chainings, Finings, Im- 
prisonings, Starvings, Burning the 
Hand, Cutting off Ears, and Putting 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



to Death, with divers other Cruelties, 
inflicted upon the Bodies of Innocent 
Men and Women, only for Conscience 
sake, are briefly described. 

Second Part. A relation of the 
Cruel and Bloody Suflferings of the 
People called Quakers, in the Juris- 
diction chiefly of the Massachusets: 
Beginning with the Suflferings of Wil- 
liam Leddra whom they murdered 
and hung on a tree, etc., and ending 
with the Suflferings of Edward Whar- 
ton the 3rd Month 1665. And the 
remarkable Judgments of God, in the 
Death of John Endicot, Govemour; 
John Norton, High-Priest; and 
Humphry Adderton, Major Greneral. 

Truth and Innocency Defended; 
against Falshood and Envy: and the 
Martyrs of Jesus, and Suflferers for 
his Sake, Vindicated. In answer to 
Cotton Mather (a Priest of Boston) 
his Calumnies, Lyes and Abuses of 
the People called Quakers, in his late 
Church-History of New England. By 
John Whiting. In all 3 vols., i2mo, 
uniformly bound in new full sprinkled 
calf, yellow edges. London. Printed 
and Sold by T. Sowle in White-House 
Court in Gracious Street, 1702-03. 


1465 Blaikie, Alexander. A His- 
tory of Presbyterianism in New Eng- 
land, Its Introduction, Growth, De- 
cay, Revival, and Present Mission. 
2 vols, in I. i2mo, cloth, pp. 512. 
Boston, 1881. $1.00 

1466 Blaxland, G. C. Mayflower 
Essays on the Story of the Pilg^m 
Fathers, as told in Gov. Bradford's 
MSS., with Reproduction of Capt. 
Smith's Map of New England. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 146. London, 1896. $1.00 

1467 Bodge, Geo. M. Soldiers in 
King Philip's War, Being an Actual 
Account of That War, with Indian 
Wars of New England, 1620-77, with 
the Official Lists of Soldiers, etc. 
8vo, half morocco, pp. 502. Leomin- 
ster, 1896. $5.00 

1468 Bowne. A Girl's Life Eighty 
Years Ago; Selections from the Let- 
ters of Eliza Southgate Bowne. 
With an introduction by Clarence 
Cook. Portraits and views. 8vo, or- 
namental cloth, pp. 239. New York, 

1887. $1.50 

1469 Bradfoidy Alden. New Eng- 
land Chronology, from the Discovery 
of the Country by Cabot in 1497 to 
1820. i2mo, cloth, pp. 202. Boston, 
1843. $2.00 

Although the title-page says to 1800 only, the 
book is r^lly down to iS2a 

1470 Brown, Abram E. Beside 
Old Hearth-Stones. (Colonial, Revo- 
lutionary, Early Families, etc. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 367. Boston, 
1897. $1.25 

1471 Byington, Ezra H. The Puri- 
tan in England and New England. 
(Early History of New England, 
Early Ministers, William Pynchon, 
Family and Social Life, etc.) 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 406. London, 1896. $1.50 

1472 Carter, Robert. A Summer 
Cruise on the Coast of New England. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 261. Boston, 

1888. $1.00 

1473 Coit, Thomas W. Puritan- 
ism; or, A Churchman's Defence 
against Its Aspersions, by an Appeal 
to Its Own History. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
528. New York, 1845. $1.50 

1474 Drake, Samuel A. Our Colo- 
nial Homes. (The Most Celebrated 
Colonial Houses of New England. 
Illustrated and Described.) Plates. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 211. Boston, 
1894. $2.00 

147s Drake, Sam'l G. Result of 
Some Researches among the British 
Archives for Information Relative to 
the Founders of New England. 3d 
edition. Large-paper copy. 4to, 
paper, uncut, pp. 148. Boston, 1865. 

No. 53 of a limited edition of 75 copies on 
large paper. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1476 Pelt, Joseph B. The Ec- 
clesiastical History of New England, 
Comprising not only Religious but 
also Moral and Other Relations. 2 
vols., 8vo, black cloth. Boston, 1855. 


1477 Hunter, Jos. Collections con- 
cerning the Church or Congregation 
of Protestant Separatists formed at 
Scrosby in North Nottinghamshire in 
the time of King James First. The 
Founders of New Plymouth, the Par- 
ent-Colony of New England. Svo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 205. London, 1854. 


The Mayflower. Prince's New England, 
Entries of iht Families of Bradford, Hanson, 
Brewster, etc., in the parish registers, etc. 

1478 Innt, George. Old New Eng- 
land Traits. (The Ancient Farm 
House, Amusements, Interesting 
Cases, etc.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 244. 
New York, 1873. $1.50 

1479 Mather, Cotton. Magnalia 
Christi Americana; or. The Ecclesi- 
astical History of New England, from 
the First Planting in 1620 to 1608. 
In seven books. Folio, new full 
Spanish mottled calf, gilt, gilt edges 
by Reviere. Map. London: Thomas 
Parkhurst, 1702. $60.00 

Margins of title-page and map neatly repaired* 
Fine copy, newly and elegantly bound. It ha* 
the origrinal map, which is often wanting, also 
two pages of List of Books printed by Thomas 

1480 Mather, Cotton. Psalterium 
Americanum: The Book of Psalms. 
In a Translation Exactly Conformed 
unto the Original, but All in Blank 
Verse, Fitted unto the Times Com- 
monly Used in Our Churches. i2mo, 
old calf, title-page in facsimile, pp. 
426. Boston, 1718. $7.50 

Title-page in facsimile. This copy formerly 
belonged to Dr. Benjamin Colman, and has his 
autograph in it. 

1481 Mather, Cotton. The Chris- 
tian Philosopher: A Collection of the 
Best Discoveries in Nature, with Re- 
ligious Improvements. Svo, calf, pp. 

^ 304. London, 1721. $5.00 

1482 Mather, Cotton. The Life of. 
By Samuel Mather. 2 portraits in- 
serted. 8vo, half calf, pp. 186. Bos- 
ton, 1729. $10.00 

Contains the list of books by Cotton Mather, 
chronologically arranged. 

1483 Mather, Increase. A Further 
Account of the Tryals of the New 
England Witches, with the Observa- 
tions of a Person Who Was upon the 
Place Several Days when the Sus- 
pected Witches Were First Taken into 
Examination. To which is added 
Cases of Conscience, Concerning 
Witchcrafts and Evil Spirits Personat- 
ing Men. Written at the Request of 
the Ministers of New England. By 
Increase Mather, President of Har- 
vard College. 4to, red morocco, 
tooled by W. Pratt, gilt edges. Lon- 
don (printed for T. Dunton at the 
Raven in the Poultery), 1693. $60.00 

Headlines cut into, but has both title-pages 
and the four-page postscript. Ives* copy sold 
for $100.00 ; Bailow's, $95.00. 

1484 (Kather, Increase.) A Sixth 
Collection of Papers Relating to the 
Present Juncture of Aflfairs in Eng- 
land. Contains: A Narrative of the 
Miseries of New England by Reason 
of an Arbitrary Government Erected 
There. By Increase Mather. 4to, 
half morocco, pp. 34. London, 1689. 

1485 Mather, Increase. The Mys- 
tery of Israel's Salvation Explained; 
or, A Discourse Concerning the Gen- 
eral Conversion of the Israelitish Na- 
tion. 8vo, full brown levant morocco, 
gilt, gilt edges by Pratt, pp. 46. 
181(10). n. p. Printed in the year 
1669. $35-<» 

The margins to several of the leaves have been 
neatly repaired, but extremely rare in any condi^ 
tion. This is the first of Increase Mather's 
works, and consequently the first book by any 
of that celebrated family. It stands No. i in 
Mr. Sibley's Catalogue of Mather Works. 

Although the second title-page bears the im- 
print ** London, printed for John Allen," it ha» 
been held by many that the work was printed by 
Green at Cambridge. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



i486 Mather, Increase. (Teacher 
of a Church at Boston in New Eng- 
land.) Boston, 1682. 

A. Komhtolpaqia; or, A Discourse 
Concerning Comets; wherein the Na- 
ture of Blazing Stars is Enquired 
Into. With an Historical Account of 
All the Comets — ^to This Present 
Year, pp. 143. 

B. Heavens Alarm to the World; 
or, A Sermon Wherein Is Shewed that 
Fearful Sights and Signs in Heaven 
Are the Presages of Great Calamities 
at Hand. Preached at the Lecture of 
Boston, in New England, January 20, 
1680, by Increase Mather. Second 
Impression, pp. 38. 

C. The Latter Sig^ Discoursed of, 
in a Sermon, Preached at the Lecture 
of Boston in New-England; August 
31, 1682, Wherein Is Shewed, that the 
Voice of God in Signal Providences, 
Especially when Repeated and Iter- 
ated, Ought to be Hearkened unto, 
by Increase Mather, pp. 32. In all 3 
vols., i6mo, new full polished calf, by 
Reviere. Boston in New England. 


With the exception of a few lower lines cut 
into, in the " Discourse Concerning Comets," 
these are unusually good copies of these rare 

1487 Moore, Jacob B. Memoirs of 
American Governors, Vol. I. (all pub- 
lished; includes the Lives of the Gov- 
ernors of New Plymouth, 1620-92, of 
Massachusetts Bay, 1630-89). Por- 
traits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 439. Washing- 
ton, 1846. $1.50 

1488 Merriman, T. M. The Pil- 
grims, Puritans, and Roger Williams 
Vindicated, and His Sentence of Ban- 
ishment Ought to be Revoked. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 312. Boston, 1892. 


1489 Palfrey, John G. History of 
New England from the Discovery by 
Europeans to July, 1775. Maps. 
Large-type library edition. 5 vols., 
Svo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1859-90. 


1490 Parley, Sidney. Historic 
Storms of New England: Its Gales, 
Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc. With 
Incidents and Anecdotes. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 341. Salem, 1891. $1.50 

1491 Pike, James S. The New 
Puritan. New England Two Hun- 
dred Years Ago. Some Account of 
the Life of Robert Pike, the Puritan 
Who Defended the Quakers, Resisted 
Qerical Domination, and Opposed 
the Witchcraft Prosecution. i2mo, 
pp. 237. New York, 1879. $^-50 

1492 Pilgrim Fathers. Coleman, 
Wm. M. The History of the Primi- 
tive Yankees; or. The Pilgrim Fathers 
in England and Holland. i2mo, pa- 
per, pp. 62. Washington, 1881. $1.00 

1493 Prince Society. John Wheel- 
wright, His Writings, etc. By Chas. 
H. Bell. 4to, paper, uncut. Boston, 
1876. $8.50 

1494 Prince Society. Sir William 
Alexander and American Coloniza- 
tion, with a Memoir. By Rev. E. F. 
Slafter. 4to, paper, uncut. Boston, 
1873. $25.00 

1495 Shepard, Thos. (Late Wor- 
thy and Faithful Pastor of the Church 
of Christ at Cambridge in New Eng- 
land). The Parable of the Ten Vir- 
gins Opened and Applied, Being a 
Substance of Divers Sermons, etc. 
Folio pp. 232 -j- 195. Reprinted 
and Carefully Corrected in the Year 
1695. $3.00 

1496 Shepard, Thos. (now Preacher 
of God's Word in New England). 
The Sound Believer: A Treatise of 
Evangelical Conversion. i2mo, old 
calf, pp. 332 and Contents. London, 
1671. $1.50 

1497 IThden, H. F. History of the 
Congregationalists in New England 
to the Revivals of 1740. Translated 
by H. C. Conant. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
303. Boston, 1858. $1.50 

1498 White, Dan'l Appleton. New 
England Congregationalism in Its 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Origin and Purity: Illustrated by the 
Foundation and Eariy Records of the 
First Church in Salem. (Early Rec- 
ords, Hubbard's History of New Eng- 
land, Bentley's Description of Salem, 
Transcript Records, etc.) 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 319. Salem, 1861. $2.00 

1499 Winthrop, Governor. Some 
Old Puritan Love-Letters: John and 
Margaret Winthrop, 1618-38. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 188. 

^ New York, 1894. $1.25 

1500 Young, Alex. Chronicles of 
the Pilg^m Fathers of the Colony of 
Plymouth from 1602 to 1625, Now 
First Collected from Original Rec- 
ords and Contemporaneous Printed 
Documents, with Notes. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 504. Boston, 1841. 



1501 Barstow, George. The His- 
tory of New Hampshire, from Its Dis- 
covery in 1614 to the Passage of the 
Toleration Act in 1819. (Witchcraft 
at Portsmouth and Salem, Siege and 
Fall of Louisburg, Braddock's De- 
feat, War of 1812, etc.) Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 456. Concord, 1842. $3.00 

1502 Campton. Centennial Cele- 
bration of the Town of Campton. 
i2mo, paper, pp. 118. Concord, 1868. 


1503 Concord. A Directory of the 
Inhabitants of Concord Centre, with 
Views of Public Buildings and a Map 
of the Villages. By David Watson. 
i8mo, half morocco. Concord, 1844. 


Rare. Contains a History, with numerous 

1504 Concord. Bouton, Nathaniel. 
The History of Concord from Its First 
Grant in 1725 to 1853. Maps and il- 
lustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 786. Con- 
cord, 1856. $7.50 

1505 Candia. Eaton, F. B. His- 
tory of Candia, Once Known as 

^ Charmingfeu-e, with Notices of Some 

of the Early Families. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 151. Manchester, 
1852. $2.50 

1506 Hollis. Worcester, Samuel T. 
History of the Town of Hollis from 
First Settlement to 1879, with 
Sketches of the Early Settlers and 
Their Descendants. Map and por- 
traits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 393. Boston, 
1879. $4.50 

1507 King, Thomas S. The White 
Hills: Their Legends, Landscape, and 
Poetry. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
403. Boston, 1863. $1.50 

1508 Lawrence, Robert F. The 
Newt Hampshire . Churches: The 
Congregational and Presbyterian 
Churches in the State, with Notices of 
First Settlement of Towns, etc. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 624. Claremont, 1856. 


1509 Mason. History of the Town 
of Mason from the First Grant in 
1749 to the Year 1858. By John B. 
Hill. (Proprietary History, Munici- 
pal History, Family Registers, Revo- 
lutionary War, etc.) Portraits and 
views. 8vo, cloth, pp. 324-1-114. 
Boston, 1858. $4.00 

1510 Moore, J. Bailey. New 
Hampshire at the Centennial: Address 
of Governor Cheney and Oration of 
Professor Sanborn. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 54. Manchester, 1876. .75 

1511 New Boston^ Cogswell, El- 
liott C. History of New Boston. 
(With Genealogies.) Portraits, map, 
etc. 8vo, cloth (a little worn), pp. 470. 
Boston, 1864. $8.00 

1 5 12 New Hampton. Reminis- 
cences of, with Genealogical Sketch 
of the Kelley and Simpson Families. 
By F. H. Kelley. Illustrated. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 147. Worcester, 1889. 


1 5 13 Portsmouth. Adams, Geo. M. 
Discourse on 200th Anniversary of 
the North Church. Plate. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 72. Portsmouth, 1871. .50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 5 14 Feterborongli. Centennial 
Celebration, October 24, 1839; Ad- 
dress by John H. Morison. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 99. Boston, 1839. $100 

151 5 Sanbomton. History of. 
Vol. I., Annals; Vol. IL, Genealogies. 
By M. T. Rennels. Portraits. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1882. $8.00 

1 516 Sketches of Successful New 
Hampshire Men. With 88 fine steel 
portraits. 8vo, cloth, gilt, pp. 315. 
Manchester, 1882. $3.00 

1 517 Windliaiii. Morrison, Leon- 
ard. A Supplement to the History of 
Windham. (Marriages, Births, and 
E^eaths from 1882 to 1892; Genealogi- 
cal Records Gathered in London- 
derry, Ireland, with Historical Glean- 
ings in DubHn; Homes of the Early 
Settlers, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 169. 
Boston, 1892. $1.00 

1 5 18 White Mountains. Drake, 
Samuel A. The Heart of the White 
Mountains, Their Legend and Scen- 
ery. Illustrations by W. Hamilton 
Gibson. 4to, cloth, pp. 318. New 
York, 1882. $2.50 

1 5 19 Whiton, John M. Sketches 
of the History of New Hampshire 
from Its Settlement in 1623 to 1833: 
Memorable Events for a Period of 
210 Years. i2mo, sheep, pp. 222. 
Concord, 1834. $1.75 


1520 A Further Aooonnt of New 
Jersey in an Abstract of Letters 
Lately Written from Thence. Small 
4to, pp. 13. Printed 1676. $1.50 

Only a few copies made in facsimile from the 
Ycry rare original. 

1521 Atlantic City. History qL 
By A. L. English. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 208. Philadelphia, 1884. 


1522 Barber, John W., and Howe, 
Henry. Historical Collections of the 
State of New Jersey. 120 illustra- 
tions. 8vo, sheep, pp. 512. New 
York, 1845. $4.00 

1523 Burlington. Boardman, Hy. 
A. Sermon on Death of John M. 
Cormell, and John F. Gillespie and 
wife, victims of the R. R. Catastrophe 
at Burlington, August 29, 1855. 
8vo. Philadelphia, 1855. .75 \ 

1524 Burlington. Brown, Henry 
A. The Settlement of Burlington. 
8vo, paper, pp. 68. Burlington, 1878. 


1525 Essex and Hudson Counties. J 
History of Essex and Hudson Coun- 
ties, New Jersey. Compiled by Wm. 
H. Shaw. Numerous portraits and 
illustrations. 2 vols., 4to, half roan, 
gilt edges. Philadelphia, 1884. $7.50 

Pages 55 to 184 contain a valuable record 
with names of Essex County in the Rebellion. 

1526 Burlington. Hills, George 
Morgan. History of the Church in 
Burlington, New Jersey. Comprising 
Facts and Incidents of 200 Years, 
from Original and Contemporaneous 
Sources. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 739. 
Trenton, N. J., 1876. $2.50 

1527 Camden County. Revolution- 
ary Reminiscences of. Originally 
part of "Old Gloucester." 8vo, 
paper, pp. 38. Camden, N. J., 1876. 


1528 Cliambers, T. F. The Early 
Germans of New Jersey, Their His- 
tory, Churches, and Grenealogies. 
(Our German Forefathers, The Mo- 
ravians, Names of Persons Natural- 
ized, etc.) Maps and illustrations. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 667. 
n. p., 1895. $5.00 

Pages 227 to 611 are genealogies. 

1529 Cumberland County. Elmer, 
L. Q. C. History of the Early Set- 
tlement and Progress of Cumberland 
County. 8vo, cloth, pp. 142. Bridge- 
ton, 1869. $1.50 

1530 East Jersey Proprietors. Bi- 
centennial of, at Perth Amboy, No- 
vember 25, 1884. 8vo, paper, pp. 82. 
Newark, 1885. .50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1531 Ctordon, Thomas F. History 
of New Jersey, from Its Discovery by 
Europeans to the Adoption of the 
Federal Constitution. Gazetteer of 
the State. 8vo, cloth, pp. 339 + 266. 
Trenton, 1834. $2.50 

1532 Hudson County. Winfield, 
Charles H. History of the County of 
Hudson from Its Earliest Settlement. 
8vo, half morocco, pp. 568. New 
York, 1874. $6.00 

1533 Messier, Abraham. Forty 
Years at Raritan. Memorial Ser- 
mons, with Notes for a History of 
the Reformed Dutch Churches in 
Somerset County, New Jersey. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 327. New York, 1873. 

Pages 159 to 323 are historical notes. 

1534 Morristown. Colles, Julia K. 
Authors and Writers Associated with 
Morristown, N. J., with a Chapter on 
Historic Morristown. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 454. Morristown, 
1895. $2.00 

1535 Morristown. Young, David. 
The Wonderful History of the Morris- 
town Ghost. i8mo, boards, pp. 76. 
Newark, 1876. $2.00 

1536 Newark. Atkinson, Joseph. 
The History of Newark, being a Nar- 
rative of Its Rise and Progress, 1666 
to Present Time. Illustrated. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 334. Newark, 1878. 


1537 Orange. Hoyt, James. " The 
Mountain Society " : A History of the 
First Presb)rterian Church, Orange, 
N. J., Organized about 1719. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 281. New York, i860. 


1538 Feapack. Thompson, Henry 
P. History of the Reformed Church 
at Peapack, N. J., with Biographical 
Sketches and List of Members. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 68. New York, 1881. 


1539 Princeton. Hodge, Charles. 
The Life of. Professor in the Theo- 

logical Seminary. By his son. Por- 
trait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 620. New York, 
1880. $1.50 

1540 Somerset County. Centennial 
History of. By Abraham Messier. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 198. Somerville, 1878. 


1541 Stryker, William S. Official 
Register of the Officers and Men of 
New Jersey in the Revolutionary 
War. 8vo, cloth, pp. 878. Trenton, 
1872. $5.00 

1542 Sussex County. Webb, Ed- 
waixl A. The Historical Directory of 
Sussex County: A Summary of 
Events from Its First Settlement. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 143. 1872. 

' $1.50 

1543 Orange. Wickes, Stephen. 
History of the Oranges in Essex 
County from 1666 to 1806. Map and 
illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 
334. Newark, N. J., 1892. $3.50 

1544 Saum, John O. History of 
New Jersey from Earliest Settlement 
to the Present Time. Illustrated. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt. Philadelphia, 
1877. $3.50 

1545 Beading^on. Historical Dis- 
course and Addresses Delivered at 
the i7Sth Anniversary of the Re- 
formed Church (1719^1894). Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 82. 1894. 


1546 Beport of the New Jersey 
Commissioners on the Centennial Ex- 
hibition. Plates, plans, etc. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 423. Trenton, 1877. $1.00 

1547 Sackett, William E. Modem 
Battles of Trenton, Being a History of 
New Jersey Politics and Legislature, 
1868-94. Trenton, 1895. $1.00 

** He [the author] can stir up more kicking 
and squealing with a single paragraph than any- 
one else we know of with a volume." — Jersey 
City News. 

1548 Salem. Johnson, R. G. An 
Additional Account of the First Set- 
tlement of Salem in West Jersey. By 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



John Fenwick, chief proprietor. With 
many important events that have oc- 
curred embracing a period of 150 
years. i8mo, cloth, pp. 173. Phila- 
delphia, 1839. $3-50 

1549 Stockton, R. F. Defense of 
the System of Internal Improvements 
of the State of New Jersey. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 49. Philadelphia, 1864. 


1550 Taylor, Benjamin C. Annals 
of the Classis of Bergen, of the Dutch 
Reformed Church, including the Civil 
History of the Ancient Township of 
Bergen. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
PP- 479- New York, 1857. $1.00 

1551 Trenton. Hall, John. His- 
tory of the Presbyterian Church in 
Trenton, N. J- Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 460. New York, 1859. 


1552 Trenton. Raum, J. O. His- 
tory of the City of Trenton, Embrac- 
ing a Period of Nearly 200 Years. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 448. 
Trenton, 1871. $2.00 

1553 (Ward, T.) Passaic: A 
Group of Poems Touching that River. 
Steel plate. i2mo, calf. New York, 
1842. $1.50 

1554 Woodward, E. M. Bona- 
parte's Park (N. J.) and the Murats. 
8vo, cloth, pp. no. Trenton, 1879. 


1555 Wycliffe Semi-Millennial Bible 
Celebration: Convention of Bible So- 
cieties of New Jersey. Trenton, 
September, 1880. 4to, cloth, pp. 104. 



1556 Brevoort, Elias. New Mex- 
ico, Her Resources and Attractions: 
A Collection of Facts on Mines, Pub- 
lic Lands, and Spanish and Mexican 
Land Grants. 8vo, paper, pp. 176. 
Santa Fe, 1874. $1.25 

1557 Cliampney, Elizabeth W. 
Great Grandmother's Girls in New 

Mexico, 1670-80. Illustrated. Thick 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1888. $1.50 

1558 Cooke, P. St. G. The Con- 
quest of New Mexico and California: 
An Historical and Personal Narrative. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 307. New 
York, 1878. $1.25 

1559 HaincB, Helen. History of 
New Mexico, from the Spanish Con- 
quest to the Present Time, 1530- 
1890. Portraits and illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 631. $2.50 

Pueblo Aborigines, Expedition of Guzman 
and Cabeca de Vaca 1530-36, Friar Niza, Ex- 
pedition of Ruiz, Pueblo Revolution, Santa Fe 
Trade, Mexican Rule, Onate Conquest and 
Colonization of New Mexico, Reconquest of 
New Mexico, etc., etc. 141 Biographical 
Sketches and 121 Portraits. 

1560 Eobcrts, Edwards. With the 
Invader: Glimpses of the Southwest. 
Illustrated. i6mo, cloth, pp. 156. 
San Francisco, 1885. $1.00 


{Including New York City,) 

1 561 Adirondacks. Smith, H. P. 
The Modem Babes in the Woods; or, 
Summerings in the Wilderness. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 444. Hart- 
ford, 1872. $2.50 

1562 Adirondacks. Stickler, Joseph 
W. The Adirondacks as a Health 
Resort. i6mo, cloth, pp. 198. New 
York, 1886. .50 

1563 Albany. Dyer, David. His- 
tory of the Albany Penitentiary. 8vo, 
half roan, pp. 273. Albany, 1867. 


1565 Albany. The Annals of Al- 
bany. By Joel Munsell. Plates, 
maps, etc. 10 vols., i2mo, cloth. Al- 
bany, 1869. $25.00 

Fine clean copy. 

1566 Bingbamton. Wilkinson, J. 
B. The Annals of Bingfhamton and 
of the Country Connected with It, 
from the Earliest Settlement. i2mo, 
doth, pp. 256. Binghamton, 1840. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1567 Brodhead, John R. Final Re- 
port as Agent of the State of New 
York to Procure and Transcribe Doc- 
uments in Europe Relative to the Co- 
lonial History of Said State. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 375. Albany, 1845. $i-5o 

1588 Brodhead, John R. History 
of the State of New York. Vol. I., 
1609-64; Vol. II., 1664-91. Maps. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth, pp. 801 -f- 680. New 
York, 1859-71. $6.50 

1569 Buffalo. An Authentic and 
Comprehensive History of, with Some 
Account of Its Early Inhabitants, 
both Savage and Civilized; Compris- 
ing Historic Notices of the Six Na- 
tions or Iroquois Indians; Sir William 
Johnson, etc. By Wm. Ketchum. 2 
vols., 8vo, cloth. Buflfalo, 1864. 


1570 BnflUo. Life of Geo. P. 
Barker, with Some of His Celebrated 
Speeches, and Proceedings of the 
Bar of Erie County on His Death, 
By Geo. J. Bryan. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 215. Buflfalo, 1849. $1-^5 

1 571 Campbell, Wm. W. Border 
Warfare of New York during the 
Revolution; or. Annals of Tryon 
County. i2mo, cloth, pp. 396. New 
York, 1,849. $3.00 

1572 Catskill Association Formed 
for the Purpose of Improving the 
Town of Catskill, in the County of 
Greene, State of New York, and for 
Other Purposes, December 28, 1836. 
2 maps. i2mo, cloth, pp. 47. New 
York, 1837. $2.50 

1573 Child, L. Maria. Letters 
from New York. (Hamilton's Duel, 
Laurie Todd, McDonald Clarke, 
Origin of Manhattan, Antiquities of 
New York, Major Andre, Castle Gar- 
den, Vauxhall, etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1843-45. $2.50 

The second series is quite scarce. 

1574 Cohoes. Masten, A. H. His- 
tory of Cohoes, N. Y. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 327. Albany, 1877. 


1575 Colvin, Veiplanck. Report 
of Survey of the Adirondack Wilder- 
ness of New York for 1873. (Second 
Report.) Maps and plates. 8vo, 
cloth. Albany, 1874. .75 

1576 Coopentown. A Centennial 
Offering: Being a Brief History of 
Cooperstown, with Sketch of James 
Fenimore Cooper. Edited by S. M. 
Shaw. i2mo, cloth, pp. 240. Coop- 
erstown, 1886. $1.25 

1577 Cooperstown. Livermore, S. 
T. History of Cooperstown, with a 
Biographical Sketch of J. Fenimore 
Cooper. i2mo, cloth, pp. 276. Al- 
bany, 1862. $1.50 

1578 Coopentown. The Chronicles 
of Cooperstown. By James Fenimore 
Cooper. i6mo, cloth, pp. 100. 
Cooperstown, 1838. $3.50 

Fine copy. Very scarce. 

1579 Delaware County. Gould, 
Jay. History of Delaware County 
and Border Wars of New York, The 
Early Settlements and the Late Anti- 
Rent Difficulties, and Other Histori- 
cal Matter Never Before Published. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 426. Rox- 
bury, 1856. $20.00 

A good copy of this rare book. Written by 
the late Jay Gould when he was a surveyor. It 
is one of the best of the early New York County 
histories and works on the early Border Wars. 

1580 De Peyster, Frederick. The 
Early Political History of New York. 
With notes. 8vo, cloth, pp. 76. 
New York, 1865. $1.50 

An address delivered before the New York 
Historical Society, November 22, 1S64. 

1 581 Dnnlap, William. A History 
of New York for Schools. Illustrated. 

vols., i8mo, cloth. New York, 



1582 Erie County. Johnson, Cris- 
field. Centennial History of Erie 
County: Its Annals from the Earliest 
Recorded Events. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
512. Buflfalo, 1876. $2.50 

1583 Femow, Berthold. Calendar 
of Wills on File and Recorded in the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Offices of the Clerk of Court of Ap- 
peals, of County Clerk at Albany, and 
of the Secretary of State, 1626- 1836. 
4to, tx>ards, pp. 657. New York, 
1896. $10.00 

No. 28 of a limited edition of 100 copies, de- 
luxe style. 

1584 FemoWy B. Documents Re- 
lating to the History and Settlements 
of the Towns along the Hudson and 
Mohawk Rivers, 1630-84, with the 
Relations of the Settlers with the In- 
dians. 4to, cloth, pp. 617. Albany, 

1881. $4.00 
Doc. Col. Hist. No. 13. 

1585 Piriikill. Van Voorhis, E. 
W. Tombstone Inscription^ from 
Churchyard of First Reformed Dutch 
Church of Fishkill. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
229. For private distribution only, 

1882. $2.50 

1586 French, J. H. Gazetteer of 
the State of New York, with a View 
of the Greography, Geology, and Gen- 
eral History of the State, and a Com- 
plete History of Every County, City, 
Town, Village, and Locality, with 
Full Table of Statistics. Illustrated. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 739. Syracuse, 
i860. $1.25 

1587 Hastings, Hugh. Second An- 
nual Report of the State Historian of 
the State of New York. (Largely 
colonial muster rolls.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 
1029. Albany, 1897. $1.50 

1588 Hempstead. Records of the 
Towns of North and South Hemp- 
stead, Long Island. 3 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Jamaica, 1896-98. $6.00 

1589 Herkimer Connty. Benton, 
N. S. History of Herkimer County, 
including the Upper Mohawk Valley. 
(Iroquois Indians, Early Germans, 
Palatine Immigrations, and Sketches 
of Palatine Families.) Maps. 8vo, 
doth, pp. 497. Albany, 1856. $5.00 

1590 Hotchkin, James H. A His- 
tory of the Purchase and Settlement 
of Western New York, and of the 
Rise, Progress, and Present State of 

the Presbyterian Church in that Sec- 
tion. (Original Inhabitants, Sulli- 
van's Exp^ition, Holland Purchase, 
Genesee County, etc.) Plate. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 600. New York, 1848. 


1 591 Ithaca. The Scenery of Ithaca 
and the Head Waters erf Cayuga 
Lake, as Portrayed by Diflferent 
Writers and Edited by the Publisher. 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 153. 
Ithaca, 1866. .75 

1592 lee, Charles A. A Catalogue 
of Medicinal Plants Growing in the 
State of New York, with a Brief Ac- 
count of Their Composition and Med- 
ical Properties. 8vo, paper, pp. 64. 
New York, 1848. .75 

1593 Lewis Connty. History of, 
from the Beginning of Its Settlement 
to the Present Time. By Franklin B. 
Hough. (Davenport Families, Deeds 
to First Settlers, Flora, German Set- 
tlements, Indians, Revolutionary 
Reminiscences, Indian Treaties, etc.) 
Steel plates. Royal 8vo, paper, un- 
cut, pp. 319. Albany, i8i6o. $5.00 

Only a few issued in this style. 

1594 Livingston Connty. Doty, 
Lockwood L. A History of Living- 
ston County, with an Account of the 
Seneca Nation of Indians and Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Earliest Set- 
tlers and Prominent Public Men. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 685. Gen- 
eseo, 1876. $4.00 

1595 Long Island. A Discourse 
delivered at East Hampton (Long 
Island), Lord's Day, July 22nd, 1798, 
Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. 
Samuel Buell, D. D., Pastor of the 
Church There, Who Departed this 
Life July 19th, 1798. By Herman 
E>aggett, A. M., Pastor of the Church 
in West Hampton. i2mo, newly 
bound in half dark brown morocco, 
gilt top, pp. 23. New London 
(printed by Samuel Green), 1799. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1596 Long Idand. A3rres, J. A. 
The Legends of Montauk, with an 
Historical Appendix. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
127. New York, 1849. $7.50 

Very scarce. 

1598 Long Idand. Celebration of 
the Re-setting of the New Utrecht 
Liberty Pole (erected just after the 
Revolutionary War), with Historical 
Address by Mr. Jas. M. Edsall, and 
Historic Account of the First Pole 
Setting. Illustrated with the Amer- 
ican flag in gold and colors. 8vo, 
cloth, n. p., n. d. $1.25 

1599 Long Itland. Flint, Martha B. 
Early Long Island: A Colonial Study. 
Map. 8vo, cloth^ pp. 549. New 
York, 1896. $2.50 

1600 Long Idand. Furman, Ga- 
briel. Antiquities of Long Iskmd, to 
Which is Added a Bibliography by 
Henry Onderdonk, Jr. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 478. New York, 1874. $2.50 

1601 Long Ldand. Memorial of 
the Late Hon. David S. Jones, with 
Appendix Containing Notices of the 
Jones Family of Queens County. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 99. New York, 
1849. $1-50 

1602 Long Ldand. O'Callaghan's 
Copy of Thompson's Long Island. 
Thompson, Benj. F. The History of 
Long Island from Its Discovery and 
Settlement to the Present Time. Sec- 
ond and best edition revised and 
greatly enlarged. Map and illustra- 
tions. 2 vols., 8vo, original cloth. 
New York, 1843. $40.00 

Dr. E. B. O'Callaghan's cojpf, with manu- 
script corrections and additions. This copy 
ought to be in a public library. 

1603 Long Liland. Onderdonk, 
Henry, Jr. Documents and Letters 
Intending to Illustrate th-e Revolu- 
tionary Incidents in Kings, Queens, 
and Suffolk Counties. With Ex- 
planatory Notes and Additions. 
Map. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, cloth. 
New York, 1846. $10.00 

1604 Long Island. Prime, Nathan- 
iel S. A History of Long Island from 
Its First Settlement to 1045, with An- 
nals of the Several Towns. Map. 
i2mo, cloth (foxed), pp. 420. New 
York, 1845. $3.50 

1605 Long Island. Records of the 
Town of Brookhaven up to 1800, as 
Compiled by the Town Clerk* 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 219. Patchogue, 1880. 


1606 Long Island^ N. Y. Revolu- 
tionary Incidents of Suffolk and 
Kin^ Counties; with an Account of 
the Battle of Long Island, and the 
British Prisons and Prison Ships at 
New York; Documents and Letters 
Intended to Illustrate the Revolution- 
ary Incidents of Queens County; with 
Connecting Narratives, Explanatory 
Notes, and Additions. By Henry On- 
derdonk. Together 2 vols, in one 
thick i2mo, cloth. New York, 
1846-49. $10.00 

1607 Long Island. Shaiw, Edward 
R. Legends of Fire Island 3each 
and the South Side. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 212. New York, 
1895. $1.00 

1608 Long Ldand. Thompson 
Benj. F.- History of Long Island; 
Containing an Account of the Discov- 
ery and Settlement; with Other Im- 
portant Matters to the Present Time. 
Views. 8vo, cloth, pp. 536. New 
York, 1839. $5.00 

1609 Losdng, Benson J. The Hud- 
son, from the Wilderness to the Sea. 
Illustrated by engravings on wood 
and drawings by the Author. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 464. Troy, i366. $4.00 

Fine clean copy. Scarce. 

1610 Monlton, Joseph W. History 
of the State of New York. Part 2, 
Novum Belgium. 8vo, sheets. New 
York, 1826. .50 

161 1 Murphy, Henry C. Anthol- 
ogy of New Netherland; or, Transla- 
tions from the Early Dutch Poets of 
New York, with Memoirs of Their 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lives. Portrait. Royal 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 209. New York, 1865. 

No. 15 of a limited edition of 75 copies. 

1612 Newbnrgh. Nutt,JohnJ. Her 
Institutions, Industries, and Leading 
Citizens; Historical, Descriptive, and 
Biographical. Map and illustrations. 
4to, morocco, pp. 335. Newburgh, 
1891. $2.00 

1613 New Lots. Trial of Pasach 
N. Rubenstein for the Murder of 
Sarah Alexander in the Town of New 
Lots (near Brooklyn), December 12, 
1875. 8vo, half sheep, pp. 331. New 
York, 1876. $1.75 

1614 New Nethtrland. Remon- 
strances of New Netherland, and the 
Occurrences There, Addressed to the 
High and Mighty Lords States Gen- 
eral of the United Netherlands on the 
28th July, 1649, with Secretary Van 
Tienhoven's Answer. Translated 
from a copy of the original Dutch MS. 
by E. B. O'Callaghan, M. D. 4to, 
half red morocco, pp. 67. Albany, 
1856. $5.00 

Only 100 copies printed. Presentation copy 
from the translator. 

1615 New Netherland. Represen- 
tation from New-Nether-Land, Con- 
cerning the Situation, Fruitfulness, 
and Poor Condition of the Same. 
Map. Hague, 1650. Broad Advice to 
the United Netherland Provinces, 
Made and Arranged from Divers True 
and Trusty Memories, by I. A. G. 
W. C. Antwerp, 1649. Two rare 
tracts translated from the Dutch, with 
notes by Henry C. Murphy. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 190. New York, 1854. 

125 copies printed. Presentation copy from 
James Lenox. 

1616 Newtown. Riker, James, Jr. 
The Annals of Newtown in Queens 
County, New- York, Containing Its 
History and First Settlement, to- 
gether with Many Interesting Facts 
Concerning the Adjacent Towns; 
also, A Particular Account of Nu- 

merous Long Island Families now 
Spread over This and Various Other 
States. Portrait and maps. 8vo, fine 
uncut copy, half morocco, pp. 437. 
New York, 1852. $30.00 


1617 Alexander, S. D. The Pres- 
bytery of New York, 1738 to 1888. 
(List of Ministers from 1738, Candi- 
dates Licensed, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 
198. New York, 1889. $1.00 

1618 Anthon, Henry. Parish An- 
nals: A Sermon Giving Historical 
Notices of St. Mark's Qiurch in the 
Bowery, from A. D. 1795 ^^ A. D. 
1845. 8vo, paper, pp. 58. New 
York, 1845. $2.00 

1619 A Week in Wall Street By 
One Who Knows. i6mp, boards, pp. 
152. New York, 1841. $1.00 

1620 Asmodeiu in New York. 
(Cost of Luxury in New York, Ec- 
centric Characters, etc.) i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 378. New York, 1868. $1.00 

1621 Baird, Robert. Transplanted 
Flowers; or. Memoirs of Mrs. 
Rumpif (daughter of John Jacob 
Astor) and the Duchess De Broglie, 
Daughter of Madame De Stael. Steel 
portrait and plate. i6mo, cloth, pp. 
160- New York, 1839. -75 

1622 Been, F. W. Atlas of New 
York and Vicinity. Folding colored 
maps and engravings of some of the 
old tesidences. Folio, cloth. New 
York, 1867. $4.00 

1623 Belden, E. Porter. New 
York, Past, Present, and Future, 
Comprising a History of New York 
City and a Description of Its Present 
Condition. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth. 
New York, 1849. $2.50 

1624 Booth, Mary L. History of 
the City of New York, from Its Earli- 
est Settlement to the Present Time. 
100 engravings. 8vo, cloth, pp. 850. 
New York, 1859. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1625 Bradford, William. Address 
on the 200th Birthday of, the Intro- 
ducer of the Art of Printing into the 
Middle Colonies of British America. 
By John W. Wallace. Pktes. 8vo, 
boards, pp. 114. Albany, 1863. 


Presentation corfy from Geo. H. Moore to 
C. W. Fredcricksoii. 

1626 Brodhead, John R. The C<mi- 
quest of New Netherlands (by the 
English, 1664). 200th Anniversary 
Oration. 8vo, paper, pp. 87. New 
York, 1864. .75 

1627 Brooklyn. Currie, Gilbert E. 
History of the Wesley M. E. Church 
of Brooklyn, with List of Members, 
etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 316. New 
York, 1876. $1.25 

1628 Brooklyn. Heame's Brook- 
lyn City Directory for 1851-52. loth 
annual publication. i2mo, boards. 
Brooklyn. $1.50 

1629 Brooklyn. Howard, Henry 
W. B. The Eagle and Brooklyn, with 
a Complete History of Brookl)m from 
Its Settlement to the Present Time. 
1300 portraits, views, and illustra- 
tions. Folio, full morocco, pp. 1195. 
Brooklyn, 1893. $10.00 

A beautiful volume, published at $25.00. 

1630 Brooklyn. Jan: A Tale of the 
Early History of Brooklyn. By A. 
L. O. B. i2mo, cloth, pp. 153. 
Brooklyn, 1883. $1.50 

1631 Brooklyn. St. Ann's Church 
(Brooklyn, N. Y.) from the Year 
1784 to the Year 1845. By a Sunday- 
school Teacher, F. G. Fish. View of 
church. i2mo, cloth, pp. 220. Brook- 
lyn, 1845. $3-50 

Scarce. Presentation copy from the author. 

1632 Brooklyn. Stiles, Henry R. 
History of the City of Brooklyn, in- 
cluding the Old Town and Village of 
Brooklyn and Town of Bushwick and 
Williamsburgh. Map and illustra- 
tions. 3 vols., 8vo, green cloth, gilt 
tops. Brooklyn, 1867. $7.50 

1633 Brooklyn. Stiles, Henry R. 
The Civil, Political, Professional, and 
Ecclesiastical History of County of 
Kings, 1683-1884. Profusely illus- 
trated with steel portraits, views, etc. 
Folio, half morocco, pp. 1400. New 
York, 1885. $5-oo 

1634 Brooklyn. The Old and the 
New; or, Past and Present of the 
Parish of St. Ann's. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 36. Brooklyn, 1869. 


1635 Brooklyn. Warriner, Edwin. 
Old Sands Street Methodist Church: 
Art Illustrated Centennial Record. 
Historical and biographical. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 520. New 
York, 1885. $3.00 

1636 Brooklyn Bridge. Opening 
Ceremonies, May 24, 1883. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 122. Brooklyn, 1883. 


1637 Bnrford, Robert. Description 
of A View of the City of New York 
now Exhibiting at the Panorama, Lei- 
cester Square. Folding map and, 
plate. 8vo, boards. Lx>ndon, 1834. 


1638 Cammann, H. J., and Camp,. 
H. N. The Charities of New York, 
Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 597. New 
York, 1868. $1.00 

1639 Campbell, Helen. Darkness 
and Daylight; or, Lights and Shad- 
ows of New York Life. A Woman's 
Story of Rescue Work, with 200 
Anecdotes Drawn from the Bright 
and Shady Side of City Life. With a 
Journalist's Description of Little- 
known Phases of New York Life, by 
Thos. W. Knox. 250 illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 740. Hartford, 
1892. $2.00 

1640 Chnrcli of Zion and St. Tim- 
othy. History of, from 1797 to 1894. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 353. 
Printed for private circulation. $2.75 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1641 Chnrolies. A Familiar Con- 
versational History of the Evangelical 
Churches of New York. Views of 
old churches. i2mo, cloth, pp. 222. 
New York, 1838. $1.00 

Colonial slavexy, negro plot, primitive Indian 
inhabitants of New York, church in the fort, 

1642 Cogswell, Joseph G. Life of, 
as Sketched in His Letters. (First 
Librarian of the Astor Library, etc.) 
4to, cloth, pp. 377. Privately printed, 
1874. $5.00 

229 copies printed for private distribution. 

1643 Cnnuningi, Thomas S. His- 
toric Annals of the National Academy 
of Design, with Occasional Dottings 
by the Wayside, from 1825 to Present 
Time. 8vo, cloth, pp. 364. Philadel- 
phia, 1865. $1.25 

1644 Bavenport, John I. The 
Election and Naturalization Frauds in 
New York City, 1860-70. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 344. New York, 1894. $3-5o 

Printed l>y the author, and now rare. 

1645 BawiOE, Henry B. Records 
of the City of New Amsterdam in 
New Netherlands, Vol. I. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top, neat, pp. 79., Mor- 

-risania, N. Y., 1867. $3.50 

«Only 100 numbered copies printed. 

^646 Dawson, Henry B. The Sons 
of Liberty in New York. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 118. Printed for private circula- 
tion, 1859. $2.00 

1647 DiBtumcll, John, New York 
as It Was and as It Is, from Its Set- 
tlement to the Present Time. Map 
and illustrations. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
296. New York, 1876. .75 

1648 Dixon, Dr. Edward H. 
Scenes in the Practice of a New York 
Surgeon. (City Practice, The Cholera 
<A '32, Early History of Fort Lee, etc.) 
Illustrated by Darley. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 407. New York, 1855. $1.50 

1650 Du Bois, Henri P. Four Pri- 
vate Libraries of New York: A Con- 
tribution to the History of Bibliophil- 
ism in America. Preface by Octave 
Uzanne. Plate in gold and colors, 
and fine steel plates. 8vo, silk bind- 
ing, uncut, pp. 119. New York, 1892. 


A limited edition printed by De Vinne. 

1651 Dnrand, Edward D. The Fi- 
nances of New York City. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 397. New York, 1898. 


1652 Earle, Alice Morse. Colonial 
Days in Old New York. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 312. London, 1896. $1.00 

1653 Fairchildy Herman LeRoy. 
History of the New York Academy 
of Sciences, formerly the Lyceum of 
Natural History. Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 190. New York 
(published by the Author), 1887. 


1654 Fiik, James. The Life of 
James Fisk, Jr., including the Great 
Frauds of the Tammany Ring, 
Sketches of Railroad Magnates, Fi- 
nanciers, and Edward S. Stokes the 
Assassin. By Willoughby Jones. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 512. Phila- 
delphia, 1872. $2.00 

1655 Fowler, William W. Twenty 
Years of Inside Life in Wall Street, 
with Personal Experiences of a Spec- 
ulator. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
576. New York, 1880. $1.50 

1656 Francis, John W. Old New 
York; or. Reminiscences of the Past 
60 Years, with Memoir of the Author 
by Henry T. Tuckerman. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 400. New York, 1866. 

This is the best edition, having been consider- 
ably enlarged. 

1657 Ooddard, Thomas H. A 
General History of the Most Promi- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



nent Banks of Europe; the Rise and 
Progress of the Bank of North Amer- 
ica, and Statistical and Comparative 
View of the Moneyed Institutions of 
New York. 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 
254. New York, 1831. $3.50 

1658 Orecnleaf, Jonathan. A His- 
tory of the Churches of All Denomi- 
nations in the City of New York, from 
the First Settlement to the Year 1846. 
i6mo, cloth, pp. 369. New York, 
1846. $1.50 

1659 Griggs, William N. The Cele- 
brated " Moon Story ": Its Origin and 
Incidents. With memoir of the Au- 
thor. i6mo, cloth (worn), pp. 143. 
New York, 1852. $1.50 

1660 Hcadlcy, J. T. The Great 
Riots of New York, 1712 to 1873, in- 
cluding a Full Account of the Four- 
Days' Draft Riot of 1863. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 359. New York, 
1873. $1.50 

1661 Hildebnm, Charles R. 
Sketches of Printers and Printing in 
Colonial New York. Portraits, fac- 
similes, etc. i2mo, boards, uncut, pp. 
189. New York, 1895. $3.50 

A limited edition printed by De Vinne. The 
best work on early New York printers and 

1662 Janvier, Thomas. In Old 
New York* Maps and illustrations of 
old buildings, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
285. New York, 1894. $1.50 

1663 JogVLtBj Isaac. Novum Bel- 
gium: An Account of New Nether- 
land in 1643-44. By Rev. Father 
Isaac Jogues. With a facsimile of 
his original MSS., portrait, map, and 
early view of New York, and notes by 
J. G. Shea. 4to, half roan. New 
York (privately printed), 1862. $7.50 

A very limited number of copies were for the 
first time printed from the originid manuscript. 

1664 Johnson, Samuel (First Presi- 
dent King's College, New York), 
Life and Correspondence of. (Small- 
pox in New York, 1759; Stamp Act, 

etc.) By E. Edwards Beardsley. 
Steel portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 38a 


1665 Johnson, Henry P. Observa- 
tions on Judge Jones* Loyalist His- 
tory of the American Revolution, 
How Far Is It an Authority? 8vo, 
paper, pp. 86. New York, 1880. 


1666 King's Hand Book of New 
York: An Outline History, and De- 
scription of the American Metropolis. 
(By various writers.) 1000 illustra- 
tions from photographs made ex- 
pressly for this work. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
1008. Boston, 1893. $2.00 

No other work gives so good an idea of 
modem New York. 

1667 Lamb, Mrs. Martha J. Wall 
Street in History, 1642-1883. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 95. New York, 1883. 


1668 lanicr, J. F. D. Sketch of 
the Life of (the banker), with Inter- 
esting Accounts of the Finances of 
the Government during the Rebel- 
lion. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. Printed 
for the family only, 1877. $6.00 

1669 Lexow Investigation (the fuU 
report). Report and Proceedings of 
the Senate Committee Appointed to 
Investigate the Police Department of 
the City of New York. 5 large 8vo 
vols., cloth in full. Albany, 1^5. 

/ $3-50 
With all the testimony in full. 

1670 Lotos Club. A Brief History 
of the Lotos Club. (Mark Twain's 
Fun, Oliver Wendell Holmes' Speech, 
etc.) Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
166 + 58. New York, 1895. $1.00 

1671 Uoyd's Companion and 
Guide through New York City, 
1866-67. Illustrated. l2mo, boards. 
New York, 1866. $i.oc> 

1672 McManus, Blanche. How the 
Dutch Came to Manhattan. Penned 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



and pictured by Blanche McManus. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth. New York, 
1897. $1.00 

1673 Kayeriok, Augustus. Henry 
J. Raymond, of the New York Press 
for 30 Years; Progress of American 
Journalism, 1840 to 1870. Portraits 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 501. 
Hartford, 1870. $1.50 

1674 Moore, N. F. An Historical 
Sketch of Columbia College^ i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 126. New York, 1846. 


1675 Moss, Frank (President of the 
New York Police)* The American 
Metropolis from Kiiickerbocker Days 
to the Present Time, New York City 
Life in All Its Various Phases. With 
introduction by Rev. Chas. H. Park- 
hurst. Numerous illustrations. 3 
vols., 8vo, red cloth, uncut. New 
York, 1897. $5.00 

1676 Mullaly, Xohn. The New 
Parks beyond the Harlem: Descrip- 
tion and Scenery of Nearly 4000 
Acres. Map and illustrations. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 172. New York, 1887. 


1677 Ncal, Jos. C Charcoal 
Sketches; or. Scenes in a Metropolis. 
With etchings by David C. Johnston 
(" the American Cruikshank "). 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 222. Philadelphia, 
1838. $1.50 

1678 New York Historical Society 
Collections. 2d series, Vol. I. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 486. New York, 1841. 


1679 Osgood, Samuel. New York 
in the Nineteenth Century: A Dis- 
course. 8vo, paper, pp. 125. New 
York, 1867. .50 

1680 Procter, L. B. The Bench 
and Bar of New York. Biographical 
Sketches of Judges and Lawyers, with 
Incidents of Important Trials. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 779. New York, 1879. 


1681 Band, McNally A Co.'i Handy 
Guide to New York City. Illus- 
tration and map. i2mo, paper, pp. 
210. Chicago, 1896. .25 

1682 Beoords of New Amsterdam 
from 1653-74. Edited by Berthald 
Femow. 7 large 8vo vols., sheep. 
New York, 1897. $i7-5o 

Only a limited number of these valuable 
records were printed. They consist of minutes 
of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens, and 
include much new and curious information re- 
garding the old Dutch settlers. The entire con- 
tents is exhaustively indexed. 

1683 Biker, James. Evacuation 
Day, 1783, with Recollections of Cap- 
tain John Van Arsdale, by Whose Ef- 
forts the American Flag was Success- 
fully Raised on the Battery. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 56. New York (printed 
for the Author), 1883. .50 

1684 Bobinson, Solon. Hot Com: 
Life Scenes in New York. Illus- 
trated, including The Stoiy of Little 
Katy, Wild Maggie, etc., with original 
designs. i2mo, cloth, pp. 408. New 
York, 1854. $1.00 

1685 Bode's Business Directory for 
1854-55, containing a Classification of 
Trades, Professions, etc. 8vo, paper, 
pp. 187. New York, 1854. $1.00 

1686 Bogers, E. P. The Glory of 
New York (Its Growth and Develop- 
ment). 8vo, paper, pp. 18. New 
York, 1874. .75 

1687 (Busscll, William.) Diary of 
a Detective Police Ofiicer (in New 
York City). By Waters. 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 198. New York, 1864, 


1688 (Scoville.) The Old Mer- 
chants of New York City. 5 vols, in 
3. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1870. 


Complete set. Contains a vast amount of 
gossip about the early families. 

i68g Shea, Dr. J. G. Catholic 
Churches of New York Qty, with 
Sketches of Their History and Lives 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



erf Their Pastors, etc. Portraits and 
illustrations. 4to, morocco, pp. 748. 
New York, 1878. $3.50 

1690 Sheldon, George W. The 
Story of the Volunteer Fire Depart- 
ment of the City of New York. (Not- 
able Fires, Parades, Firemen's Balls, 
List of Firemen 1793-96, etc.) Nu- 
merous views of old engines, fire caps, 
old buildings, etc. 4to, cloth, pp. 575. 
New York; Harper & Bros., 1882. 

Published at $4.50. 

1691 Slick, Jonathan. High Life in 
New York. By Jonathan Slick of 
Weathersfield, Conn. (With glossary 
of Yankee words and phrases not 
likely to be understood by English 
readers.) 2 vols., i2mo, new half mo- 
rocco, g^t tops. London, n. d. $5.00 

1692 Smith, Thomas E. V. The 
City of New York in 1789, the year 
of Washington's Inauguration. Map. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 244. New York, 1889. 


A complete view of the city as it was in that 

1693 SteyenS) John Austin. The 
Evacuation of New York by the Brit- 
ish, November 26, 1783. Report on 
the Centennial Celebration. 4to, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 201. New York, 
1885. I $1.50 

1694 Strykcr, Peter. Historical 
Discourse Delivered at the Last 
Service held in the Reformed Dutch 
Church, Comer Broome and Greene 
Streets. Plate. i2mo, cloth, pp. 86. 
New York, i860. $1.50 

1695 Tammany Hall. Myers, Gus- 
tavus. The History of Tammany 
Hall, 1789-1898. Aaron Burr at the 
Helm, Quarrels with De Witt Qinton, 
Fernando Wood, Civil War and After, 
Tweed Ring, Croker, etc. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 357. New York (published 
by the Author), 1901. $1.50 

1696 The Growth of New York. 
8vo, paper, pp. 49. New York, 1865. 


Past and Cotninj^ Growth, New York the 
Heart of the Country, Direction of Its Growth, 
The 5th Avenue and Westward Tendency, etc. 

1697 The Men of New York. A 
Collection of Biographies and Por- 
traits of Citizens of the Empire State 
Prominent in Business, Professional, 
Social, and Political Life during the 
Last Decade of the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury. Hundreds of fine portraits. 2 
vols., 4to, full morocco, gilt edges. 
Buffalo, 1898. $10.00 

1698 The Sun's Guide to New 
York: Replies to Questions Asked 
Every Day by the Guests and Citi- 
zens of the American Metropolis. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, half morocco. New 
York, 1892. .75 

1699 Trask, Spencer. Bowling 
Green: Its History, from the Time 
the " Sea Mew " Sailed into the Bay 
in 1626 to the Present. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 84. New York, 
1898. .75 

1700 Valentine, David T. History 
of the City of New York. Maps, 
plates, and views. 8vo, cloth, pp. 404. 
New York, 1853. $4.00 

1701 Water Front. Photographs 
of. A series of 12 photographs, i8j4 
inches by 854 inches, showing the 
docks and distant buildings before 
"sky scrapers" were erected, with 
names of buildings. Mounted on 
cardboard and bound in oblong 4to, 
full morocco, n. p., n. d. $5.00 

Interesting and historically valuable. 

1702 Witches of New York: Re- 
counting Methods of Various Fortune 
Tellers in the Metropolis. By Q. K. 
Philander Doesticks. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 405. New York, 1859. $1.25 

1703 Wood, Fernando. A Model 
Mayor. Early Life, Congressional 
Career, and Triumphant Municipal 
Administration of Hon. Fernando 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wood. By a Citizen of New York. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 126. New 
York, 1855. $1.50 

1704 Wooley, Charles. Two Years' 
Journal in New York and Part of 
Its Territories in America. New edi- 
tion by E. B. O'Callaghan. Large 
paper, 4to, cloth. New York, i860. 


1705 Wynne, James. Private Li- 
braries of New York. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 472. New' York, i860. 


1706 Zenger, John Peter. The 
Tryai of John Peter Zenger of New 
York, Printer, Who Was Lately Try'd 
and Acquitted for Printing and Pub- 
lishing a Libel against the Govern- 
ment, with the Pleadings and Argu- 
ments on Both Sides. 3d edition. 
4to, half morocco, pp. 32. London 
(printed for J. Wilford, behind the 
Chapter-House, St. Paul's Church- 
Yard), 1738. $10.00 

" This trial presents the first instance on 
record where truth was admitted as justification 
of a libel, a doctrine since admitted in American 
jurisprudence. The counsel for the defendant 
was Andrew Hamilton of Philadelphia, who, 
for the able defense he made upon the occasion, 
was rewarded, by order of the Common Council 
of New York, with the freedom of the city in a 
splendid gold box." — Rich. 

NEW YORK STATE, Continued. 

1707 KiAgara. Barham, William. 
Descriptions of Niagara, Selected 
from Various Travelers, with Origi- 
nal Additions. Map and plate. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 180. Gravesend, 
n. d. $3.00 


1708 Niagara. Holley, Geo. W. 
The Falls of Niagara and Other Fa- 
mous Cataracts. (Local History, 
Traditions, etc.) 30 illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 183. London, 1882. 


1709 O'Callagliftn, E. B. Docu- 
mentary History of the State of New 
York. (Papers Relating to the Iro- 
quois and Other Indian Tribes; New 

York Army List, 1700; Boundary 
Line between the Whites and the In- 
dians, 1765; Early Rate Lists of Long 
Island; Champlain's Expeditions to 
Northern and Western New York, 4 
1609, 1615, etc.) Facsimile maps, 
views, etc. 4 vols, thick 8vo, cloth. 
Albany, 1849. $6.00 

1710 O'Callaghan, E. B. The 
Documentary History of the State of 
New York. Maps, plans, plates, etc. 
4 vols., 4to, cloth. Albany, 1850. 


171 1 Orange Connty. Eager, Som'l 
W. An Outline of the History of 
Orange County, with Local Tradi- 
tions and Biographical Sketches. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 656. Newburgh, 1846. 


1712 Orange Comnty. Portrait and 
Biographical Record of Orange 
County, with Biographical Sketches 
of Representative Citizens, etc. Por- 
traits. 4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 
1548. New York, 1895. $8.00 

171 3 Orange Connty. Ruttenber, 
E. M., and Clark, L. H. History of 
Orange County, with Illustrations 
and Biographical Sketches. 4to, half 
morocco, pp. 820. Philadelphia, * 
1881. $10.00 

1714 Orange County. Stickney, 
Charles E. A History of the Mini- 
sink Region, Which Includes the 
Present Towns of Minisink, Deer- 
park, Mount Hope, Greenville, and ' 
Wawayanda, in Orange County, New 
York, from Their Organization to the 
Present Time. i2mo, cloth, pp. 211. 
Middletown, 1867. $1.50 

1715 Oswego County. Tyler, R. H. 
Oswego County Fifty Years Ago. 
8vo, paper, pp. 18. Fulton, 1880. .25 

1 716 Pompey. Reunion of the Sons 
and Daughters of the Old Town of 
Pompey, June 29, 1871. With a His- 
tory of the Town, Reminiscences and 
Biographical Sketches of Its Early 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Inhabitants. Lithographic portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 432. Pompey, 1875. 


Library stamped. 

1717 Ponghkeepsie. Van Gieson, 
Rev. A. P. Anniversary Discourse 
and History of the First Reformed 
Church of Poughkeepsie. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 126. Poughkeepsie, 1893. $1.50 

1718 Poughkeepsie. Lossing, Ben- 
son J. Vassar College and Its 
Founder. Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 175. New York (privately 
printed), 1867. $3.00 

1719 Queens County. History of 
Queens County, with Illustrations, 
Portraits, and Sketches. 4to, half 
calf, pp. 576. New York, 1882. 


1720 Boberts, James A. A Century 
in the Comptroller's Office, State erf 
New York, 1797-1897. Portraits. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 90. Albany, 1897. 


1721' Bochester. A Study Histori- 
cal. By Jenny M. Parker. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 412. 
Rochester, 1884. $3.50 

1722 Bochesfer. O'Reilly, Henry. 
Sketches of Rochester, with Inci- 
dental Notices of Western New York. 
Map and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
416. Rochester, 1838. $6.00 

1723 Boehesfer. Ward, F. De W. 
Churches of Rochester: Rise, Prog- 
ress, and Present Condition of Each 
Religious Organization, with Bio- 
graphical Sketches. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
184. Rochester, 1871. $1.50 

1724 Bogers, Frank D. Folk 
Stories of the Northern Border. (Up 
the St. Lawrence River in 1796, 
French Settlers, Captivity of Mrs. 
Howe, Pioneer Hardships.) Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 273. Clay- 
ton, 1897. $1.25 

1725 Bnflner, W. H. A Report on 
Washington Territory, comprising 
Topography, Qimate, Soils, Geology, 

Cities, Towns, Agricultural Products, 
etc., etc. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 242. New York, 1889. 


1726 Saratoga. Perkins, Eli. Sara- 
toga in 1901. 200 illustrations by 
Lumley. i2mo, cloth, pp. 249. New 
York, 1872. $1.25 

1727 Saratoga. Stone, Wm. L. 
Reminiscences of Saratoga and Balls- 
ton. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
451. New York, 1880. $1.25 

1728 Severancei Frank H. Old 
Trails on the Niagara Frontier. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 321. Buffalo, 1899. 


LimiUd edition, printed from tjrpe. Histori- 
cal and literary studies on early western New 

1729 Sing Sing. Luckey, John. 
Life in Sing Sing State Prison, as 
Seen in a 12- Years' Chaplaincy. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 376. New York, 
i860. $1.00 

1730 Smith, William. History of 
New York from the First Discovery 
to 1732, with a Continuation to 1814. 
8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 512. Albany, 
1814. $6.00 

A fine uncut copy. Rare in this condition. 

1731 Senthold. Whitaker, Epher. 
History of Southold, Long Island: Its 
First Century. Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 354. Southold, 1881. 


1732 Sonthampton. Addresses De- 
livered on the 250th Anniversary, 
June 12, 1890. 8vo, cloth, pp. 105. 
Sag Harbor, 1890. $1.00 

1733 Spencer, Ambrose. Memorial 
of. Former Chief Justice of the Su- 
preme Court, State of New York. 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 104. Al- 
bany, 1849. $1.25 

1734 Sqnier, E. G. Antiquities of 
the State of New York, Describing 
Earthworks, Inclosures, Mounds, 
Bone-heaps, etc., Found in the Vari- 
ous Counties. With a Supplement on 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



the Antiquities of the West. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 343. Buffalo, 
1851. $4.50 

1735 Statement of All the Lands 
Sold by the Comptroller under and by 
Virtue of the Several Acts for the 
Assessment and Payment of Taxes 
Prior to the Sale of 1848; also, Sales 
under Special Assessments for Drain- 
ing Swamps, Building Roads, etc. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 1024. Albany, 1850. 


Valuable for reference. 

1736 Suffolk Connty. Portrait and 
Biographical Record of Suffolk 
County, Long Island, with Biographi- 
cal Sketches of Prominent and Repre- 
sentative Citizens. Numerous por- 
traits. 4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 
1045. New York, 1896. $10.00 

1737 Thomson, John. Historical 
Sketch pf the Saint Andrews Society 
of the State of New York, with List 
of Officers and Members since 1756. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 120. New York, 
1856. $1.50 

Includes an oration on ** The Scot Abroad, 
and the Scot at Home." 

1738 Trenton Palls, Picturesque 
and Descriptive. Edited by N. P. 
Willis. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
96. New York, 1868. .75 

'1 739 Troy. Troy's One Hundred 
Years, 1789-1889. (New France and 
New Netherland, 1524- 1624; Manor 
of Riensselaerswyck, 1624- 1786; Vil- 
lage of Troy, 1 789-1800, etc.) By 
Arthur James Weise. Facsimiles of 
old views and maps. 4to, cloth, pp. 
453. Troy, 1891. $3.00 

1740 Troy. Weise, A. J. History 
of the City of Troy, from Expulsion 
of the Mohegan Indians to 1876. 
Maps and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 400. Troy, 1876. $2.50 

1741 Troy. Wood^vorth, John. 
Reminiscences of Troy, N. Y., from 
Its Settlement in 1790 to 1807, with 
Remarks on Its Commerce, Enter- 
prise, Political Parties, etc. Written 

at the request of several gentlemen of 
Troy. 2d edition, with notes. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 112. Albany, i860. $2.00 

1742 Tryon Comnty. Campbell, 
Wm. W. Annals of Tryon County; 
or. The Border Warfare of New York 
during the Revolution. Map. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 269. New York, 183 1. 


1743 Turner, O. History of the 
Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and 
Gorham's Purchase and Morris' Re- 
serve, with Pioneer History of Monroe 
County. (Border Wars, Indian Coun- 
cils, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 624. Roch- 
ester, 185 1. $4.00 

1744 Xrtica. Bogg, M. M. The 
Pioneers of Utica, with a Civil History 
of the Place from the Earliest Settle- 
ment to 1825, the Era of Opening the 
Erie Canal. 8vo, cloth, pp. 663. 
Utica, 1877. $4.50 

1745 xrtica. City Directory, 
1847-48. Compiled by Bildad Mer- 
rell, Jr. i2mo, boards. Utica, 1847. 

' .75 
I745J4 Van Bensselaer, Mrs. John 
King. New Yorkers of the Nine- 
teenth Century. (Genealogies of 
Twenty Prominent Families, with 
notes, including Bard, Barclay, Bron- 
son, Buchanan, Delafield, Duer, Em- 
met, Fish, Glover, Hoffman, Jay, 
King, Schuyler, Stu)rvesant, Van 
Rensselaer, etc., with Index.) Folio, 
boards. New York, 1897. $6.00 

Published at $10.00 net. A valuable work 
for reference. 

1746 Votes and Proceedings of the 
Assembly of the State of New York, 
at the First Meeting of the Fourth 
Session at Poughkeepsie, on Thurs-. 
day, September 7, 1780. Edited by 
Geo. H. Moore, and now first printed 
from original MS. Folio, cloth, pp. 
59. Albany, 1859. $3.00 

1747 Watson, W. C. Pioneer His- 
tory of the Champlain Valley; being 
an Account of the Settlement of the 
Town of Willsborough by Wm. Gilli- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



land, together with His Journal and 
Other Papers, and a Memoir and 
Historical and Illustrative Notes. 
8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 231. Albany, 
1863. $2.00 

1748 Westchester Comnty. History 
of the Several Towns, Manors, and 
Patents of the County of West- 
chester. By Robert Bolton. 2d edi- 
tion, enlarged by C. W. Bolton. 
Maps and illustrations. 2 vols., thick 
8vo, half calf, gilt, gilt tops. New 
York, 1881. $12.50 

1749 Westchester Coimty. Pryer, 
Charles. Reminiscences of an Old 
Westchester Homestead. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 174. New York, 1897. 


1750 WilMc, D. Sketches of a 
Summer Trip to New York and The 
Oanadas. i2mo, cloth, pp. 293. 
Edinburgh, 1837. $1.50 

'1751 Wright) Silas (late Governor 
of the State of New York). His Life. 
By John S. Jenkins. With an Ap- 
pendix Containing a Selection from 
His Speeches in the Senate of the 
United States and His Address Read 
before the New York State Agricul- 
tural Society. i2mo, cloth, pp. 378. 
Auburn, 1847. $1.00 

1752 Yonkers. History of , from the 
Earliest Times to the Present, includ- 
ing an Elaborate Description of Its 
Aborigines. (A Narrative of Its Dis- 
covery and Early Settlement by the 
Dutch and Other Europeans; A Rec- 
ord of Events within Its Borders for 
100 Years; Its Stirring Scenes as 
Part of the Famous " Neutral Ground 
of the Revolution," etc.) Views of 
old buildings, portraits, etc. 4to, full 
morocco, gilt edges, pp. 454. New 
York, 1896. $2.50 

A valuable work published at $10.00. 


1753 Biographical Encyclopaedia of 
Ohio of the Nineteenth Century. 

Hundreds of steel portraits. 4to, full 
morocco, pp. 672. Cincinnati, 1876. 


1754 Chambers, Charlotte. Mem- 
oir of. By her grandson, Lewis H. 
Garrard. 8vo, cloth, pp. 135. Phila- 
delphia (printed for the Author), 1856. 


But few copies printed, for presentation. 
From 1726 to 1821, Indian Wars, Revolution, 
etc. , chiefly from personal letters. 

1755 Champaign and Logan Coun- 
ties. History of, from l^eir First 
Settlement. By Joshua Antrim. Por- 
traits of pioneers of both counties. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 460. Bellefontaine, 
1872. $3.00 

Fine copy. 

1756 Cincinnati. Cist, Charles. 
Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati 
in 1851. Plates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
364. Cincinnati, 185 1. $1.00 

1757 Cincinnati. Drake, Daniel. 
Discourses Delivered by Appointment 
before the Cincinnati Medical Library 
Association, January 9 and 10, 1852, 
by Dr. Daniel Drake. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 93. Cincinnati, 1852. $1.50 

Early physicians, scenery and Society of Cin- 
cinnati, benefits of public medical libraries, etc. 

1758 Cincinnati. Drake, Daniel. 
Natural and Statistical View; or, Pic- 
ture of Cincinnati and the Miami 
Country. Maps. i2mo, sheep, pp. 
251. Cincinnati, 181 5. 1 $3.50 

Fine copy in the original binding. 

1759 Cincinnati. Drake and Mans- 
field. Cincinnati in 1826. Plates. 
i2mo, leather, pp. 100. Cincinnati, 
1827. $2.50 

1760 Cincinnati. Miller, Francis 
W. Cincinnati Beginnings: Missing 
Chapters in the Early History of the 
City, and the Miami Purchase, Chiefly 
from Unpublished Documents. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 235. Cincinnati, 1880. .75 

1761 Cincinnati. Report of the 
Cemetery of Spring Grove. Many 
lithographic plates. 8vo, cloth. Cin- 
cinnati, 1857. -75 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1762 Clcvclftnd. Whittlesey, Chas. 
Early History of Cleveland, including 
Original Papers, with Biographical 
Notices of Pioneers and Surveyors. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 487. 
Cleveland, 1867. $4.00 

1763 Columbiu. Its History, Re- 
sources, and Progress. By Jacob H. 
Strider. Map, illustrations, etc. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 584. n. p., 1873. .75 

Early history of the city, incidents of war 
(1861-65X John Morgan's escape from the 
penitentiary, assassination of Linccdn, etc. 

1764 Corwin, Thomas. A Sketch. 
By A. P. Russell. Portrait. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 128. Cincinnati, 1882. 

Governor of Ohio, Minister to Mexico, etc. 

1765 Coshocton County. Historical 
Collections of: A Complete Panorama 
of the County, 1764-1876. By Wm. 
E. Hunt. 8vo, cloth, pp. 264. Cin- 
cinnati, 1876. $2.00 

1766 Eyre, John. The Christian 
Spectator: Being a Journey from 
England to Ohio. (Two Years in 
that State, Travels in America, etc.) 
i2mo, cloth. Albany, 1838. $2.00 

1767 Oranville. Bushnell, Henry. 
The History of Granville, Licking 
County, Ohio. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 372. Columbus, 1889. 


1768 Franklin Connty. Martin, 
Wm. T. History of Franklin County: 
A Collection of Reminiscences of the 
Early Settlements. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 449. Columbus, 1858. 


1769 Hamilton Connty. History of. 
With Illustrations and Biographical 
Sketches. Compiled by Henry A. 
Ford and Mrs. Kate B. Ford. Map. 
Numerous fine steel portraits. Large 
4to, half morocco, gilt edge, pp. 432. 
n. p., n. d. $5.00 

1770 Haxris, Thaddeus M. Journal 
of a Tour into the Territory North- 
west of the Allegheny Mountains, 
1803, with a Geographical and His- 

torical Account of the State of Ohio. 
S folding maps (foxed as usual). 8vo, 
half roan, pp. 271. Boston, 1805. 


1771 Highland Connty. Thomp- 
son, Jas. H. The History of the 
County of Highland, Ohio, from Its 
First Creation to July 4, 1876, with 
Continuation to 1877. 8vo, paper, pp. 
132. Hillsboro, 1878. .50 

1772 Eowitt, Mary. Our Cousins 
in Ohio. With 4 steel plates. (Car- 
rying Home the Black Snake, Arrival 
of the American "Jumper," etc.) 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 296. London, 1849. 


1773 Knox Connty. History of, 
from 1779 to 1862. With Biographi- 
cal Sketches, Anecdotes, and Inci- 
dents of Men Connected with the 
County from Its First Settlement. 
(Historical Sketch of Masonry in 
Knox County, Notable Events of 
181 5, War of 1812, Quakers from 
Maryland, Indian Encounters, etc.) 
By Banning Norton. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 424. Columbus, 1862. 


1774 Enox Connty. Norton, A. B. 
History of Knox County, 1779-1862, 
with a Sketch of Kenyon College. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 424. Co- 
lumbus, 1862. $3.00 

1775 Marion and Hardin Counties. 
Portrait and Biographical Record of. 
4to, full morocco, gilt, pp. 563. Chi- 
cago, 1895. $6.00 

1776 Morrii) Thomas. Life of. 
Pioneer and Long a Legislator of 
Ohio and United States Senator, 
1833-39. By B* F- Morris. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 408. Cincinnati, 1856. 


1777 Seneoa Connty. Butterfield, 
Consul W. History of Seneca 
County. A Detailed Narrative and 
History of the Indians. Biographical 
sketches, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 251. 
Sandusky, 1848. $5.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1778 Toledo. Portrait and Bio- 
graphical Record of City of Toledo, 
and Lucas and Wood Counties. 4to, 
full morocco, gilt, pp. 523. Chicago, 
1895. $6.50 

1779 Venflble, W. H. Footprints 
of the Pioneers in the Ohio Valley. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 128. Cincinnati, 
1888. $1.00 

1780 Washington County. An- 
drews, I. W. Washington County, 
and the Early Settlement of Ohio: 
The Centennial Address Delivered at 
Marietta, Ohio, July 4, 1876. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 83. Cincinnati, 1877. 


1781? Wayne County. Douglass, 
Ben. History of Wayne County, 
Ohio, from the Early Days of the Pio- 
neers and First Settlers to the Present 
Time. Steel portraits. 8vo, sheep, 
pp. 866. Indianapolis, 1878. $3.00 


1782 ibnurtiong, A. N. Oregon: 
Comprising a Brief History of Ore- 
gon and Washington Territories. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 147. Chicago, 1857. 


1783 Bancroft) Hubert H. History 
of Oregon. 2 vols., 8vo, full morocco, 
gilt, gilt edges. Fine set. San Fran- 
cisco, 1890. $5-oo 

1784 Falcontr, Thomas. The Ore- 
gon Question; or, A Statement of the 
British Qaims to the Oregon Terri- 
tory in Opposition to the Pretensions 
of the Government of the United 
States of America. 8vo, boards, pp. 
50. London, 1845. ^^-^S 

By the author of "The Discovery of the 

1785 Oreenbow, Robert. History 
of Oregon and California, and the 
Territories on the Northwest Coast of 
North America, with a Number of 
Documents as Proofs and Illustra- 
tions of History. 2d edition, en- 
larged. 8vo, cloth, pp. 492. Boston, 
1845. $^-50 

1786 Hines, Gustavus. Oregon: 
Its History, Condition, and Prospects, 
with Personal Adventures among the 
Indians while Connected with the 
Oregon Mission. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
437. Buffalo, 1851. $1.50 

1787 Leighton, Caroline C. Life at 
Puget Sound. i2mo, cloth, pp. 258. 
Boston, 1884. .75 

1788 Mowlcy, H. N. Oregon: Its 
Resources, Climate, People, and Pro- 
ductions. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 125. 
London, 1878. $1.00 

1789 Murphy, John M. Oregon 
Business Directory and State Gaz- 
etteer, (Over 200 pages of State 
History.) First year of publication. 
8vo, boards, pp. 382. Portland, 1873. 


1790 Nash) Wallis. Two Years in 
Oregon. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 311. New York, 1882. .75 

Birds of Oregon, fanners' sports and pas- 
times, land laws, history of Oregon, etc. 

1791 Nicoky, C. G. The Oregon 
Territory: An Account of the Country 
and Its Inhabitants. i6mo, half calf. 
London, 1846. $1.50 

1792 Thornton, J. Quinn. Oregon 
and California in 1848, with Appendix 
on the Gold Mines of CaJifomia. 
Map and illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1849. $4.00 

Scarce. The author was Judge of the Su- 
preme Court of Oregon. 

1793 Twiss, Travers. The Oregon 
Question Examined in Respect to 
Facts and th€ Law of Nations. Map. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 391. London, 1846. 


1794 Victor, Frances F. All Over 
Oregon and Washington: Observa- 
tions on the Country. Its Scenery, 
Soil, Climate, etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
368. San Francisco, 1872. $1.50 

1795 Wycth, Nath'l J. The Cor- 
respondence and Journals of 1831-36: 
A Record of Two Expeditions for the 
Occupation of the Oregon Country. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Maps. 8vo, paper, pp. 262. Eugene, 
Ore., 1899. $1.25 


1796 Alltgheny. Parke, Judge 
John E. Recollections of Seventy 
Years and Historical Gleanings of Al- 
legheny, Pa. 8vo, cloth, pp. 385. 
Boston, 1886. $1.25 

1797 Allegheny County. History 
of, with Illustrations Descriptive of 
Its Scenery, Buildings, etc. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 242. Philadelphia, 1876. 


1798 Allegheny County's Hundred 
Years (1754 to 1888). (Oil Trade, 
From Pack Horse to Railroads, Boat 
Building, etc.) By George H. Thurs- 
ton. Views. 8vo, cloth, pp. 312. 
Pittsburgh, 1888. $1.50 

1799 Beaver County. History of: 
Early Settlement, Growth, and De- 
velopment. With portraits, biogra- 
phies, etc. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 908. Philadelphia, 1888. $5.00 

1800 Bethlehem and Nazareth, Pa. 
Ogden, John C. An Excursion into 
Bethlehem and Nazareth, in Pennsyl- 
vania, in 1799, with a Succinct His- 
tory of the Society of United 
Brethren, Commonly Called Mora- 
vians. i6mo, calf, pp. 167. Philadel- 
phia (printed by Charles Cist), 1805. 


Includes a narration of the massacre of Chris- 
tian Indians at Salem and Gnadenhutten. 

1801 Biographical Encyclopaedia of 
Pennsylvania in the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury. Profusely illustrated with fine 
steel portraits. 4to, full morocco, gilt, 
pp. 672. Philadelphia, 1874. $7.50 

Published at $25.00. 

1802 Boyd, Hon. John. Trial of, 
of Montgomery County, June 14, 
1873, by His Colleagues of the Con- 
stitutional Convention. Reported by 
R. A. West. 8vo, cloth, pp. 75. 
Philadelphia, 1874. $1.00 

1803 Brackenridge, H. M. History 
of the Western Insurrection in West- 

em Pennsylvania, Commonly Called 
the Whisky Insurrection, 1794. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 336. Pittsburgh, 1859. 


1804 Breck) Samuel. Sketch of the 
Internal Improvements Made by 
Pennsylvania. Maps. 8vo, uncut. 
Philadelphia, 1818. $2.00 


1805 Bnmner, D. B. The Indians 
of Berks County, Pennsylvania: A 
Summary of All the Tangible Records 
of the Aborigines of Berks County. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 177. 
Reading, 1881. $i-75 

1806 Bndd, Thomas. Good Order 
Established in Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey, in America, with a True Ac- 
count of the Country in 1685. New 
edition, edited by Edward Armstrong. 
4to, cloth, pp. III. New York, 1865. 

Limited edition of 60 copies on large paper. 

1807 Centenary KemoriAl of the 
Planting and Growth of Presbyterian- 
isim in Western Pennsylvania and 
Parts Adjacent. (Secular History, 
Pittsburg in the Last Century, etc.) 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 445. 
Pittsburgh, 1876. $1.50 

1808 Chester. Historical Sketch of 
Chester on Delaware. By Henry G. 
Ashmead. With maps and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 336. 
Chester, 1883. $2.50 

1809 Chester County. Futhey, J. 
Smith. The Upper Octorara Presby- 
terian Church: Discourse on 150th 
Anniversary. (With list of burials, 
etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 184. 
Philadelphia, 1870. $1.50 

1810 Cornell, Wm. M. The His- 
tory of Pennsylvania from the Earli- 
est Discovery to the Present Time. 
(First Settlement of. the Dutch, 
Swedes, and English; Penn and His 
Treaty, etc.) Portrait and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, pp. 576. Philadel- 
phia, 1876. $2.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



181 1 Dauphin County. Morgan, 
Geo. H. The Settlement, Forma- 
tion, and Progress of Dauphin 
County, 1785-1876. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
239. Harrisburg, 1877. $1.50 

1812 Day, Sherman. Historical 
Collections of the State of Pennsyl- 
vania, General and Local, with De- 
scriptions of Every County, etc. 165 
engravings. 8vo, calf, pp. 708. Phila- 
delphia. $3.50 

1813 Delaware County. Smith, 
George* History of Delaware County 
from Its Discovery. With a Notice of. 
the G»eology of the Country. Maps. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 581. Philadelphia, 
1862. $3.00 

1814 Dickenson, Jonathan. God's 
Protecting Providence Man's Surest 
Help and Defence in Times of Great- 
est Difficulty. i2mo, paper. Phila- 
delphia, 1868. .75 

181 5 Eglc, Wm. H. An Illus- 
trated History of the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania, Civil, Political, and 
Military, from Its Earliest Settlement 
to the Present Time: Historical De- 
scriptions of Each County in the 
State. Royal 8vo, half morocco, pp. 
1204. Harrisburg, 1877. $4.50 

1816 Ephrata Presg. Christliches 
Gemuths-Gesprach. i2mo, old calf, 
pp. 248. Ephrata, 1770. $5.00 

Rare, as are all the publications of this press. 
" Peter Miller, a venerable leader and teacher 
among the Tunckers, established a press at 
Ephrata, Pa., before the (Revolutionary) war. 
In 1735 he embraced the principles of the Bap- 
tists, and in 1744 he received another ordination 
to be the prior or head of the society at Ephrata. 
Some years after he established the press there, 
perhaps not far from 1760." — Thomas' ** History 
of Printing." 

•18 1 7 Ephrata. Chronicon Ephra- 
tense: A History of the Community 
of Seventh-Day Baptists at Ephrata, 
Pa. Translated from the German 
(edition of 1786) by J. Max Hark. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 288. Lan- 
caster, 1889. $2.50 

1818 Erie Comnty. The History of 
Erie County, Pennsylvania. (La 

Salle, Indian Remains, Pontiac, Bou- 
quet, Penn's Charter, War of 1812, 
etc.) By Laura G. Sanford. Map 
and steel portraits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
347. Philadelphia, 1862. $2.50 

1819 Franklin County. M'Cauley, 
I. H. Historical Sketch of Franklin 
County. 2d edition, enlarged. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 294. Harrisburg, 1878. 


1820 Gentry, Thos. G. Life-His- 
tories of the Birds of Eastern Penn- 
sylvania. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 
Philaddphia (printed for the Author), 
1876. $3.50 

1821 Gordon. A Gazetteer of the 
State of Pennsylvania, Description of 
Its Towns, Counties, Cities, Villages, 
etc. With map of the State. 8vo, 
pp. 508. Philadelphia, 1832. $1.50 

1822 Oraydon. Capt. A. Memoirs 
of a Life Chiefly Passed in Pennsyl- 
vania within the Last Sixty Years. 
i2mo, sheep, pp. 379. Harrisburgh, 
1811. $1.50 

1823 Haldeman. S. S. Pennsyl- 
vania Dutch. 8vo, cloth, pp. 69. 
London, 1872. .75 

1824 Harlan, Caleb. Elflora of the 
Susquehanna, and Other Poems. 
i6mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1883. .50 

1825 Harrisburg Centennial Memo- 
rial: English Presbyterian Congrega- 
tion, Harrisburg, Pa., 1 794-1894. 
(Civil War Reminiscences, Descrip- 
tion of Harrisburg, etc.) By Gelo. B. 
Stewart. Plates and portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 435. Harrisburg, 1894. 


1826 Harrisbnrg. Morgan, George 
H. Annals: Comprising Memoirs, 
Incidents, and Statistics of Harrisburg 
from the Period of Its First Settle- 
ment. i2mo, cloth, pp. 400. Harris- 
burg, 1858. $2.50 

1827 Hazard) Samuel. Annals of 
Pennsylvania from the Discovery of 
the Delaware, 1609 to 1682. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 664. Philadelphia, 1850. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1828 Bxackenridge, H. M. History 
of the Western Insurrection in Penn- 
sylvania, Commonly Called the 
Whisky Insurrection, 1794. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 336. Pittsburgh, 1859. 


1829 Hotohkin, S. F. Early 
Clergy of Pennsylvania and Dele- 
ware. i2mo, cloth, pp. 280. Phila- 
delphia, 1890. $1.50 

1830 Hnntingdon County. Lytle, 
Milton S. History of Huntingdon 
County from the Earliest Times to 
1876. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
361. Lancaster, 1876. $1.50 

1831 Indiana and Armstrong 
Counties. Biographical and Histori- 
es Encyclopaedia of. Edited by Sam- 
uel T. Willey. 4to, folio, morocco, 
pp. 636. Philadelphia, 1891. $6.00 

Published at $15.00. 

1832 Johmon, C. B. Letters from 
the British Settlements in Pennsyl- 
vania. 2 folding maps. i6mo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 192. Philadelphia, 
1819. $3.00 


1833 lanoatter Connty. Harris, 
Alex. A Biographical History of 
Lancaster County: Being a History 
of Early Settlers and Eminent Men of 
the County; as also Much Other Un- 
published Historical Information, 
Chiefly of a Local Qiaracter. Royal 
Svo, boards, uncut, pp. 639. Lan- 
caster, 1872. $2.00 

1834 Lancaster County. Portrait 
and Biog^phical Record of. 4to, full 
morocco, gilt, pp. 690. Chicago, 
1894. $6.00 

183s linn, John Blair. Charter of 
William Penn, and Laws of the 
Province of Pennsylvania Passed be- 
tween the Years 16&2 and 1700. Pre- 
ceded by Duke of York's Laws in 
Force from the Year 1676 to 1682, 
with an Appendix Containing Laws 
Relating to the Organization of the 
Provincial Courts, and Historical 

Matter. Portrait, facsimile, and maps. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 614. Harrisburg, 1879. 


1836 Maclay, William. Journal of, 
United States Senator from Pennsyl- 
vania, 1789-91. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 438. New York, 1890. $1.50 

1837 Memoirs of the Historical So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania. Vol. I. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 495. Philadelphia, 1864. 


1838 Memoirs of the Historical So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania. Vol. IV., 
Part 2. (Observations on Mercer 
County, Pennsylvania, by B. Stokdy, 
the First Settler in the County; Inci- 
dents in the Early History of Craw- 
ford County, by A. Huidekoper; 
The Indians of Lancaster County, by > 
W. P. Foulke, etc.) 8vo, boards, pp. 
391. Philadelphia, 1850. $2.00 

Pi^es 335 to 391 are a valuable list ol papers 
relating to Pennsjrlvania and Delaware in the 
State Paper 0£Bce m London. 

1839 XifflixL County. Cochran, 
Joseph. History of Mifflin County, ' 
with Early Sketch of Pennsylvania. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 422. Har- 
risburg, 1879. $2.50 

1840 Monroe County. Burrell, A. 
B. Reminiscences of George La 
Bar, and Incidents of the Eariy Set- ^ 
tlement of the Pennsylvania Side of 
the River from Easton to Bushkill. 
8vo, cloth, pp. III. Philadelphia, 
1870. .50 

1841 Nevin, David R. B. Conti- 
nental Sketches of Distinguished 
Pennsylvanians, with an Appendix 
Containing Important Historical 
Papers. i2mo, cloth, pp. 248. Phila- 
delphia, 1875. $125 

1842 Penn, William. History of, 
Founder of Pennsylvania. By Wm. 
Hepworth Dixon. Portrait. 8vo, ] 
cloth, pp. 363. London, 1872. $2.00 

1843 P«iiii, W. No Cross, No 
Crown; or. Several Sober Reasons 
against Hat-Honour, Titular-Re- 
spects, You a single person with the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Apparel and Recreations of the 
Times: Being inconsistant with 
Scripture, Reason, and the Practice 
as well of the best Heathens, as the 
holy Men and Women of all Genera- 
tions; and consequently fantastick, 
impertinent and sinfull. With 68 
Testimonies of the most famous Per- 
sons, of both former and later Ages 
for further confirmation. In Defence 
of the poor despised Quakers, against 
the Practice and Objections of their 
Adversaries. 4to, unbound, pp. 4, 
i-iio. Printed in the year 1669. 

The rare first edition, written daring hit im- 
prisonment in the Tower. The most popular of 
ail the religious pieces of William Penn. 

1844 Feniiy Wm. Passages from 
the Life and Writings of William 
Penn, collected from His Works, Cor- 
respondence, and Biographies. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 512. Philadelphia, 1882. 


1845 ^^T^ Wm. The Life of, for 
Young Persons. By Mary Hughes. 
Fine portrait. i6mo, boards, uncut, 
pp. 192. London, 1822. $1.25 

1846 Fenniylvania Illustrated: A 
General Sketch of the State, Its 
Scenery, History, etc. Numerous en- 
gravings. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 100. Philadelphia, 1874. $1.00 

1847 Pennsylvania Printing. The 
Way to the Sabbath of Rest, by 
Thomas Brunley (pp. 280); A Dis- 
course on the Mistakes Concerning 
Religion, Enthusiasm, etc., by 
Thomas Hartley; Christ's Spirit, by 
William Dell; Observations on En- 
slaving, Importing, and Purchasing 
Neg^es. AH in i vol. 8vo, calf. 
G^rmantown: C. Sower, 1759-60. 

Fine copy. Works printed in English by 
Sower are rare. 

1848 Perry, Bishop Wm. S. His- 
torical Collections Relating to the 
American Colonial Church, II., 
Pennsylvania. 4to, cloth, pp. 607. 
Printed for subscribers, 1871. $7.50 

Only 250 copies printed. 

1849 Philftdelphia (Aitken im- 
print). A Short Introduction to Eng- 
lish Grammar, with Critical Notes. 
By Robt. Lowth, D. D. i2mo, calf, 
pp. 132. Philadelphia: R. Aitken, 
1775- $1.50 

1850 Fhiladelpliia (Aitken im- 
print). Essay on the Character, Man- 
ners, and Genius of Women in Differ- 
ent Ages. Enlarged from the French 
of M. Thomas by M. Russell. 2 vols, 
in I. i2mo calf. Philadelphia 
(printed and sold by R. Aitken), 1774. 


185 1 Fhiladelpliia. Arey, Henry 
W. The Girard College and Its 
Founder. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 85. Philadelphia, 1856. .75 

1852 Philadelphia. Barton, Wm. 
P. C. Compendium Florae Philadel- 
phiae: Description of Plants within a 
Circuit of Ten Miles around Philadel- 
phia. 2 vols., i2mo, half bound, un- 
cut. Philadelphia, 1818. $4.00 

1853 Philadelphia. Biography of 
Stephen Girard, with Account of His 
Private Life, Habits, Manners; with 
Detailed History of His Banking and 
Financial Operations. By Stephen 
Simpson. Fine portrait. i2mo, 
sheep, pp. 320. Philadelphia, 1832. 


'1854 Philadelphia. Bronson, Wm. 
W. Inscriptions in St. Peter's Church 
Yard. Edited by Chas. R. Hildebum. 
8vo, pp. 585. Camden, 1879. $3.00 

1855 Philadelphia. Brown, David 
Paul. The Forum; or, Forty Years' 
Full Practice at the Philadelphia Bar. 
2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 
1856. $5.00 

One of the best works on early American 
history of courts, judges, and lawyers. 

1856 Philadelphia. Brotherhead, 
W. Forty Years amone the Old 
Booksellers of Philadelphia. i2mo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 122. Philadelphia, 
1891. $1.25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1857 Philadelphia. Cook, Joel. 
Brief Summer Rambles near Philadel- 
phia, Described in a Series of Letters. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 303. Philadelphia, 
1882. $1.00 

1858 Philadelphia. Etting, Frank 
M. An Historical Account of the Old 
State House of Pennsylvania, now 
Known as the Hall of Independence. 
Numerous fine illustrations of old por- 
traits, views, facsimiles of documents, 
etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 204. Boston, 
1876. $2.50 

1859 Philadelphia. Fennell, James. 
An Apology for the Life of. Written 
by himself. Portrait. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Philadelphia, 1814. $3.50 

Relates to the early drama in Philadelphia, 
etc., and is quite scarce with the portrait. 

i860 Philadelphia. History of the 
Insurance Company of North Amer- 
ica, of Philadelphia, 1792-1884. 
(Early Marine Underwriting in Phila- 
delphia, Lives of the Founders, etc.) 
Views and portraits. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 174. Philadelphia, 1885. 


1861 Philadelphia. Over dt Ge- 
vangenhuizen van Philadelphia. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 40. Amsterdam, 1796.' 

Account of the Prison House. Bears the im- 
print John R. Foster, and was evidently pri- 
vately printed. 

1862 Philadelphia. Simpson. Forty- 
four Portraits. The Illustrations of 
Simpson's Lives of Eminent Philadel- 
phians, now Deceased. Large paper, 
proof impressions. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. Philadelphia, i860. $4.00 

1863 Philadelphia. Watson, John 
F. Annals of Philadelphia and Penn- 
sylvania in the Olden Time: A Col- 
lection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and 
Incidents. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1857. $4.00 

1864 Philadelphia. Watson, John 
F. Annals of Philadelphia in the 
Olden Time: Memoirs, Anecdbtes, 
and Incidents. Best edition, en- 

larged by W. P. Hazard. Profusely 
illustrated. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1891. $7.50 

1865 Philadelphia. Wood, Geo. B. 
Address on the Centennial of the 
Founding of the Pennsylvania Hospi- 
tal. Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 141. 
Philadelphia, 185 1. .75 

1866 Phcenixville. Pennypacker, 
S. W. Annals of Phoenixville, Pa., 
and Its Vicinity, from the Settlement 
to Year 1871, Giving Origin and 
Growth of the Borough, and Town- 
ships of Chester and Montgomery 
Counties and Valley of Schuylkill. 
Map and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
295. Philadelphia, 1872. $1-75 

1867 Pitholc. The History of Pit- 
hole. By Chas. C. Leonard. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 106. Pithole City, 1867. 


1868 Pittsburgh. Craig, N. B. 
The History of Pittsburgh. 2 maps. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 312. Pittsburgh, 
1851. $2.50 

1869 PleasantPeregrinationthrough 
the Prettiest Parts of Pennsylvania. 
By Peregine Prolix. i8mo, cloth, pp. 
148. Philadelphia, 1836. $1.00 

1870 Plymonth. Wright, Hen- 
drick B. Historical Sketches of 
Plymouth. (With Twenty-five Pho- 
tographs of Some of the Early Set- 
tlers and Present Residents of the 
Town of Plymouth; Old Landmarks, 
Family Residences, and Places of 
Special Note. i2mo, cloth, pp. 419. 
Philadelphia, 1873. $2.00 

1871 Prondy Robert. The History 
of Pennsylvania, in North America, 
from the Original Institution and Set- 
tlement of that Province under the 
First Proprietor and Governor, Wil- 
liam Penn. 2 vols., 8vo, boards. 
Philadelphia, 1798. $7.50 

Map and portrait missing, but a good working 
copy of a rare work. 

1872 Quakers. Benezet, Anthony. 
A Short Account of the People Called 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Quakers: Their Rise, Religious Prin- 
ciples, and Settlement in America, 
Mostly Collected from Different Au- 
thors, for the Information of AH 
Serious Inquirers, Particularly For- 
eigners. 8vo, boards, pp. 26. Phila- 
delphia, 1780. $1.50 

1873 Quakers. A Collection of 
Memorials Concerning Divers De- 
ceased Ministers and Others of the 
People Called Quakers, in Pennsyl- 
vania, New Jersey, and Parts Ad- 
jacent, from Nearly the First Settle- 
ment Thereof to the Year 1787, with 
Some of the Last Expressions and 
Exhortations of Many of Them; also 
an Alphabetical Index. 8vo, calf, pp. 
439. Philadelphia, 1787. $3.00 

1874 Beading. Stahle, Major Wil- 
liam. The Description of the Bor- 
ough of Reading, with Notice of Its 
First Settlement and Many Curious 
Historical Matters. i2mo, board's, 
pp. 68. Reading, 1841. $6.00 

1875 Beichel, Wm. C. Historical 
Sketch of Nazareth Hall, 1755-1869, 
with an Account of the Reunions of 
Former Pupils and the Monument in 
Memory of Those Who Fell in the 
Rebellion. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 
1869. $1.25 

1876 (Sanr Bible.) Biblia Das 1st: 
Die Ganze Gottliche Heilige Schrift; 
Alten und Neuen Testaments, nach 
der Deutschen Uebersetzung D. Mar- 
tin Luthers, etc. Thick 4to, old. calf. 
Germantown: Ohristoph Saur, 1776. 


A good copy. Very scarce. The third edi- 
tion of Saur's Bible, and the second printed by 
the younger Saur, who succeeded to his father's 
press about 1744. The principal part of this 
edition was sold in sheets during the Revolution- 
ary War, and many copies were converted into 
cartridges. Mr. Saur's daughter succeeded in 
rescuing the sheets of ten copies which she 
caused to be bound." — O'Callaghan. 

1877 Schnylkill Fishing Company. 
History of, from 1732 to 1888. Illus- 
trated with numerous portraits, 
views, and facsimiles. Royal 8vo, 

half morocco, pp. 446. Philadelphia 
(published by the Members), 1889. 


1878 Smith, William. A Brief 
State of the Province of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1755. Facsimile reprint. 8vo, 
paper. New York, 1865. $1.50 

1879 Siuqneliaima County. The 
Centennial of. Compiled by James 
T. Du Bois and Wm. J. Pike. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 139. Washington, 1888. 


1880 STuqnehanna County. Its His- 
tory. The Annals and Geography of 
Each Township. A List of the Sol- 
diers of the National Army Furnished 
by Many of the Townships. By 
Emily C. Blackman. With maps and 
numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 640. Philadelphia, 1873. $6.00 


1881 Thomas, Gabriel. An Histori- 
cal and Geographical Account of the 
Province and Country of Pennsylvania 
and of West Jersey in America. (The 
Richness of the Soil; The Flourishing 
Condition of the City of Philadelphia; 
Strange Creatures, as Birds, Beasts, 
Fishes, Fowls, etc.) Map. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 55 -f- 34. London, 1698. 


A facsimile reprint, lithographed for Henry 
Austin Brady. 

1882 TnmbuU, Wm. P. The 
Birds of East Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey. 8vo, paper, pp. 50. Philadel- 
phia, 1869. $1.00 

1883 Upland and Upland Court. 
Record of. Memoirs and Military 
Journal of Major Ebenezer Denny. 
(Vocabulary of the Delaware and 
Shawanese Language.) Portraits and 
plans. 8vo, cloth, pp. 498. Philadel- 
phia, i860. $2.50 

Vol. VII., Memoirs of the Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania. 

1884 Wcit Chester. Directory of 
the Borough of West Chester for 
1857, containing a Complete History 
of the Borough from Its First Settle- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ment, with an Alphabetical List of the 
Names of All the Inhabitants. 8vo, 
boards, pp. i6o. West Chester, 1857. 


1885 Westtown. Tatum, Francis 
C Old Westtown: A Collection of 
Articles, Anecdotes, and Reminis- 
cences of the Old School. With 
views. 8vo, cloth, pp. 151. Philadel- 
phia, 1888. $1.50 


1886 AUen, G. Defence of the 
Rhode Island System of Treatment 
of the Indians: An Addtess. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 34. Providence, 1876. .50 

1887 Barrington. A History of 
Harrington. By Thos. W. Bicknell. 
Portraits and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 617. Providence, 1898. 


1888 Bartlett, John R. A History 
of the Destruction of H. M. Schooner 
Gaspee in Narragansett Bay, June 10, 
1772, with Correspondence Connected 
and Journal of Proceedings. Royal 
8vo, uncut, pp. 140. Providence, 
1861. $3.00 

Rare. Only 125 copies printed, for private 

1889 Binney, Barnabas. An Ora- 
tion at the Publice Commencement at 
Rhdde Island College in Providence, 
September, 1774: A Plea for the Lib- 
erty of Choosing Our Own Religion, 
etc. 4to. Boston, 1774. $3.00 

1890 Dorr, Thos. W. The Life and 
Times of, with Outlines of the Po- 
litical History of Rhode Island. By 
Dan King. Portrait. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 368. Boston, 1859. $1.25 

1891 Frieze, Jacob. A Concise 
History of the Efforts to Obtain an 
Extension of Suffrage in Rhode Is- 
land, from the Year 181 1 to 1842. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 141. Providence, 
1842. $1.25 

1892 Ouild, Reuben A. Life, Times, 
and Correspondence of James Man- 

ning, and the Early History of Brown 
Uoiversity. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
522. Boston, 1864. $2.25 


1893 Jackson, Chas. T. Report on 
the Geological and Agricultural Sur- 
vey of Rhode Island Made in 1839. 
Maps and plates. 8vo, pp. 312. 
Providence, 1840. $3.00 

1894 King, Henry M. A Summer 
Visit of Three Rhode Islanders to the 
Massachusetts Bay in 165 1. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 115. Providence, 1896. 


1895 Lynch, Anne C. The Rhode 
Island Book: Selections in Prose and 
Verse, from the Writings of Rhode 
Island Citizens. (Rhode Island dur- 
ing the American Revolution, Battle 
of Bennington, Philip of Pokanoket, 
etc.) Plate, Landing of Roger Wil- 
liams. i2mo, cloth, pp. 352. Provi- 
dence, 1841. $1.50 

1896 Haxey, Jonathan. The Lit- 
erary Remains of, Second President 
of Brown University, with Memoir of 
His Life by Romeo Elton. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 452. New York, 1844. $2.50 


1897 Newport and Its Vicinity. 
Sketches of. With Notices Respect- 
ing the History, Settlement, and 
Geography of Rhode Island. Illus- 
trated with engravings. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 213. New York, 1842. $1.50 

1898 Newport. Mason, George C. 
Annis of Trinity Church. 2d series, 
1821-92. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
496. Newport, 1892. $2.25 

1899 Newport. Mason, Geo. C. 
Reunion of the Sons and Daughters 
of Newport, R. I., August 23, 1859. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 298. Newport, 1859. 


1900 Newport. Newport Illus- 
trated in a Series of Pen and Pencil 
Sketches. By the Editor of the New- 
port "Mercury." i2mo, cloth, pp. 
no. New York, 1854. $1.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1901 Newport. The City and Scen- 
ery of Newport Fourteen illustra- 
tions drawn on stone and printed in 
colors by John Collins. Oblong folio, 
cloth. Burlington, N. J., 1857. $7.50 


1903 Fayney Abraham. Reminis- 
cences of the Rhode Island Bar. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 277. Providence, 1885. 


1903 ProTidenee. White, Charles 
E. The Providence Firemen. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 313. Provi- 
dence, 1886. $1.25 

1904 Providence. Willard, Geo. O. 
History of the Providence Stage, 
1762-1891. 8vo, cloth, pp. 298. 
Providence, 1891. $1.50 

1905 Bhode Idand. Historical 
Magazine (formerly the Newport 
"Historical Magazine")* ^cwn July, 
1884, to April, 1887. (Newport in 
1797, Siege of Newport, Town Rec- 
ords of Newport, Genealogical Notes 
of Various Families, Jamestown, R. 
I., Records, Families Who Went to 
Long Island in 1676, etc.) 12 parts. 
8vo, tinted paper covers. Newport, 
1884-87. $5.00 

1906 Bhode Idand Historical So- 
ciety. Proceedings, 1872-81. 10 vols., 
8vo, paper, uncut. Providence, 
1872-81. $10.00 

1907 Bichmondy John W. Rhode 
Island Repudiation; or, The History 
of the Revolutionary Debt of Rhode 
Island 8vo, cloth, pp. 208. Provi- 
dence, 1855. $1.00 

1908 SmitMeld. Steere, Thos. 
History of the Town of Smithfield, 
1730-1871. 8vo, cloth, pp. 230. 
Providence, 1881. $2.00 

1909 Updike, Wilkins. Memoirs of 
the Rhode Island Bar. (With histori- 
cal introduction.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 311. 
Boston, 1842. $1.50 

1910 TTpdike, Wilkins. Memoirs of 
the Rhode Island Bar. (With bio- 

graphical sketches). 8vo, cloth, pp. 
311. Boston, 1842. $2.00 

191 1 Williams, Roger. A Key to 
the Language of America; or, A Help 
to the Language of the Natives in 
that Part of America Called New Eng- 
land. (R. I. Hist. Soc. Coll., Vol. I.) 
8vo, uncut. Providence, 1827. $2.00 

1912 Williams, Roger. The Bap- 
tism of. A Review by Henry M. 
King. i2mo, cloth, pp. 144. Provi- 
dence, 1897. $1.00 


1913 Allison, John. Dropped 
Stitches in Tennessee History. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 152. Nash- 
ville, 1897. $1.50 

1914 Barnes, George O. Without 
Scrip or Purse; or, The Mountain 
Evangelist (of Tennessee). By W. T. 
Price. 8vo, cloth, pp. 631. Louis- 
ville, 1883. $2.50 

191 5 Brown, Aaron V. (Ex-Gov- 
ernor of Tennessee). Speeches and 
Other Writings of. Portrait. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 606. Nashville, 
1854. $3.00 

Throws much light on the early ioside historj- 
of the SUte. 

1916 Caldwell, Joshua W. Studies: 
in the Constitutional History of Ten- 
nessee. i2mo, cloth, pp. 183. Cin-^ 
cinnati, 1895. $2.oo' 

1917 Davidson County. History of^ 
with Illustrations and Biographical 
Sketches of Its Prominent Men and 
Pioneers. By Prof. W. W. Qayton. 
Numerous portraits and views. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 500. Philadelphia, 1880. 


1918 History of Tennessee, with 
Sketches of Maury, Williamson, Ruth- 
erford, Wilson, Bedford, and Marshall 
Counties. Map and portraits. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 1232. NashvHle, 
i88d. $5.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1919 Killebrew, J. B. An Introduc- 
tion to the Resources of Tennessee. 
Large folding maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
1205. Nashville, 1874. $2.50 

1920 KillebreWy J. B. Report of 
the Tennessee Bureau of Agriculture, 
Statistics, and Mines, for 1876. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 435. Nashville, 1877. 


1921 Hacgavook, Randal W. A 
Tennesseean Abroad. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 398. New York, 1854. $2.00 

Very scarce. 

1922 McNairy County. Reminis- 
cences of the Early Settlement and 
Early Settlers of McNairy County. 
By Marcus J. Wright. Portraits. 
8vo, paper, pp. 96. Washington, 
1882. $2.00 

1923 Memphis. Davis, James K. 
The History of the City of Memphis: 
Being a Compilation erf tht Most Im- 
portant Documents and Historical 
Events Connected with the Purchase 
of Its Territory, Laying Off of the 
City, and Early Settlement; also. The 
" Old Times " Papers, being a Series 
of Reminiscences and Local Stories 
Written by the Author. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 318- Memphis, 1873. $2.50 

1924 Moore, John Trotwood. 
Songs and Stories from Tennessee. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 247. Chicago, 1897. 


1925 Old Times in West Tenessee. 
Pioneer Life and Early Settlers in the 
Big Hatchie Country. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 295. Memphis, 1873. $1.25 

1926 Fhelan, James. History of 
Tennessee: The Making of a State. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 478. Boston, 
1888. $1.75 


1927 Bramani D. E. E.. Informa- 
tion about Texas, Carefully Prepared. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 105. Houston, 1871. 


1928 Banorofty Hubert H. History 
of Texas and the North Mexican 
States. 2 vols., 8vo, full morocco, gilt, 
gilt edges. Fine set. San Francisco, 
1890. $6.00 

1929 ChanniTig, Wm. A Letter on 
the Annexation of Texas to the 
United States. 8vo, paper, pp. 48. 
London, 1837. $1.00 

1930 De Cordova, J. Texas, Her 
Resources and Public Men. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 375. Philadelphia, 1858. 


193 1 Domeneoh, Abbe. Mission- 
ary Adventures in Texas and Mexico: 
A Personal Narrative of Six Years' 
Sojourn in Those Regions. Map. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 3^. London, 
1858. $3.00 

1932 Duval, J. C. Early Times in 
Texas. (Texas Revolution, Mexican 
War, Frontier Life and Early Ex- 
plorations.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 253. 
Austin, 1892. $1.25 

1933 Gilbert, C. E. Illustrated 
Northwest Texas. 8vo, paper, pp. 
116. Abilene, 1884. ' $1.00 

1934 History of Texas; or. The 

Emigrant's Guide to the New Repub- 
lic. By a Resident Emigrant. With 
an Introduction by A. B. Lawrence. 
View of Austin. i2mo, calf, pp. 275. 
New York, 1644. $2.50 

1935 Honstonn, Mrs. Texas and 
the Gulf of Mexico; or, Yatching in 
the New World. Plates. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1844. 


1936 HoTuton, Sam. Speech of 
Hon. Satn Houston, Exposing the 
Malfeasance and Corruption of John 
Charles Watrous, Judge of the Fed- 
eral Court in Texas, and His Con- 
federates. Portrait. i2mo, leather, 
pp. 100. New York, x86o. $1.25 

1937 Johnston, J. E. Reports of 
the Secretary of War, with Recon- 
naissances of Routes from San An- 
tonio to El Paso; also. Reports of R. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



B. Marcy, J. H. Simpson, and W. H. 

C. Whiting. Maps and plates. 8vo, 
cloth. Washington, 1850. $5.00 

Scarce. 75 plates of Indian Antiquities. A 
most careful and important work on the Zuni 
and Pueblo Indians. 

1938 Kennedy, William. Texas, 
Its Geography, Natural History, and 
Topography. 8vo, paper, pp. 118. 
New York, 1844. $2.00 


1939 Lawi (^ the Republic of 
Texas. 2 vols, in i. 8vo, boards, pp. 
281 + 127. HoustcMi, 1838. $7.50 

Very rare. Tke first Texas Laws and con- 
tains the Texas Declaration of Independence 
signed by Richard Ellis, president, and the other 

1940 Montgomery, Cora. Eagle 
Pass; or. Life on the Border. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 188. New York, 1875. 


1941 Frairiedom. Rambles and 
Scrambles in Texas; or. New Estra- 
madura. By A. Suthron. Folding 
map. i2mo, half old calf (rubbed), 
pp. 166. New York, 1845. $2.00 

Scarce. Library stamped. 

1942 TJankin, Melinda. Texas in 
1850. (Newspapers in Texas, Mis- 
sionaries, etc.) i2mo, paper, pp. 199. 
Boston, 1850. $1.00 

1943 Seid, Samuel C, Jr. The 
Scouting Expeditions of McCuHoch's 
Texas Rangers; or. The Summer and 
Fall Campaign of the Army of the 
United States in Mexico, 1846. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, ctoth, pp. 251. Phila- 
delphia, 1859. $1.50 

1944 Seberts, Gov. O. M. A De- 
scription of Texas: Advantages, Re- 
sources, and Development, Past, Pres- 
ent, and Future. Maps. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 133. St. Louis, 1881. $1.25 

1945 Boche, James J. The Story 
of the Filibusters (Mier's Expedition, 
Walker's Expedition), with Life of 
Col. David Crockett. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 373. London, 189 1. 


1946 Kock, James L. and Smith, 
W. 1. Southern and Western Texas: 
Guide for 1878. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
282. St. Louis, 1878. $1.25 

1947 San Antonio. Comer, Wm. 
San Antonio de Bexar: A Guide and 
History. Illustrations. Royal 8vo, 
cloth. San Antonio, 1890. $i-75 

1948 Smithy Edward. Account of a 
Journey through Northeastern Texas 
in 1849, with Letters and Other Com- 
munications. Maps. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
188. London, i&^9. $2.00 

1949 Stenarty Ella H. Gems from 
a Texas Quarry; or, Literary Offer- 
ings by the Leading Writers and 
Prominent Characters (rf Texas. Col- 
ored illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 300. New Orleans, 1885. $1.50 

1950 Stiif, Edward. The Texan 
Emigrant. Adventures of the Author 
in Texas, with Full Description of 
that Country. Incidents of Fifteen 
Years' Revolution in Mexico. Map. 
8vo, sheep, pp. 367. Qncinnati, 1840. 


195 1 Snthron, A. Prairiedom: 
Rambles and Scrambles in Texas, or 
New Estramadura. Map. i2mo, 
sheep, pp. 166. New York, 1846. 


1952 Sweet, A. E., and Knox, J. A. 
On a Mexican Mustang through 
Texas, from the Gulf to the Rio 
Grande. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
514. Chicago, 1891. $1.50 

1953 Texas Almanac for i860; with 
Historical and Biographical Sketches. 
(Including a History of the State and 
a Sketch of Each County.) 8vo, 
paper, pp. 228. Galveston, i860. 


1954 Visit to Texas: The Journal of 
a Traveller through Those Parts 
Most Interesting to American Set- 
tlers, with Description of Scenery, 
Habits, etc. Map. i2mo, cloth,, pp. 
268. New York, 1834. ^.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1955 Toaknnii H. History of 
Texas from Its First Settlement in 
1685 to Its Annexation to the United 
States. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1856. $15.00 

Fine copy. Scarce. 


1956 Bancroft, Hubert H. History 
of Utah, 1540-1887. (With a Full 
History of Mormonism, Brigham 
Young, Polygamy, etc.) Illustrated. 
8vo, doth, pp. 808. San Francisco, 
1891. $1.50 

1957 Beadle, J. H. Life in Utah; 
or. Mysteries and Crimes of Mor- 
monism. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
540. Philadelphia, 1870. $1.50 

1958 Book of Xormon. Le Livre 
de Mormon. First French edition, 
i2mo, leather. Paris, 1852. $2.00 

1959 Chandless, William. A Visit 
to Salt Lake, Being a Journey across 
the Plains and a Residence in the 
Mormon Settlements at Utah. Map. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857. 


i960 Ferris, Benj. G. Utah and 
the Mormons: History, Government, 
and Doctrines of the Latter-Day 
Saints. i2mo, cloth, pp. 347. New 
York, 1854. $1.25 

1961 Oreen, Nelson W. Fifteen 
Years among the Mormons, Being the 
Narrative of Mrs. Mary E. V. Smith. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 388. New York, 
1858. $1.25 

1962 Ommison, J. W. The Mor- 
mons; or, Latter-Day Saints in the 
Valley of the Great Salt Lake, 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 168. Philadelphia, 
i860. .75 

1963 adl, William. The Abomi- 
nations of Mormonism Exposed, 
Containing Many Facts and Docu- 
ments Concerning that Singular Peo- 
ple during a Membership with Them, 
1840-47. i2mo, half morocco, pp. 
155. Cincinnati, 1852. $3.00 

1964 Mormonism TTnveiled, Includ- 
ing the Remarkable Life and Con- 
fessions of the Late Mormon Bishop, 
John D. Lee, and Complete Life of 
Brigham Young, embracing a History 
of Mormonism, Secret Signs, Sym- 
bols, . and Crimes of the Mormon 
Church. Colored illustrations. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 413. St. Louis, 1891. 


1965 Bemy and Brenchley. A 
Journey to Great Salt Lake, with a 
Sketch of the History, Religion, and 
Customs of the Mormons. Map and 
steel engravings. 2 vols., royal 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1861. $3.50 

1966 Bobinson, Phil. Sinners and 
Saints: A Tour across the States and 
around Them, with Three Months 
among the Mormons. i2mo, cloth, 
PP- 370- Boston, 1883, $1.00 

1967 Salt Lake City. TuUidge, 
Edw. W. History of Salt Lake City. 
Illustrated. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 1047. Salt Lake City, n. d. 


1968 Stansbnry, Howard. Ex- 
ploration of the Valley of th'e Great 
Salt Lake of Utah, with a New Route 
through the Rocky Mountains. 
Plates and maps. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1852. * $1.50 

1969 Stenlioiue, T. B. H. The 
Rocky Mountain Saints: A Full and 
Complete History of the Mormons, 
from the First Vision of Joseph Smith 
to the Last Courtship of Brigham 
Young. Portrait and illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 761. New York, 1873. 


1970 The Mormons, or Latter-Day 
Saints, with Memoirs of Joseph 
Smith. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
326. London. $1.00 


1971 Addison County. Child, Ham^ 
ilton. Gazetteer (including History, 
War Records, etc., of Each Town) 
and Business Directory of Addison 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



County, 1881-82. Illustrated. 8yo, 
cloth, pp. 541. Syracuse, 1882. $1.50 

1972 Clarke Papers. Mrs. Meech 
and Her Family. By Miss Hemen- 
way (editor " Vt. Hist. Gaz."). Lim- 
ited edition. i2mo, pp. 312. Burling- 
ton, 1878. $2.00 

1973 Hartford. Tucker, Wm. H. 
History of Hartford, 1761-1889, with 
Family Genealogies. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 489. Burlington, 1889. 


1974 Hemenway, Abby M. Poets 
and Poetry of Vermont. Portraits. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 400. Rutland, 1858. 


1975 Hiddlebnry. Swift, Samuel. 
History of The Town of Middlebury, 
with an Account of Addison County. 
Portraits. 8vo, cloth, pp. 444. Mid- 
dlebury, 1859. $4.00 

1976 Newfane. Historical Facts 
and Incidents Relating to Newfane, 
Windham County, Vermont. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 256. Brattle- 
boro, 1877. $10.00 

1977 Bochester. Williams, W. W. 
History of Rochester. i6mo, half 
roan, pp. 92. Montpelier, 1869. $i-00 

1978 Rntland. Williams, C. K. 
Centennial Celebration of the Settle- 
ment of Rutland, Vt., October, 1870. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 122. Rutland, 1870. 


1979 Salisbury. History of. (Set- 
tlement, First Town Meeting, Revolu- 
tionary Times, Furniture, Dress, Per- 
sonal Habits, Difficulties of the First 
Settlers, Biographical and Genealogi- 
cal, etc.) By John M. Weeks. Por- 
traits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 362. Middle- 
bury, i860. $2.50 

1980 Thompson, Zodock. History 
of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and Statis- 
tical. Map and 200 engravings. 8vo, 
sheep, pp. 652. Burlington, 1842. 


1981 Vermont State Papers. A 
Collection of Records and Documents 
Connected with the Establishment of 
Government, and Xournal of Council 
of Safety, Early Journals, etc., 
1779-86. Compiled by William Slade. 
8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 568. Middle- 
bury, 1823. $3.50 

1982 Williams, Samuel. The Nat- 
ural and Civil History of Vermont. 
2d edition, enlarged. Map. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf. Burlington, 1809. $6.00 

1983 Windsor County. Child, Ham- 
ilton. Gazetteer (including History 
of Each Town, War Record, etc.) 
and Business Directory of Windsor 
County. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
666. Syracuse, 1884. $1.50 


1984 Virginia: A Geographical 
and Political Summary, Embracing a 
Description of the State, Its Geology, 
Soils, Minerals, and Climate, Its 
Animal and Vegetable Productions, 
Manufacturing and Commercial Fa- 
cilities, Religious and Educational 
Advantages, Internal Improvement, 
and Form of Government. Maps. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 319. Richmond, 1876. 


1985 Angnsta County. Waddell, 
Jos. A. Annals of Augusta County, 
with Reminiscences Illustrative of the 
Vicissitudes of Its Pioneer Settlers, 
etc. 8vo, cloth, pp. 374. Richmond, 
1886. $3.00 

Laid in is the rare supplement to the above 
published in 1888 ; 8vo. paper, comprising 
pages 375 to 460. 

1986 (Beverley, Robert.) The His- 
tory of Virginia (in French), with Il- 
lustrations Drawn by the Brothers 
De Bry. i2mo, new half red mo- 
rocco, gilt top, pp. 433 and contents. 
Amsterdam, 1707. $5.00 

1987 Boyd, C. R. Resources of 
Southwest Virginia, Showing the 
Mineral Deposits of Iron, Coal, Zinc, 
Copper, and Lead, the Staples of the 
Various Counties, etc. Large map 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



and numerous plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
321. New York, 1881. $1.50 

1988 Bnrk, Jahn. The History of 
Virginia. Vols. I. and II. 2 vols., 
8vo, no covers. Petersburg, 1804-05. 


1989 Campbell, J. W. A History of 
Virginia from Its Discovery till the 
Year 1781, with Biographical 
Sketches of All the Most Distin- 
guished Characters that Occur in the 
Colonial, Revolutionary, or Subse- 
quent Period of Our History. Map. 
i2mo, old calf, pp. 310. Philadelphia, 
1813. $3.00 

1990 Chamberlayne, Churchill G. 
The Vestry Book and Register ol 
Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-89. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 418. Richmond, 1898. 

500 copies, privately printed. No. 393. 

1991 Delaware, Lord. The Rela- 
tion of the Rt. Hon. the Lord De-La- 
Warre, Lord Ckwivemour and Cap- 
taine Generall of the Colonic planted 
in Virginea. 4to, paper. London, 
161 1 (reprint). $5.00 

No. 21 of 51 copies reprinted by C. Whitting- 
ham, 1858. 

1992 Binwiddie, Robert. Official 
Records of. Lieutenant-Governor of 
the Colony of Virginia, 1751-58. 
Now First Printed from the Manu- 
script in the Collection of the Va. 
Hist. Soc, with an introduction and 
notes by R. A. Brock. Vol. II. 8vo, 
half roan. Richmond, 1884. $2.00 

This Vol. II. covers from 1755 to 1758 and 
forms Vol. V., Virginia Historical Society Col- 

1993 Exiles in Virginia, with Ob- 
servations on the Conduct of the So- 
ciety of Friends during the Revolu- 
tionary War, Comprising the Official 
Papers of the Government, 1777-78. 
Facsimile. 8vo, cloth, pp. 302. Phila- 
delphia (published for the Subscrib- 
ers), 1848. $2.00 

The large folding plate of facsimile letters is 
often missing. 

1994 QrigAjf Hugh Blair. The 
Virginia Convention of 1776: A Dis- 
course Delivered before the Virginia 
Alpha in the William and Mary Col- 
lege, July 3, 1855. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
206. Richmond, 1855. $3.50 

The cloth binding has been wet. 

1995 Hawks, Francis L. Contribu- 
tions to the Ecclesiastical History of 
the United States. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
New York, 1836-69. $7.50 

I. Nahrative of events connected with the rise 
and progress of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in Virginia. 

II. Do. in Maryland. 

1996 Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on 
the State of Virginia. Map mounted 
on linen. 8vo, half calf, yellow edges, 
neat, pp. 382. London, 1787. $5.00 

A clean, desirable copy, with wide margins. 

1997 Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on 
the State of Virginia. Map. 8vo, 
calf, pp. 336. Philadelphia, 1794. 


1998 Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on 
the State of Virginia, with an Ap- 
pendix. 8vo, calf. Baltimore, 1800. 


Names on title-page. 

1999 Johnston, F. Memorials of 
Old Virginia Clerks Arranged Al- 
p'habetically by Counties, with com- 
plete Index of Names and Dates of 
Service from 1634 to Present Time. 
i2mo, clothy pp. 425. Lynchburg, 
1888. $2.50 

2000 Lynchbnrg. Sketches and 
Recollections of. By the Oldest In- 
habitant. i2mo, cloth, pp. 363. 
Richmond, 1858. $1.50 

The Lynch, Irvine, Harrison, Nonrell, and 
Tucker Families. 

2001 (Kason, Emily V.) Journal 
of a Young Lady in Virginia, 1782. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 56. Baltimore, 1871. 


Presentation copy from the author. The 
picture of life and manners presented is ex- 
tremely interesting, and well worthy of being 

2002 Norfolk. Forrest, Wm. S. 
Historical and Descriptive Sketches 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of Norfolk and Vicinity, including 
Portsmouth and Adjacent Counties, 
for Two Hundred Years. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 496. Philadelphia, 
1853. $2.25 

2003 ^ova Britannia. Offering 
most excellent fruits by planting in 
Virginia: exciting all such as be well 
affected to further the same. 4to, 
boards. London, 1609. $3-SO 

One of 50 copies on large paper, reprinted in 
1867, in facsimile. 

2004 Faxton, J. D. Letters on 
Slavery, Addressed to the Cumber- 
land Congregation, Virginia. By J. 
D. Paxton, their former pastor. 
i2mo, boards, pp. 207. Lexington, 
Ky., 1833. $1.50 

Scarce and carious. The above letters created 
such a feeling against the pastor that he re- 

2005 Bandolph County. The Black- 
water Chronicle: A Narrative of an 
Expedition into the Land of Canaan 
in Randolph County, Virginia. By 
"The Clerke of Oxenforde." Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 223. New 
York, 1853. $1.00 

2006 Semple, Robert B. History 
of the Rise and Progress of the Bap- 
tists in Virginia. 8vo, sheep, pp. 447- 
Richmond (published by the Au- 
thor), 1810. $10.00 

A good copy of this scarce book. 

2007 Smith, Capt. John. A True 
Relation of Virginia, with Introduc- 
tion and Notes by Charles Deane. 
4to, paper. Boston, 1866. $5-00 

Limited edition of 280 copies. 

2008 Stith, William. The History 
of the First Discovery and Settlement 
of Virginia. 8vo, paper, uncut, pp. 
365. New York, 1865. $6.00 

250 beautifully printed in facsimile from the 
very scarce original edition. 

2009 Taylor, Jas. B. Lives of Vir- 
ginia Baptist Ministers. i2mo, 
sheep, pp. 492. Richmond, 1838. 


2010 lazeweUy Gov. Littleton W. 
Discourse on Life and Character of. 

By Hugh B. Grigsby. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
123. Norfolk, i860. $1.25 

201 1 Virginia Company of London, 
1619-24. Abstract of the Proceedings 
of. Prepared by Conway Robinson, 
and edited with an introduction and 
notes by R. A. Brock. 2 vols, in i. 
8vo, half roan. Richmond, 1888-89. 


Va. Hist. Soc. Col., Vols. VII. and VIII.. 
new series. 

2012 Va. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, 
with Historical Papers. (Ancient 
Epitaphs in York and James City; 
Capt. Chas. Lewis' Journal, 1755, 
edited; Orderly Books of Capt. Robt. 
Gamble, 1779, Maj. Wm. Heth, 1777, 
etc.) 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 386. 
Richmond, 1892. $2.50 

Vol. XI., new series. Va. Hist. Soc. Col. 

2013 Virginia Hagazine of History 
and Biography. Vol. II. (Public Of- 
ficers in Virginia, 1702-14; Virginia 
Troops in French and Indian Wars, 
Floumoy Genealogfy, Wills of the 17th 
Century, Abstracts of Virginia Land 
Patents, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 481. 
Richmond, 1895. $2.00 


2014 Anderson, Alex. D. The Sil- 
ver Country and the Great Southwest: 
A Review of the Former Kingdom of 
New Spain, comprising Mexico and 
the Mexican Cessions to the United 
States, 1848 and 1853. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 221. New York, 1877. 


2015 Baily, Francis. Journal of a 
Tour in the Unsettled Parts of North 
America in 1796 and 1797. By the 
late Francis Baily, F. R. S., President 
of the Royal Astronomical Society. 
With a memoir of the Author. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 439. London: Baily Bros., 
1856. $5.00 

Scarce. An admirable work highly com- 
mended by Sir J. Herschel, who wrote the 
• memoir. The work gives an account of the 
author's trip down the Ohio and Mississippi to 
New Orleans, and back to Knoxville, Tenn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Upwards of 100 pages are devoted to Ohio, and 
the descriptions are both intelligent and truth- 

2016 Balch, Wm. R. The Mines, 
Mining, and Mining Interests of the 
United States in 1^2. Profusely il- 
lustrated. 4to, cloth, pp. 1 191. Phila- 
delphia. $2.50 

This mammoth volume gives a complete view 
of all sides of the subject. 

2017 Bartletty John R. Personal 
Narrative of Explorations and Inci- 
dents in Texas, New Mexico, Cali- 
fornia, Sonora, and Chihuahua. Map 
and illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, orig- 
inal cloth, uncut, fine. New York, 
1854. $6.00 

2018 Bates, D. B. Incidents on 
Land and Water; or. Four Years on 
the Pacific Coast. (San Francisco, 
California, etc.) Illustrated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 336. Boston, i860. $1.50 

2019 Bestc, J. R. The Wabash; or. 
Adventures of an English Gentle- 
man's Family in the Interior of Amer- 
ica. Tinted plates. 2 vols., post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1855. $3-00' 

2020 Bird, Isabella L. A Lady's 
Life in the Rocky Mountains. (San 
Francisco, Utah, Lynch Law, etc.) 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 296. 
New York, 1882. $1.00 

2021 Blanchard, Rufus. The Dis- 
covery and Conquest of the North- 
west, including Early History of Chi- 
cago, Detroit, etc., and Pioneer Life 
in the Region of the Great Lakes and 
Mississippi Valley. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 485. Chicago, 1880. $3.00 

2022 Boddam-Whetliain, J. W. 

Pearls of the Pacific. (San Francisco, 
Hawaii, etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 362. London, 1876. $1.50 

2023 Boddam-Wliethamy J. W. 

Western Wanderings: A Record of 
Travel in the Evening Land. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 364. 
London, 1874. $1.50 

2024 Bowles, Samuel. Across the 
Continent: A Summer Journey to the 

Rocky Mounteiins, The Mormons, 
and Pacific States, with Speaker Col- 
fax'. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 452. 
Springfield, 1865. $1.00 

2025 Bowles, Samuel. Our New 
West: Records of Travel between the 
Mississippi River and the Pacific 
Ocean, with Details of the Wonder- 
ful Natural Scenery, Mines, Business, 
Social Life, Progress of the Western 
States, Life of the Mormons, Indians, 
and Chinese. Illustrated. 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 524. Hartford, 1869. 


2026 Bradford, W. J. A. Notes on 
the Northwest, or Valley of the Up- 
per Mississippi. 8vo, cloth, pp. 302. 
New York, 1846. $2.00 

2027 Brown, Samuel R. The 
Western Gazetteer; or. Emigrants' 
Directory: A Description of the West- 
em States and Territories. 8vo, calf, 
pp. 360. Auburn, 1817. $2.oa 

Contains much matter relating to the Indians 
and antiquities. 

2028 BntterftoM, C. W. History of 
Brule's Discoveries and Explorations,. 
1610-26: The Narrative of the Dis- 
coveries of Lakes Huron, Ontario,, 
and Superior. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth,, 
pp. 185. Cleveland, 1898. $2.00 

2029 Bntterfteldy C. W. History of 
the Girtys and the Part Taken by 
Them in Lord Dunmore's War, the 
Western Border War of the Revolu- 
tion, and the Indian War of 1790-95. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 426. Cincinnati, 1890. 


2030 Campbell, A., and Twining,. 
W. J. Reports on the Survey be- 
tween the Territory of the United 
States and Great Britain, from Lake 
of the Woods to the Summit of the 
Rocky Mountains. Plates and atlas. 
2 vols., 4to, cloth, pp. 624. Washing- 
ton, 1878. $5.00' 

The complete report of the Northwestern 
Boundary Survey. 

2031 Campbelly John W. Bio- 
g^phical Sketches, with Ottier Lit-^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



erary Remains of the Late John W. 
Campbell, Judge of the U. S. Court 
for the District of Ohio. Compiled 
by his widow. Portraits. 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 279. Columbus, Ohio, 1838. 


The first hundred pages contain the lives of 
six Western pioneers, the material for which was 
collected some years before the author's death. 

2032 Campion, J. S. (Major IJ. S. 
A.). On The Frontier: Reminiscences 
of Wild Sports, Personal Adventure, 
and Strange Scenes (in the Western 
States). Illustrated. 8vo, half calf, 
pp. 372. London, 1878. $2.50 


2033 Carleton, A. B. The Wonder- 
lands of the Wild West, with Sketches 
of the Mormons. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 348. 1891. $1.50 

2034 Ceton, John D. The Ante- 
lope and Deer of America: A Com- 
prehensive Treatise. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 426. New York. $1.50 

2035 Carvalha, S, M. Incidents of 
Travel and Adventure in the For 
West; with Col. Fremont's Last Ex- 
pedition across the Rocky Mountains, 
including Three Months' Residence 
in Utah, and Perilous Trip across the 
Great American Desert to the Pacific. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 250 -f- 130. New 
York, 1859. $i-5o 

The author was artist in Colonel Fremont's 

2036 Carver, J. Travels through 
the Interior Parts of North America 
in 1766, 1767, and 1768, to Which is 
Added Some Account of the Author 
and a Copious Index. Map, portrait, 
and colored plates. 8vo, full calf, gilt, 
pp. 544 and index. London, 1781. 


Fine copy of the third and best edition. 
Carver was captain of a company of provincial 
troops daring the late war with France. 

2037 Clampitty John W. Echoes 
from the Rocky Mountains: Reminis- 
cences and Thrilling Incidents of the 
Golden Age in the Great West. Il- 
lustrated. Large 8vo, cloth, pp. 671. 
Chicago, 1888. $2.50 

2038 Clavert, Mary. A New 
Home — ^Who'll Follow? or, Glimpses 
of Western Life. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
317. New York, 1839. $1.00 

2039 Codman, John. The Round 
Trip by Way of Panama through 
California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, 
Idaho, and Colorado. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 331. New York, 1879. $1.00 

2040 CoggeshaU, Wm. T. The 
Poets and Poetry of the West, with 
Biographical and Critical Notices. 
4to, cloth, pp. 688. New York, 1864. 

The best collection of Western poetry. It 
contains selections, with biographical notices, 
from the writings of 97 men and 55 women. 

2041 Cox, Ross. Adventures on 
the Columbia River, including a Nar- 
rative of a Residence of Six Years on 
the Western Side of the Rocky Moun- 
tains. 8vo, cloth, pp. 335. New 
York, 1832. $2.50 

2042 Cuming, F. Sketches of a 
Tour to the Western Country through 
Ohio and Kentucky: A Voyage down 
the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; A 
Trip through the Mississippi Terri- 
tory and Part of West Florida, in 
1807 to 1809; with Notes and Ap- 
pendix. i2mo, calf, pp. 504. Pitts- 
burgh, 1810. $5.00 

One of the most valuable and interesting 
works relating to the West. 

2043 Custer, Elizabeth B. Tenting 
on the Plains; or. General Custer in 
Kansas and Texas. Portraits and il- 
lustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 702. 
New York, 1887. $1.50 

2044 Custer, Gen. G. A. My Life 
on the Plains; or, Personal Experi- 
ences with Indians. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
256. New York, 1876. $3.00 

Scarce. General Custer's own book. Long 
out of print. 

2045 Darby, William. The Emi- 
grants' Guide to the Western and 
Southwestern States and Territories, 
with a Description of Louisiana, Ten- 
nessee, Kentucky, Ohio; Roads and 
Rivers West of the Alleghanies, etc. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Map. 8vo, sheep, pp. 311. New 
York, 1818. $2.00 

2046 De Bow, J. D. B. The Indus- 
trial Resources, etc., of the Southern 
and Western States: Embracing a 
View of Their Commerce, Manufac- 
tures, Slave and Free Labor, Slavery 
Institutions, with Historical and Sta- 
tistical Sketches of the Different 
States and Cities, Commerce and 
Manufactures from the Earliest Pe- 
riods. 3 vols., Svo, cloth. New Or- 
leans, 1853. $5.00 

Scarce. Contains much curious information 
on Western Hunters and Trappers, Steamboat 
Disasters in the West, West Indian Islands, 
Origin and Early History of New York, etc. 

2047 Delano, A. Life on the 
Plains and among the Diggings: Be- 
ing Scenes and Adventures of an 
Overland Journey to California. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 384. Au- 
burn, 1854. $1.25 

2048 Devol, Geo. H. Forty Years 
a Gambler on the Mississippi. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 300. Cincin- 
nati, 1887. $2.00 

2049 Dixon, Wm. Hepworth. New 
America, with Illustrations from 
Original Photographs. (Overland 
Mail, Prairie Indians, Mormon The- 
ater, etc.) 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 
London, 1867. $1.50 

2050 Drake, Samuel A. The Mak- 
ing of the Great West, 1512-1883. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 339. 
London, 1887. $1.00 

2051 Dunraven, Earl of. The Great 
Divide: Travels in Upper Yellow- 
stone in the Summer of 1874. Illus- 
trations by V. W. Bromley. Map. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 377. London, 1876. 


2052 Elliott, Richard S. Notes 
Taken in Sixty Years. (In the West, 
St. Louis, Early Days in Missouri, 
etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 336. St. Louis, 
1883. $1.50 

2053 FeathentonliaaglL, G. W. 
Geological Report of the Elevated 

Country between the Missouri and 
Red Rivers. Map. Svo, boards, pp. 
97. Washington, 1835. .75 

2054 Flint, Timothy. Condensed 
Geog^phy and History of the West- 
ern States, or Mississippi Valley. 2 
vols., Svo, calf. Cincinnati, 1S28. 


2055 Fofter, J. W. The Mississippi 
Valley: Topog^phy, Geology, etc. 
Illustrated. Svo, cloth, pp. 443. Chi- 
cago, 1869. $3.00 

2056 Fowler, William W. Pioneer 
Women of America: An Authentic 
History of Heroism, Adventure, Pri- 
vations, Captivities, etc., erf the 
Mothers of the Republic. Illustrated. 
Svo, cloth, pp. 527. Hartford, 189 1. 


2057 Frank's Banch; or. My Holi- 
day in the Rockies. Illustrated. 
i6mo, half calf, pp. 214. London, 
1886. $1.50 

2058 (Oallagher, Wm. D.) Selec- 
tions from the Poetical Literature of 
the West. Svo, boards, uncut, pp. 
264. Cincinnati, 1S41. $2.00 

Very fine, clean, uncut copy. One of the ear- 
liest collections of Western verse. 

2059 Gilpin, William. The Central 
Gold Region, with New Views of Its 
Physical Geography and Observations 
on the Pacific Railroad. Maps. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 194. Philadelphia, 1S60. 


2060 Gilpin, William. The Central 
Gold Region, and the Grain, Pas- 
toral, and Gold Regions of North 
America, with Some New Views erf 
Its Physical Geography. Maps. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 194. Philadelphia, 1S60. 


2061 Glazier, Captain Willard. 
Headwaters of the Mississippi: Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Early and Re- 
cent Explorers of the Great River, 
and a Full Account of the Discovery 
and Location of Its True Source in 
a Lake beyond Itasca. Illustrated. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



i2mo, cloth, pp. 527. Chicago and 
New York, 1893. $1.00 

2062 Hall, James. Legends of the 
West: A Series of Interesting Tales 
Descriptive of the Scenery and Man- 
ners of the West, during Its Early 
Settlement. i2mo, cloth, pp. 435. 
New York, 1854. $1.50 

2063 Hall, James. The West, Its 
Commerce and Navigation. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 348. Cincinnati, 1848. 


2064 (Hall, James.) The Western 
Monthly Magazine, a Continuation 
of the Illinois Monthly Magazine. 
Vol. I., complete with contents, from 
January tb June, 1833. (History of 
Illinois, i78io-i8oo, by J. M. Peck; 
History of Ohio, Wood River Mas- 
sacre, Daniel Boone, with rare full- 
page lithographic portrait, etc.) 8vo, 
half boards. Cincinnati, 1833. 

These early Western magazines are quite rare, 
and contain local historical matter not to be 
found elsewhere. 

2065 HarclrnftTi, Francis. Frontier 
Life; or. Scenes and Adventures in the 
Southwest. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 376. Buffalo, 1853. $1.50 

2066 Haydeiii F. V. Sun Pictures 
of Rocky Mountain Scenery, with De- 
scription of Features and Resources 
of the Great West. 30 photographic 
views. 4to, half morooco, pp. 150. 
New York, 1870. $4.00 

2067 Hemutmii Binger. The Lou- 
isiana Purchase and Our Title West 
of the Rocky Mountains, with a Re- 
view of Annexation by the United 
States. Maps. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 
87. Washington, 1900. $1.50 

2068 (Hildretliy James.) Dragoon 
Campaigns to the Rocky Mountains: 
Being a History of the Campaigns of 
the United States Dragoons, with 
Sketches of Indian Characters. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 288. New York, 1836. 


2069 HnnteTi George. Reminis- 
cences of an Old Timer: Actual 
Events, Incidents, Trials, etc., of a 
Pioneer Hunter, Miner, and Scout of 
the Pacific Northwest. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 508. Battle Creek,. 
1889. $2.25 

2070 Hutchinsoiii I. R. Reminis- 
cences, Sketches, and Addresses Se- 
lected from My Papers during a Min- 
istry of Forty-five Years in Miss- 
issippi, Louisiana, and Texas. i2mo,, 
cloth, pp. 218. Houston, 1874. 


2071 HutchinSy Thomas. A Topo- 
graphical Description of Virginia, 
Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North 
Carolina: Comprising the Rivers 
Ohio, Kenhawa, Cherokee, Wabash,. 
Illinois, Mississippi, etc. With fold- 
ing map, plan, and table. 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 68. London, 1778. 

A good copy of the very rare original edition. 

2072 Keating, William H. Nar- 
rative of an Expedition to the Source 
of the St. Peter's River, Lake Winne- 
peck. Lake of the Woods, Performed 
in 1823 under Command of Stephen 
H. Long. Compiled from his notes. 
Plates. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. Lon- 
don, 1825. $7.50 

Almost a cyclopedia of material relating to 
the Indians of the explored territory. Noth- 
ing escaped the attention of the expedition. 

2073 ^^^f Henry. Travels through 
the Western Interior of the United 
States from 1808 to 1810, with a Par- 
ticular Description of a Great Part of 
Mexico, or New Spain; with the Man- 
ners, Customs, etc, of Thirteen Dif- 
ferent Tribes of Indians through 
Which the Author Passed. 8vo, old 
sheep (mended), pp. 376. Elizabeth- 
town (printed for the Author), 1816. 

Foxed copy of an unusual work. 

2074 King, Qarence. Mountain- 
eering in the Sierra Nevada. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 292. London, 1872. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2075 Kinzie, Mrs. John H. Wau- 
Bun; or, Early Days in the North- 
West. Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 498. 
New York, 1856. $7.50 

2076 lanman, Charles. Adventures 
in the Wilds of North America. Ed- 
ited by C. R. Weld. (Comprising a 
Description of Red-Wing Village, 
Cherokee Customs, etc.) i2mo, half 
calf, pp. 300. London, 1854. $1.25 

2077 Levinge, R. G. A. Echoes 
from the Backwoods; or. Sketches of 
Transatlantic Life (in the United 
States and Canada). Plates. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. London, 1846. $4.00 

2078 Lewis and Clark. The Life 
and Times of Patrick Gass, now Sole 
Survivor of the Lewis and Clark Ex- 
pedition, also a Soldier in the War of 
1812. By J. G. Jacobs. Portrait. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 280. Wellsburg, Va., 
1859. $1.50 

2079 I««wis and Clark. Travels to 
the Source of the Missouri River and 
across the American Continent to the 
Pacific Ocean, 1804-06. Maps (one 
missing). 3 vols., 8vo, boards, un- 
cut. London, 181 5. $7.50 

2080 Lewis and Clark. Voyage des 
Capitaines Lewis et Clarke, 18^4-06. 
Le Journal par Patrice Gass et traduit 
en Franqaise par A. J. N. Lallemont. 
Map. 8vo, calf, pp. 445. Paris, 1810. 


2081 Lewis and Clark. Description 
of the Original MSS., Travels Jour- 
nals and Field Note-Books, on Which 
Was Based Biddle's History of the 
Expedition. Read before the Amer- 
ican Philosophical Society by Dr. 
Elliott Coues. 8vo, paper. 1893. .50 

2082 Ludlow, N. M. Dramatic 
Life as I Found It. With an Account 
of the Rise and Progress of the Drama 
in the West and South, with Anec- 
dotes and Sketches. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
733. St. Louis, 1880. $3.50 

2083 KoCall, Maj.-Gen. George A. 
Letters from the Frontiers Written 

during a Period of Thirty Years' Serv- 
ice in the Army of the United States. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 539. Philadelphia, 
1868. $2.00 

Probably the best picture of Western army 
life published. 

2084 K'Clnng, John A. Sketches 
of Western Adventure, with Account 
of the Most Interesting Incidents 
Connected with the Settlement of the 
West, 1755-94. Plates. i2mo, calf, 
pp. 315. Cincinnati, 1839. $1.50 

2085 KcCoy, Joseph. Historic 
Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the 
West and Southwest. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 427. Kansas City, 
1874. $3.00 

Scarce. The author was the pioneer Western 
cattle shipper. 

2086 McClnre, A. K. Three Thou- 
sand Miles through the Rocky Moun- 
tains. Portraits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
456. Philadelphia, 1869. $1.25 

Chicago, Omaha, North Platte to Denver, 
Mormons, etc. 

2087 KcDonaldy John. Biographi- 
cal Sketches of Gen. Nathl Massie, 
Gen. Duncan McArthur, Capt. Wm. 
Wells, and Gen. Simon Kenton, Who 
Were Early Settlers in the Western 
Country. Plates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
267. Dayton, 1852. $3.00 

2088 Harcy, R. B. Thirty Years 
of Army Life on the Border: De- 
scriptions of Indians on the Plains, 
Explorations, Trip across Rocky 
Mountains in Winter, Method of 
Hunting Different Animals. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 442. 
New York, 1866. $2.50 

2089 Karcy, Randolph B. The 
Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for 
Overland Expeditions. With maps, 
illustrations, and itineraries. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 340. New York, 1859. 


2090 Karshalli Orsamus H. His- 
torical Writings of. Relating to the 
Early History of the West. With an 
introduction by Wm. L. Stone. Por- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



trait 4to> cloth, uncut, pp. 500. Al- 
bany, 1887. $4.00 
Munsell's Historical Series, No. 15. 

2091 Keek, A. B. Romantic Pas- 
sages of Southwestern History. (Bor- 
der Life and Indian Adventures of 
Early Days.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 330. 
Mobile, 1857. $1.50 

2092 Keeker, N. C. Life in the 
West; or. Stories of the Mississippi 
Valley. (Settlement of Michigan, 
Missouri and Wisconsin Life, Prairie 
Life in Early Days, etc.) i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 360. New York, 1868. $1.50 

2093 MilbTim, Wm. H. The Pio- 
neer Preacher; or. Rifle, Axe, and 
Saddle-bags. Portrait. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 309. New York, 1857. $1.50 

2094 Keliney James F. Two Thou- 
sand Miles on Horseback. (Santa 
Fe and Back, A Summer Tour 
through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, 
and New Mexico in 1867.) i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 317. New York, 1867. 


2095 Mitchelly J. K. Indecision: 
A Tale of the Far West, and Other 
Poems. i6mo, cloth, pp. 212. Phila- 
delphia, 1839. $1-^ 

2096 Kullan, Capt. John. On the 
Construction of a Military Road from 
Fort Walla-Walla to Fort Benton. 
Numerous illustrations and maps. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 363. Washington, 
1863. -75 

2097 Knrphy, John M. Sporting 
Adventures in the Far West. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 404. London, 1879. $2.50 

2098 Owen, David D. Report of a 
Geological Survey of Wisconsin, 
Iowa, and Minnesota, J^nd Incident- 
ally a Portion of Nebraska. Folding 
maps, plates, and woodcuts. 4to, 
cloth, pp. 638. Philadelphia, 1852. 


2099 Parkmani Francis. The Dis- 
covery of the Great West. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 425. Boston, 1869. $2.00 

First edition. 

2100 Pierce, Geo. F. Incidents of 
Western Travel, in a Series of Letters. 
Edited by Thos. O. Summers. Por- 
trait. i2mo, cloth, pp. 249. Nash- 
ville, 1857. $1.50 

Description of Kansas and Kansas City, St. 
Louis, White River, etc. 

2101 Pope, John. A Tour through 
the Southern and Western Territories 
of the United States of North Amer- 
ica, the Spanish Dominions on the 
River Mississippi and the Floridas, 
the Creek Nations, and Many Unin- 
habited Parts. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
108. Richmond, 1792. Reprinted in 
New York, 1888. $3.50 

This reprint was limited to subscribers, and is 
now scarce. 

2102 Powerii Stephen. Afoot and 
Alone: A Walk from Sea to Sea by 
the Southern Route, with Adventures 
in Southern California, New Mexico, 
Arizona, Texas, etc. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 327. Hartford, 1872. $2.00 

2103 Eae, W. F. Westward by 
Rail: The New Route to the East 
(via Central Pacific Railroad). Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 391. London, 1870. 


2104 Bafinesque, C. S. Ichthy- 
ologia Ohiensis; or. Natural History 
of the Fishes Inhabiting the River 
Ohio and Its Tributary Streams; also, 
A Verbatim et Literatim Reprint of 
th'e Original, with a Sketch of the 
Life, the Ichthyolo^c Work, and the 
Ichthyological Bibliog^phy of Rafi- 
nesque, by Richard Ellsworth Call. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
175. Cleveland, 1899. $4.00 

Edition of 250 nnmbered copies. 

2105 Roosevelt, Theodore. Ranch 
Life and the Hunting-Trail. Illus- 
trated by Frederic Remington. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 186. New York, 1896. 


2106 Boosevelt, Theodore. The 
Winning of the West (1769 to the Ex- 
ploring of Louisiana 1807). 4 vols., 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1899. $7.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2107 Buxton, Geo. F. Adventures 
in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. 
i2nio, cloth, pp. 312. New York, 
1848. $1.50 

2108 Buxton, Geo. F. Life in the 
Far West. i2mo, cloth, pp. 235. 
New York, 1859. $1.50 

2109 St. Jolin, John R. A True 
Description of the Lake Superior 
Country, Its Rivers, Coasts, Days, 
Harbours, Islands, etc., with Bay- 
field's Chart Showing the Boundary 
Line Established by the Joint Com- 
mission, with a Minute Account of the 
Copper Mines. i2mo, cloth, pp. 118. 
New York, 1846. $3.50 

21 10 Schoolcraft, Henry R. Scenes 
and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine 
Region of the Ozark Mountains of 
Missouri and Arkansas, Which Were 
First Traversed by De Soto in 1541. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 256. Phila- 
delphia, 1853. $3.00 

21 1 1 Schoolcraft, Henry R. Sum- 
mary Narrative of Exploratory Ex-, 
pedition to Sources of Mississippi 
River in 1820; Reports on Copper 
Mines of Lake Superior, Geology of 
Lake Basins, etc. ovo, cloth, pp. 596. 
Philadelphia, 1855. $1.50 

21 12 Sealsfield, Charles. The Cabin 
Book; or, National Characteristics. 
Translated from the German. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 273. New 
York, 1871. .75 

21 13 Shea, John G. Discovery and 
Exploration of the Mississippi Valley, 
with the Original Narratives of Mar- 
quette, Allouez, Hennepin, and Do- 
uay. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 286. 
New York, 1852. $7.50 

21 14 Shepherd, W. Prairie Ex- 
periences in Handling Cattle and 
Sheep. (Ranch Life in Wyoming, 
Sierra Nevada, Prairie Life, etc.) Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 266. 
London, 1884. $1.50 

21 15 Shinn, Charles H. Mining 
Camps: A Study in American Fron- 

tier Governments. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
316. New York, 1885. $1.25 

21 16 South, Colon. Out West: 
From London to Salt Lake City and 
Back. i2mo, cloth, pp, 269. Lon- 
don, 1884. $i^S 

21 17 Steele, James W. Frontier 
Army Sketches. (Men of the Border, 
Coyotes, Army Mules, A Fight be- 
tween Buffaloes, etc.) i2mo, cloth,, 
pp. 329- Chicago, 1883. $1.50 

21 18 Swan, James G. The North- 
west Coast; or. Three Years' Resi- 
dence in Washington Territory. A 
Description of the Country, Early Set- 
tlers, Anecdotes, etc. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 429. New York, 
1857. $1.50 

21 19 Thayer, Wm. M. Marvels of 
the New West. (The Vast Wonder- 
land West of the Missouri, Marvels of 
Nature, Race, Mining, Enterprise, 
etc.) 350 illustrations. 8vo, leather, 
pp. 715. Norwich, 1888. $1.50 

2120 Thwaites, Reuben G. Afloat 
on the Ohio: An Historical Pilgrim- 
age of 1000 Miles in a Skiff from 
Redstone to Cairo. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
333. Chicago, 1897. $1.00 

2121 Tice, J. H. Over the Plains 
and on the Mountains; or, Kansas 
and Colorado. 8vo, cloth, pp. 266. 
St. Louis, 1872. $1.50 

2122 Townsend, S. N. Our Indian 
Summer in the Far West: An Autumn 
Tour of 15,000 Miles in Kansas^ 
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and 
the Indian Territory. Illustrated with 
photographs. 4to, cloth, pp. 123. 
London (printed by Charles Whit- 
tingham), 1880. $3.50 

2123 Townshend, F. T. Ten Thou- 
sand Miles of Travel, Sport, and Ad- 
venture. (Far West Plains, Indians, 
Buffalo, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 275. 
London, 1869. $2.50 

2124 Turner, J. Turner. Three 
Years' Hunting and Trapping in 
America and the Great North West. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Illustrated. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. 
London, 1888. $3.00 

2125 Turner, T. G. and C. E. 
Turner's Guide from the Lakes to the 
Rocky Mountains, including an His- 
torical and Statistical Account of the 
Railroads of the Country Towns and 
Cities along the Route, etc. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 287. Chicago, 1868. $1.50 

2126 TTnited States Geological Ex- 
plorations on the 40th Parallel, Qar- 
ence King in Charge: Final Re- 
ports. Washington. 

Vol. 11. Descriptive Geology. By 
Arnold Hague and S. F. Emmons. 
26 plates. 4to, clotfi, pp. 890. 1877. 


Vol. III. Mining Industries. By 
James D. Hague and Clarence King. 
37 pktes, 4to, cloth, pp. 662. 1870. 


Vol. IV. Palaeontology. By B. F. 
Meeks and James Hall. Ornithology. 
By Robert Ridgeway. 4to, cloth, pp. 
669. 1877. $4.00 

Vol. V. Botany. By Sereno Wat- 
son and others. Map and 40 plates. 
4to, cloth, pp. 525. 1871. $8.00 

Vol. VII. Odontomithes: A Mon- 
ograph on the Extinct Toothed Birds 
of North America. By O. C. Marsh. 
34 plates. 4to, cloth, pp. 216. 1880. 


2127 TTnited States Geological and 
Geographical Survey of Territories, 
F. V, Hayden in Charge. A com- 
plete set of the Final Monographs. 
Vols. I. to XIL, except Vol. IV., 
which has not yet been published. 
II vols., royal 4to, cloth, etc. $40.00 

Hundreds of plates, etc. Scarce. 

Vol. I. Extinct Vertebrates, by J. Lcidy. 2. 
Cretaceous Vertebrates, by E. D. Cope. 3. 
Vertebrate and Mesozoic Formation, by E. D. 
Cope. 5. N. Am. ^Eridide, by Cyrus Thomer. 
6. Cretoceous Flora, by Leo Lesquercux. 7. 
Tertiary Flora, by Leo Lesquereux. 8. Fossil 
Flora, by Leo Lesquereux. 9. Fossil Inverte- 
brata, by F. B. Meek. 10. Geometrid Moths, 
by A. S. Packard. 1 1. Fresh-water Rhyzopods, 
by Leidy. 12. N. A. Rodent!, by J. A. Allen. 

2128 TTnited States Geographical 
Surveys West of the looth Meridian, 
Lieut. G. M. Wheeler in Charge. 
Complete set of the Final Reports, 
viz.: Vol. I., Geographical Report; 
Vol. II., Astronomy and Hypsometry ; 
Vol. III., and Supplement, Geology; 
Vol. IV., Palaeontology; Vol. V., 
Zoology; Vol. VI., Botany; Vol. VII., 
Archaeology. Together 8 vols., 4to, 
cloth, beautifully illustrated by hun- 
dreds of plates, maps, and charts. 
Washington, 1875-89. $24.00 

This beautiful set is now complete. We can 
supply separately most of the volumes. 

2129 Walker, C. B. The Missis- 
sippi Valley and Prehistoric Events, 
Giving an Account of the Original 
Formation and Early Condition of 
the Great Valley, Its First Inhabi- 
tants, the Mound Builders, etc. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, sheep, pp. 784. Bur- 
lington, 1881. $2.50 

2130 Webb, J. Watson. Altowan; 
or. Incidents of Lite and Adventure 
in the Rocky Mountains. By an 
Amateur Traveler. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1846. $3.00 

2131 Webb, W. E. Buffalo Land: 
An Authentic Account of the Discov- 
eries, Adventures, and Mishaps of a 
Scientific and Sporting Party in the 
Wild West. (The Red Man, Savage 
and Civilized; The Buffalo, Antelope,, 
etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 503. 
Philadelphia, 1872. $2.00 

2132 Wise, Lieut. (U. S. N.). Los 
Gringos; or, An Inside View of Mex- 
ico and California. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
453- New York, 1857. $1.50 


2133 Dodge, J. R, West Virginia, 
Its Farms, Forests, Mines, and Oil- 
Weils. i2mo, cloth, pp. 276. Phila- 
delphia, 1865. $1,00 

2134 Kanawha County. Atkinson, 
Geo. W. History of Kanawha 
County, from Its Organization in 
1789 until the Present Time. (Ac- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



counts of Early Settlements and 
Thrilling Indian Adventures.) Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 338. Charles- 
ton, 1876. $3.50 


2135 Gregory, John. Industrial 
Resources of Wisconsin. (Includes 
Natural History, History, etc.) i6mo, 
cloth, pp. 329. Milwaukee, 1855. 


2136 Ibkdison. Durrie, Dan'l S. 
A History of Madison, including the 
Four Lake Country, to July, 1874; 
with Appendix on Dane County. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 420. Madison, 1874. 


2137 Ibkdison, Dane County, and 
Surrounding Towns. By Wm. J. 
Park. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
664. Madison, 1877. $1.50 

2138 Kilwankee. Buck, J. S. Pio- 
neer History of Milwaukee, from the 
First American Settlement, 1803, 
Continued to i860. Portraits, etc. 
4 vols., 8vo, cloth. Milwaukee, 1890. 


2139 Kilwankee. The History of, 
from Pre-Historic Times to Present 
Date, with Nearly 4000 Biographical 
Sketches of Pioneers and Citizens. 
Numerous portraits. 4to, half mo- 
rocco, pp. 1663. Chicago, 1881. 


2140 Obiervations on the Wisconsin 
Territory: Chiefly on that Part Called 
the "Wisconsin Land District." 
(No map.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 134. 
Philadelphia, 1838. $2.00 


^141 Peet, Stephen. History of the 
Presbyterian and Congregational 
Churches and Ministers in Wisconsin. 
i8mo, paper, pp. 208. Milwaukee, 
1851. -75 

2142 Trairit dn Cliien: Its Present 
Position and Future Prospects. By 
Alfred Branson. 8vo, paper, pp. 12. 
Milwaukee, 1857. $1.50 

2143 Baoine and Kenosha Coun- 
ties. The History of. Containing a 
History of Each County, Its Early 
Settlement, Growth, and Extensive 
and Minute Sketch of Each of Its 
Cities, War Record, Biographical 
Sketches, etc. Illustrated. 4to, half 
roan, pp. 738. Chicago, 1879. $3.00 

2144 BitoMei James S. Wisconsin 
and Its Resources; with Lake Su- 
perior, Its Commerce and Naviga- 
tion. Map and illustrations. i2nio, 
cloth, pp. 318. Philadelphia, 1858. 


2145 Bock County. The History 
of Rock County, Wisconsin. Illus- 
trated. 4to, half morocco, pp. 898. 
Chicago, 1879. $3.00 

2146 Smith, Wm. R. History ol 
Wisconsin. Vol. I., Historical; Vol. 
II., Documentary. Two vols, all 
published. 8vo, cloth. Madison, 
1854. $2.50 

2147 Tenney, H. A., and Atwood, 
David. Memorial Record of the 
Fathers of Wisconsin, Lives of the 
Members of the Constitutional Con- 
vention. 8vo, cloth, pp. 400. Madi- 
son, 1880. $1.25 

2148 Wiseonsin State Historical So- 
ciety Collections. Vol. I. 8vq, s'heep 
(cracked), pp. 160. Madison, 1855. 


2149 Wisconiin Gazetteer, Contain- 
ing the Names, Location, and Advan- 
tages of the Counties, Cities, Towns, 
Villages, and Settlements, together 
with a Description of the Lakes, 
Prairies, Water Courses, etc., in the 
State of Wisconsin. By John Warren. 
Hunt. (History of Territory and 
State, Antiquities, Manufactures, etc.) 
Map. 8vo, cloth. Madison, 1853. 



2150 Strahorn, Robt E. The 
Handbook of Wyoming and Guide to 
the Black Hills and Big Horn Re- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



gions. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
249. Cheyenne, 1877. $2.00 

2151 Tellowitone Park. Chitten- 
den, Hiram M. The Yellowstone 
National Park. Historical and De- 
scriptive. Maps, views, and portraits. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 397. Cincinnati, 1895. 


2152 Tellowitone Park. Jones, 
Wm. A. Report on a Reconnaissance 
in Northwestern Wyoming, including 
the Yellowstone National Park, in the 
Summer of 1873. Maps. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 331- Washington, 1875. $2.50 

2153 Tellowitone Park. Wingate, 
Geo. W. Through the Yellowstone 
Park on Horseback. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 250. New York, 
1886. $1.25 


2154 Alaska. Coolidge, L. A. 
Klondike and the Yukon Country. 
Maps and illustrations. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 251. Philadelphia, 1897. $1.00 

2155 Alaska. Solu, A. E. Iron- 
monger. Klondike: Truth and Facts 
of the New El Dorado; An Interest- 
ing Narrative of Life in the Far 
North. Maps, illustrations. Royal 
8vo, cloth, pp. 102. London, 1897. 


2156 Alaska. Wardman, George. 
A Trip to Alaska. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
237. Boston, 1884. $1.00 

2157 Alaska. Whymper, Fred- 
erick. Travel and Adventure in the 
Territory of Alaska, formerly Russian 
America, now Ceded to the United 
States, and in Various Other Parts of 
the North Pacific. Map and illustra- 
tions. 2d edition. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
331. London, 1869. $5.00 

2158 Arctic Miscellanies: A Sou- 
venir of the Late Polar Search. By 
the Officers and Seamen of the Ex- 
pedition. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
347. London, 1852. $1.25 

2159 Beeckey, Capt. F. W. Nar- 
rative of a Voyage to the Pacific and 
Beering's Strait, to Co-operate with 
the Polar Expeditions: Performed in 
His Majesty's Ship Blossom in 
1825-28. Folding maps, views, and 
portrait. 2 vols., thick 8vo, boards, 
uncut. London, 183 1. $3.00 

2160 Blake, E. V. Arctic Experi- 
ences: Containing Capt. Geo. E. Ty- 
son's Wonderful Drift in the Ice- 
floe. A History of the Polaris Ex- 
pedition, and Rescue of the Survivors. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 486. New 
York, 1874. $1.50 

2161 Esquimaux. A Peep at the 
Esquimaux; or, Scenes on the Ice. 
To which is annexed a Polar Pastoral. 
Illustrated with 20 hand-colored 
plates of Polar Life and Natural His- 
tory, and 20 hand-colored tail-pieces. 
i2mo, full calf, gilt, gilt top, pp. 58. 
London, 1825. $5.00 

Scarce. A very pretty volume. Their dwell- 
ings, boats, ornaments, sleds, toys,{etc., are 

2162 Potter, Capt. Henry. Narra- 
tive of a Voyage to the South At- 
lantic Ocean, 1828-30. From the Pri- 
vate Journal of W. H. B. Webster. 
Map and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
calf. London, 1843. $2.00 

2163 Forster, J. R. History of the 
Voyages of Discoveries Made in the 
North. (Voyages of Henry Hudson, 
Frobisher, Cabots, Cartier, etc.) 
Maps. 4to, boards, pp. 489. Lon- 
don, 1786. $3.00 

2164 Franklin, John. Narrative of 
a Journey to the Shores of the Polar 
Sea, 1819-22, to the Copper Mine 
River. Maps. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, 
uncut. London, 1824. • $3.00 

2165 Oilder, Wm. H. Ice-Pack 
and Tundra: An Account of the 
Search for the Jeannette, and a Sledge 
Journey through Siberia. Maps and 
illlustrations. 8vo> cloth, pp. 344. 
New York, 1883. $2.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2166 Grcely, A. W. Three Years 
of Arctic Service: An Account of the 
Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 
1881-84 and the Attainment of the 
Farthest North. With over 100 illus- 
trations made from photographs taken 
by the party and original drawings, 
and with the official maps and charts. 
2 vols., thick 8vo. New York, 1886. 


2167 Greenland. Carstensen, A. R. 
• Two Summers in Greenland. Illus- 
trated with fine plates. 8vo, cloth. 
London, 1890. $1.50 

2168 Greenland. Crantz, David. 
The History of Greenland: A De- 
scription of the Country and Its In- 
habitants. Map and copper plates. 
2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 1767. 


2169 ^^f Charles F. Narrative Of 
the Second Arctic Expedition Made 
by Charles F. Hall: His Voyage to 
Repulse Bay and Residence among 
the Eskimos, 1864-69. Edited by 
Prof. J. E. Nourse. Maps, plates, 
and plans. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 644. 
Washington, 1879. $2.50 

2170 Hartwigy Dr. G. The Polar 
World: A Pk^ular Description of 
Man and Nature in the Arctic and 
Antarctic Regions. 163 illustrations. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 486. New York, 
1869. $1-75 

2171 Eayei, Isaac I. The Land of 
Desolation: A Narrative of Observa- 
tion and Adventure in Greenland. 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 357. 
New York, 1872. $1,25 

2172 Hooker, Wm. Jackson. Jour- 
nal of a Tour in Iceland in the Sum- 
mer of 1809. (Flora, Trade of Ice- 
land by Land and Sea, and Manu- 
factories, Volcanoes, Geysers, Revo- 
lution in, etc.) Map and engraved 
folding views. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. 
London, 1813. $3.00 

2173 Hutoliiiisony Alex. H. Try 
Lapland: A Fresh Field for Summer 

Tourists. Map and illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 228. London, 1870. 


2174 Iceland. Henderson, Ebe- 
nezer. Iceland; or. Journal of a Resi- 
dence in that Island, 1814-15, with 
Observations on the History, Litera- 
ture, Antiquities, etc. Map and 
plates. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
Edinburgh, 1818. $2.25 

2175 Iceland. Mackenzie, Geo. S. 
Travels in the Island of Iceland dur- 
ing the Summer of 1810. Map and 
fine plates. 4to, calf, pp. 492. Edin- 
burgh, 1812. $3.00 

2176 Iceland. Miles, Pliny. Nor- 
durfari; or. Rambles in Iceland. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 334. New York, 
1854. $1.00 

2177 Iceland. Paijkuli, C. W. A 
Summer in Iceland. Translated' by 
M. R. Barnard. Plates. 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 364. London, 1868. 


2178 Kane, E. K. Arctic Explora- 
tions, Second Grinndl Expedition in 
Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853-55. 
300 illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1856. $2.50 

2179 Keelji R. N., and Davis, G. G. 
In Arctic Seas: A Narrative of the 
Voyage of the " Kite " with the Peary 
Expedition to North Greenland. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 215. Phila- 
delphia, 1892. $1.25 

2180 Lament, James. Seasons with 
the Sea Horses; or. Sporting Adven- 
tures in the Northern Seas. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 282. New 
York, 1861. $1.50 

2181 lyen, G. F. A Brief Narra- 
tive of an Unsuccessful Attempt to 
Reach Repulse Bay in H. M. S. 
"Griper." Folding chart, illustra- 
tions. 8vo, c^f, pp. 198. London, 
1825. $1.00 

2182 lyen, Capt. G. F. The Pri- 
vate Journal of, during the Recent 
Voyage of Discovery under Capt. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Parry. Map and fine steel plates. 
Svo, half boards, pp. 468. London, 
1824. $1^5 

2183 McCliire, Capt. R. The Dis- 
<x)very of a North-West Passage by 
H. M. S. Investigator. Edited by 
Capt. Sherard Osbom, from the logs 
and journals of Capt. M'Qure. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 358. London, 
1865. $1.25 

2184 Mftrkhum, Clements R. John 
Davis, the Navigator, 1 550-1605, Dis- 
coverer of Davis Straits. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 301. New York, n. d. 


2185 Noble, Louis L. After Ice- 
bergs with a Painter. A Voyage to 
Laborador and around Newfound- 
land. Fine plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
336. London, 1862. $2.50 

2186 Parry, William E. Journal of 
a Second Voyage for the Discovery of 
a North-west Passage from the At- 
lantic to the Pacific, 1821-23, with Ap- 
pendix Containing Scientific Matter. 
2 vols., 4to, boards. London, 1824-25. 


2187 Biohftrdson, John. Arctic 
Searching Expedition: A Journal of 
a Boat Voyage through Rupert's 
Land and the Arctic Sea in Search of 
Sir John Franklin. Colored plates 
and maps. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. 
London, 185 1. $4.00 

2188 Bom, Sir John. Narrative of 
a Second Voyage in Search of a 
North-west Passage and of a Resi- 
dence in the Arctic Regions in the 
Years 1829-33. Map, fine steel en- 
graved plates, some handsomely col- 
ored by hand. 4to, original cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 740. London, 1835. $3-oo 

A fine copy of the large-paper edition. 

2189 Scheffer. Histoire de la- La- 
poine: L'Orig^ne les Moeurs la Ma- 
niere de Vivre de ses Habitans. 
Pine plates and map. 4to, half calf, 
pp. 4d&. Paris, 1678. $6.50 

Rare. History of Lapland, with Manners, 
Customs, Religion, Magic, etc., of Arctic Life. 

The fine old plates of Worship, Reindeers, 
Sledding, etc. 

2190 Sooresbji W. An Account of 
the Arctic Regions, with a History 
and Description of the Northern 
Whale-Fishing. 24 fine engravings. 
2 vols., 8vo, calf, pp. 633 + 574. Ed- 
inburgh, 1820. $7.50 

2191 Scoresby, William. Journal 
of a Voyage to the Northern Whale- 
Fisheries, including Researches and 
Discoveries on the Eastern Coast of 
West Greenland. Folding maps and 
plates. 8vo, half calf, pp. 472. Edin- 
burgh, 1823. $3.00 

2192 Sutherland, Peter C. Journal 
of a Voyage in Baffin's Bay and Bar- 
row Straits, 1850-51, with Observa- 
tions on the Natural History and Phy- 
sical Features. Maps and plates. 2 
vols., post 8vo, cloth. London, 1852. 


2193 Weddell, James. A Voyage 
towards the South Pole, 1822-24, con- 
taining an Examination of the Ant- 
arctic Sea and a Visit to Tiera del 
Fuego. Maps and plates. 8vo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 276. London, 
1825. $2.50 


2194 A Plan for the Systematic 
Colonization of Canada and All Other 
British Colonies. By an Officer of 
Rank Nearly 20 Years Resident in 
Canada. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 84. 
London, 1850. $1.50 

Presentation copv. ** To the Miss Smarts 
with Colonel Light s best love." 

2195 Acadia. Over the Border: 
Acadia, the Home of "Evangeline." 
Illustrations by the Author. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 215. Boston, 1884. $1.25 

2196 Alexander, Lieut.-Col. Sir 
Jas. E. Passages in the Life of a 
Soldier; or. Military Service in the 
East and West. (Canada, West 
Point, Lake Superior, Detroit, etc.) 
2 colored plates. 2 vols., i2mo, clotii. 
London, 1857. $3.00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2197 Alexander, Sir Jas. Edward. 
Salmon Fishing in Canada. By a 
resident (Dr. Adamson). Edited by 
Sir James Edward Alexander. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 350. Lon- 
don, i860. $2.00 

2198 Ballantyne, Robt. M. Hud- 
son's Bay; or, Every-Day Life in the 
Wilds of North America. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 328. London, 1848. 


2199 Bartlett, W. H. Canadian 
Scenery. Illustrated with a Series of 
Beautiful Engravings, with Descrip- 
tions by N. P. Willis. 2 vols., 4to, full 
red calf, gilt, emblematically tooled 
with Indians, canoes, forest scenes, 
etc. London, 1842. $7.50 

2200 BeerSi W. G. Lacrosse, the 
National Game of Canada. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 256. Mon- 
treal, 1869. .75 

22or BillingSy E. The Canadian 
Naturalist and Geologist. Plates. 
(American Geological History, Ca- 
nadian Wood Pecker, etc.) Vol. I. 
(all published?). Montreal, 1857. 



2202 Bonnyoastley Richard iH. 
Canada, as It Was^ Is, and May Be, 
with Considerable Additions, and an 
Account of Recent Transactions, by 
Jas. E. Alexander. Map. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth. London, 1852. $2.50 

2203 Bouchette, Jos. The British 
Dominions in North America; or, A 
Topographical and Statistical De- 
scription of the Provinces of Lower 
and Upper Canada, New Brunswick, 
Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc. 2 
vols. Also, Topographical Diction- 
ary of Province of Lower Canada. In 
all 3 vols. Steel portrait, maps, views, 
etc. 4to. London, 183 1. $7.50 

2204 Bonrinot, J. G. Canadian 
Studies in Comparative Politics. 
Folio, cloth, pp. 92. Montreal, 1890. 


2205 British Columbia. Bancroft, 
H. H. The History of British Co- 
lumbia. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 792. 
San Francisco, 1887. $2.00 

2206 Bryoe, George. A History of 
the Canadian People. Map. Post 
8vo, cloth, pp. 528. London, 1887. 


2207 Butler, W. F. The Wild 
North Land: A Winter Journey with 
Dogs across Northern North Amer- 
ica. Maps and illustrations. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 358. London, 1873. $2.50 

2208 Carroll, John. Case and His 
Contemporaries; or. The Canadian 
Itinerant's Memorial, Containing a 
Biographical History of Methodism 
in Uanada from Its Introduction to 
the Death of Rev. Wm. Case in 
1855. 5 vols., i2mo, cloth. Toronto, 
I867-77, $6xx> 

2209 Christie, Robert. History of 
the Late Province of Lower Canada, 
Parliamentary and Political. Illus- 
trated. 6 vcJs., i2mo, half calf, gilt. 
Montreal, 1866. $12.00 


2210 Cumberland, Stuart. The 
Queen's Highway from Ocean to 
Ocean. (Canadiail Pacific R. R., 
Northwest, etc.). Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 430. London, 1887. $2.2^ 

221 1 Day, Samuel P. English 
America; or. Pictures of Canadian 
Places and People* 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth. London, 1864. $2.00 

2212 Dent, John C. History of the 
Upper Canadian Rebellion. Largely 
derived from original sources and 
documents. 2 vols., 4to, cloth. To- 
ronto, 1885. $7.50 

2213 Dent, John C. The Canadian 
Portrait Gallery. (A Series of Biog- 
raphies, with tinted lithog^phic por- 
traits of the Prominent Men of Can- 
ada.) 4 vols, in 2. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. Toronto, 1880-81. $10.00 

2214 Donkin, John G. Trooper 
and Redskin in the Far Northwest; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



or, Life with the Mounted Northwest 
Police, 1884-88. Map. i2rao, cloth, 
pp. 289. London, 1889. $1.50 

2215 Snfleriiii Lord. My Canadian 
Journal, 1872-78 (while Governor- 
General of Canada). Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 451. New York, 1891. 


2216 Dnnoan, Francis. Our Garri- 
sons in the West; or. Sketches in Brit- 
ish North America. Map. i2mo, 
half morocco, pp. 319. London, 1864. 


2217 raircMld, G. M., Jr. Cana- 
dian Leaves: History, Art, Literature. 
A series of New Papers read before 
the Canadian Club of New York. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp* 291. New 
York, 1887. $1.25 

2218 Fitzgeraldi James E. Exami- 
nation of the Charter and Proceedings 
of the Hudson's Bay Company, with 
Reference to the Grant of Vancou- 
ver's Island. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
293. London, 1849. $i-oo 

2219 Fleming, Sandford. England 
and Canada: A Summer Tour between 
Old and New Westminster, with His- 
torical Notes. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
449. Montreal, 1884. $1.25 

2220 Oagnon^ P. Essai de Bibli- 
ographic Canadienne. (Essay on 
Canadian Bibliography, 5018 Titles of 
Books, Manuscripts, Plates, etc., with 
Collations and Bibliographical Notes.) 
8vo, uncut, pp. 711. Quebec, 1895. 


Valuable for reference, as it gives the collations 
and notes. 

2221 Oeikiei John C. Adventures 
in Canada; or. Life in the Wbods. 
Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 408. 
Philadelphia, n. d. .75 

2222 OrecCi Chas. F. Facts and 
Observations Respecting Canada, and 
the United States of America: Afford- 
ing a Comparative View of the In- 
ducements to Emigration Presented 
in Those Countries, with an Appendix 
of Practical Instructions. 8vo, full 

polished calf, pp. 172. London, 1819. 


" A comparison between the Canadian Prov- 
inces and tne Western States of North Amer- 
ica." An acquaintance with the country for 16 
years should be a sufficient qualification for the 

2223 Oreeni William S. Among 
the Selkirk Glaciers: An Account of 
a Rough Survey in the Rocky Moun- 
tain Regions of British Columbia. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 251. London, 
1890. $1.50 

2224 (Haliburton, Judge.) The 
Bubbles of Canada. By Author of 
" The Qockmaker." 8vo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. 342. London, 1839. $1.50 

2225 Hardgravei Jos. James. (The) 
Red River (Country). (Constitutional 
and Early Civil History of the Red 
River Settlement, Commencement of 
Winnipeg, etc.) 8vo, cloth, pp. 506. 
Montreal (printed for the Author), 
1871. $2.00 

2226 Herioty George. Travels 
through the Canadas, containing a 
Description of the Picturesque Scen- 
ery on Some of the Rivers and Lakes; 
with an Account of the Productions, 
Commerce, and Inhabitants of Those 
Provinces; also, A Comparative View 
of the Manners and Customs of Sev- 
eral of the Indian Nations of North 
and South America. Illustrated with 
a map and numerous engravings. 
4to, half calf, pp. 602. London, 1807. 


2227 Hardy, Campbell. Forest 
Life in Acadie: Sketches of Sport 
and Natural History in the Lower 
Provinces of the Canadian Dominion. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 371. 
London, 1869. $1.75 

2228 Heady Sir Francis. A Narra^ 
tive. The 2d edition, containing Ap- 
pendix on Aborigines of North Amer- 
ica, and Addresses to Sir Francis 
Head from Legislatures of British 
North American Colonies. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 488 + 15 + 38. London, 
1839. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



", George. Forest Scenes 
s in the Wilds of North 
ng Diary of a Winter's 
Eialifax and the Canadas 
ron and Simcoe. i2mo, 
J63. London, 1838. 


Alex. Staveley. From 
ome: Autumn Wander- 
forth- West, in the Years 
1883, 1884. Illustrated 
;s by Mrs. S. Hill and 
Map and plates. 8vo, 
2. London, 1885. $1.50 

2231 Hind, Henry Y. Explora- 
tions in the Interior of the Labrador 
Peninsula, the Country of the Mon- 
tagnais and Nasquapee Indians. 
Map and colored plates. 2 vols., 8vo, 
half calf, gilt tops. London, 1863. 


2232 Hindi H. Y. Narrative of the 
Canadian Red River Exploring Ex- 
pedition of 1857 and of the Assinni- 
boine and Saskatchewan Exploring 
Expedition of 1858. Map and tinted 
illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
London, i860. $12.00 

" During this exploration Mr. Hind lived 
almost constantly among the Crees and Chlppe- 
ways, whose habits and peculiarities he was 
most eager to study and prompt to record, and 
to observe all the facts which may prove step- 

ging-stones in tracing their origin and their 
Istory."— Field. 

2233 Hunter, W. S., Jr. Hunter's 
Ottawa Scenery. Map and 14 fine 
lithograph plates. 4to, cloth. 1855. 


2234 Jameson, Mrs. Winter Stud- 
ies and Summer Rambles in Canada. 
(Society in Toronto, The Chippewa 
Language, Songs, and Story Tellers, 
etc.). 3 vols., i2mo, half calf. Lon- 
don, 1838. $3.00 

2235 Lambert, John. Travels 
through Lower Canada and the 
United States in the Years 1806, 1807, 

and 1808. Illustrated with maps and 
colored plates. 3 vols., 8vo, half red 
roan, gilt tops. London, 1810. $7.50 

2237 Lawrence, J. W. Footprints; 
or. Incidents in the Early History of 
New Brunswick, N. S. Portraits and 
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 107. St. 
John, N. B., 1883. $1.50 

2238 Lillie, A. Canada, Physical, 
Economic, and Social. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 297. Toronto, 1855. $1.00 

2239 Lindsey, Charles. Rome in 
Canada. 8vo, cloth, pp. 398. To- 
ronto, 1877. $1.75 

2240 Logan, Sir Wm. E. Life of. 
Compiled from His Letters, Journals, 
etc. By Bernard J. Harrington. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 432. 
London, 1883. $1.50 

First Director of the Geological Survey of 

2241 Lome, Canadian Pictures 
Drawn with Pen and Pencil by Mar- 
quis of Lome. Map and illustrati(His. 
Royd 8vo, cloth, pp. 224. London. 


2242 Kanitoba. Begg, Alexandia. 
The Creation of Manitoba; or, His- 
tory of the Red River Troubles. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 408. Toronto, 1871. 


2243 Kanitoba. Fitzgibbon, Mary. 
A Trip to Manitoba. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
248. London, 1880. $1.50 

2244 Kanitoba. Hall, Mrs. Cecil. 
A Lady's Life on a Farm in Mani- 
toba. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
171. London, 1884. $1.00 

2245 Manitoba. Legge, Alfred O. 
Sunny Manitoba, Its Peoples and Its 
Industries. Map and illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 297. London, 1892. 


2246 Manitoba. Macoun, John. 
Manitoba and the Great North- West 
With maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 687. 
London, 1883. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2247 Kartm, Horace T. Castoro- 
logia; or, The History and Traditions 
of thef Canadian Beaver. An ex- 
haustive monograph and fully illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 238. London, 
1892. $2.50 

The only book of anyjaccoant on the subject 
to appear since the volumej^by Lewis H. Mor- 
gan- ^ 

2248 Kartm, R. M. History ol 
Upper and Lower Canada. Illus- 
trated. i6mo, cloth, pp. 337. Lon- 
don, 1836. $1.00 

2249 IClton, Viscount, and Che- 
adle, W. B. The North-West Pas- 
sage by Land: Being the Narrative of 
an Expedition from the Atlantic to 
the Pacific, Undertaken with the View 
of Exploring a Route across the Con- 
tinent to British Columbia through 
British Territory, by One of the 
Northern Passes in the Rocky 
Mountains. Illustrated. Map. Pres- 
entation copy. 8vo, clotfi, pp. 400. 
London, 1866. $3.00 

2250 Koncky Francis E. O. My 
Canadian Leaves: An Account of a 
Visit to Canada, 1864-65. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 367. London, 1891. $1.75 

2251 Koodiei Susana. Roughing 
It in the Bush; or. Life in Canada. 
2 vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 
1852. $2.00 

2252 KoodiCy Mrs. Life in the 
Clearings vs. The Bush. i2mo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 300. New York. $1.00 

2253 Knlvaney, Chas. P. History 
of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885; 
Origin and Progress of the War, with 
History of the Indian Tribes. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 424. To- 
ronto, 1885. $1.25 

2254 Narrative of the Oppressive 
Law Proceedings, and Other Meas- 
ures Resorted to by the British Gov- 
ernment and Numerous Private Indi- 
viduals to Overpower the Earl of 
Stirling and Subvert His Lawful 
Rights. Written by Himself. Also, 

A Genealogical Account of the Fam- 
ily of Alexander, Earls of Stirling, 
with an Historical View of Their 
Hereditary Possessions in Nova 
Scotia, Canada, etc. By Ephraim 
Lockhart. Folding pedigree. 4to, 
boards, pp. 176 + jy. Edinburgh, 
1836. $3.50 

With additional manuscript table of pedigree 
inserted in front cover. 

2255 Nettle, Richard. The Salmon 
Fisheries of the St. Lawrence and Its 
Tributaries. i2mo, cloth, pp. 144. 
Montreal, 1857. $1.25 

2256 New Brunswick. Gresner, 
Abraham. New Brunswick, with 
Notes for Emigrants, Early History, 
Indians, Settlement, etc. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 388. London, 1847. $2.00 

2257 New Brunswick. Monro, 
Alex. New Brunswick, with a Brief 
Outline of Nova Scotia and Prince 
Edward Island, Their Country, So- 
cial divisions, Geog^phy, and Pro- 
ductions. Maps. 8vo, boards, pp. 
385. Halifax, N.S. 1855. $3.50 

An unusual book. 

2258 Newfoundland. Bonnycastle, 
Sir Richard H. Newfoundland in 
1842. Map and illustrations. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1842. 


2259 Newfoundland, Excursions in 
and about, during the Years 1839 and 
1840. By J. B. Jukes. (Geology, 
Fishing, Adventures with Indians, 
etc.) 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. London, 
1842. $2.00 

2260 Newfoundland. Hatton, Jo- 
seph and Harvey M. Newfoundland, 
the Oldest British Colony: Its His- 
tory, Prospects in the Future, etc. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 489. Lon- 
don, 1883. $2.00 

2261 Newfoundland. Pedley, Chas. 
The History of Newfoundland from 
the Earliest Times to the Year i860. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 531. London, 
1863. $2.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2263 Newfoundland. Whitboume, 
R. Westward Hoe for Avalon, in the 
Newfoundland, as described by Rich- 
ard Whitboume in 1622. Edited by 
T. Whitburn. i2mo, cloth, pp. 47. 
London, 1870. $1.25 

2264 Note Scotia. Lockwood, An- 
thony. A Brief Description of Nova 
Scotia, including a Particular Account 
of the Island of Grand Manan. 
Maps. 4to, boards, pp. 104. London 
(printed for the Author), 1818. $5.00 

2265 Nova Scotia. Lunenburg 
County. History of the County of 
Lunenburg; By Mather B. Des 
Brisay. 8vo, cloth, pp. 585. To- 
ronto, 1895. $5.00 

2266 Nova Scotia. Memoir of Sir 
Brenton Halliburton, Late Chief Jus- 
tice Off the Province of Nova Scotia. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 207. Halifax, 1864. 


2267 Nova Scotia. Rambles among 
the Blue-Noses; or. Reminiscences of 
a Tour through New Brunswick and 
Nova Scotia in 1862. By Andrew 
Learmont Spedon. i2mo. Montreal, 
1863. $2.00 

2268 Nova Scotia. Rogers, Chas. 
The Earl of Stirling's Register of 
Royal Letters Relative to the Affairs 
of Scotland and Nova Scotia, 1615-35. 
2 vols., 4to, half morocco. Edin- 
burgh, 1885. $10.00 

Very rare. Only 150 copies privately printed. 

2269 Nova Scotia. Roibertson, 
James. History of the Mission of the 
Secession Church to Nova Scotia from 
Its Commencement in 1765. Map. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 292. Edinburgh, 
1848. $1.25 

2270 Nova Scotia. (A History oQ 
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. (Early Voy- 
ages to America, Acadian Settle- 
ments, Champlain, Indians, Early Set- 
tlers, etc.) By George S. Brown. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 524. Boston, 1888. 


2271 O'Learyi Peter. Travels and 
Experiences in Canada, The Red 

River Territory, and the United 
States. i2mo, cloth, pp. 226. Lon- 
don, n. d. $1.25 

2272 Pickeni Andrew. The Can- 
adas: Comprehending a Variety of 
Topographical Reports from Original 
Document Furnished by John Gait. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 436. Lon- 
don, 1832. $1.25 

2273 Pike, Warburton. The Bar- 
ren Grounds of Northern Canada. 
Maps. 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 30a 
London, 1892. $1.50 

Personal adventuret in search^of big game, 
with spirited and graphic descriptions of the 
search for the musk ox, the rarest and most 
inaccessible of all large game. The author 
traveled over new grounid hitherto only known 
to the Indians. 

2274 Preston, T. R. Three Years' 
Residence in Canada, 1837-39, with 
Notes of a Winter Voyage to New 
York. 2 vols., i2mo, half calf. Lon- 
don, 1840. $2.00 

2275 Rattray, W. J. The Scot in 
British North America. 4 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Toronto, 1880. $7.50 

A complete history of the active and impor- 
tant part played by the Scotch in the develop- 
ment of Canada. 

^276 Bidgeway. An Historical 
Romance of the Fenian Invasion of 
Canada. i2mo, cloth, pp. 262. Bvl- 
falo, 1868. $1.00 

2277 Bidout Letters. Ten Years of 
Upper Canada in Peace and War, 
1805-15, being the Ridout Letters. 
With annotations by Matilda Edgar. 
Maps and portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
389. Toronto, 1890. $2.50 

Pages 125 to 338 relate to the War of 1812. 
Name on title-page. 

2278 Boper, Edward. By Track 
and Trail: A Journey through Can- 
ada. (Quebec, Montreal, Manitoba, 
Winnipeg, Life in! the Northwest, 
Vancouver City, Over the Rockies, 
etc.) Map and numerous illustra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, pp. 455. London, 
1891. $2.50 

Published at x8 shillings. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2279 Eoy, J. History of Canada 
for the Use of Schools and Families. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 282. Montreal, 1854. 


2280 St. ThoniAS. Knox, John P. 
Historical Account of St. Thomas, 
with Notices of St. Croix and St. 
Johns. Plates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 271. 
New York, 1852. $1.25 

2281 Songster^ Charles. The St. 
Lawrence and the Saguenay, and 
Other Poems. i2mo, cloth, pp. 262. 
Kingston, 1856. $1.00 

2282 Soatcherdy Thomas. Memoir 
of. Member of Parliament for the 
North Riding of Middlesex, Canada. 
A Family Record. By Wm. Horton. 
Portrait. 8vo, cloth, pp. 218. Lon- 
don, Ontario, 1878. $1.50 

12283 Seton-Karr, H. W. Bear 
Hunting in the White Mountains; or, 
Alaska and British Columbia Re- 
visited. Map and illustrations. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 156. London, 1891. $1.00 

2284 Simpsoiii George. Narrative 
of a Journey Round the World, 
1841-42. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1847. $3.00 

By the^Governor of the Hudson's Bay Com- 
pany. Relates almost entirely to northwest 
Canada, Alaska, Sandwich Islands, and Siberia. 

2285 Simpsoiii Thomas. Narrative 
of the Discoveries on the Coast of 
North America; Effected by the Of- 
ficers of the Hudson's Bay Company 
during the Years 1836-39. Qoumeys 
on the Red:, Coppermine, and Mac- 
kenzie Rivers, etc.) Maps. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 420. London, 1843. $2.50 

2286 Six Tean in the Bush; or, 
Extracts from the Journal of a Set- 
tler in Upper Canada, 1832-38. i6fmo, 
cloth, pp. 126. London, 1838. $2.00 

A very scarce account of an early settler in 

Leading Events. 8vo, paper, pp. 224. 
Ottawa, 1868. $1.50 

2288 Smith, W. H. Canada, Past, 
Present, and Future, Being an His- ^ 
torical. Geographical, Geological, and 
Statistical Account of Canada West. 
Maps. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Toronto, 
n. d. $3.50 

(^ A business directory of the merchants, pro- 
fessional men, etc., with their several businesses 
(183 pages). Is a valuable personal record. 

2289 Smyth, Coke. Sketches in the 
Canadas. A series of 23 splendid 
lithographic plates of Scenery, Falls 
of Niagara, Indians and Indian Life, 
Builalo Hunting, etc. Folio, half 
green morocco. London (about 
1850). $10.00 

2291 Spedon, Andrew Learmont. 
Tales of the Canadian Forest. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 221. Montreal, 1861. 


2292 Stewart, George. Canada 
under the Administration of the Earl 
of Duflferin. (Reil Rebellion, Mon- 
treal, Speeches, etc.) Steel portrait. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 696. Toronto, 1879. 


2293 Strickland, Major. Twenty- 
seven Years in Canada West; or, The 
Experience of an Early Settler. 
Edited by Agnes Strickland. 2 vols, 
in I. Thick i2mo, cloth. London, 
1853. $2.50 

2294 Talbot, E. A. Five Years' 
Residence in the Canadas: Including 
a Tour through Part of the United 
States of America in the Year 1823. 
Frontispieces. 2 vols., 8vo, boards. 
London, 1824. $3-S0 

2295 Taylor, James. Narrative of 
a Voyage to, and Travels in. Upper 
Canada, with Customs, Character, and 
Dialect of the Country. i2mo, cloth; 
pp. 135. Hull, 1846. $2.00 

2287 Snutlly H. Beaumont. Chron- 2296 Toronto. History of Toronto 
icles of Canada: A Concise History of and County of York, Ontario. (His- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



tory of the City, Towns, Villages, 
Churches, Local Items and Bio- 
graphical Sketches.) Illustrated. 2 
vols., 4to, half morocco. Toronto, 
1885. $5.00 

2297 Toronto. Scadding, Henry. 
Toronto of Old: Collections and 
Recollections of Early Settlement, etc. 
Profusely illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
594. Toronto, 1878. $2.50 

2298 Tremenlieerey Hugh S. Notes 
on Public Subjects, Made during a 
Tour in the United States and Can- 
ada. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 320. 
London, 1852. $1.00 

2299 Tyrrell, J. W. Across the 
Sub- Arctics of Canada: A Journey of 
3200 by Canoe and Snowshoe through 
the Barren Lands. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 280* New York, 1898. 


2300 VancouYer Island and British 
Columbia (Alex. Rattray): Where 
They Are; What They Are; and What 
They May Become; Their History, 
Topography, Qimate, etc. Map and 
colored plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. 
London, 1862. $1.50 

2301 Vancouver. Macdonald, D. G. 
F. British Columbia and Vancouver's 
Island: Description, with Natural 
History, Gold Fields, and Manners 
and Customs of the Native Indians. 
Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 524. London, 
1863. $1.50 

2302 Yancouyer. Mayne, R. C. 
Four Years in British Columbia and 
Vancouver Island. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, pp. 468. London, 
1862. $2.00 

2303 Worburton, Eliot. Hoche- 
loga; or, England in the New World. 
Plates. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth, uncut. 
London, 1847. $^-5o 

Best edition. 

2304 (Worburton,) The Conquest 
of Canada. Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1849. ^SO 

2305 Wilson, F. A., and Richards, 
A. B. Britain Redeemed and Canada 
Preserved. Maps. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
556. London, 1850. $1.50 

General view of Canada and on the construc- 
tion of a trans-continental railroad. 

2306 Winnipeg. Ten Years in 
Winnepeg: Narration of History of 
Winnipeg, 1870-79. By Alex. Begg 
and W. R. Nursey. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
226. Winnipeg, 1879. $i-^5 



2307 Bard, Sam'l A. Wainka; or. 
Adventures on the Mosquito Shore. 
60 illustrations. i2mo, cloth, pp. 366. 
New York, 1855. $1.25 

2308 Bates, H. W. Central Amer- 
ica, the West Indies, and South Amer- 
ica. Maps and illustrations. JBvo, 
cloth, pp. 571. London, 1878. $1.50 

2309 Gautemala. Dunn, Henry. 
Gautemala, or the Unitfed Provinces 
of Central America, 1827-28, being 
Sketches of a Twelve-Months' Resi- 
dence. 8vo, bo2Uxis, uncut, pp. 319. 
New York, 1828. $1.75 

2310 Gautemala. Montgomery, G. 
W. Narrative of a Journey to Gaute- 
mala in 1838. 8vo, cloth, pp. 195. 
New York, 1839. $1.50 

231 1 Gautemala. The Land of the 
Quetzal. By William T. Brigham. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 453. London, 
1887. $2.50 

2312 Hand Book of the American 
Republics. (First Landing of Colum- 
bus, etc.) Illustrated. 8vo, paper, pp. 
288. Washington, 1891. .75 

2313 Honduras. The Land of 
Great Depths. By Cecil Gharies. 
Maps and portraits. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
216. Chicago, 1890. $1.00 

2314 Honduras. Henderson, Capt 
Geo. Account of the British Settle- 
ment of Honduras, with Sketches of 
the Manners and Customs of the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mosquito Indians. i2nio, half calf, 
PP« ^37- London, 181 1. $1.50 

2315 Kap of Central America, com- 
piled from materials furnished by the 
Cottimittee on Foreign Relations of 
the Seriate. Executed by A. D. 
Bache, under direction <yi W. R. 
Palmer. 354 ft. by 3>4 ft., bi-sected 
and mounted on linen in cloth cover. 
1856. .75 

2316 Nicaragua. A Sketch of 
Travel. By Mrs. Alfred Hart. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 267. London, 1887. $i.oo 

2317 Nican^^. Squier, E. G. 
Its People, Scenery, Monuments, and 
the Proposed Interoceanic Canal. 
Numerous ms^ps and plates. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1852. $5.00 

^318 Nicaragua. Stout, Peter F. 
Nicaragua, Past, Present, and Future, 
Its Inhabitants, Customs, Early His- 
tory, etc. i2mo, cloth, pp. 372. 
Philadelphia, 1859. $1.25 

2319 Panama. Bidwell, Chas. T. 
The Isthmus of Panama. Plate. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 418. London, 1865. 


The most complete work on this subject. 

2320 Panama. Fabens, Joseph W. 
A Story of Life in the Isthmus. (Ac- 
count of Troubles during the War 
with Mexico, etc.) i2mo, pp. 215. 
New York, 1853. $1.00 

2321 Panama. Griswold, C. D. 
The Isthmus of Panama and What 
I Saw There. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. 
New York, 1852. $1.25 

2322 Panama. Rodrigues, J. C. 
The Panama Canal, Its History, Po- 
litical Aspects, and Financial Diffi- 
culties. i2mo, cloth, pp. 248. New 
York, 1885. $1.50 

2323 Pim, Bedford, and Seemann, 
B. Dottings on the Roadside in 
Panama, Nicaragua, and Mosquito. 
Map and tinted pUites. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
468. London, 1869. $3.00 

2324 Schmidt, Dr. Julius. The 
Stone Sculptures of Capan and Qui- 

rigua. Drawn by Heinrich Meye; 
translated from the German by A. D. 
Savage. 20 splendid plates of Idols, 
Temples, Tombs, etc. Folio, half 
roan. New York, 1883. $7.50 

2325 Shnfcldt, R. W. Reports of 
Explorations and Surveys to Ascer- 
tain the Practicability of a Ship-Canal 
between the Atlantic and Pacific by 
way of Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 
Plates and maps. 4to, cloth. Wash- 
ington, 1872. $1.50 

2326 Sqnicr, E. G. The States of 
Central America, Their Geography, 
Topography, Qimate, Aborigines, etc. 
Maps, plates, and woodcuts. 8vo, half 
morocco, pp. 782. New York, 1858. 


2327 Stephens, John L. Incidents 
of Travel in Central America, Chi- 
apas, and Yucatan. Map and fine 
plates of Ancient Remains, Idols,. 
Temples, Hieroglyphics, etc. ist edi- 
tion, fine copy. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
New York, 1841. $4.50 

2328 Yucatan. Fancourt, Chas. St. 
John. The History of Yucatan from 
Its Discovery to Close of Seventeenth 
Century. Map. 8vo, cloth, uncut, 
pp. 340. London, 1854. $1.50 

2329 Zeledon, Pedro P. Reply to 
the Argument of Nicaragua on the 
Treaty of April 15, 1858, to be De- 
cided by the President of the United 
States, Filed on Behalf of the Govern- 
ment of Costa Rida. 8vo, morocco, 
pp. 211. Washington, 1887. $1.25 


2330 Bancroft, Hubert H. A Pop- 
ular History of the Mexican People.. 
Illustrated. 8vo, sheep, pp. 632. San 
Francisco, 1887. $1.25 

2331 Baroa, Madame Caldem de la. 
Life in Mexico during a Residence of 
Two Years in that Country. With a 
preface by W. H. Prescott. 8vo, 
ck)th, pp. 437. London, 1843. $i«5o 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2332 Berendti C. Hermann. Ana- 
lytical Alphabet for the Mexican and 
Central American Languages. Fac- 
similes in photo-lithography, 8 pp. 
New York, 1869. .35 

2333 Bishop, Wm. H. Mexico, 
California, and Arizona, being Re- 
vised Edition of Old Mexico and Her 
Lost Provinces. Illustrated. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 569. New York, 1889. 


2334 Bullock, W. Six Months' 
Residence and Travels in Mexico, 
containing Remarks on the Present 
State of New Spain. With maps and 
plates, colored ones of costumes, etc. 
8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 532. London, 
1824. $3.00 

2335 T^ii^* Memoirs of Bemal 
Diaz del Castillo, Written by Himself, 
coMtaining a Full and True Account 
of the Discovery and Conquest of 
Mexico and New Spain. Translated 
from the Spanish by John L Lock- 
hart. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lon- 
don, 1844. $7.00 

2336 Emory, Wm. H. Report on 
the United States and Mexican 
Boundary Survey. 2 vols., large 4to, 
cloth. Washington, 1857. $6.00 

Beaatiful plates of icenery, antiquities, 
botany, natund history, etc. 

2337 Evaiui, Albert S. Our Sister 
Republic. A Gala Trip through 
Tropical Mexico in 1869-70. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 518. Hartford, 
1870. $2.00 

2338 Perry, Gabriel. Vagabond 
Life in Mexico. i2mo, cloth, pp. 460. 
London, 1856. $1.50 

2339 I^ort, John. The History of 
Mexico and Its Wars. (The Aztec 
Empire, Cortez Conquest, Spanish 
Rule, Texan Wars, War with the 
United States, etc.) 550 illustrations. 
Svo, cloth, pp. 706. New Orleans, 
1887. $2.00 

2340 Oringo, A. Through the 
Land of the Aztecs; or. Life and 

Travel in Mexico. Illustnated. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 236. London, 1892, $1.25 

2341 Haven, Gilbert. Our Next- 
Door Neighbor: A Winter in Mexico. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 467. New 
York, 1875. $^-#> 

2342 Henderson, Geo. F. History 
of the Mexican Railway, Considered 
with Its Geographical, Agricultural, 
and Manufacturing Aspects. With 
scientific and historical notes. Fine 
lithographic plates. Folio, cloth, pp. 
211. Mexico, 1876. $1.50 

2343 Humboldt, Alex. de. Politi- 
cal Essay on the Kingdom of New 
Spain. Translated by John Black. 
Maps. 4 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
London, 181 1. $10.00 

2344 Lyons, G. F. Journal of a 
Residence and Tour in the Republic 
of Mexico in 1826, with Accotmt of 
the Mines. 2 vol&, i2mo, full calf, 
neat. London, 1828. $2.25 

2345 Katorin, Edward. Monte- 
zuma, the Last of the Aztecs: A Ro- 
mance. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. New 
York, 1845. $1-50 

2346 Uayer, Brantz. Mexico, Az- 
tec, Spanish, and Republican: His- 
torical, Geographical, Political, and 
Social Account of that Country from 
the Invasion to the Present Time, 
with a View of the Ancient Aztec Em- 
pire. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 
PP- 433 + 399. Hartford, 1853. 


Another, 2 vols, in i, leatiier. 
Hartford, 1854. $3.50 

2347 Horeno, G. Reglas Ciertas, y 
Precisamente Necessarias para Ivezes, 
y Ministros de Ivsticia de las Indias, 
y para sus Confessores Compuestas 
por el muy Docto P. M. Fr. Ger- 
onymo Moreno. 4to, pp. (16) 136. 
Mexico, 1732. $5.00 

A rare prodaction of the Mexican ptess. 

2348 Ober, F. A. Travels in Mex- 
ico and Life among the Mexicans. 
1st, Yucatan. 2d, Central and South- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



era Mexico. 3d, Border States. 190 
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 672. 
Boston, 1884. $2.50 

Printed upon much better paper than were 
the re»issues« 

2349 Parry, Francis. The Sacred 
Maya Stone of Mexico and Its Sym- 
bolism. With 8 large plates and nu- 
merous illustrations in the text. Fo- 
lio, paper, pp. 70. London, 1893. 


A most interesting work on Mexican Archse- 
ology and Symbolism and the true meaning of 
the carved monuments of ancient Mexico and 
Central America. 

2350 Price, Thomas W. Brief 
Notes Taken on a Trip to the City of 
Mexico in 1878, Forming an Interest- 
ing Narrative. i2mo, cloth, pp. 103. 
n. p., n. d. $1.50 

Only a few copies privately printed. 

2351 Bankin, Melinda. Twenty 
Years among the Mexicans. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 199. Cincinnati, 1875. 


2352 Eobinson, Wm. Davis. Mem- 
oirs of the Mexican Revolution: in- 
cluding a Narrative of the Expedition 
of General Xavier Mina, with Some 
Observations on the Practicability of 
Opening a Commerce between the 
Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 8vo, 
calf, pp. 396. Philadelphia (printed 
for the Author), 1820. $1.50 

2353 Schmidt, Gustavus. The Civil 
Law of Spain and Mexico Arranged 
on the Principles of the Modem 
Codes, Preceded by an Historical In- 
troduction to the Spanish and Mexi- 
can Law, with the Most Important 
Acts of the Mexican Congress. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 376. New Orleans, 
1851. $3.50 

2354 Shepard, A. K. The Land of 
the Aztecs; or, Two Years in Mexico. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 210. Albany, 1859. 


2355 Thompson, Waddy. Recollec- 
tions of Mexico. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
304. New York, 1846. $1.00 

2356 Ward, H. G. Mexico in 1827. 
Map and fine plates. 2 vols., 8vo, 
boards, uncut. London, 1828. 

Another copy, half bound. $10.00 


2357 Andrews, Captain. Journey 
from Buenos Ayres through Cordova, 
Tucuman, Salta, thence by Deserts of 
Carauja to Potosi, and Subsequently 
to Santiage de Chili, Taken in Behalf 
of the Chilian and Peruvian Mining 
Association. 2 vols., i2mo, full calf, 
gilt. London, 1827. $3.50 

2358 Argentine. Isabelle, Arsene. 
Voyage a Buenos Ayres et a Porto 
Alegre, 1830-34. Plates. 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 620. Havre, 1835. $^-50 

2359 Argentine. Johnson, H. C. R. 
A Long Vacation in the Argentine 
Alps. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 180. 
London, 1868. $1.50 

2360 Argentine. King, Col. J. A. 
Twenty-four Years in the Argentine 
Republic, embracing the Author's 
Personal Adventures, with the Civil 
and Military History of the Country. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 442. London, 
1846. $1.75 

2361 Argentine. MacCann, Wil- 
liam Two Thousand Miles' Ride 
through the Argentine Provinces; 
The Natural Products of the Country 
and Habits of the People. Fine col- 
ored plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
London, 1853. $3.00 

2362 Argentine. Mulhall, M. G. 
and E. T. Handbook of the River 
Plate Republics, comprising Buenos 
Ayres and the Provinces of the Ar- 
gentine Republic and the Republics 
of Uruguay and Paraguay. Maps. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 425. London, 1875. 


2363 Argentine. Sarmiento, D. F. 
Life in the Argentine Republic in 
the Days of the Tyrants; or. Civiliza- 
tion and Barbarism. With a bio- 
graphical sketch of the author by Mrs. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Horace Mann. Portrait. i2nio, 
cloth, pp. 401. New York, 1868. 


2364 Argentine. Seymour, R. A. 
Pioneering in the Pampas; or. The 
First Four Years of a Settler's Expe- 
rience in the La Plata Camps. With 
map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. London, 
1869. $i-50 

Small piece cut from blank, top of title-page. 

2365 Argentine. Turner, Thom&s 
A* Argentina and the Argentines: 
Notes and Impressions of a Five 
Years' Sojourn in the Argentine Re- 
public, 1885-90. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 370. New York, 1892. 


2366 Betes, Henry W. The Nat- 
uralist on the River Amazon. Illus- 
trated. Post 8vo, cloth, pp. 394. 
London, 1875. $1.50 

2367 Brazil. Agassiz, Louis. A 
Journal in Brazil. Illustrated. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 540. Boston, 1868. $1.50 

2368 Brazil. Armitage, John. The 
History of Brazil from the Period of 
the Arrival of the Draganza Family in 
1808 to the Abdication of Dom Pe- 
dro I. in 183 1. Compiled from the 
state documents and other original 
sources, forming the continuation of 
Southey's history of that country. 
Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 
London, 1836. $2.50 

2369 Brazil. Atkins, John. A 
Voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and the 
West Indies in His Majesty's Ships 
the Swallow and Weymouth, Describ- 
ing the Several Islands and Settle- 
ments, etc. (Stamp on title.) 8vo, 
calf, pp. 266. London, 1735. $2.50 

2370 Brazil. Bigg- Wither, Thos. 
P. Pioneering in South Brazil. 
Three Years of Forest and Prairie Life 
in the Province of Parana. Illus- 
trated. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. London, 
1878. $2.50 

2371 Brazil. Burton, Capt. Rich- 
ard F. Explorations of the High- 

lands of the Brazil, with a Full Ac- 
count of the Gold and Diamond 
Mines. Map and illustrations. 2 
vols., 8vo, . cloth, uncut. London, 
1869. $5'O0 

2372 Brazil. Christie, W. D. 
Notes on Brazilian Questions (Slav- 
ery, Commercial Relations, British 
Claims, etc.). i2mo, cloth, pp. 236. 
London, 1865. $1.50 

2373 Brazil. Codman, John. Ten 
Months in Brazil, with Notes on the 
Paraguayan War. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
218. Edinburgh, 1870. $1.00 

2374 BraziL Dickinson, Capt. 
Thos. A Narrative of the Operations 
for the Recovery of the Public Stores 
and Treasure Sunk in H. M. S. 
Thetis at Cape Rio, on the Coast of 
Brazil, with a Concise Account of the 
Loss of that Ship. Folding plan and 
lithographic plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
191. London, 1836. $1.00 

2375 Brazil. Fletcher and Kidder. 
Brazil and the Brazilians, in Histori- 
cal and Descriptive Sketches. Por- 
trait, map, and numerous illustrations. 
8vo, clodi, pp. 630. Philadelphia, 
1857. $1.50 

2376 Brazil. Graham, Miaria. 
Journal of a Voyage to Brazil and a 
Residence There, 1821-23. With fine 
plates. 4to, half roan, pp. 335. Loo- 
don, 1824. $2.00 

2377 Brazil. Hadfield, Wm. Bra- 
zil, and the River Platte, in the Year 
1868; Showing the Progress of those 
Countries since His Former Visit in 
1853. Illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
271. London, 1869. $1.25 

2378 Brazil. Hadfield, William. 
Brazil, the River Plate, and the Falk- 
land Islands, with the Cape Horn 
Route to Australia, including Notices 
of Lisbon, Madeira, the Canaries, and 
Cape Verde. Map and illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 384. London, 1854. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2379 Bra&l. Hartt, C. R, and 
Agassiz, Louis. Scientific Results of 
a Journey in Brazil, with the Gecrfogy 
and Physical Geo^^raphy of Brazil. 
Maps and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
gilt, pp. 620. Boston, 1870. $2.50 

2380 Braiil. Koster, Henry. Trav- 
els in Brazil. Maps and 8 beautiful 
hand-colored plates of Costumes, 
Scenery, Natives, etc. 4to, calf, pp. 
501. London, 1816. $5.00 

Highly commended by Southey, to whose 
Jibrmry the author had free access. 

2381 Braiil. Koster, Henry. Trav- 
els in Brazil. Map and tinted illustra- 
tions. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. London, 
1817. $3.00 

2382 Bra&l. Laeme, C. F. Van D. 
Brazil and Java, and the Coffee Cul- 
ture in America, Asia, etc. Plates, 
maps, and plans. 8vo, cloth, pp. 638. 
London, 1^5. $1.25 

Contains much information of a general char- 
acter — ^history, geology, slavery, etc. 

2383 Brazil. Lindley, Thomas. 
Narrative of a Voyage to Brazil, Ter- 
minating in the Seizure of a British 
Vessel, and the Imprisonment of the 
Author and the Ship's Crew by the 
Portuguese, with General Sketches of 
the Country, Its Natural Productions, 
Inhabitants, etc. 8vo, boards, pp. 
298. London, 1805. $1.50 

2384 Braal. MulhaU, M. G. Be- 
tween the Amazon and Andes; or, 
Ten Years of a Lad/s Travels in the 
Pampas, Gran Chaco, Paraguay, and 
Matto Grosso. Maps and illustra- 
tions. i2mo, cloth, pp. 341. Lon- 
don, 1881. $1.50 

2385 Brazil. Osorio, Jerome. His- 
tory of the Portuguese during the 
Reign of Emmanuel. Their Discov- 
ery of the Brazils, in Africa, etc. ; Bat- 
tles by Sea and Land, Sieges, etc. 
Translated from Latin by James 
Gibbs. 2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. Lon- 
don, 1752. $2.25 

2386 Brazil. Rickard, F. L A 
Mining Journey across the Great 

Andes, with Explorations in the 
Silver Mining Districts of the Prov- 
inces of San Joan and Mendoza and 
a Journey across the Pampas to 
Buenos Ayres. Maps. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 314. London, 1863. $2.00 

2387 BraziL Scully, William. 
Brazil, Its Provinces and Chief Cities, 
the Manners and Customs of the Peo- 
ple, etc. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 398. 
London, 1866. $1.00 

2388 BrazO. Smith, Herbert H. 
Brazil, the Amazons, and the Coast. 
Illustrated by J. Wells Champney and 
others. 8vo, cloth, pp. 644. New 
York, 1879. $2.50 

The best single volume which has been 
written upon Brmzil. 

2389 Brazil. Travels of Prince 
Adalbert in Europe and in Brazil, with 
a Voyage up the Amazon and Xin&^ 
Rivers. Translated by Robert H. 
Scbomburgk. Maps, etc. 2 vols., 
8vo, cloth, tmcut. London, 1849. 


2390 Brandy Lieut. Chas. Journal 
of a Voyage to Peru: A Passage 
across the Cordillera of the Andes, in 
the Winter of 1827, Pe'rformed on 
Foot in the Snow; and a Journey 
across the Pampas. Illustrated. 8vo, 
boards, pp. 346. London, 1828. 


2391 Brown, C. B., and Lidstone, 
Wm. Fifteen Thousand Miles on the 
Amazon and Its Tributaries. Map 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 520. 
London, 1878. $2.50 

2392 Brown, C. Narrative of the 
Expedition to South America Which 
Sailed from England at the Close of 
1817 for the Service of the Spanish 
Patriots, including the Military and 
Naval Transactions. 8vo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. 193. London, 1819. $2.00 

The author was captain of the ** Venezuelian 
Brigade of Light Artillery." 

2393 Buenos Ayrei and the Prov- 
inces of the Rio de la Plata, from 
Their Discovery and Conquest to the 
Establishment of Their Political In- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



dependence, by Woodbine Parish. Il- 
lustrated (portrait of Sebastian Cabot). 
8vo, cloth, pp. 434. London, 1852. 


2394 Caldcleughy Alexander. Trav- 
els in South America, 1819-21, con- 
taining Account of the Present State 
of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, and 'Chile. 
Map, fine plates of scenery (colored 
one of costumes). 2 vols., 8vo, full 
calf. London, 1825. $3.00 

2395 Cliilc. Gardiner, Capt. A. F. 
A Visit to the Indians on the Fron- 
tiers of Chili. Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
195. London, 1841. $1.50 

2396 Chile. Graham, Maria. Jour- 
nal of a Residence in Chile during 
1822 and a Voyage from Chile to 
Brazil in 1823. 14 fine plates. 4to, 
boards, uncut, pp. 512. London. 


2397 CMle. Schmidtmeyer, Peter. 
Travels into Chile, over the Andes, 
in the Years 1820 and 1821, with Some 
Sketches of the Productions and 
Agriculture; Mines and Metallurgy; 
inhabitants,' History, and Other Fea- 
tures of America; Particularly of 
Chile and Arauco. Illustrated with 
thirty plates (some colored), plans of 
Santiago, Post Road across the Pam- 
pas, Itineraries, etc. 4to, boards, pp. 
380. London, 1824. $5.00 

2398 Colombia. A Geographical, 
Statistical, Agricultural, Commercial, 
and Political Account of that Coun- 
try. Illustrated. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, 
uncut. London, 1822. $2.50 

2399 Colombia. Cochrane, Chas. S. 
Journal of a Residence and Travels in 
Colombia, 1823-24. Map and fine col- 
ored plates. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 
London, 1825. $3.50 

2400 Colombia. Holton, Isaac F. 
New Granada: Twenty Months in the 
Andes. Maps and illustrations. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 605. New York, 1857. 


2401 Condamine, M. de la. A Suc- 
cinct Abridgement of a Voyage Made 
within the Inland Parts of South 
America from Coasts of the South 
Sea to Brazil and Guiana, down the 
River Amazon. Folding map. 8vo, 
calf, pp. 108. London, 1747. $3.50 

2402 Coulter, John. Adventures on 
the Western Coast of South America, 
and the Interior of California; Inci- 
dents at Kingsmill Islands, New 
Guinea, and Other Pacific Ocean 
Islands; Manners and Customs of the 
Various Savage Tribes. 2 vols., i2mo, 
cloth, uncut. $2.50 

2403 Crommelin, M. Over the 
Andes from Argentine to Chili and 
Peru. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
387. London, 1896. $2.00 

A most interesting^ volume on unfrequented 
portions of the South American continent. 

2404 Curtis, William E. The Capi- 
tals of Spanish America. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 715. New York, 1888. 


2405 Ecuador. Simson, Alfred. 
Travels in the Wilds of Ecuador and 
Exploration of the Putumayo River. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 270. London, 
1886. $1.25 

2406 Empson, Chas. H. Narratives 
of South America; illustrating Man- 
ners, Customs, and Scenery; with Nu- 
merous Pacts in Natural History Col- 
lected during a Four Years' Resi- 
dence. 8vo, cloth, pp. 322. London 
(for the Author), 1836. $1.50 

2407 Oilliss, J. M. United States 
Naval Astronomical Expedition to 
the Southern Hemisphere, 1849-52. 
Colored and plain plates of Indian 
Antiquities, Birds, Fishes, Animals, 
etc. 2 vols., 4to, cloth. Washington, 
1855. $1.50 

2408 Oniana. Bennett, Geo. W. 
An Illustrated History of British 
Guiana. Illustrated with photos. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. 265. George- 
town, 1866. $5.00 

Very scarce. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2409 OuiaiMU Beraau, J. H. Mis- 
sionary Labors in British Guiana, with 
Remarks on Manners, Customs, and 
Superstitious Rites of the Aborigines. 
Illustrated* 8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 
242. London, 1847. $2.50 


2410 OviaiUL Boddam-Whetham, 
J. W. Roraima and British Guiana, 
with a Glance at the West Indies. Il- 
lustrated. 8vo, clothe pp. 363. Lon- 
don, 1879. $2.00 

2411 Oniana. Bolingforoke, Henry. 
A Yoyzge to the Demerary, contain- 
ing Statistical Account of the Settle- 
ments There, and of Those on the Es- 
sequebo, the Berbice, and Other Con- 
tiguous Rivers of Guyana. 8vo, 
boards, uncut, pp. 260. Philadelphia, 
1813. $2.00 

2412 ChdanA. Brown, C. Barring- 
ton. Canoe and Camp Life in British 
Gtiiana. Map and colored illustra- 
tions. 8yo, cloth, pp. 400. London, 
1876. $2.50 

2413 Oniana. Dalton, Henry G. 
The History of British Guiana, com- 
prising a General Description of that 
Colony and Principal Events from 
Its Discovery to the Present Time. 
Map and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 
London, 1855. $6.00 

2414 Ghiiana. Premium, Barton. 
Eight Years in British Guiana, be- 
ing the Journal of a Residence in that 
Province from 1840-48. Anecdotes 
and Notices Illustrating the Socid 
Condition of Its Inhabitants, etc. 
8vo, cloth, uncut, pp. 305. London, 
1850. $1.50 

2415 Oniana. Stedman, Capt. J. G. 
Narrative of a Five Years' Expedi- 
tion against the Revolted Negroes of 
Surinam in Guiana, on the Wild 
Coast of South America, from the 
Years 1772 to 1777, Elucidating the 
History of that Country, and Describ- 
ing Its Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, 
Reptiles, Trees, Indians, etc. Maps 

and fine steel plates by Bartolozzi. 
2 vols., 4to, calf. London, 1796. 


2416 Oniana. The Demerara Mar- 
tyr, Memoirs of Rev. John Smith, 
Missionary to Demerara. By Edwin 
A. Wallbridge. 8vo, cloth, pp. 174. 
London, i&^. $1.25 

2417 Oniana. Veness, W. T. El 
Dorado; or, British Guiana as a Field 
for Colonization. Map. 8vo, full mo- 
rocco, gilt edges, pp. 199. London, 
1866. $2.50 

"With the Author's ComplimenU." An 
unusual work. 

2418 Oniana. Hackett, James. 
Narrative of the Expedition Which 
Sailed from England in 181 7 to Join 
the South American Patriots. 8vo, 
half calf, pp. 144. London, 1818. 


2419 Hall, Capt. Basil. Extracts 
from a Journal Written on the Coasts 
of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in 
1820-22. 2 vols., i2mo, half morocco. 
Edinburgh, 1824. $1.25. 

2420 Enmboldti Alex. de. Per- 
sonal Narrative of Travels in the 
Equinoctial Regions of the New Con- 
tinent, 1799- 1804. By Alex. Hum- 
boldt and Aime Bonpland; trans-^ 
lated by Helen Maria Williams. 
Maps and plates. Vols. I.-VI. CaJf 
and half calf (not quite uniform). 
London, 1818-26. $6.00 

2421 Entohinson, Thos. J. The 
Parana, with Incidents of the Para- 
guayan War and South American 
Recollections, from 1861-68. Maps 
and illustrations. 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 424. London, 1868. $2.00 

2422 Kennedy, A. J. La Platte, 
Brazil, and Paraguay, during the 
Present War. Plan of Attack on 
Humatta. i2nK>, cloth, pp. 273. 
London, 1869. $1.50 

2423 La Plata. An Account, His- 
torical, etc., of the United Provinces 
of the Rio de la Plata. Translated 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



from the Spanish. Map. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut, pp. 347. London, 1825. $2.00 

2424 La Plata. Latham, Wilfrid. 
The States of the River Plate. Svo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 200. London, 1866. 


2425 Mansfield, C. B. Paraguay, 
Brazil, and the Plate, 1852-53. Map, 
portrait, and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 504. Cambridge, 1856. $1.50 

2426 Markham, Clements R. The 
War between Peru and Chile, 
1879-82. i2mo, cloth, pp. 306. Lon- 
don, 1882. $1.50 

2427 Markham, Clements R. Trav- 
els in Peru and India. Map and il- 
lustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 572. 
London, 1862. $2.50 

2428 Kathews, Ed. D. Up the 
Amazon and Maderia Rivers through 
Bolivia and Peru. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, pp. 402. London, 
1879. $2.00 

2429 Kathison, Gilbert Farquhar. 
Namative of a Visit to Brazil, Chile, 
Peru, and the Sandwich Islands, dur- 
ing the Years 1821 and 1822, with 
Remarks on the Past and Present 
State and Political Prospects of those 
Countries. Colored plates and map. 
Svo, boards, pp. 478. London, 1825. 

Colored plate^of the Sandwich Islanders, also 

2430 Mnlliall, M. G. and E. T. 
Handbook of the River Plate Repub- 
lics, comprising Buenos Ayres and the 
Provinces erf the Argentine Republic, 
also of Uruguay and Paraguay. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 432. London, 1875. 


2431 Paez, Don Ramon. Wild 
Scenes in South America; or. Life in 
the Llanos of Venezuela. Illustrated. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 502. New York, 1862. 


2432 Paraguay. Charlevoix, F. X. 
The History of Paraguay, with Many 
New and Curious Particulars of that 

Country and Account of the Estab- 
lishments Formed by the Jesuits from 
among the Savage Natives. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf. London, 1769. $3.50 

2433 Faragaay. Davie, John C. > 
Letters from Paraguay Describing 
the Settlements of Monte Video and 
Buenos Ayres, with Manners, Cus- 
toms, and Religious Ceremonies of 
the Inhabitants. 8vo, boards, uncut, 
pp. 293. London, 1805. $150 

2434 Faragaay. Du Graty, Alfred 
M. La Republique du Paraguay. 
Illustrated with a number of tinted 
lithographic plates. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
607. Brussels, 1865. $2.00 

2435 Faraguay. Rengger and , 
Longchamps. The Reign of Dr. 
Jos. G. R. De Francia in Paraguay, 
being an Account of a Six Years' 
Residence in that Republic, July, 
1819, to May, 1825. 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 208. London, 1827. $1.50 

2436 Faragaay. Robertson, J. P. ' 
and W. P. Letters on Paraguay: An 
Account of a Four Years' Residence 

in that Republic. Plates. 2 vols., 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1838. 


2437 Faraguay. The War in. 
With a historical sketch of the coun- 
try and its people by George Thomp- 
son. Maps, plans, etc. i2mo, doth, 
PP- 347- London, 1869. $1.25 

2438 Fatagonia. Beerbohm, Julius. 
Wanderings in Patagonia; or. Life 
among the Ostrich Hunters. Illus- 
trated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 256. Lon- 
don, 1881. $1.00 

2439 Fatagonia. Cunningham, 
Robt. O. Notes on the Natuml His- 
tory of the Strait of Magellan and 
West Coast of Patagonia. Map and 
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 517. 
Edinburgh, 1871. $2.50 

2440 Fatagonia. Musters, Geo. C. 
At Home with the Patagonians: Wan- 
derings over Untrodden Ground. II- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



lustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 323. Lon- 
don, 1871. $2.50 

2441 Fazosy Don Vicente. Letters 
on the United Province of South 
America, Addressed to Henry Clay. 
Translated from Spanish by Piatt H. 
Crosby. Map. Svo, half calf, pp. 258. 
New York, 1819. $1.25 

2442 Peru. Cosio. T. de Trueba 
y Cosio. History of the Conquest of 
Peru by the Spaniards. Small i2mo, 
pp. 341. Edinburgh, 1830. $1.25 

2443 Peru. Fernandez, Diego. 
Primera y Segunda Parte de la His- 
toria del Peru: cotiene la primera lo 
succedido en la Nueva Espana y en 
el Peru. 2 vols, in i. Folio, full mo- 
rocco, 142I+130I. Sevilla, 1571. 


Original and only edition of this very rare 
work, which was prohibited by the Royal 
Council of the Indies at the time of its publica- 
tion. The author was an actor in as well as an 
eyewitness of many of the events recorded in 
his work. 

This is a very reasonable copy, one being 
recently priced by Quaritch at ;f 35. 

2444 Peru. A History of. By C. 
R. Markham. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, pp. 556. Chicago, 
1892. $2.00 

2445 Peru. Hutchinson, Thos. J. 
Two Years in Peru, with Explora- 
tion of Its Antiquities. Map and nu- 
merous illustrations. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1873. $3-5o 

2446 Peru. La Vega, Garcilasso. 
The Royal Commentaries of Peru: 
Treating of the Original of Their 
Incas, Their Idolatry, Laws, Con- 
quests, the Conquest by the Span- 
iards, Civil Wars, etc. Illustrated 
with fine old copperplates, and trans- 
lated into English by Paul Rycaut. 
Folio, calf, pp. 1023. London, 1688. 


2447 Pcni. Memoirs of General 
Miller in the Service of the Republic 
of Peru. By John Miller. Portrait. 
2 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1828. 


2448 Peru. Prescott, Wm. H. 
History of the Conquest of Peru, with 
a Preliminary View of the Civilization 
of the Incas. Steel portraits. 2 vols., 
8vo, original cloth. New York, 1847. 

First edition. 

2449 Peru. Seventeen Years' Trav- 
els of Peter de Cieza through the 
Mighty Kingdom of Peru and the 
Large Provinces of Cartagena and 
Popayan in South America, from the 
City of Panama to Chile. Maps and 
plates. 4t6, new full sprinkled calf, 
gilt, gilt edges, pp. 255. London, 
1709. $io.oo 

2450 Peru. Squier, E. G. Peru: 
Incidents of Travel and Exploration 
in the Land of the Incas. Profusely 
illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 599. New 
York, 1877. $5.00 

2451 Peru. The Present State of 
Peru, comprising Its Geog^phy, 
Topography, Natural History, Cus- 
toms, etc. 20 colored plates of cos- 
ttfmes, etc. 4to, boards, pp. 488. 
London, 1805. $500 

Beautiful hand-colored plates. Fine copy. 

2452 Peru. True and Particular 
Relation of the Dreadful Earthquake 
Which Happened at Lima October 
28, 1746, with a Description of Callao, 
Lima, and Kingdom of Peru, before 
Their Destruction- Map and plates. 
Svo, boards. London, 1748. $2.50 

2453 Peru. Von Tschudi, Dr. J. J. 
Travels in Peru, 1838-42, on the 
Coast, in the Sierra, and across the 
Andes into the Primeval Forests. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 506. London, 1847. 


*' His work is the best of the kind that has 
come before us since the appearance of Darwin's 
Journal." — ^Westminster Review. 

2454 paling, William. The Eman- 
cipation of South America, being a 
Condensed Translation of the History 
of San Martin by General Don Bar- 
tolome Mitre. With maps. 8vo, 
doth, uncut, pp. 499. London, 1893. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2455 ^1*> Mr. New and Accurate 
History of South America, with a 
Particular Account of the Discovery 
of the New World. The Spanish, 
French, Putch, and English Prov- 
inces, and Various Indian Tribes. 
Map. 8vo, calf, pp. 576. London, 
1756. $3.50 

2456 Seymour, Richard Arthur. 
Pioneering in the Pampas; or. The 
First Four Years of a Settler's Ex- 
perience in the La Plata Camps. 
Map. i2mo, cloth, pp. 180. London, 
1869. $1.25 

2457 Smythy Lieut. W., and Lowe, 
F. Narrative of a Journey from Lima 
to Para across the Andes and down 
the Amazon, Undertaken with a View 
of Ascertaining the Practicability of 
a NavigaUe Communication with the 
Atlantic. Plates and maps. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 305. London, 1836. $2.00 

3458 Snowi W. Parker. Two 
Years* Cruise oflF Tierra del Fuego, 
the FalUand Islands, Patagonia, and 
in the River Plate. Charts and illus- 
trations. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. Lon- 
don, 1857. • $3.50 

2459 Spaniih-Amerioa. Outline of 
the Revolution in; or, An Account of 
the Origin, Progress, and Actual 
State of the War Carried on between 
Spain and Spanish America. By a 
South American. i2mo, boards, un- 
cut, pp. 219. New York, 1817. $1.50 

2460 Three Tears in the Pacific, in- 
cluding Notices of Brazil, Chili, Bo- 
livia, and Peru. By an Officer of the 
United States Navy. 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut, pp. 441. Philadelphia, 1834. 


2461 mioa, Gen. Juan and An- 
tonio. A Voyage to South America, 
Describing the Spanish Cities, Prov- 
inces, etc. Translated from the Span- 
ish by John Adams. Map. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf. London, 1772. $2.50 

2462 TTrnguay. Murray, J. H. 
Travels in Uruguay, with Account of 

State of Sheep-Farming and Emig^- 
tion. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 
234. London, 1871. $1.00 

2463 Venezuela. Recollections of a 
Service of Three Years, during the 
War of Extermination, in the Repub- 
lics of Colombia and Venezuela. 2 
vols., 8vo, boards. London, 1828. 


2464 View of South America and 
Mexico, Their History, Condition, 
and Complete History of the Revo- 
lution. By a Citizen of the United 
States. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, sheep. 
New York, 1826. $1.50 

2465 Vincenty Frank. Around and 
about South America: Twenty 
Months of Quest and Query. Maps 
and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 473. 
New York, 1891. $2.00 

2466 Waterton, Charles. Wander- 
ings in South America, and the North- 
West of the United States, 1812-24. 
Plate. 8vo, half calf, pp. 341. Lon- 
don, 1828. $1.75 

2467 Waterton, Charles. Wander- 
ings in South America, the North- 
west of the United States, and the 
Antilles, 1812-16-20-24. i6mo, cloth, 
pp. 280. London, 1852. $1.00 

2468 Watson, Robert Grant. Span- 
ish and Portuguese South America 
during the Colonial Period. Maps. 
2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lcmdon, 
1884. $2.50 


2469 Archer, Capt. J. H. Laurence. 
Monumental Inscriptions of the Brit- 
ish West Indies from the Earliest 
Date, with Genealogical and Histori- 
cal Annotations, from Original, Local, 
and Other Sources, Illustrative erf the 
Histories and Genealogies of the 
Seventeenth Century. With engfrav- 
ings of the arms of the principal fam- 
ilies. 4to, cloth, pp. 442. Ixmdon, 
1875. $3.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2470 Barbados. A Short History 
of, from Its First Discovery and Set- 
tlement to the End of the Year 1767. 
(Government, Constitution, Climate, 
Soil, etc.) 8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 121. 
London, 1768. $6.00 

A fine uncut copy. Rare in this condition. 

2471 Barbados. A Short History 
of Barbados from Its First Discovery 
and Settlement to 1767. i2mo, 
boards, uncut, very fine copy, pp. 123. 
London, 1768. $4.00 

2472 Barbados. Hughes, Griffith. 
The Natural History ofthe Barbados. 
In 10 books. Illustrated with fine full- 
page copperplates of Plants, Trees, 
Fishes, Animals, etc^ Large-paper 
copy. Large foUo, sheep, pp. 334. 
London, 1750. $10.00 

2473 Carmicliaeli Mrs. Domestic 
Manners and Social Condition of the 
White, Coloured, and Negro Popula- 
tion of the West Indies. 2 vols., 
i2mo, boards, uncut. London, 1834. 


2474 Carthagena. Authentic Ac- 
count of the Taking of Carthagena by 
the French in 1697, with an Exact 
Relation of that Expedition, of Their 
Several Engagements with the Eng- 
lish. By Sieur Pointis. With an Ac- 
count of Carthagena in 1532. Map. 
8vo, half morocco, pp. 86. London, 
1740. $3.50 

2475 C^i^tain Inducements of Well 
Minded People who are here straight- 
ened in their estates and otherwise, 
to transport themselves or some serv- 
ants for them into the West Indies 
for the propagating of the Gospel and 
increase of trade. 4to, half morocco. 
London, 1643 (reprinted, 1865). $1.25 

Reprinted from the probably unique original 
in the possession of Rev. F. L. Hawkes. 

2476 Coleridge, H. N. Six Months 
in the West Indies. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, uncut, pp. 311. London, 1841. 


2477 Cube. Huber, B. Apercu 
Statistique de Tile de Cuba. Map» 
8vo, half calf, pp. 332. Paris, 1826. 


2478 Cube. Rea, Geo. B. Facts 
and Fakes about Cuba: A Review of 
the Various Stories Circulated Con- 
cerning the Present Insurrection. Il- 
lustrated. i2mo, cloth, pp. 336. New 
York, 1897. $1.00 

2479 DftUas, R. C. History of the 
Maroons from Their Origin, includ- 
ing the Expedition to Cuba and the 
State of the Island of Jamaica for the 
Last Ten Years. 2 maps and fine 
plates. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 
1803. $4,00 

2480 Davy, John. The West In- 
dies before and since Slave Emancipa- 
tion, comprising the Windward and- 
Leeward Islands' Military Command: 
Founded on Notes and Observations 
Collected during a Three Years' Resi- 
dence. Map. 8vo, cloth, pp. 551. 
London, 1854. $1.50 

2481 Day, Chas. W. Five Years' 
Residence in the West Indies. Plates. 
2 vols., i2mo, cloth. London, 1852. 


2482 Edward*, Bryan. The His- 
tory, Civil and Commercial, of the 
British Colonies in the West Indies. 
2d edition. With line maps. 2 vols., 
4to, half calf, pp. 494 + 521. Lon- 
don, 1794. $5.00 

2483 Eves, C. Washington. The 
West Indies, Their History, Slaves, 
Agriculture, etc. Illustrated. Maps. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 322. London, 1889. 


2484 Froude, James A. The Eng- 
lish in the West Indies. 2d edition. 
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 373. 
London, 1888. $2.00 

2485 Gage, Thomas. A New Sur- 
vey of the West-Indies; or. The Eng- 
lish-American, His Travels by Sea and 
Land; a Journey of 3300 Miles within 
the Main Land of America, with 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Grammar of Some Rudiments of the 
Indian Tongue. Map. 8vo, calf, pp. 
477. London, 1677. $6.00 

A fine copy. 

2486 Gumcy, Joseph J. A Winter 
in the West Indies, Described in Let- 
ters to Henry Clay of Kentucky. 
Plate. 8vo, cloth, pp. 282. London, 
1840. $1.25 

With interesting particulars as to slavery and 
its abolition. 

2487 Oumeyy Jos. John. A Winter 
in the West Indies, Described in Fa- 
miliar Letters to Henry Qay of Ken- 
tucky. Plate. 8vo, cloth, pp. 203. 
New York, 1840. .75 

2488 (Hastings, D. P.) A Winter 
in the West Indies and Florida, with 
Particular Description of St. Croix, 
Havana, Key West, and St. Augus- 
tine. i2mo, cloth, pp. 199. New 
York, 1839. $1-50 

2489 Hayti. Brief Notices of, with 
Its Condition, Resources, and .Pros- 
pects. (Cuba, Mahogany Cutting, 
etc.) By John Candler. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 175. London, 1842. .75 

2490 Hayti. Franklin, James. 
The Present State of Ha)rti. i2mo, 
half morocco, pp. 411. London, 1828. 


2491 Hayti. Mackenzie, Chas. 
Notes on Haiti Made during a Resi- 
dence in that Republic. Map and 
plate. 2 vols., i2mo, boards, uncut. 
London, 1830. $2.50 

2492 Hayti. Sketches of, from the 
Expulsion of the French to the Death 
of Christophe. By W. W. Harvey. 
8vo, boards, uncut, pp. 416. London, 
1827. $1.50 

2493 Jamaica. Bacon, E. M., and 
Aaron, E. M. The New Jamaica: 
Describing the Island. Illustrated. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 243. New York, 
1890. .75 

2494 Tamaica. Finlason, W. F. 
Report of the Case of the Queen vs. 
Edward John Ejrre (Governor of tihc 

Island of Jamaica) for High Crimes 
Alleged to Have Been Committed by 
Him, with the Evidence and Indict- 
ment. 8vo, cloth, pp. III. London, 
1868. $1.00 

2495 Tamaica. Gesse, Philip Henry. 
A Naturalist's Sojourn in Jamaica. 
(Flora, Animal Life, Negro Proper 
Names, etc.) Illustrated, colored 
plates. i2mo, cloth, pp. 508. Lon- 
don, 1851. $1.50 

2496 Tamaica. New History of 
Jamaica from the Earliest Accounts 
to the Taking of Porto Bello by Vice- 
Admiral Vernon. (Spanish Cruelty, 
Buccaneers, Sir Henry Morgan's En- 
terprises against the Spaniards, etc.) 
Map. 8vo, calf, pp. 340. London, 
1740. $3-oo 

2497 Tamaica. Sterne, Henry. 
Statement of Facts Submitted to 
Hon. Lord Qenelg, Preparatory to 
an Appeal Seeking Redress for Griev- 
ances under Administration of Mar- 
quis of Sligo, Governor of Jamaica, 
and an Exposure of the Present Sys- 
tem <rf Jamaica Apprenticeship. Svo, 
cloth, pp. 282. London, 1837. $1.25 

2498 Leach, Lieut.-Col. J. Rough 
Sketches of the Life of an Old 
Soldier during a Service in the West 
Indies, etc. 8vo, boards, pp. 411. 
London, 1831. $1.50 

2499 I*ww> Matthew G. Journal 
of a West India Proprietor Kept dur- 
ing a Residence in Jamaica. Svo, 
beards, uncut, pp. 408. London, 
1834. $1.50 

2500 Lome, Marquis of. A Trip to 
the Tropics and Home through Amer- 
ica. (Barbadoes, Hayti, Jamaica, 
Cuba, Virginian Country Life, etc.) 
Plate. 8vo, cloth, pp. 355. London, 
1867. $1.50 

2501 UcQuade, James. The Cruise 
of the Montauk to Bermuda, the 
West Indies, and Florida. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 441. New 
York, 1885. ' $1.25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2502 Uoore, Rachel Wilson. West 
Indies and South America in 1863-64, 
with Notes from the Diary of Her 
Husband, together with His Memoir 
by George Truman. i2mo, cloth, 
pp. 274. Philadelphia, 1867. $1.00 

2503 Ober, Frederick A. Camps in 
the Caribbees: The Adventures of a 
Naturalist in the Lesser Antilles. II- 
Itastrated. Svo, cloth, pp. 366. Edin- 
burgh, 1880. $2.00 

2504 Pinckard, Greorge. Notes on 
the West Indies Written during the 
Expedition under Gen. Abercromby, 
with Observations on the Barbadoes 
and Settlements Captured by the Brit- 
ish on the Coast of Guiana, with Re- 
marks on the Creoles, Indians, etc. 
3 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1806. 


2505 Porto Eico. An Account of 
the Present State of Puerto Rico, with 
Numerous Original Facts and Docu- 
ments Illustrative of the State, Condi- 
tion, Moral and Physical, of the Pop- 
ulation, etc. 8vo, boards, pp. 392. 
London, 1834. $3-50 


2506 Baynaly Abbe. A Philosophi- 
cal and Political History of the Set- 
tlements and Trade in the East and 
West Indies. Newly translated by J. 
O. Justamond. Maps and plates. 8 
vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1783. 


2507 San Domingo. Hazard, Sam'l. 
Santo Domingo, Past and Present, 
with a Glance at Hayti. Maps and 
illustrations. .8vo, cloth, gilt, pp. 5x1. 
London, 1873. $2.00 

2508 San Domingo. In the Tropics. 
By a Settler in Santo Domingo, with 
an Introductory Notice by Richard B. 
Kimball. i2mo, cloth, pp. 306. New 
York, 1863. $1.25 

2509 San Domingo. Mossell, C. 
W. Toussaint I'Ouverture, the Hero 
of St. Domingo; or, Hayti's Struggle 

for Independence. Illustrated. 8vo, 
leather, pp. 495. Lockport, 1896. 


2510 San Domingo. Brown, J. Dr. 
The History and Present Condition 
of St. Domingo. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 
Philadelphia, 1837. $2.00 

** During 1833-34, while in St. Domingo, I 
collected the most authentic intelligence of that 
island's eventful history." 

25 11 Smith, Aaron. The Atrocities 
of the Pirates: Being a Faithful Nar- 
rative of the Sufferings Endured by 
the Author during His Captivity 
among the Pirates of the Island of 
Cuba; with an Account of the Ex- 
cesses and Barbarities of Those In- 
human Freebooters. Small 8vo, half 
calf, pp. 214. London, 1824. $1.50 

2512 Trollope, Anthony. The West 
Indies and the Spanish Main. Map. 
8vo, half calf, pp. 395. London, i860. 


2513 Vernon, Admiral. Authentic 
Papers Relating to the Expedition 
against Carthagena, 1744; Original 
Papers Relating to the Expedition to 
Carthagena (2d edition, 1744); An Ac- 
count of the Expedition to Cartha- 
gena (3d edition, 1743) ; Original pa- 
pers Relating to the Expedition to 
the Island of Cuba, 1744; Original 
Papers Relating to the Expedition to 
Panama, 1744; A Letter to Edward 
Vernon from John Cathcart, Director 
of the Hospital in the Late Expedition 
to the West Indies, 1744. 6 very rare 
pamphlets relative to Admiral Ver- 
non's Expedition in one volume. 8vo, 
old calf. London. $15.00 

2514 Willis, N. P. Health Trip to 
the Tropics. (Bermuda, Cuba, Hayti, 
New Orleans, etc.) i2mo, cloth, pp. 
421. New York, 1853. $1.00 


2515 Anderson, Rufus. The Ha- 
waiian Islands, Their Progress and 
Condition. Illustijited. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 450. Boston, 1865. $1.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



2516 mil, S. S. Travels in the 
Sandwich and Society Islands. (Ori- 
gin of the Inhabitants, Arts and Cus- 
toms of the Islanders, Taxation in the 
Sandwich Islands, etc. Map. i2mo, 
cloth, pp. 428. London, 1856. $2.00 

2517 Tarves, James Jackson. His- 
tory of the Hawaiian or Sandwich 
Islands. i2mo, cloth, pp. 377. . Lon- 
don, 1843. $1.50 

2518 Sandwich Island Notes. By 
A. Haole. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut. London, 1854. . $1.50 

2519 South Sea Islands. A Narra- 
tive of Missionary Enterprises in, 

with Remarks upon the Natural His- 
tory of the Islands, Origin, Lan- 
guages, Traditions, Usages erf the In- 
habitants, etc. By John Williams. 
Map and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
525. New York, n. d. $2.00 

The results of eighteen years, and one hun- 
dred thousand miles trareled. 

2520 Wewn, W. T. The South 
Sea Islanders and the Queensland La- 
bour Trade: A Record of Voyages 
and Experiences in the Western Pa- 
cific from 1875 to 1891. With nu- 
merous illustrations. Royal Svo, 
cloth, pp. 440. London, 1893. $2.50 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Historical Works Published by Francis ?♦ Harper 

j» j» j» j» 

Charlevoix^s History of New France 

Translated from the original edition, with notes, by Dr. John Gilmary Shea. A new 
edition, with life of the Translator and Bibliography of his writings, by Noah Farnham 

The importance of Dr. Shea's translation of Rev. P. F. X. de Charlevoix's History and 
General Description of New France, as an original authority and standard reference work 
cannot be overestimated. The New France of that date (1740) was far more than what we 
now know as Canada. It embraced the best part of the North American Continent. Thus 
Charlevoix, besides giving a full history of Canada down to 1740, relates in detail the early 
annals of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Northwestern 
States, and Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. This new edition contains over 40 illustrations, 
including all the maps, steel portraits, etc. Limited to 750 numbered sets. 6 vols., 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. Volumes I, and II, now ready, $3.00 net per volume. 

This important work, of which a very limited number was published bv the author thirty years ago, is now very 
rare. A fire having destroyed a large portion of certain of the volumes, only about 150 complete sets were ever sold. 
In speaking of his work. Dr. Shea said : ** I propose to make it a work of positive and enduring value. To a 
translation made with care and study I designed to add not mere occasional notes, but exact reference to every known 
authority for every statement in the text. This has proved a task much greater than, from my familiarity with the 
subject, I had anticipated." Send for prospectus. 

Early New York Houses 

With Historical and Genealogical descriptions by Wm. S. Pelletreau, A. M., and illustrated 
with numerous full-page views from rare old prints, photographs, and original decorated cover 
and head- and tail-pieces, specially designed for this work by C. J. Moller, Jr. Issued in 10 

parts, royal 8vo, colored paper cover, at $1.00 net per part^ 

Bound in one volume, royal 8vo, cloth, $10.00 net 

25 copies on Japan Paper, 10 parts, at $3.00 net per part 

Some of the old houses described with views are, The site of Captain Kidd*s House, The Oldest Houses on 
Lafayette Place, Franklin Square in 1856, Residence of General Winfield Scott, Goelet Mansion, The Golden Eagle 
Inn, Belmont Mansion, Fraunce's Tavern, Apthorpe Mansion, Walhalla Hall, Jumel and G^nmell Mansions, Mulberry 
Bend, Five Points in z86o, Broad Street in 1796, Entrance to Brooklyn Bridge in 1857, etc. 

Send for prospectus. Only a few sets left. 

The Algonquian Series 

By William Wallace Tooker. A series of ten valuable works, written by William 
Wallace Tooker, with Ethnological and Historical notes. Handsomely printed on fine paper, 
and edition limited to 250 copies. Sold only in complete sets. Volumes I, and II. now ready, 

i2mo, cloth, each $i*5o net 

The series will consist of 

X. The Origin of the Name Manhattan. 

a, Indian Names of Placts in the Borough of Brooklyn. 

3. The Names Susquehanna and Chesapeake. 

4. The Indian Names for Long Island. 

5. The Algonquian Names for the Siouian Tribes of Virginia. 

6. The Bocootawaaaukes, or the Fire Nation. 

7. Some Indian Pishing Stations upon Long Island* 

8. The Algonquian Terms Patawomeke and Massawomeke. 

9. The Names Chickahominy, Pawmunkey and Kuskarawaoke. 

xo. The Significance of John Eliot's Natick and the Name Merrimac. 

Send for prospectus. 
Mr. William Wallace Tooker has made the study of the ancient Indian names of localities, the vocabulary and 
antiquities of these tribes his life work, and this series represents an immense amount of research, some points requiring 
months to trace and verify. The historical student will find in these volumes many valuable hints and facts not generally 
known, and the general reader will be interested in learning about the early Indian history and curious eariy Indian names 
of hb localities. 

Historical Index to ^^Valentine's Manuals'' 

Historical Index to the Manuals of the Corporation of the City of New York, " Valentine's 

Manuals " 1841 to 1870, consisting of 2325 References. 

8vo, cloth, 95 pages. Edition limited to 250 copies, $2.50 net 

This volume will be found to be a valuable reference work for all interested in early New York. Fortunately 
most of the historical matter is in the later and commoner volumes running from 1850 to zSjOj so that to students who 
have or can consult these'years it vrill prove as important as to those who own complete sets, while as a record of what has 
been written and where it may be found this index will prove of permanent value, and must be consulted by all future 
students of early New York. 

Heretofore these Manuals have been the despiur of students. In the twenty-eight volumes of which a complete 
set consists the historical matter is distributed through the volumes without rq^ard to system— just as they happened 
to come into the hands of the printer. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Dr* Elliott Gnics^ Works on Western Exploration 

ji ji ji ji . 

Expeditions of Zebubn Montgomery Pike 

To the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, the Interior Parts of Louisiana, Mexico 
and Texas in the years 1805-6-7. Reprinted in full from the original Philadelphia 
edition of 1810. With copious explanatory, geographical and scientific notes to the 
text, compiled from many unpublished sources of information, and embracing^ the 
results of a canoe voyage of the editor up the Mississippi River, a new Memoir of 
Pike and an Index to the whole, by Prof. Elliott Coues, A. M., M. D., Ph. D. Edition 
limited as follows : 3 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

1,000 on fine book paper, f 10.00 net per set 

150 on hand-made paper, $20.00 net per set 

New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest 

The Journals of Alexander Henry (Partner of the Northwest Company), with 
Explorations and Life with the Fur Traders on the Red, Saskatchewan and Cfolumbia 
Rivers, 1799-18 14, now first published from the Coventry Manuscripts in the Library 
of Parliament, Ottawa, with which are collated the original unpublished manuscripts 
of David Thompson. Explorer and Geographer of the Northwest Company. The 
whole carefully edited, with copious notes, oy Dr. Elliott Coues, with Maps, Index, 
etc. Limited edition. 3 vols., roy. 8vo, doth. 

1,000 copies, fine book paper, . . • • ... f 10.00 net per set 
100 on hand-made paper, $20.00 net per set 

UnifArm with Dr. Coues' ** Pike't Exploration.*' The matter here presented is entirely new and hitherto 
unpublished, and supplements and completes this editor's other works. 

Dr. Coues says of this work : ** No work approaching thoie journals in the scoi>e. extent, Tariety, and interest of 
ks contents has appeared since the publication in z8oz of Sir Alexander Mackenzie s memorable voyages, and the 
present woric will undoubtedly take xapk with that classic as a veritable mine of accurate informati<m." 

American Explorers^ Series 


No. 3. On the Tfafl of aSpanbhPiooccr 

The Diary of Francisco Carets in Sonora, Arizona and Calif omia, 1775-76. 
Translated from the Original Spanish Manuscript, and copiously edited by Dr. 
Elliott Coues. 18 maps, plates and illustrations. Bdition limited to 950 numbered 
copies, a vols., 8vo, cloth, $6.00 net 

No. U The Joonial of Major Jacob Fowkr 

Narrating an Adventure from Arkansas through the Indian Territory, Kansas, 
Colorado and New Mexico to the source of Rio Grande del Norte, 1821-22, now 
first printed from his original manuscript, carefully edited by Dr. Elliott Coues. 
Plate. Edition limited to 950 numbered copies. 8vo, cloth, . . $3.00 oet 

An important and hitherto unknown exploration. He was the first white man to travel much of his route, 
Including the ascent of the Arkansas as far as Pueblo, and trail through Colorado, Kansas, etc 

No. 2* Forty Yean a Fisr Trader on the Upper Mlnouri 

The Personal Narrative of Charles Larpenteur, 1833-1872, now first printed from 
a hitherto unknown manuscript in the author's handwriting, with collations from 
variousprivate journals, etc., bv Dr. Elliott Coues. 18 maps, plates and portraits. 
Edition limited to 950 numbered copies. 2 vols., 8 vo, .... $6.00 net 



Ckas. F. Lummu in tht Dial: " By much the most competent and valuable collection of Far-West exploration in 
the nineteenth century C^uid in English, of any century) — a complete, rounded and standard work ; a sound staff for 
historical students as long as there shall be any, and withal eminently readable to the thoughtful layman." 

B. A, Hinsdalt in the Dial: ** In the Henry and Thompson Journals, Dr. Coues has found another rich store of 
materials. It is material, too, that he is admirably qualified to handle. No reader who has looked intelligently into 
the Doctor's splendid editions can doubt his perfect competency to edit any mass of material relating to early North- 
western affairs that, for its elucidation, demands an extensive knowledge of geography, ethnography, natural hbtory, 
and of earlier or contemporary exploration and adventure in the same region.^* 

San Francisco Sun Skin* Mag;u%in* : ** Dr. Elliott Coues, our foremost authority upon the exploration of the West 
during this century, keeps piling higher the debt which every American student owes him. These monumental woiks 
are indispensable, and in all large essentials, the last word on those important prefatory pages to the winning of the 

Another Rtview : " Dr. Coues has lighted up the pages with inexhaustible learning, and with yet more wonder- 
ful gems from his treasury of curious information. The work is one to be proud of and sne which nothing but 
pinching poverty should keep from the shelves of collectors of original works on American History." 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Drake's Silver Vbp of the World, 1580 

By Miller Christy. The Silver Map of the World, commemorative of Sir Francis Drake's 
Great Voyage, 1577-80. A Geographical Essay including some critical remarks on the Zeno 
Narrative and Chart of 1558, aha on the curious inscription as to the Discoveries of Martin 
Frobisher. 2 charts and 8 facsimile plates. 8vo, doth, printed on hand-made paper. 

$3.50 net 

Early Long Island Wills 

Wit1i Genealogical and Historical Notes by Wm. S. Pellrtrbau. The Record of the Pre- 
rogative Court for the County of Suffolk from May, 1691, to April, 1703. A complete copy of 
the so-called "Lester Will Book," with index of names, locahties, and letters of administra- 
tion, $5.00 net 

Edition limited to 340 numbered cofnct. An intcrestinf work for collectors of Long Island mnterial and 
iaraloable for GenealogisU and Lawyers. 

The Wills of the Smith Families of New York and Lens: Island*. 

A careful abstract of all the Wills of the name of Smith recorded in New York, Jamaica, and 
Hempstead prior to 1794. Edited with genodogical and historical notes by Wm. S. Pelle- 
TRBAU, with indexes of names and localities. 4to, cloth, .... $3.00 net 

Edition limited to 540 numbered copies. 

Many of the families of Smiths that settled in New York City and on Long Island between the Years 1664 and 179^ 
are the original stock whose descendanto are to be found in all parts of the United States, and these '' Early Wills," 
now for the first time printed, will be found to be an invaluable aid to genealogists in tracing family history. The 
lawyer will be saved both time and expense hunting up these records. 

Early Wills of Westchester County, N. Y., from 1664 to 1784 

A careful abstract of all Wills recorded in New York Surrogate's Office, and at White Plains,. 
N. Y., from 1664 to 1784, with genealogical and historical notes by Wm. S. Pelletreau. 
Uniform with ** Early Long Island Wills " and " Smith Wills." 4to, cloth, 488 pages. 

$5.00 net 
Edition limited to 340 copies. Uniform with Early Long Island and Smith Wills. 

HKstory of the American Theatre, I749-I797 

By George C. Seilhamer. Including a list of the performances of the early companies, 
fidl casts, summaries of the parts of all the actors and actresses, with quaint caids, advertise- 
ments, criticisms, etc. 3 vols., 4to, handsomely printed and bound in cloth, uncut. $15.00. 
Separate volumes supplied to complete sets at $5.00 each. 

The only work of any completeness on the American Stage of the last century. The author has consulted every 
authority upon the early drama in America and has carefully examined all the newspaper files down to x8oo. 

Walt Whitman, The Man 

By Thomas Donaldson. Illustrated by (13) portraits and facsimiles of rare documents^ 
letters, and manuscripts. Elegantly printed on fine deckle-edge book paper, and tastefully 

bound in cloth, gilt, gilt top, post 8vo, 300 pages, $i-7S 

A more readable volume of personal reminiscences it would be hard to produce. Mr. Dohaldson was Mr^. 
Whitman's friend for thirty years. 

Was General Thomas Slow at Nashville? 

By General Henry V. Boynton. With a description of the greatest cavalry movement of 
the war, and General James H. Wilson's Cavalry Operations in Tennessee, Alabama, and 

Geoi^a. i2mo, cloth, uncut, 95 pages $i«25 net 

Edition limited to 450 copies, printed on hand-made paper. 

Wood^s History of Huntington, Long Island 

Edited by Wm. S. Pelletreau. Silas Wood's sketch of the town of Huntington, Long 
Island, from the first settlement to the end of the American Revolution. Edited with genea- 
logical and historical notes by Wm. S. Pelletreau. Portrait, 8vo, cloth. Edition limited 
to 215 copies, $2.00 net 

Reprinted from the excessively rare orifinal edition published in 1894, of which only rery few copies are in 

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